Community cops nab suspect coke dealer

| 02/05/2020 | 4 Comments
Cayman News Service

(CNS): A 52-year-old man from George Town has been arrested for drug dealing after he raised the suspicions of community beat officers on patrol in the capital Wednesday afternoon. At around 3:30pm the officers and special constables approached a man sitting outside a residence but he ran off as they did, which aroused their suspicion. After checking the area where he was sitting they found several small packages of what appeared to be cocaine.

The man was chased and subsequently arrested on suspicion of possession of cocaine, suspicion of possession of cocaine with intent to supply and suspicion of consumption of a controlled drug. A search of the suspect also turned up an undisclosed quantity of cash, which was seized by the officers. The man was taken into custody and later bailed pending further investigation.

“This incident is just one example of the type of work that the Community Policing Department carries out daily,” said Inspector Courtney Myles, head of the Community Policing Department. “Even during times like these, the service that community police officers provide is invaluable to the safety of our communities.”

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  1. Things sure changed says:

    So you can sell cocaine, get arrested and bailed right away but break curfew and get ticketed and fined immediately or worst even serve time for being out on a day that is “not your name day.” This place has gone mad.

  2. Anonymous says:

    On da street already.

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