Inquiry opens into alleged curfew breach

| 29/04/2020 | 253 Comments
Cayman News Service
Minister Dwayne Seymour at Wednesday’s press briefing

(CNS): The police have opened an inquiry into the alleged breach of curfew at the health minister’s home, after his wife posted footage of herself on social media last week working out with a personal trainer, in possible breach of the COVID-19 curfew rules. As well as asking the minister if there was any truth to the allegations at the daily briefing on Monday, CNS had also asked the police if they were following up on the allegation.

On Wednesday evening the police communications manager confirmed that they were. “Following a number of reports to RCIPS concerning this matter an investigation has commenced to establish if an offence was committed,” the spokesperson told CNS via email.

Both the allegation that a breach of curfew could have occurred at Dwayne Seymour’s home, given his position of health minister, without consequence and the apparent audacity of this news house asking that question caused what the premier described as a “absolute firestorm”.

When CNS reporter Wendy Ledger asked if there was any truth to reports that first appeared on Cayman Marl Road that there may have been a curfew infraction at his home, the minister gave a bizarre response and accused her of being brave or stupid.

Despite the clear and obvious credibility and relevance of the question, Premier Alden McLaughlin followed up with more attacks on the messenger Tuesday, making allegations against Ledger and Cayman News Service.

While defending his minister, he also asserted that he believed Seymour’s claims to him that the allegations were just that. But the premier gave no indication what had led him to believe that there was no breach of curfew or offer any explanation for the incriminating footage.

He also said that even if the accusations had some truth, the minister was not responsible for the actions of his wife, even though the alleged breach is said to have taken place at the family home and everyone is obligated to report suspected curfew infractions to the police.

McLaughlin wrongly accused Ledger of asking the question in a way to imply the minister was guilty of something and described it as a “gotcha question” that had no value and did not belong at the press briefing.

CNS disputes that assertion and stands by the legitimacy of the question given the risk posed to the entire community by any curfew breach. It is also a position, judging by the comments to this site and elsewhere on social media, that is widely shared by the Cayman public.

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Comments (253)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Can we get an update on this ASAP, or was it swept under the rug by the rcips.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The most unhealthy looking minister of health.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well, now that Gaypril is over, we can look forward to the month of Gay.

    • Anonymous says:

      LOL, just choked on my sandwich.

      • Anonymous says:

        Think we should all join in the worldwide movement to put images of rainbows in our windows as well – then Dwayne may choke on his sandwich.

    • Anonymous says:

      5.10pm What a bunch of hypocrites. Jon Jon was and is being crucified because he said’gaypril’ instead of April. Yet someone uses Gay instead of May and it gets almost 100 thumbs up.

  4. Anonymous says:

    By the way, I was a little confused about the Premier’s statement that he was aiming for “elimination” but not necessarily “eradication”, in keeping with the New Zealand model.

    I couldn’t quite understand the different between those terms.

    Here is what New Zealand’s Director-General of Health, Dr. Ashley Bloomfield, has said in response to reporters on Tuesday:

    “I can just clarify that we haven’t eliminated it and we haven’t eradicated it,” adding: “Elimination doesn’t mean zero cases…. We will have to keep stamping Covid out until there is a vaccine.”

    See more at

    • Anonymous says:

      Reducing transmission rate R3 to <R1 is the shared goal of both territories. The strategy hinges on close to zero new community transmission cases for a sustained period, even through phased reintroductions of contact-risk through business reopening. For now, this is as close to ideal as it gets.

  5. David Shibli says:

    So there are still righteous people in this world?

    The people of South Dakota arranged a drive by past the governor’s house and they were truly appreciative of her sane approach to this “crisis”.
    This is what a genuine leader looks like and compared to her, our “leaders” should be ashamed of themselves.
    What an absolutely great woman!
    The world needs great women.

    Our thugs panicked, destroyed the economy, and attempted to crush the resolve of the people.

    I say no.

    PS. You can stick your masks where the sun don’t shine.
    This can never be allowed to happen again.

    • Denario Silva says:

      Anger much? You would have been the first to rant and rave had anyone in your family been affected . Without this closure, close to a thousand people may have died in the Cayman Islands.

      • David Shibli says:

        Denario, with all due respect, that is just conjecture. No anger, just exercising my right to speak freely.

        • Denario BTC says:

          Just came across that way, especially with the ending salvo of sticking the masks “where the sun don’t shine” Here’s the thing David, I can’t stand Alden, the rest of his cronies, politicians in general, or governments. The fact is that these measures were necessary at the beginning, especially since the world did not know what it was up against. Was it an overreaction? Perhaps. Most governments still don’t think it is, 3 months later into the crisis…but what I can assure you of is that if anyone dear to you would have been affected by this, and government had not implemented quarantines, you would have been far more upset.

      • Anonymous says:

        Should have gone with the Denario Gold, but that would have been too easy. Pathetic.

      • Anonymous says:

        Again with the fake numbers that have been shown to be off by a factor of 40 maybe. How stupid. Read a newspaper that isn’t the lame Cayman Compass. Try the WSJ instead. Grow a brain.

        • Anonymous says:

          Nothing fake about the numbers toolboy. Let me guess, this is a world wide conspiracy. Educate us please.

        • Denario BTC says:

          Fake numbers? So the 1000/day that were dying in Spain and Italy and the 2000/day dying in the US are fake mid-April are fake? What reality do you live in?

          • Anonymous says:

            Are you in Spain? Are you in Italy?
            Doubt it. Fake news is just that. Be careful what you take in and call it the truth. Fear mongering is still a world wide tactic being used. Fear itself is an absolute diabolical emotion.
            How many people die every single year from the common flu?
            Time to wakeup boys.

    • Paw Broon says:

      Well said Dave, I totally concur.

  6. Anonymous says:

    No press briefing today? Is there a problem perhaps?

    • Anonymous says:

      Height of rudeness to inform us of it being postponed way after its expected time of airing. Come to expect nothing more than disrespect from the Government. Outrageous.

      • Anonymous says:

        CNS. Can you please let us know if there is a briefing tomorrow, and at what time please…?
        Thank you.

        CNS: As far as we know, yes. The time is usually set for 2pm but at this point, who knows. We often don’t get much more of a warning than the rest of you. Sorry.

      • Anonymous says:

        We should march in the streets… oh, wait a minute – we can’t. Oh well – let’s rant instead!

        • Anonymous says:

          We absolutely can march in the streets! If 1000’s of us turned up rather than hiding behind our keyboards it would make a much larger point. This has gone on long enough, time to accept this was a big mistake.

          It is no where near as deadly as we were first lead to be believe and we need to get back to normal before this Island hits a point it cant ever recover from.

          • Anonymous says:

            We hit that point already. Agree with you. It’s a pile of fear mongering happening. Killing us all softly with one press briefing at a time. The MoH says don’t drink yet that’s all I feel like doing when listening to him. Get drunk and forget what I just heard.

          • Anonymous says:

            9:26pm… what are we marching for??? Better march to get these criminals out of here – or we are soon going to have something to complain about real soon.

            Government is doing a fantastic job – in my opinion this repartition is the only thing they are on the fence with.

            Lobby to get Jamaica to take their people and stop your complaining.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well it’s obvious they hadn’t completed their meetings hence the delayed notification to the Public. Unnu can’t be pleased boy, what a disgusting set of ppl. Unnu can say what unnu want and give one million thumbs down but I said it and it’s the truth!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Typical of CIG….same thing when they are “cooperating with” the Financial Services representitive bodies to take onboard the latest and greatest and “worstest” (!!!) manure bucket of Laws, regs and policies and SOGs from the G7/OECD. Nothing happens for weeks from CIG and then its hurry up and we must pass it and by the way, we will ignore all your comments and concerns…..

        Pure disrespect, ineptitude and incompetent work practices and zero planning. Always, everything last minute…..

      • Anonymous says:

        Notice was given before 2.00pm that the PB was delayed until 3.00pm. At 2.55 we were informed that the meeting was cancelled because cabinet was still working on the new regulations.Sorry you missed the notices.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Premier can’t afford to lose any more Good Will!
      The well is almost dry!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah it could be as they’re trying to please everyone and that’s impossible. My view is they should have left it the same way, for another 2 weeks.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Chef from South Park.

  8. Anonymous says:

    That photo…. So perfect.

    • Anonymous says:

      I hope that the Premier will take a page out of the New Zealand Prime Minister’s play book:

      Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has based her success on national unity around the coronavirus response, and has built her appeal to the population around the theme that every person is a “team” member.

      Premier McLaughlin has not entirely communicated that. That perception needs to be changed with rapid fire.

      • anonymous says:

        This difference between the Prime Minister of NZ and Caymans Premier is that she’s an intelligent, articulate, Proffesional woman, who can run a country.
        Our Premier and others in government are all about the boys club.

        • Anonymous says:

          Er….professional person. Research needed.

        • Anonymous says:

          Nonsense. The Premier is highly intelligent and a very capable leader. Do not confuse him with the Minister of Health. The fact that he has to make political decisions like supporting that Minister in public does not diminish his intelligence. He is keeping the government together. You go Mr. Premier. Many of us respect you.

        • Anonymous says:

          i liked your comment but I do not think it is about gender at all. It is about arrogance (the ultimate form of ignorance).

  9. Anonymous says:

    Looks like one supporter has commented… One member of his family..

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