Cockfighters arrested during curfew

| 19/04/2020
Cayman News Service
Rooster seized in a previous raid

(CNS): A gathering of people spotted by the crew of the RCIPS helicopter during soft curfew in George Town Saturday (18 April) led police on the ground to break up a cockfighting ring in Fairlawn Road. When officers arrived at the scene they arrested two men, age 25 and 32, both from George Town, on suspicion of animal cruelty, illegal gambling, possession of ganja and breach of the COVID-19 curfew, police said.

The two men were detained in custody as officers investigate the illegal fight and the illegal and dangerous gathering, given the current public health crisis.

Several other people who were at the scene when officers arrived were also warned for intended prosecution for COVID-19 related offenses as well as crimes relating to animal cruelty. Animal welfare and control officers from the Department of Agriculture assisted with the operation and over 30 roosters were seized.

Once a very rare crime, the number of incidences relating to cockfighting and the gambling surrounding it has increased over the last few years, with dozens of roosters being seized. In 2018 the DoA began appealing to the public to report cockfighting rings, as they began stepping up the battle to stamp out the cruel sport, while the police sought to close down the illegal gambling associated with it.

However, over the last two years just three men have been successfully prosecuted for crimes relating to cockfighting.

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