Mac’s leave of absence unconstitutional, MLA says

| 27/02/2020 | 99 Comments
Cayman News Service
MLA Ezzard Miller

(CNS): North Side MLA Ezzard Miller has noted, in response to House Speaker McKeeva Bush’s announcement that he is taking a leave of absence from the post, that there is nothing in the Cayman Islands Constitution that allows for such a move. Having been the first MLA to publicly call for Bush’s resignation or removal from the office of speaker following his alleged assault of a woman at a bar last weekend, Miller has reiterated this position, pointing out that they are the only two options that are in accordance with the Constitution.

Bush has now publicly stated that he “will take an immediate leave of absence from the duties of speakership”.

Premier Alden McLaughlin, who has not yet issued a general statement on this major development for the country, has apparently given this action his blessing, telling the Cayman Compass that it will enable Bush “to deal with the personal issues he identified in his previous statement and allow the investigation currently underway to be completed unhindered by perceptions”.

However, Miller has expressed serious concern about this decision in a statement issued Thursday morning, saying that while this “may be an acceptable political solution to some”, he cannot agree to it until a few pertinent questions “are satisfactorily answered”.

Firstly, he wants to know who has granted Bush this leave of absence, adding that “surely the speaker cannot grant himself a leave of absence”.

“There are many other undisclosed details of this leave of absence that the public has a right to know, including the terms and conditions, the period of this leave of absence and date of commencement, the kind of professional help being sought, and who acts in his absence,” Miller stated.

He also has questions about Bush’s current trip to London, noting that no details, including dates, were disclosed before his visit to the UK, where he is representing the Cayman Islands in his role as speaker.

However, his main issue is the question of which section of the Constitution authorises anyone to grant the speaker a leave of absence, making it clear that he believes there is none.

Addressing section 65, which deals with the roles of speaker and deputy speaker, Miller noted that there is no reference to a leave of absence by the speaker, “so I can only conclude there is no constitutional authority for anyone to grant” this.

Regarding any mental health issues of members of the Legislative Assembly, he said the only part of the Constitution that deals with this is section 62 (1) (d), which states that disqualification applies to “a person certified to be insane or otherwise adjudged to be of unsound mind under any law in force in the Cayman Islands”.

However, Miller stressed that he is not suggesting that this section be invoked in the current situation.

He said that although he has some empathy for the speaker regarding his admitted mental issues, “I will not support any process not grounded in the Constitution to allow him to seek the help he needs.”

In his previous statement on Tuesday, Miller suggested that Bush resign or be removed. In the release issued Thursday, he expanded on this, pointing to the specific sections in the Constitution that dictate these as the only two options. These are section 65 (2) (b), which allows for Bush to resign his position as speaker, and section 65 (2) (f), which allows for his removal by a two-thirds majority of MLAs.

See section 65 of the Cayman Islands Constitution here

See all statements following the alleged assault in the CNS Library

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Comments (99)

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  1. FairForAll says:

    We Caymanians better start learning to Pray. Cayman is one of the most afluent islands in the Caribbean. Many can only dream about what Cayman has (including the Government).

    Of course Govt, MLAs and other institutions are far from perfect and Hon Mc may need to step down. But wow, let’s just step back a while and thank GOD as we count our blessings and know many across the world would do anything to come here, regardless to what we see so “BAD”.

    Be humble as we try to address ALL areas of injustices. Some of you treat your Helpers and Foreign Workers worse than the Govt treat Caymanians. The thing is, these are the people who are raising our children and volunteer all across the community.

    Let’s not only point judgment on the politicians (we all would prob do the same) but try to address all our own shortcomings for a better Cayman (drugs, alcohol, promiscuity, adultery, envy and the lot.)

    Oh, don’t forget, “He (GOD) has founded it upon the seas” . Psalms 24:2. To GOD be glory and praise over these lovely islands.

    I can prophesy “ls we don’t get our act together across the board , GOD will either allow these islands to be destroyed or Foreigners take over. (29-Feb-20 Leap Day).

  2. BTC is King says:

    Big Mac does what Big Mac wants, and there ain’t no army out there that’s gonna stop him. Until someone does something to seriously curb Big Mac’s behaviour, Big Mac gonna do what he wants – including “temporarily” leaving his job. And while I agree with Mr. Miller on this and commend his desire to keep Big Mac accountable, it seems that Mr. Miller is just wasting his breath – especially since all the other women beaters in the Legislative Assembly are not going to support any action against the Big Buffoon. As a matter of fact, neither will any of the women of the LA. What a shame that this country is represented by a bunch of Troglodytes. And ummmh Jesus Antonio, he ain’t saying sh1t either. Neither is Jesus I’m gonna Pave your Parking Lot… Third world baby, third world. Crazy thing is, these folks then go to church and backslap each other for being righteous Christians. What a bunch of worthless and shameless hypocrites running this country – save Mr. Miller, who has always had the moral fortitude to stand up for what is right.

    • Anonymous says:

      He is not big anymore, an old and pitiful man. Has been embarrassment for the territory for a long time.

    • Anonymous says:

      Governor Taylor stood up to Mac, i wish he was still here to take decisive action to remove this embarrassing stain on the country.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “McKeeva is now a verb…..etc” is the best!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Austin . . . it’s your turn to demonstrate you deserve my vote again! The clock is ticking.

    Remove this absolute disgrace to our country now!

  5. Anonymous says:

    All Mac needs is a sick note.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, and as the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, the People’s House, his boss is us, and we do not accept his sick note. We say that if he is that sick, he cannot have his job anymore. Unfortunately, we can’t fire him. His colleagues can do that now, and his constituents can do it next year, but that’s it. Just goes to show you what a seriously plum job Speaker is.

  6. Rehab!! says:

    This victim needs justice and everyone is sitting on their hands. Trip to London?? Leave of absence?? How insulting!
    I’ve never been so disgusted. He should have been arrested on site and removed from his position. He’s an alcoholic and he will do this again!! No more victims!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Stop the madness. Too many petitions and protests by too many angry people. Leaders need to calm the public down but instead we have them stirring the pot. From Port, to Smith Barcadere, to no more lanes for East West Arterial, to crucify McKeeva they’re out there agitating. When we get a full fledged riot and someone gets killed then maybe someone will wake up. It’s like someone threw blood in the water and boy the sharks are closing in for the kill.Of course some of this is being done by those who want direct rule by the UK and I know Ezzard that would leave you out; but you have to keep your eyes on those protest organizers and ask yourself Ezzard “What are their intentions?’

    • Silent majority says:

      Blood in the water and the sharks are circling. But before they attack just know that McKeeva has rights too. And he can “take time off” because it’s all “accrued leave” due for vacations not taken.
      Firefighters do it all the time.

      • Anonymous says:

        Think you are the very small silent minority

      • Anonymous says:

        They’re circling yes, but will they go in for the kill ?

      • Say it like it is says:

        10.55pm He’s taking a “leave of absence” so he can continue receiving one of the highest salaries in Govt ($170,000 plus?), whilst he sits at home monitoring his property portfolio including the now infamous beach bar. This “man” has no principles, no shame and no right ever to be in public office again.

        • Anonymous says:

          Odd that he just happens to be in business at a property owned by a major developer. Now where have I seen that happen before?

      • Anonymous says:

        Silent Majority, your comment is either the worst attempt at sarcasm on planet earth and/or you need to remove your self from the voting registry.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry for you, that all us Rascals are rocking your little island Bote. You might one day be thankful for it though , once you learn that Caymanians are starting to awake & express their rights against the present out of control government we are stuck with.

  8. BeaumontZodecloun says:

    Mr. Miller is right — there is no provision in the Constitution for what mr. Bush has declared for himself; Mr. Bush is not allowed to craft his own fate and outcome.

    Will that be enough to affect a change? I sincerely doubt it.

    • Anonymous says:

      A Speaker like any other member can apply for special leave. So are we to interpret our legislative rules to say that if he was sick for say 2 months he has to vacate office? Mr. Miller knows the Standing orders and other rules which apply in cases such as this. Stop it.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Just another day in Dartistan.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Might be time to get the people from CPR, to start circulating another petition, if that is what it takes count me in

    • Anonymous says:

      Ammm… There’s already a petition circulating. Way you been?

      • Anonymous says:

        A petition calling for immediate elections given widespread dissatisfaction with the government?

      • Anonymous says:

        4:08 an online petition isn’t going to solve this. The CPR went through because they got enough confirmed registered voters to sign. Our pathetic excuse for a government aren’t going to take any notice of the online petition. sad but true I’m afraid… 🙁

      • Anonymous says:

        Online petitions are not recognized by the government here, signatures have to be physical, you can sign a piece of paper and then scan it to someone but it has to be physical in origin

        as a side-note that would an easier way of getting the petition to the requisite number of signatures, set up a website with the document available for download and circulate that rather than a petition booklet, just have people scan and then email the signed sheets back in to the organizers where the signature can be verified and counted, put up a central counter on the website updated daily
        Not sure why no one has ever tried that largescale before, CMR was allowing people to sign and then then submit via email if you were overseas or out of the country

    • DK says:

      A people’s referendum for a vote of no confidence and remove the entire assembly. The governor would take over until elections are held and no current member could run unless only in their first term, previous MLAs could only run if they served just one term. Current and former MLAs can be write in votes but would require 50.1% of all registered voters in the district to be declared winner, not a simple majority.

      That’s a good start for a petition.

  11. Anonymous says:

    People operate companies and register here not just for the beneficial tax system. If the Government is deemed to be corrupt it will impact the financial service industry. The industry paying the majority of public servants wages.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agreed. We’re in a mess. Its embarrassing.

    • Ironside says:

      You’re correct. But compared to our corruption metre/status on the “world stage” – this newest troubles, those here and coming here to register companies, they are not going anywhere else just yet. Not until they milk that last drop and we’re of no use or benefit to their tax loop holes avoidance and responsibilities.

      So, to be sure, I’m all for following protocol and most importantly, the rules and laws outlined in our Constitution.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t forget the financial industry moved here from the Bahamas cos the Bahamian independent govt couldn’t be trusted.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Everyone seems to be missing the point! No one should be allowed to assault and batter someone else under the influence and walk free claiming amnesia.

  13. Anonymous says:

    How long exactly is this leave of absence? As far as I know he could be sitting in that Speaker’s chair at the next sitting of the House!! Gone are the days when people were naive to these things and you can pass vague statements like these over their heads. Come on MLAs give us more credit than that. We aren’t as stupid as you think. We want to know how long he will be on this “leave for” and the conditions of this leave. No more time to be pussyfooting around us and this issue

  14. Anonymous says:

    I hate the fact that McKeeva decided to use “mental health” as an excuse, and as if mental health didn’t have enough negative connotation to it, he is just making it worse for those of us with mental health illness.
    I suffer from mental illness and I hold a steady professional position. When my days get rough I don’t go out and beat people up; instead, I take my medication and if I have a drink I do so at home and sleep it off or I don’t get drunk to the point where I have no control. But, apparently, only the privileged can beat up people and cry “Mental Health”. I would like to know which doctor diagnosed him with “Mental illness”. Mental illness isn’t something that you can take a painkiller for, as you do a headache; you do not self-diagnose!! By the way, he has been in the LA 9 years after the passing of his daughter, and he was not responsible enough to SEEK HELP for his “Mental illness”, so what makes him responsible enough to be a Speaker or even a politician?
    When I read his statement, I was so upset and disheartened because I have struggled with mental illness and I have had people judging me and others who suffer from mental illness and thinking that we are incompetent/incapable of carrying out our jobs effectively and efficiently and it has taken a lot of work to prove to people that mental illness can be cured, for example, those who are clinically depressed.

    He should be removed as Speaker and this can be done if we get a majority vote of “No Confidence” from our MLAs or if he resigns. No one is above the Law and had he been anyone else, they would have been in Northward already.

  15. Anonymous says:

    So what would have happened if he was physically ill and needed some sick leave?

    For far too long, our community has not awoken to the fact that our mental well being is just as important as our physical well being. Don’t people realise that the mind controls the body and not the other away around. Is not the brain as important an organ as for example the heart?

    People are human beings and while the situation is most unfortunate, it is human to err and fail especially when they are dealing with real human issues.

    Those that are aiming their arrows are trying to scramble to bring down the government so they can have a shot at governing as well.

    God help us if some of these same people were to be elected, their behaviour in the LA (soon to be called Parliament) alone brings into question their suitability for leadership.

    Perhaps it is time for a law to be passed to have everyone evaluated by a psychiatrist prior to putting themselves forward as a candidate for the job we the people pay them so handsomely for. My bet is on that very few if any of the current crop of politicians would agree to such a law being passed. And we should demand it from any prospective new politician.

    • Anonymous says:

      He’s not ill. That was his excuse FFS. He’s stupid and ignorant, a blaggard and a bully but he ain’t mentally ill.

    • Anonymous says:

      What you clearly forgot to say 2:53 pm is that there are many different types and degrees of mental illness and the causes vary. Some behaviours attributed to mental illness may be caused by physical illness. Even certain neurological illnesses not properly diagnosed may create the appearance as such.

      But the less enlightened folks all lump them under mental illness and do not distinguish between what may be emotional and what can be a true mental illness.

      Arent there 50 shades of gray?

    • SSM345 says:

      2:53, it’s scary how many people there are like you out there that believe and drink this bs koolaid.

      You are so blind you just dont get it. It’s people like you that keep these imbiciles in power whilst they run amuck, then defend them time and again when their actions are not only hurting you but the entire country. Then when they get called out or f**k up to epic proportions you defend them, thereby causing more damage, yet again.

      Get past your party allegiance, small village mentality, open your eyes and maybe attempt at engaging your brain from an objective position, only then might you see the big picture.

      It could gave been your mum, sister or daughter that was beat up at a bar by a drunken man? What would you do then? What has happened is wrong on every level. The fact it was the Speaker of the House is unbelievable. The fact that the situation is not being handled properly in any shape or form because of who it is makes it unacceptable.

      Stop being a fecking muppet and demand better of the people you put in charge of your country. Wake the F up. I swear to God if these leaders told you the world was flat, coronavirus is an app, that cows fly over the moon and that Jesus is coming in the first cruise ship to dock at the proposed pier you all would believe every word.

      You have a brain, try and use it for the sake of everyone else trying to make Cayman a better place for all of us.

      • Anonymous says:

        @2:24…Your language is that of a Johnny Come Lately who wants to make here like where you come from. It reeks of superiority no more no less.

  16. To all fellow civil servants says:

    Though we cannot sign the petition or attend the protest tomorrow for fear of losing our jobs, we CAN ask our family and friends to do so. Parliament can appoint a not-elected (but far more deserving) citizen to take the Chair!

    • Anonymous says:

      Parliament? You still relying on those clowns for anything? They have almost all lost all credibility.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Its insane that we were blacklisted, due to a 4 day delay in passing the appropriate law, when days were wasted on Eden’s, homosexuals are causing all the worlds natural disaster rant, and the good Christian value bill discussion.

    He basically is the cause of the EU blacklisting!

    Then when the speaker attacks an innocent woman and an intervening civil servant, he has nothing to say, not even that she should have turned the other cheek for Mac to hit.

    The silence from the “Christian values” brigade is deafening, they really need to look up Matthew 7:5 and stare in a mirror.

    And Mac using his daughters death 9 years later as an excuse probably has her turning in her grave, just disgusting.

  18. Anonymous says:

    The cover up has started – ‘leave of absence’!! The woman beating drunkard should resign with immediate effect or be sacked, instead of being allowed to stay at home with all the grace and favour and benefits of such a high office. This is an insult to Cayman!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    We the people cannot do anything legally.. but we can take action linguistically!

    McKeeva is now a verb, as in “Did you hear why he went to jail? He mckeeva’d a lady!”

    I mckeeva
    You mckeeva
    He/she/it mckeevas
    we/they mckeeva

    past tense: mckeeva’d
    pluperfect: had mckeeva’d
    perfect continuous future-in-the-past: would have been mckeeva’ing

    etc…. you get the idea.

    PS – nobody should mckeeva anyone

  20. Anonymous says:

    Q. Why wasn’t there a 2/3 majority in favor of his removal…by the early hours of last Saturday morning? What demented universe are we living in, where this isn’t immediately carried unanimously by noon Saturday?

    • Caymanian says:

      Two reasons I see. 1. If its by mental state you want him removed then it needs to be ascertained that his issues make him unable to do his job. As far as I am aware its not do his job being the issue but his everyday life. 2. If its for the act then maybe they wants to let the police do their job.

      While I agree that he knows the facts even before the Police are ready to say the best angle is for him to simple resign HOWEVER have you ever known the man to do this?

      Ezzard always is the firestick of the assembly especially with elections ahead. We all need to chillax a bit and let this play out.

      I agree pressure needs to be kept up so nothing gets swept under the carpet.

      But immediate removal is a bit much.

      • Anonymous says:

        No I have never known him assault anyone personally. What most of us do know (particularly victims) is his notoriety, which stretches back for decades, for lewd and inappropriate and intimidating behaviour towards women. Countless witnesses and victims across the ialand and abroad. Then when arrested in Miami for sexual assault (groping butt) he gets off pleading “cultural differences” which as a woman I found nothing short of offensive and revolting. This is effectively saying its OK in Cayman to leer and grope butts, because it’s our culture. Well it’s not acceptable and it’s not the culture here. Regardless of this recent incident his entire political career is riddled with controversy and blatant abuse of position and power. This is not appropriate conduct for any politician and Ambassador for the nation. He should have been thrown out of politics long ago. He’s gotten away with far too much for far too long and all everyone ever does is facilitate him. No more I say. Cayman deserves so much better.

    • Anonymous says:

      Politricks makes strange bedfellows

    • Anonymous says:

      The reason why there wasn’t a vote of no confidence is because the last time that happened in 2012 even with criminal charges having been made against him the general public did not support the MLA’s who took the stand.

  21. Anonymous says:

    To all MLAs, don’t for get you’re writing history now. Best speak out for the people ASAP to cover your asses.

  22. Anonymous says:

    We need to take back our government for the people by the people. Otherwise, we are just another Banana Republic.

    MLAs (other than E. Miller), we can’t hear you!

  23. Call for early election says:

    Mr E, please let the public know how we can call for an early election, I think its time the people show Alden who is really the boss! Alden as far as I’m concerned is supporting assault of this poor woman and is not capable of running our country!

    I have money on it right now he’s in London dressed in black drinking expensive whiskey on our money.

    • Anonymous says:

      Be careful 1.47. Early elections could mean early disappointment. Who out there is organized and ready to lead. A new Government does not mean a good or better Government. If you settle for ” anyone but them” then you might get ” not what I wanted”.Everyone need to chill and stop following these social media keyboard warriors with their disruptive practices.

    • Silent majority says: early election is triggered by a vote of no confidence in the Parliament. Government has the majority. Do you see where I’m going??..

      General elections will be in May 2021 and not before.

      Let’s be mindful not to turn our beloved Cayman Islands into a banana republic!

      Question:- Did Mac go to the beach bar with “malice aforethought”??

  24. enough already says:

    Keep up the pressure, Ezzard. Enough with McKeeva’s embarrassing behavior. Doesn’t Cayman deserve better???

  25. Anonymous says:

    Standards in Public Life Law, mandated by Section 117 of the Constitution, is supposed to come into effect this Sunday, March 1, 2020. There are still no Regulations that might apply to this Law, and no “work” for this idle three person Commission, setup in 2009.

    NOW is the time to tell Ezzard (and any others listening) what WE want these Standards and Consequences to be. The Regs should include mention of baseline standards of public conduct and decorum for all lifetime “Honorees”, that honour the House, and a mechanism to loose those privileges, pensions, and honours.

    Though, one wouldn’t expect it necessary to formally codify such restrictions: gambling on gov’t issued credit cards, working as a private consultant (collecting undisclosed fees, while in the office of Premier/LOGB), accepting “free” developer condos and/or land fill, violently assaulting women…should all probably be added to a lengthy infractions list.

    Functions of the Commission:

    As prescribed in section 117 of the Constitution and section 5 (1) of the Standards in Public Life Law, the functions of the CSPL are –

    (a) to assist in the setting of the highest standards of integrity and competence in public life in order to ensure the prevention of corruption or conflicts of interest;

    (b) to monitor standards of ethical conduct in the Legislative Assembly, the Cabinet, and on the part of public authorities and public officers;

    (c) to supervise the operation of the Register of Interests and to investigate breaches of established standards;

    (d) to review and establish procedures for awarding public contracts;

    (e) to review and establish procedures for appointing members to public authorities, and the terms of their appointment;

    (f) to recommend codes of conduct to prevent any Minister, public authority or public officer employing their power for any personal benefit or advantage, and to recommend legislation (g) to provide appropriate sanctions;

    (h) to report to the Legislative Assembly at regular intervals, and at least every six months; and

    (i) to exercise such other functions as may be prescribed by this or any other Law enacted by the Legislature.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Don’t care what you say about Ezzard’s personality – perhaps rude, rough-speaking, etc. he is the ONLY sitting MLA who has displayed integrity over his career and has the balls to challenge and correct any wrongs. He and Mr. Norman Bodden of the 1984-88 Government are the only two who could possible withstand any claims of impropriety while in office!

    Ezzard, shame that “power-play” cost you both the possible Premiership and later the Opposition leadership position. Keep up your track record of upholding our Constitution and its required ethics!

    Wish I could vote for you!!

  27. The Constitutional Critic - A paid vacation for public assault, now that's PROGRESSIVE says:

    If you want a good laugh today, take a read of this per the Compass:

    “However Premier McLaughlin, responding to Miller’s statement Thursday, told the Cayman Compass, “Mr. Bush has taken a temporary leave of absence for a yet undetermined period to deal with the personal issues he has mentioned in both his statements. He has not vacated the office of Speaker. There is nothing unconstitutional or unprecedented in the Speaker taking a leave of absence. This is exactly what would be done if he was physically ill and unable to carry out his duties as Speaker.””

    So what they are in essence admitting is that this “leave of absence” is for show, he will still be paid fully, he will still technically be speaker, he just has to go away for a bit, this isn’t actually any disciplinary action, its just damage control and trying to spin this so that Mckeeva can try to control the narrative

    This section says it all:
    “This is exactly what would be done if he was physically ill and unable to carry out his duties as Speaker.” – Except he isn’t physically Ill Alden, he got drunk, there were witnesses, and it fits every pattern of his behavior that we have seen throughout his adult life what part of that do you not get, he went out, got drunk and beat someone up, then had the audacity to lie about what he was doing there in his ‘apology’ and now you are covering for him

    This entire situation is just getting worse and worse as the days go on, this set of MLAs now controlling the LA have proven they have no ethics, no principles and not even a modicum of moral fibre
    Mckeeva Bush is not the victim in this scenario, nor should all stops be rolled out for him, if any other person on this island had done what he did, they would have been arrested there and then, not only has he not even so much as been detained almost a week later but he was allowed to leave the jurisdiction on an international flight.

    A leave of absence isn’t punishment, this is essentially a vacation, a paid vacation
    That’s what this has come down to folks, beat the shit out of someone as an elected official and you won’t be held accountable you won’t even have to issue a sincere apology and take responsibility for your actions, you just get a paid vacation

    This isn’t a slap on the wrist, the only slap involved in this entire ordeal are the slaps and punches Mckeeva gave that poor woman

    This is enraging, and people need to say enough is enough, I hope as many people as possible show up to the planned protest

    TLDR: Mckeeva Bush gets drunk in public, beats someone up… his punishment according to Alden? A paid vacation, now thats PROGRESSIVE

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said.

    • Anonymous says:

      What if he killed her, being a “big boy”?

      If the harm done to the victim is particularly severe and causes serious and lasting injury, the assault or battery will be charged as aggravated. If the perpetrator’s actions could have caused death, the defendant may even face a charge of attempted murder or manslaughter.

      I agree with 12:15,
      Why is he treated as if he is The victim?

      The type of an assault – battery, aggravated battery, attempted murder or manslaughter is important for sentencing, not for removing an elected official from office.

      Expulsion is the most serious form of disciplinary action must be taken against Speaker.

    • Anonymous says:

      This says everything that I feel.

    • Anonymous says:

      @12.15 You do realize that alcoholism is a disease, don’t you.

      • Right ya so says:

        @ anonymous 27/02/2020 at 6:48 pm you do realise that he’s not an alcoholic, don’t you?! He drinks far too much but he’s definitely not an alcoholic.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Cayman has had far too many corrupt government employees and officials sitting with their feet up collecting a paycheck after being involved in wrongdoing. Which is bad enough.

    But at least with the others there was some small measure of doubt! This is an open and shut case! Open the door to the LA and shut it behind him!

  29. Anonymous says:

    No. If they do not vote him out now we should call for an early election. They would then be unfit to govern.

  30. Anonymous says:

    He should be removed from the role of speaker, end of story. That should have been the first and easiest decision anyone had to make. Thats an absolute minimum and anything less than that is disgraceful.

    Our so called leaders should be figuring out how to quickly remove him from his WB seat and hold a bye election. This man does not belong any the LA at all.

    Then we need to quickly have him charged by RCIPS so his pathetic excuses and grovelling for sympathy can be examined in open court- with previous victims sought so we can decide if this was a pattern of behaviour.

    Then if he is convicted the courts can decide if a custodial sentence is appropriate. I will be outside encouraging them to lock him up.

    Instead we get this “leave of absence” bullshit. Alden and the other spineless buffoons hope it will all be quietly forgotten. We CANNOT let that happen.

    I hope others are as angry about this as I am.

  31. Anonymous says:

    He can fool some of the people some of the time but he can never fool Ezzard because Ezzard knows the constitution and the law unlike the rest of them. McKeeva the time for you to shut up and go away is long overdue. Please leave and don’t let the door hit you…. etc etc etc.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks Ezzard for putting the pressure on the Premier, so that he does the correct thing – that is to remove Mr Bush from the L.A.!

      It’s so GREAT to have a representative like Mr Miller, who will speak out in regards to wrong doing!

  32. Anonymous says:

    They will not do anything as he has too many IOU’s he can call. You scratch my back and I will scratch yours. That is what we have come to here politically.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Alden made a pact with the devil. He is afraid that when Bush is removed his “unity govt” will collapse. The sad truth is Alden will not do anything to jeopardize being in power, even if that means turning a blind eye to a woman beater.

  34. #metoocayman says:

    Caymanians, please pressure your elected district MLAs and demand that they vote to remove the Speaker in accordance with section 65 (2) (f), which allows for his removal by a two-thirds majority of MLA. If our elected MLAs do not currently have the political will to remove this man from office, then we must make it clear to them that they will NOT BE RE-ELECTED if they do not vote him out now!


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