Driver critical after BT crash

| 07/01/2020 | 28 Comments
Cayman News Service
A car was abandoned on Eastern Avenue after a crash on 6 January 2019

(CNS): One driver is in hospital in critical condition after a serious single-vehicle collision in the Pease Bay area of Bodden Town on Sunday evening, 5 January. At about 7pm the vehicle, which was travelling in the eastbound lane of Bodden Town Road, east of Lakeside Drive, careered off the road into a tree, police said. When the emergency services attended the scene the driver, who was alone in the vehicle, was taken to the Cayman Islands Hospital to be treated for serious injuries.

The road chaos also continued Monday as residents returned to work and school, with drivers, picking up in 2020 where they left off in 2019, involved in several collisions.

Police confirmed that they received reports of twelve crashes yesterday, some of which happened during the morning commute and were significant enough to cause major diversions. In one case, a driver reportedly abandoned his car in the middle of the road and fled on foot after a smash on Eastern Avenue. (See picture above)

The RCIPS said that officers are now dealing, on average, with around ten crashes every day on Grand Cayman.

All drivers commuting into town, even if they managed to avoid collisions, nevertheless faced a renewed bout of misery owing to the sheer weight of traffic. Social media was buzzing with the moans and groans from drivers, and while some thought the commute was marginally less painful, others were clearly exasperated by the continued traffic problems.

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Comments (28)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Jamaicans are the worse drivers in Cayman. They drive here just like they are used to driving in JA. FACT!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    This island is the worse place for traffic fatalities I’ve ever encountered. There’s far too many vehicles on the road for such a small island, without the tourist hired vehicles. I can’t see anything that’s going to prevent these accidents and violations unless the Police are given more powers. Why isn’t there any fixed speed cameras for starters? They are in the U.K. in abundance! You do 2 mph over the speed limit and it’s £100 sterling automatic fine. You also get points on your licence and after so many, you lose your licence to drive. A drink/drug driving offence is an automatic loss of licence. Cayman desperately needs to follow the U.K. traffic law for sure.
    I read every day of an accident, many fatal on this island, yet nothing is done to help prevent this occurrence. You will never have enough Traffic Officers to cover every crack and corner just like the UK that’s why these speed cameras are in place. Ask your Government why it’s not happening here.

    • Anonymous says:


      Its ok uk prick we know your country is the “bestest”, brexit.

      • Anonymous says:

        What does Breexit have to do with the anom comment? we have a serious traffic issue here, offering a suggestions to implement what our Mother has is relevant an useful unlike the nonsense you wrote.

        As mentioned above, how hard is it really to amend the traffic law and introduce a point system for driving, emissions testing and a proper MOT for all vehicles?

        Before you get on you high horse, I am Caymanian so don’t try and make this expats vs us foolishness. We need practical solutions, driver standards and car safety on this island has been sub par for way to long.

        • Anonymous says:

          Thank you 9.44am I’m glad at least one Caymanian has some sense and I’m sure many more feel the same…….by the way, I’m an ex RCIPS Police Traffic Officer.

      • Anonymous says:

        No, the U.K. is not the “bestest” but we certainly know how to put our traffic laws in place. Truth always seems to hurt, you 8.50am “prick” it’s a fact actually!… such word as bestest by the way. Maybe you should have gone to school and then you’ll have a better command of the English language, you moron!!

    • Anonymous says:

      5:45am – I hope those same cameras will ticket the drivers who prefer to drive 20-25mph below the speed limit, effectively impeding the flow of traffic. It is these drivers that are causing the road rage, increased speed and accidents because of drivers trying to get around them in frustration. Driving side by side of another vehicle and blocking others is another reason. When you choose to drive these ridiculously slow speeds and block others, look in your rear view mirror (yes, that piece of glass in the center of your windshield with a reflection of what is behind you) yes that’s what it is for. (now you know) When you see 20+ cars behind you pull over!!! You are a nuisance on the road! Speed doesn’t kill…. ignorance does!

      • Anonymous says:

        In my experience this road rage is felt by persons who come upon drivers travelling at, or slightly above, the speed limit.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is third world driving in a third world island. It will only get worse. If the UK won’t take over traffic problems are just the beginning of failures that will cause this islands systems to fail. It is way past time to see if the current Caymanian leadership is up to the task. More failures everyday. Watch as they pile up.

    • Livid says:

      If you had ever been and seen what a real Third World country is like then you wouldn’t make such a comment, as you sit in your well-constructed condo with electricity and running water.

  4. Elvis says:

    No one cares, petty little fines for phone use is crazy, hit them hard ffs

    • Anonymous says:

      Police too busy screwing with people’s tint and missing the true issues

      • Anonymous says:

        8:31 They should be dealing with tint. Unless you have a medical condition and have cleared it with the DVL it is illegal to tint your car. So many people driving around and you cant even see who’s behind the wheel. What they trying to hide?

  5. Anonymous says:

    1:14pm Too many of the same culture here. They bring their bad habits with them.

  6. Anonymous says:

    the roads are madness.
    speeding is the main culprit….get serious about it…triple or quadrauaple the fines.

    • Anonymous says:

      Or just enforce it. I never see speed traps

    • Anonymous says:

      You should see the highway east of Bodden Town in the early morning traffic rush . It is worse that the autobahn

    • Anonymous says:

      Slow driving also contributes to accidents. Why don’t we have minimum and maximum limits?

      • Anonymous says:

        It only causes accidents when crazy people who can’t figure a way safely around the slow driver cause that accident because they want to speed.

        I had a guy driving right up on my car as I was doing the speed limit and so I slowed right down to annoy him as he was annoying me, he decided to overtake on a bend about two seconds before he was pulling off the road. And it was definitely a caymanian as I know the guy. Idiot drivers.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I see so many crazy drivers in one day and barely any cops. Why is that? We will never get this under control because the majority of the cops are Caribbean, where parking in the middle of the road or overtaking into oncoming traffic is normal.

    • Anonymous says:

      They are Jamaican. Have you ever been to Jamaica? Read up on the fatalities on Jamaica’s roads.

      • Anonymous says:

        2:29 sorry bobo but allot of them are born and bred Caymanian’s (particularly those in the fancy new cars). Always with the finger pointing. Una need to accept the problems with our own incompetent drivers without always blaming people from foreign.

      • Anonymous says:

        I hate to generalize about any group but they do drive like shit. 9 times out of 10 it’s a Jamaican that’s overtaken me in traffic where I’ve narrowly avoided an accident because of it.

        • Anonymous says:

          And you know that how? Because their driving is distinctly Jamaican? Because if their colour? Because if the type of car they drive? Because unless you actually know then you are just making an assumption based on a stereotype.

      • Anonymous says:

        Bullshit. They are of every nationality including Cayman.

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