Car ignites after major crash

| 21/01/2020 | 18 Comments
Cayman News Service
BMW that caught fire after a crash Sunday night, 19 January

(CNS): A member of the public came to the rescue of a driver trapped in a BMW following a crash late Sunday night on Anton Bodden Road, Bodden Town. After the passerby managed to get the driver out of the wreckage, the car caught fire, the police said. The narrow escape happened about 11:50pm after the driver of the BMW, who was travelling west, came off the main road by the junction of Condor Road and crashed into a wall.

EMS, fire officers and police attended the location and the driver was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The fire crews were able to extinguish the burning car without further incident.

RCIPS Superintendent Robert Graham commended the member of the public who helped the driver.

“Their actions may well have prevented this collision from ending in tragedy, and are a great reminder of what Caymankind is all about,” he added.

The single-vehicle smash now adds to the long list of major crashes police are investigating. Despite the efforts that Inspector Dwayne Jones, the head of the Traffic and Roads Policing Unit, is making to educate drivers about road safety, the unit dealt with another 35 traffic collisions over the last four days.

Between Friday morning and Monday evening police issued 32 speeding tickets, 63 for excessive tint, four drivers were given tickets for using a mobile phone and four were prosecuted for DUI.

“We continue to urge the public to exercise caution on the roads,” said Jones. “We are still seeing far too many persons speeding or committing other offenses while driving. While we will continue to prosecute these offenses accordingly, we need the public to do their part in making our roads safer,” he urged once again.

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Comments (18)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    1130 at night. No other vehicles involved. Runs off the road and into a wall. Yep. BMWs fault.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The fire departments advice is to stand a watch everything burn.

  3. A. Driver says:

    If I was given a BMW I would sell it. Those cars are dangerous; as I understand it they all have the battery at the rear somewhere. Remember a few years ago a poor fellow burnt to death in a BMW on the Harquail Bypass. The battery shorted and started the fire; would-be rescuers couldn’t get the doors open because the automatic electric locks had engaged and there was no current to disengage them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Over the years I recovered a number of wrecked Beemers (see comment below) and never saw one that had caught fire. The problems with the electrics start when people do DiY fixes or sound system installs following guidance posted on the internet.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oh a bmw driving crazy on the roads? You don’t say.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’ve worked my @$$ over the years and as such have been able to afford a pretty decent vehicle that just so happens to be quick.

    Usually to and from wherever I’m going I check if the road is clear here and there and let it rip, which leads to lot’s of daily fun.

    This morning was unusually frustrating though, as at almost every turn there were police out and about for some reason stunting my fun. No lights, not active, just cruising through the morning traffic and being present. Not even sure if these were the designated traffic units.

    Imagine my shock when not only myself, but the rest of the drivers on the road too sort of fell into place and started driving more decently and politely. Who would’ve thought?

    Hopefully the smarter bunch of you caught on to the satire here. Sad that we live in a country where just seeing police on the road feels like Christmas.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Bimmers love to catch a-fire!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I wonder why the BMW’s inertia fuel cut off didn’t stop the fire?

    • Anonymous says:

      There’s only so much technology can do before physics and chemistry do there stuff.

      • Anonymous says:

        1:55 More likely the car had been crashed before then repaired by someone who either disabled or bypassed it. If it had been working there shouldn’t have been enough fuel available to start that fire. I’ve recovered a number of Beemers after major smashes. They were in much worse shape than that but you couldn’t smell any fuel leaks anywhere.

        • Anonymous says:

          Island repair job 2:54? That’s one problem here, spares are so expensive car owners take the insurance settlement and pay some backyard place to get the wreck back on the road. I wonder if the car was on finance?

  8. Right ya so says:

    I don’t know where Inspector Jones and his staff (the traffic division) have been for the past 5+ years but they certainly weren’t doing their job. If they had been doing their job properly they wouldn’t be dealing with …”35 traffic collisions over the last four days.” or ….. “Between Friday morning and Monday evening police issued 32 speeding tickets, 63 for excessive tint, four drivers were given tickets for using a mobile phone and four were prosecuted for DUI.” Agreed that the onus is on the driver but there’s always going to be those that push the limits of what is or isn’t acceptable.

    • MR says:

      The police should not have to babysit grown adults on how to use the public roads.

      If the police HAD NOT been doing their job properly there would not be issued tickets; the fact that tickets have been issued shows well that the police are using their resources to do whatever they can in the absence of responsible road use.

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually Kato, that’s exactly what police are meant to do.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think the initial comment is just requesting that things be dealt with proactively (education, police presence, routine stops, heavy fines).

        Rather than reactively (issuing hundreds of tickets, dragging people through court, blaming the drivers, etc…)

        The former, prevents what we’re experiencing on the roads right now. (somewhat, we need space and purpose built roads for all these vehicles as well)

        All leads back to neglect.

        • Anonymous says:

          @12:53 the police can’t win. If they issued 10 tickets people would complain they weren’t doing their job proven by such a low number. If they issue hundreds then people complain, they are reactionary and going overboard.

          The fact that they issued hundreds only confirms that we have a lot of idiot reckless people on our roads, one of whom may kill you or me!

          If people follow the Road laws, then the wouldn’t have to worry about being dragged through our courts!

  9. Diesel Power says:

    Dac Moore and a few other selfless individuals should be commended for their rescue efforts!

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