Gov’t beefs up training over fraud

| 12/12/2019 | 13 Comments
Cayman News Service
Managers and department heads participate in fraud prevention and detection training facilitated by KPMG at their offices located in Cricket Square

(CNS): Over 100 civil servants have received training over the last month to help them detect and tackle fraud and corruption in government. Facilitated by consulting firm KPMG, the training aimed to provide a better understanding of the internal controls needed to prevent both, officials said. Participants included staff involved in the areas of accounting, procurement and asset management. It comes at a time when allegations about misconduct appear to be on the rise and there is still no sign of the long-awaited ethics law.

The first training session, presented to managers and department heads, focused on understanding risk and assessing an organisation’s exposure to risk. Some of the topics covered included cyber fraud, bribery and corruption, fraud prevention, data protection, digital forensics, contract and procurement fraud.

The second session was geared to people who have been in the Ministry of Employment and Border Control or the Ministry of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure, which jointly organised the training, for over five years and had completed the training previously. This refresher training covered topics such as data protection, cyber fraud and data analytics.

The chief financial officer in the planning ministry, Carrol Cooper, said it underscored the commitment to staff training “to improve the way we detect, prevent and fight fraud”.

Justin Hislop, from the employment ministry, said, “It was great to hear from leading professionals in each of their respective fields, from cyber security to digital auditing, the training offered an in-depth analysis into new and emerging trends in global finance.”

He said he was interested to see how data security laws are being implemented and interpreted by both government and the private sector, “and exactly what ripple effects those decisions are having on the Cayman Islands as we move into the future of financing”.

The training is part of a wider effort across government to plug historic gaps when it comes to the potential for conflict, corruption and other crimes in public service. And while legislation, such as the procurement and whistleblower laws and codes of conduct, have been rolled out over the last few years, many believe the missing but critical Standard in Public Life Law remains the most important piece of legislation to properly address public corruption.

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Comments (13)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What about the Civil Servants that claim for hours they don’t work whilst conducting private business in government vehicles.
    This is fraud and needs to stop.

    • Corrupt Govt Menace says:

      Mann stop!!! hush ya big mouth! You see folk dis xactly wha talkin bout now! 3:59pm you not a team playa! I know you wuk yeh nah?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am so proud of our civil service. I wish the banks and private sector companies provided this training to staff.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You dont need much training, you just need to look at some of the Ministers and Councillors and you can detect it

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t it funny how KPMG is getting all the government contracts for everything possible?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Was anyone able to keep a straight face during the training? This made me chuckle.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I can help you find fraud and corruption for free. Start by looking at the books of the sports associations. XXXXX Then look at what donations to these federations are being used for. Next hit all the a few not for profits that are here helping their cronies in other foundations and with political power. It is just a big cycle of love and sharing amongst long standing thieves

  8. Corrupt Govt Menace says:

    Government learning about fraud ????? Government is the FRAUD why in the world would they want to expose or obstruct Corruption It is the Elixir of life in our Government system come on mannnn!!!! shut this KPMG foolishness down right now! before some fool get some stupid idea bout diligence or honesty and bitch up this whole money making ting! Who came up wid this foool fool idea any how?

    • Anonymous says:

      This really did make me laugh. You can have all the training you like on fraud,but with nepotism, well connected people and entitlement culture is useless

  9. Anonymous says:

    The pirates that won’t even take the first Constitutionally-required step to enact SIPL…

  10. Elvis says:

    Haha good luck with that

  11. Anonymous says:

    LOL, what a joke!


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