OfReg inches towards ICT protection

| 16/12/2019 | 21 Comments

(CNS): The public is being asked to review the long-waited draft regulations relating to consumer protection in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector. The document was released during a weekend in which Flow customers experienced yet another long and frustrating service interruption.

It also follows a grilling of OfReg’s senior management team in Finance Committee recently, as the regulator is still seen as falling massively short of expectations.

The proposed regulations, once approved and implemented, will apply to ICT service and network providers and aim to ensure reliability, care and skill and reasonable standards.

“Transparency and accountability are at the heart of this consultation process,” said Alee Fa’amoe, the executive director of ICT at OfReg. “Regulations are designed to protect the consumer while at the same time creating a healthy competitive environment for the industry, which then, in turn, provides the best value to consumers.”

He added that decisions made by the regulator affect different people and organisations in different ways. The consultation process, Fa’amoe noted, provides all those who will be affected by a regulatory decision the opportunity to provide input.

The five key areas impacting consumers are accurate information, complaints, contract terms, billing, and provision and repairs.

The draft regulations specify that service providers must give accurate descriptions of the service and other information to consumers. They detail how service providers should address complaints and the details of the terms and conditions of contracts and, in particular, how roaming plans are outlined.

The regulations specify how bills are presented and what information is to be included, how consumers can make enquiries about bills and how service providers can address unpaid and undisputed balances. How services and faults are repaired, including time frames, are also addressed, as well as the consumer’s ability to report faults and the provision of notices of planned service disruptions or outages to consumers.

OfReg is asking consumers to respond to the draft regulations by 5pm on 31 January via email to consultations@ofreg.ky or hand delivered to the OfReg headquarters at Alissta Towers, North Sound Road.

See the consultation paper in full on the OfReg website or in the CNS Library

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Comments (21)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What is a continued insult to customers is that the gambling for a boat texts come in all the time and are very annoying but there was no text apologizing for the service outage or any explanation for it.

    Seriously poor customer service continues.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Don’t they have a new boss? Why is Faamoe answering questions? Or has the new boss realised already that he has dived into a septic tank and disappeared? Is Linford still getting $3500 a month? What about board members? This is a scandal but no one seems to be doing anything about it…why?

  3. FAB Supervisor says:

    Digicel’ and Flow’s supplier is a even bigger fraud!!!! and the source of a lot of the networks problems we experience. The real problem is OfReg either doesn’t care or is unwilling to deal with or resolved or is incapable of getting to the bottom the problem’ thus making it ineffective an useless govt entity. A couple of hefty fines against these telecom giants and their unlawful practices and decisions will do alot to improve service and protect the consumer.

  4. Anonymous says:

    They need to be investigating data protection violations by Digicel. Like all those unwanted messages bombarding my phone from Esso and CNB, even political parties at one time. But no way to block or stop them.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I understand we live on an island and as such the speeds of the internet are subject to reduction because of that but I have friends in Canada paying CAD$100 for 1 gig speed, friends in the US paying US$60 for 500+ mb speed YET I am paying CI$250 for TV + 25 mb speed internet.

    I am directly off the fiber optic line and I speed test my internet connection at 7 mb on a good day (usually at 2 am when traffic is lowest during the week.) These companies are RAPING us over a barrel because they know they can and we will grudgingly bend over for it because we have no other choice. At some points my cell phone gets a better speed than my computer at times.

    Even cell phone data is ridiculous. For pay as you go, Flow charges $39.99 for 5 gigs that last 30 days (Contract customers don’t even get that which is why I NEVER signed up for a contract.) In the US you can get UNLIMITED gigs, talk and text for $50. I’m not saying bring that here because I know it’s unfeasible but damn put some lube on before we go again.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ignore US comparisons. Look at deals in the U.K. much cheaper. The US is way behind just like it is in retail banking and supermarkets.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It is a race to the bottom for Digicel and Flow. Both companies have operations in the Cayman Islands that are effectively just minor satellite operations of their businesses in other countries. They don’t care about providing quality customer service and the astonishing level of incompetence is something to behold.

  7. Anonymous says:

    There needs to be a Commission of Inquiry made into the activities of OfReg. ICT Service was superior when there was a monopoly. For a world leading financial jurisdiction, it is no longer acceptable to have such poor service being controlled by another country for the two mobile providers. CUC gets knocked, but at least it is a local company and there are many local shareholders that benefit and they employ Caymanians including the CEO. FUel prices are still a joke.

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. Anonymous says:

    More wasted time and effort.

    Close it down!

  10. MDR says:

    What OfReg needs to do is engaged all those involved with companies or individuals who upgraded both networks recently to learn what is really happening with both these providers and i am not talking about the companies mouthpiece or public relation experts. Too many conflict of interests and lack of public input or transparency in this sector in relation to immigration employment & work and debt issues is why this continues to get worse for the consumers in both power and telecommunication. That is how you help improve standards in both sectors! I applaud Mr Fa’amoe for his initiative in getting the public involved in a consultative role to improve the level of service.There are are a number serious issues that no doubt will be brought to the forefront.

  11. Anonymous says:

    We are blessed to have OfReg leading us into the future :).

  12. Nina G says:

    What exactly happened with flow ? i couldent make any calls for more than 24 hours

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