Traffic jammed to BT after rush-hour crash

| 04/11/2019 | 68 Comments
Cayman News Service
Monday morning traffic jam, 4 Nov 2019

(CNS): The usual morning traffic woes were compounded on Monday, after a jeep and truck crashed on Shamrock Road, near to Peanuts gas station in the West Bound Lane at around 7am, police said. According to posts on social media, traffic was stationary for more than an hour in the wake of the smash and at around 9am police said it was still backed up as far as Bodden Town. It is not clear yet if anyone was injured in the collision.

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Comments (68)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think I’ll open a branch of our firm in Cayman Brac or Little Cayman – seems a simpler option to fly there Monday morning and back Friday night.

  2. Anonymous says:

    How do you reduce risk of fire from using matches in your household?

    A. Ban matches = reduce #of cars,
    B. Teach members of your household how to properly use matches = your teenager might get it, but your toddler and senile grandma might not.
    D. Spank your toddler and scold your grandma for not obeying the rules= fines, roadblocks etc.
    C. Offer an alternative such as BIC lighter = Public bus

    Fool-proof, or idiot-proof concept exists for a reason. Design a solution that is impervious to human incompetence, error, or misuse.

    • Anonymous says:

      Interesting, albeit tenuous, analogy, but banning matches is not logically the same as reducing the number of cars because “Banning” is not equal to “Reducing.” Still, I will give this post a thumbs up and a solid “8” for using your imagination, which is something I rarely see these days.

    • Anonymous says:

      He/she/they need, should, must, have to….drive safely, carpool, follow rules, be courteous, don’t drink and drive, use blinkers, widen roads, build more roads, build more roundabouts, reduce car imports, buckle up, don’t text and or use phone while driving, increase fines, change school times, shift work hours, more roadblocks etc. etc. etc.

      This is all good IN THEORY, and it is as old as the world itself. Yet, nobody does what they should, must or have to…

      If you can jail and heavily fine a visitor with just one bullet in his backpack, then you can heavily fine and jail hundreds of kamikazes, DUI’s and reckless drivers on your roads. Otherwise you’re hypocrites. The former pose zero risk to your life and safety unlike the latter. Traffic fines could be a significant source of revenue in this OT.

      Unless you upgrade your roads SYSTEM to accommodate future visitors and residents growth, don’t bring more tourists and issue more work permits. How simple is that, isn’t it?

      So stop soaring in the sky with your wishful thinking, do what REALLY works everywhere else in the world. Start with what this reader suggests (THE comment of the YEAR, in my opinion):

      Anonymous says:
      04/11/2019 at 2:46 pm
      With 75% of Cayman Islands GDP derived from a back bending, hoop-jumping Financial Sector, under a never-ending global compliance magnifying glass, those voters (you would think) should have a vested interest in improving the real and perceived governance problems of the Cayman Islands. It’s become obvious that this regime has no self-interest in applying rudimentary PCAMLCTF and conflict compliance to itself, delivering required transparency/performance, or, it seems, amending past lies to the truth.

      1. Nobody is currently lobbying to change the eligibility requirements in the Constitution, spec. §61(1) e&f, to expand the puddle of candidates we cycle through.

      2. Nobody is (really) compelling the enactment of Standards in Public Life Law, required under §117, louder than a whisper.

      The competence of our governance will NEVER improve with the lowest bar of the current status quo.

      Despite half-hearted periodic mentions of SIPL, the LA appears to be very comfortable with how things are/have been, and will oppose, reject, and squirm, to avoid being called out in hopes for their continued enjoyment of protocol/airport/airline/radio show perks and hopefully some future turn at the enrichment through.

      The voters, therefore, need to be the drivers of any change. It needs to happen with sufficient lead-time before an election for those candidates of good character to become open to the idea of working with anyone who wasn’t arrested or forced into an unscheduled early retirement.

    • Anonymous says:

      Interesting, albeit tenuous, analogy, but your bullet point “A” is not logically correct because “banning” is not equal to “reducing.” Still, I will give this post a thumbs up and a solid “8” because you used your imagination, which is something I so rarely see these days.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’d better stick to driving your hot wheels toy cars it’s far too dangerous out on real roads for you bobo.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Nobody cares. Pull the CCTV footage from the camera by Delworths this morning at 7:29am, watch the two school buses blow clean through the red light, fully loaded. Not one shot given between them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Could somebody from RCIPS actually follow up on this, and then ban/fine the school bus drivers and the schools involved accordingly please? Easy money for the government just going down the drain by not following up on such simple leads.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What’s a traffic jam? It’s nice living North of Hurley’s roundabout.

  5. Anonymous says:

    this will continue to happen as long as we don’t address the real issues
    issue #1: terrible standard of driving by caymanians/jamaicans
    issue #2: abysmal level of traffic enforcement by the police
    issue#3: general incompetence by the police in dealing with traffic accidents
    issue#4: training/qualifications of the police

    • Anonymous says:

      You forgot the most important issue #5. Incompetent (but fully qualified) leadership. Nothing will change. Ever! just get used to it. someday people will look back on today as the good old days when it would only take you and hour to get from Booden town to George town.

      • Anonymous says:

        That is #1, not #5

      • Anonymous says:

        Fully-qualified leadership? Some of our leaders didn’t finish high school and other don’t have a college degree. I’m not sure how that rates as “fully qualified.”

    • Anonymous says:

      Nope, #1 priority is a Public bus system #2 overpasses, followed by your list.

  6. Anonymous says:

    the police farce seem to enjoy their sense of self importance of shutting down roads for hours when their job should be complete in 20-30 mins….
    but hey…its good to spend half your day ‘looking busy’

  7. Anonymous says:

    As of recent we now have more than double the traffic than we ever had before, with the worst drivers honking their horns to get you off the road so that they can drive faster. Cant imagine when we increase our population whats going to happen. I was most concerned Friday the amount of people that getting their cars licensed for free. I think I saw about two caymanians there. I would just like to know how much money that Government lost to that Cayman kind event.I really think that the idea should have only been extended to the elderly Caymanian people. If you cant afford to license your car then catch the bus.

    • Anonymous says:

      They had to pay it wasn’t FREE !
      I’m sure those that have been unemployed or still unemployed and getting a little work here and there appreciated DVL govt for allowing this to take place. If you ain’t hit bottom and don’t know when you will eat again get electricity water back on JUST SHUT THE F**K UP


  8. Anonymous says:

    School hours need to changed to later in the mornings, especially for the elementary students!!!! These precious young ones starting out SO early every day, they are totally exhausted come 2 – 3 o’clock! Think about it, these kids need time to be kids, and not being rushed so early every day from such a young age. They will get enough of getting up early once they are high school students, and eventually become young working adults! I beg our government to please take this request seriously! Not only would our kids benefit if this was done, but our traffic issues would be better too.

    • Anonymous says:

      Every morning I see them walking to their bus stop and you can see their still sleepy I feel it so much for them .
      6am 630 7am the bus crosses heading in by 730 their heading out loaded with kidos that look so tired

  9. Stupid is as stupid does says:

    Not to mention the idiot policeman who diverted traffic through old prospect road only to have those cars stuck there trying to get out because traffic was not stopped to let the cars diverted out. WOW!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    this is how it will soon be on a regular the way cayman is going, mark these words

  11. Anonymous says:

    How many “stuck” cars only had a single occupant????

    • Anonymous says:

      Is this the same person constantly making this comment? We’ve explained many times why carpooling doesn’t work in Cayman…

  12. Anonymous says:

    So one driver, not paying attention, causes a huge inconvenience for hundreds of people. Lots of people late to work, late to school, blood boiling, gasoline wasted, etc.
    Every driver needs to pay full attention at all times.
    We can do better and we must do better.

  13. Anonymous says:

    When the cruise pier is constructed this will be the norm.

  14. Anonymous says:

    It’s ridiculous, this plus that crazy woman blocking the road with tree branches. As if the commute doesn’t suck enough already. About to move into GT just to avoid this morning and evening madness. Yea, I realize I’ll have to settle for a studio but worth the lack of space so I don’t have to deal with this BS every day…

  15. Anonymous says:

    Call me insane for commuting on a motorcycle but I beat all unna to work by an hour and will be first to get home this evening! Enjoy the bottlenecks with ya gas guzzling 4 wheels moving at 2 mph 🤣

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t trust the people with more than 2 wheels enough to drive a motorcycle here lol

    • Anonymous says:

      I’d rather arrive late than dead.

      • Anonymous says:

        People close to me have lost their lives while innocently driving in a car and obeying all traffic laws of these roads also.

        We all take a risk when we get on the road be it by foot or wheel. Don’t act like you’re immune.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not insane. Genius. If you’re a single person in a car, and don’t need to carry much, a scooter or a bike is amazing. I had one for 7 years and breezed through traffic.

      Downsides, can get wet, but that seldom happened. Near misses, yeah, kinda a biggie, but swivel the neck constantly and you’re fine.

      It does make me chuckle to see the fools on bikes where they’ve removed the mirrors. I guess you cannot fix stupid.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wish I wasn’t so scared to ride because I sure would but got in am accident when I was a teenager it scared me so bad I’d never seat on a bike ever again.

  16. Anonymous says:

    There is a wide verge (hard shoulder) all along that stretch of road. The RCIPS could have guided the two lanes of westbound traffic out onto the hard shoulder to clear the accident and back again and kept the two lanes flowing but they decided to shut down the right hand lane and have all the traffic merge into one lane. The did use the hard shoulder but not as a relief traffic lane, they used it to park their own vehicles

    • Anonymous says:

      Remember that accident near the dump that caused a HUGE traffic jam one saturday about a year ago? I’ve been asking since then if the police have emergency plans for situations like this … apparently not! Were senior cops present to assess the efforts and suggest better ways of dealing with it? If not, WHY? Countless offices have been affected, what will it take for a better way of dealing with rush hour accidents?

    • Anonymous says:

      We all know the police are jokers here and they actually have no proper training on how to handle car wrecks! that’s why people just stay in the middle of the road whenever one happens.

    • Anonymous says:

      That would’ve require a small amount of sense.

  17. Anonymous says:

    So annoying. Our police are so useless. They have dozens of witnesses on hand and still they have to take hours to look around, measure and see who’s at fault?!

    • Anonymous says:

      Didn’t the CCTV cameras we paid millions for capture the action?

    • Anonymous says:

      Because that’s the policy. Measurements need to be taken, especially if there’s an injury.

      Chill out. Blame the idiot who caused the crash.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why does it take them longer than other cops? Also, blocking a lane with parked vehicles when you could have used it to get people moving? They have laser measurement for roadworks so why can’t they use one of those and GTFO.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Plan on it just getting worse. Pretending to fix things is the norm here.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Takes three hours for wrecks to get cleared off the road. In the states they clear the lanes fast as possible.

    All theses SUVs and wranglers police can’t carry tow straps to pull wrecks to the side of the road and do all the paper work.

    Nope we must block traffic for the entire district because of one person for hours.

    Unbelievable and illogical.

    This isn’t the first and won’t be the last.

    • Anonymous says:

      In Singapore the police are at the scene in 5 minutes, literally, on motorcycles, and the road cleared within minutes.

    • Anonymous says:

      RCIPS don’t seem to get the message:


  20. Anonymous says:

    Grand Cayman traffic is in absolute paralysis and no longer be thought of as merely an annoyance.

  21. Kurt Christian says:

    Vote No

  22. Anonymous says:

    I dropped off someone at the airport this morning. All I can say is, what a bunch of morons we have on these roads. White Audi A4 speeding, crappy grey Accord switched lanes literally 6 times in front of me, same two vehicles were tailgating a Toyota Corolla that was doing the speed limit. The Toyota also had a child strapped in to the rear, yet these idiots don’t seem to care/realize/bother. Both idiots were ahead of me by around 5 seconds despite their stupid and dangerous driving. 5 seconds.

    The reason the traffic was more horrific was due to this stupid crash by Peanuts. Unfortunately, since self-awareness is not something humans are blessed with, most reading this won’t be able to see why their own driving contributes to dumb accidents like this.

    Calm down, drive smoothly and safely. Indicate at roundabouts and when changing leaves and everyone wins.

    It’s not so much The Fast and the Furious, but more The Fast and the Foolish: Cayman Drift.

  23. Anonymous says:

    There is a wide shoulder on that part of Shamrock Road so the RCIPS could have used traffic cones to guide two lanes of traffic on and off the hard shoulder and maintained two flowing lanes into town but no, in their wisdom they closed one lane down completely and had all vehicles merging into the remaining one lane. What did they use the hard shoulder for? For parking their emergency vehicles….. It could have been used as a relief traffic lane and acute congestion could have been avoided. Staggering incompetence / inexperience…..

    • Anonymous says:

      Will the police learn from this and handle the next accident more competently? Somehow I have my doubts.

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