Thousands of scientists warn of climate emergency

| 06/11/2019 | 77 Comments
Cayman News Service

(CNS): Over 11,000 scientists have backed comprehensive research which concludes that the world is in a climate emergency. The work is based on 40 years of data that illustrates a myriad of climate related issues. The scientists say the planet is facing “untold human suffering” and they have a moral obligation to warn humanity about the scale of the threat. The study, published in the Oxford Academic journal BioScience, came out on the same day that last month was declared the hottest October in recorded history.

The scientists said that, despite explicit warnings of insufficient progress on tackling this emergency, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are still rising, so now an “immense increase of scale in endeavors to conserve our biosphere is needed to avoid untold suffering”. The research by the authors, which is backed by this unprecedented number of scientists, is shown in a clear suite of graphical vital signs of climate change.

The climate crisis is closely linked to excessive consumption of the wealthy, with the most affluent countries responsible for the historical emissions.

“Profoundly troubling signs from human activities include sustained increases in both human and ruminant livestock populations, per capita meat production, world gross domestic product, global tree cover loss, fossil fuel consumption, the number of air passengers carried, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, and per capita CO2 emissions since 2000,” the authors found.

While there are encouraging signs, such as a drop in birth rates, decelerated forest loss in the Brazilian Amazon, increases in the consumption of solar and wind power and fossil fuel divestment, there are still many challenges.

Human fertility rates have substantially slowed during the last 20 years but the pace of forest loss in Brazil’s Amazon has now started to increase again.

“Consumption of solar and wind energy has increased 373% per decade, but in 2018, it was still 28 times smaller than fossil fuel consumption,” the researchers warned, adding that they were especially disturbed by climatic impacts and the growth of CO2, methane and nitrous oxide in the atmosphere and the increase in global surface temperature.

Globally, ice has been rapidly disappearing, evidenced by declining trends in minimum summer Arctic sea ice, Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, and glacier thickness worldwide. Ocean heat content, ocean acidity, sea level, areas burned in the United States, as well as extreme weather and associated damage costs have all been trending upward.

“Climate change is predicted to greatly affect marine, freshwater, and terrestrial life, from plankton and corals to fishes and forests. These issues highlight the urgent need for action,” the researchers said in the worrying report.

“Despite 40 years of global climate negotiations, with few exceptions, we have generally conducted business as usual and have largely failed to address this predicament. The climate crisis has arrived and is accelerating faster than most scientists expected. It is more severe than anticipated, threatening natural ecosystems and the fate of humanity,” the authors stated after saying they now need to tell it like it is.

With the planet reaching potential irreversible climate tipping points and nature’s reinforcing feedbacks that could lead to a catastrophic “hothouse Earth” well beyond the control of humans, the scientists said climate chain reactions could make large areas of Earth uninhabitable.

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Comments (77)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am buying waterfront property for 1/100th of the appraised value. Don’t wait until it’s too late and you are hanging onto a raft floating away into certain doom.

    Please reply your contact details. Only water front property accepted.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You don’t have to be a scientist to agree with global warming.
    Just a arrogant/ignorant to believe it’s not happening.

    In the age of information, people choose to be unaware.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s too late already. All life on earth will perish. Look at the other planets in our solar system like Venus, and Mars. We are just becoming another baron planet in our solar system. Such is life.

    • Anonymous says:

      Naw. Once the bone-head humans are gone, things will get back on track. She’s a good planet, we humans we’re just a misguided bump in the road. Happy skyscraper building y’all.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wake up! Inform Yourselves! XXXX

    CNS: There is not a chance in hell that I’m going to allow a link to Infowars, especially after the words “Inform Yourselves!”.

    • Anonymous says:

      CNS. You are a Fascist Publication. I’m pulling all advertising. How dare you push your globalist opinion and censer alternative viewpoints. SHAME!

      CNS: You need to educate yourself about Infowars and Alex Jones, who simply spreads lies. Here’s a start:
      Though, come to think of it, by pretending you have advertising to pull, I can see why you like that kind of complete (and downright evil in the case of the Sandy Hook conspiracy theories) garbage.
      Jones is so utterly bonkers (or evil) he has managed to get banned from most major social media platforms.

      • Anonymous says:

        YAS CNS!

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t know whether to thumbs down the comment or thumbs up CNS’s response. So.. all I will do is say, thank you CNS! You should want to accept advertising money from this idiot anyway!

    • Anonymous says:

      Tsk tsk. Get help.

    • Anonymous says:

      So sad. Imagine how confused, lost and misguided one must be in order to believe Alex Jones and Infowars are credible news sources.


      • Anonymous says:

        I think it’s a type of paranoid psychosis. The irony is that they view government as their enemy, but they side with the branch of government that would keep them disinformed and mentally ill forever.

  5. Anonymous says:

    So Global warming is getting worse which will impact the reefs and seas. But CPR and DOE wants to do another EIA to prove what? The reefs are dying. We have 11,000 researchers proclaiming it. But we don’t like change unless we come up with the idea ourselves? We have the proof, no more lying about the reefs are beautiful they’re dying. Can we not put this argument to rest?? The reefs are dying they not coming back. Sea level is going to rise. Temperature is going to rise. But wouldn’t building a dock provide shade for the sea life that will live under it? Wake up people you have been lie too. Build the dock.

    • Anonymous says:

      Good lord, just how much are you paid to spin this stuff in favor of the port?

    • Anonymous says:

      Wait so you think the dock isn’t going to be made of concrete from top to bottom? So you think it’s going to be a wooden dock? Or an open bottom concrete dock? I just I don’t get what you think is happening here and I think you might need to go check yourself into a mental health facility.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thats the problem with most of the disagreement from CPR, when you see the proof you still deny, deny. The piers will be made of pilings, it’s been said over and over. The only people who need mental health is people like you.
        Here’s another one of those mental statement your group make. We losing a couple of dollars per person, cause the cruise lines taking our money. Let’s see we made it to the fifth largest financial services in the world. If you never had a commercial loan before, ask the bank how much would it cost to borrow two hundred million to build two infrastructures with no money down for twenty-five years. Let’s see if we getting a deal or not. Plus let’s find out how much we paying for Clifton Hunter High School per month. We definitely are paying all of that bill out of our pocket no one else is helping us. Plus most of the people who are getting a benefit from that is foreigners. WHERE is the debate, petition or the referendum? So far it is state of the art and very little success. What is the percentage of graduates who can get a job or go on to higher education? Plus we going to do it again, another one hundred million dollar High School? Someone else needs to go to a mental institution, where is the profit, the return. Won’t we have to build another new one in 20-30 years? I bet you if they had to pay for education we would at least have students who would qualify for some jobs on this island and get the money back.

    • Anonymous says:

      Funniest freeeeeking comment ever. “Shade for the sea life”. Whoa. Howze about you take a little shade back under your rock.

      • Anonymous says:

        If you look at the modern usage of the word “shade” the cruise piers will indeed be throwing shade on all the sea life under and all around the dock!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Simply God is coming from his world. The Bible speaks of this and even scientist is saying it in there own words

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t hold your breath. Christians have been promising that each generation would see the end of the world—for 2,000 years. I would think by now they have lost all credibility.

      And, no, nothing from science confirms any Christian supernatural claims.


    • Anonymous says:

      Funny I have been told the world is going end on set dates several times in my life.

      Somehow I’m still here.

      I’m starting to think you evangelicals are selling a false bill of goods.

      • Anonymous says:

        How do you know? Maybe the world did end and we’re now all living in a similar, but alternative universe. Maybe the Christians have been right about every time the world has ended!

    • Anonymous says:

      Prove it or shut all the way up. Y’all gotta cut this lying bs out. It’s corny.

  7. Rick says:

    There is an agenda here. In the first place, we do not need 11,000 ‘scientists’ to prove global warming or climate change. We only need one. But this is not based on science, it is political. So we need huge numbers to vote for or against.

    There is no scientific evidence that climate change is being significantly impacted by human activity. That is a fact which has not changed, in spite of this and many other alarmist efforts.

    • Anonymous says:

      Friendly advice: Depoliticize your science information. You have been used and abused, misled by the oil industry, conservative politicians, and probably a few just-plain idiots.

      If you want to understand something about a scientific subject or issue, look to scientists who are experts in the relevant field. Even expert consensus can be wrong, of course, but your odds of getting it right are much better with them than Fox News and Rush Limbaugh.


    • Anonymous says:

      Rick – dumb comment, simply dumb, – to start with,

    • Anonymous says:

      There is no denying the climate is changing (the evidence is clear and abundant), so that part of your comment is bunk. The only question is whether the activities of man are making it change. The science, while not 100% conclusive, strongly points (over 95% probability) in the direction of man-made climate change. The fact that people want to side with the least probable possibility is totally reflective of a political agenda designed to maximise profits for industrialists. But if you want to swallow Alex Jones’s and his ilk’s propaganda, that’s your choice. But please don’t come spreading nonsense here and expect people are going to agree with your strong stated declarative statements ripped right off of Infowars or some other conspiracy theory website.

    • Anonymous says:

      You just wrong, Rick.

    • Anonymous says:

      And October has seen record snow and record cold in many many places around the world , the sun drives the climate and the sun is about to go into a grand solar minimum NASA has said as much just a few weeks ago so while your packing for a heat wave the world cools

  8. Anonymous says:

    The fact that most scientists still come to the same conclusion year in year out but yet people still want to discredit it is insane. I don’t know why people feel like denying man-made climate change is such a personal vendetta of theirs. I want to do everything I can to make sure my children have a beautiful world to live in when they get older. If you think we should keep doing what we’re doing right now keep eating that fish that’s full of poison from plastics – nuclear runoff – trash – oil and go buy a house in India. farewell and good riddance.

    • Anonymous says:

      Except that it is not ‘most’ scientists. There are thousands who disagree.

      • Anonymous says:

        97% of scientists agree. If there are thousands of scientists who disagree, there are hundreds of thousands of scientists who agree. So why are you going to side with the 3% – because Tucker Carlson or Alex Jones tells you to? That’s pretty stupid.

        • Anonymous says:

          You forgot tronald drump and his genius progeny.

          • Anonymous says:

            Unfortunately, I can’t forget about the US stable genius president who probably has a “666” mark on his skull. He will be gone, hopefully in a year if not sooner, but it will take a generation to correct the damage he’s done – if it can even be corrected. My fear is that there has been a fundamental change in America that could lead to someone even more dangerous than Trump – someone with his approach that is smarter than he is. The template has been cast and if the last three years have shown us anything, political parties will not hold monsters accountable.

            • Anonymous says:

              Political parties like big business, voter suppressing, Christian, un diagnosed homosexual homosexual hating republicans?

        • Anonymous says:

          That is a statistical lie and you know it!

  9. Anonymous says:

    The government in their infinite wisdom is going to build a dock and further destroy the environment all in the name of money and legacy.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Consider for a moment the staggering depths of stupidity and neglect that consecutive Cayman Islands governments have demonstrated over the last few decades when it comes to climate change.

    As a small nation of three islands, at sea level and highly vulnerable to hurricanes, our leaders have shown no meaningful awareness, foresight or action on this issue. How many of our elected officials even understand the basics of global warming?

    For both practical and ethical reasons, we should have been on the right side of history from the start. We might have spent the last 30 years alongside more enlightened societies pushing the US, China, India and other big polluters toward sane behavior for the planet.

    Right now the Cayman Islands could be mostly if not totally dependent on solar, wind and tidal power. That could have happened. But it didn’t because we tolerate overt greed and ignorance in our leaders—to our country’s detriment.


  11. Anonymous says:

    Why bother going to Mars when this planet is slowly becoming Mars?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Check the bible and you’ll know ,this years heat should tell ye’all something. Bless the Lord oh my soul .

  13. Anonymous says:

    11,000 scientist out of all that is in the world is not that many. Besides that the oceans level has been both higher and lower in our past. It would change no matter what we do or don’t do. Can man adapte? We always have so far. Best thing we all can do is make the best of what we have while we have it. Or you can complain and cry about it. Your choice.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m gonna complain until they do something about it so my children have an earth to live on when they get older. You’re such an idiot, if you were on the titanic you wouldn’t have even attempted to get off because it already hit the ice berg.

      • Anonymous says:

        People have been complaining to your idiot leadership since they began and it only got worse. You are still complaining because you are not smart enough to see that they are the idiots which makes you their idiot. But please don’t change (like you could). Being called an idiot by you is a good thing.

    • Yorkie says:

      What a ridiculous comment. When 11,000 highly educated people come together and put their name to a report, you should damn well listen.

    • Anonymous says:

      Please learn about this issue from a credible source (not Fox News) because you clearly have no idea what is going on or why it matters.


    • Anonymous says:

      so you’re the bus driver carrying all the people at 60mph towards a brick wall that refuses the idea of trying the brakes… well done

    • Anonymous says:

      While you are watching the tide & think that is no problem for you, it is what sits over your head that you should be worried about that is the main problem & driver of climate change: The Atmosphere.
      Rising CO-2 driven by anthropogenic global warming WILL affect everyone & in your life-time , unless steps are taken today to start a lowering of carbon dioxide.

    • Anonymous says:

      OK, Boomer.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Yep, I knew Mac and Alden were up to no good.

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