Public servants warned to stay out of campaign

| 06/11/2019 | 108 Comments

(CNS): Government’s army of some 6000 workers have all been warned to stay out of the political fray relating to the forthcoming referendum. From garbage collectors to bosses all public sector employees, regardless of their jobs, have been told they must refrain from campaigning of any kind and to provide only technical expertise when called on. Despite having the right to vote in the referendum the deputy governor has written to all government workers telling them to stay neutral.

CNS was shown a copy of the letter and has heard a number of anonymous concerns from public sector workers that the letter was chilling as not everyone in government is behind the project. While they accept they must remain professional the letter has been described as “..scaring some people from attending meetings organised by the ‘No’ campaign in particular and even from the polls.

CNS has contacted the deputy governor’s office for clarification on the message and to address the line that it appears some senior civil servants have crossed already given their direct involvement in the promotion of the project, and we are awaiting a response.

In the letter Deputy Governor Franz Manderson indicates that the issue of neutrality applies to both sides of the campaign. He said civil servants should only give technical expertise when asked by either side. However, the acting port director has already appeared in a pro-port video for government about the cargo port where he makes the argument that building in George Town will have less of an impact on the reefs than anywhere on the island else despite that not being his official area of technical expertise.

The letter has also caused some concern for CPR the grassroots organization that is spearheading the ‘No’ campaign as they are already facing an uneven playing field. The rules of a people initiated referendum mean they need to get 50% plus one of the entire electoral to vote no rather than a simple majority to carry the day and they are competing against the power of government with no campaign finance rules. The Unity Government has already spent around $250,000 so far promoting the project and is bound to be digging further in to the currently healthy public purse over the next seven weeks before referendum day, on 19 December.

One of the leaders of the campaign, Johann Moxam said the deputy governor should be encouraging everyone including civil servants to exercise their democratic rights.

“The tone of the DG’s email to all staff was intended to serve one purpose,” he said. ” It would be in the best interests of all parties especially the Deputy Governor and all Civil Servants if he would also issue a clear message in a separate email which will serve to encourage them all to participate in the democratic process and exercise their right to vote on Referendum Day 19th December 2019 without any fear of intimidation or reprisals especially considering recent comments from the Premier and political directorate,” he added.

Moxam and the CPR are still waiting for the DG to respond to their request for an opportunity to speak to public sector workers at the government building about why they oppose the project after the tourism ministry was given time over the lunch period for two days this week to present the pro-port argument to government employees.

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  1. UnCivil Servant says:

    Franz Manderson is quoting sections of the law that deals with general elections. All civil servants must come out to vote on the referendum which is different from a general election. What is happening in Cayman is not political as it is not initiated by CIG.

    These guys are out of their league and stumbling to catch up pretending to understand the issues and desperate to hang on to total control of the people like the good old days when the sheep just followed instead of asking questions and pointing out the hypocrisy.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Civil servants must remain neutral but Government recruits civil servants to make ads supporting the Port. This is just wrong.

  3. J|) says:

    9:00am no one is paying for rooms of people to manually thumb. That would be hilarious.. 🤣

    • Anonymous says:

      Hahahaha The 90’s called. THey want their village idiot back.
      What kind of a naïve wee bairn are you? It may not be ‘rooms of people’ but this service is easily and very cheaply arranged.
      Where have you been? WAKE UP!

    • Anonymous says:

      Like expecting 10 acres of coral to be replanted like daises … IKR lol

  4. Anonymous says:

    What are examples of political issues?
    Common examples are:
    abortion, taxation, animal rights, environment, guns, Gay marriage, death penalty, euthanasia, government mandates, equal pay, minimum wages, welfare.

    Is people-initiated referendum in Cayman addressing a political issue? No.
    Then why “political neutrality” from civil employees is required?

  5. Anonymous says:

    The Cayman referendum is not a political one. Why bring “political neutrality” into this?

  6. Anonymous says:

    What is a political referendum?
    – … a type of vote to change the constitution or government of a country.

    Is Cayman CITIZEN-INITIATED REFERENDUM a political referendum? I think not.

    Then why bring “political neutrality” and other “political” things into this? Why muzzle civil service employees?

  7. Johnny be good says:

    Typical two faced attitude of this this government and their lob sided agenda. The government is allowed to squander public money to further their campaign but individuals are not allowed to show their support for the NO vote.

    We clearly have a wannabe DICKtatorship in power. Spelling changed to emphasise a point.

    • Anonymous says:

      I should have included “Government” before individuals. They too are part of the voting public so why should they be excluded from expressing their views publicly within their ranks?

  8. Anonymous says:

    How horrible that the government now wants to take away personal freedom because you work for them!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Servants? Hardly.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The CIG, in essence, just halted in its tracks Critical Thinking.

    Now. Think on that.

    Not only is education in the Cayman Islands an abomination, and is in no way reflective of the “first world” status the Cayman Islands hoists upon itself


    Your Government is now prohibiting civil servants to take part in public discussion the way public discussion is held in 2019.

    Civil Servants must feel trapped in a padded cell.

    This is absolutely outrageous that the government can get away with such TYRANNY.

    • Sorry DG says:

      Apologies to our DG.

      I just read guidance to UK Civil Servants concerning their conduct before the General Election. The guidance reads:-

      a)Civil Servants must serve the government, whatever its political persuasion, to the best of their ability in a way which maintains political impartiality and is in
      line with the requirements of the Code, no matter what their own
      political beliefs are; and
      b) act in a way which deserves and retains the confidence of ministers,
      while at the same time ensuring that they will be able to establish the
      same relationship with those whom they may be required to serve in
      some future government.

      therefore our DG is correct in the advice he gave to civil servants. Folks please don’t make the mistake I did. Research before commenting.
      8:55 you are wrong.

      • Anonymous says:

        Not at all. #1 The issue in question is not political #2 Even if it was political the guidance you refer to is so vague, so to call it guidance is a stretch.

        And as 7:15 has rightfully noted, DG has no legal basis for the letter.
        In the US this regulated by The Hatch Act with amendments.

        If you are aware of a similar regulation in the Cayman Islands, reference it in your comment.

      • Anonymous says:

        Then why is the Acting Port Director on the Radio supporting it? Shouldn’t he be neutral too?

        • Anonymous says:

          And McKeever Bush, Speaker of The House not supposed to say anything either, he supposed to be neutral but he flapping his mouth on face book

    • Anonymous says:

      Folks you do realise that the DG was quoting the Law that Governs public servants. Typical shoot the messenger mentality.

    • Anonymous says:

      Read the PSML. The DG is complying with the Law. This is not a complicated matter.

  11. Bull manure says:

    Bull manure is what this practice is. Whether they support the project or not, nearly 3000 tax payers cannot support their belief so, is government thwarting their right to expression, assembly and association? If any of them is privy to confidential information I agree that they should NOT disclose it, but apart from that, they should be allowed to be as openly and actively involved as every other citizen.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Knowing that there are hundreds of thousands (of our money) being spent to acquire rooms of people thumbing up and down for a living, I’m okay with the memo. When it emerges that any Ministers were defying the social media influence parameters the ACC can finally press charges.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Strange that CIG workers are allowed to offer “technical advice” on an extreme blue water scenario that has never been attempted the Cayman Islands, nor by humanity anywhere else on the planet. We don’t even have geophysic confirmation that it is structurally possible. All existing geological data points to the opposite.

  14. Caymanian says:

    @Franz Manderson – I’ve been a big supporter of you for your entire career and have always found you to be an honest and intelligent human being, and a great example for young Caymanians to follow. But I have to say that I am ashamed of you for the tone of that letter. You should be encouraging our people to exercise their democratic right to take either side of this debate. You should be encouraging civil servants to openly debate this matter with their colleagues and family members. This is not a private sector matter that civil servants should not be concerned with. This is not an expatriate matter that will not affect civil servants. Civil servants have a vested interest in this country. They are the ones who should be the MOST vocal, and not the least vocal!

    @Civil Servants – You are the ones that have the most to win or lose in this port debate. You have the right to decide what direction your country will take, because YOU will be the ones most effected. Get out and vote!!

    • Facts says:


      You clearly have no idea how the public service operates and the rules governing their conduct.

      Here is direct quote from the civil service code of conduct in the public service management Law. Notice it is the Law.

      (c) a public servant must be politically neutral in his work and serve the government of the day in a way that ensures that he maintains the confidence of the government, while also ensuring that he is able to establish the same professional and impartial relationship with future governments;

      Therefore your contention that the DG should encourage civil servants to openly debate this matter is in fact unlawful. Shame on you for not researching this matter.

      Thank you DG. You are advising public servants to obey the law and to exercise their democratic right. You have done your job.

      I work in the civil service and I can tell you that not one of my colleagues have any concern about voting or not voting in the referendum.

      • Anonymous says:

        Creative interpretation!

        Sorry, but you have no clue what you are talking about.

        What “politically neutral” means?
        What is exact meaning of the word “politically” in the “neutral” contest? What exactly does ‘in his work” means? IS AFTER WORK IS FINE?
        What is the exact meaning of “a way that ensures”? WHICH WAY AND WHO ENSURES?

      • Caymanian says:

        Uh, I’m sorry, but was that section of the Law intended to support your argument or mine?

        “(c) public servant must be politically neutral in his WORK…”

        Public servants are citizens. That means that they have the same rights and freedoms as citizens that aren’t civil servants. Public servants should of course be impartial in their WORK. Outside of work they can be as politically active as they choose to be. The intent of government, and the letter from the DG, is to silence civil servants with intimidation. So hush.

    • Anonymous says:

      You clearly are functionally illiterate. How you and others can take away that people are discouraged from voting which is their right as opposed to campaigning for a particular side is baffling.

      • Caymanian says:

        What is particularly baffling is the government spending a quarter of a million dollars on one-sided advertisements that only push the pro-port agenda. Shouldn’t government just present the facts of the port project and let the people decide for themselves? Had they done THAT from the beginning, rather than being misleading and disingenuous, they would have MUCH more support from the public.

        Government is allowed to campaign for one side, but civil servants should not? I may be functionally illiterate, but I ain’t stupid.

    • Anonymous says:

      AND for the sake of future Caymanians VOTE NO, THE ONLY WAY TO GO.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Remember that you are not allowed to use voting buttons! LOL . You can’t make this stuff up

  16. Anonymous says:

    I am a lay person with no political or legal education. But even I understand that there got to be a legal basis for Deputy Governor Franz Manderson’s letter, otherwise it should be considered as autocratic.

    Remember, Democracy dies in darkness. 6,000 civil employees as well as the rest of electorate need to shine bright light on Deputy Governor’ warning.

    The word, ‘referendum’ is often a catchall, used for both legislative referrals and initiatives.

    In political science, an INITIATIVE (also known as a popular or citizens’ initiative) is a means by which a petition signed by a certain minimum number of registered voters can force a government to choose to either enact a law or hold a public vote in parliament (LA) in what is called indirect initiative, or under direct initiative, the proposition is immediately put to a referendum, in what is called a Popular initiated Referendum or CITIZEN-INITIATED REFERENDUM.

    The way I understand it, the Cayman Islands referendum is NOT on a single political question, but rather on the issue of national importance. BUT for the sake of clarification lets assume that Cayman Referendum IS on a single POLITICAL question.
    (The political question doctrine holds that some questions, in their nature, are fundamentally political, and not legal.)

    Lets now look at how it is regulated in the USA.

    The Hatch Act of 1939 (USA) officially An Act to Prevent Pernicious Political Activities, the law that regulates the political activities that federal workers may and may not engage in.

    Most federal staffers are in the “less restricted” category.
    These employees may :

    *be candidates for public office in nonpartisan elections
    *register and vote as they choose
    *assist in voter registration drives
    *express opinions about candidates and issues
    *contribute money to political organizations
    *attend political fundraising functions
    *attend and be active at political rallies and meetings
    *join and be an active member of a political party or club
    *sign nominating petitions
    *campaign for or against referendum questions, constitutional amendments, municipal ordinances
    *campaign for or against candidates in partisan elections
    *make campaign speeches for candidates in partisan elections
    *distribute campaign literature in partisan elections
    *hold office in political clubs or parties

    “less restricted” employees :

    *May not use their official authority or influence to interfere with or affect the result of an election.
    *May not solicit, accept or receive a donation or contribution for a partisan political party, candidate for partisan political office, or partisan political group.
    *May not be candidates for public office in partisan political elections.
    *May not knowingly solicit or discourage the participation in any political activity of anyone who has business pending before their employing office.
    *May not engage in political activity — i.e., activity directed at the success or failure of a political party, candidate for partisan political office, or partisan political group — while the employee is on duty, in any federal room or building, while wearing a uniform or official insignia, or using any federally owned or leased vehicle.
    *wear partisan political buttons on duty

    “Further restricted employees” include those in law enforcement and intelligence.
    *May register and vote as they choose.
    *May assist in nonpartisan voter registration drives.
    *May participate in campaigns where none of the candidates represent a political party.
    *May contribute money to political campaigns, political parties, or partisan political groups.
    *May attend political fundraising functions.
    *May attend political rallies and meetings.
    *May join political clubs or parties.
    *May sign nominating petitions.
    *May campaign for or against referendum questions, constitutional amendments, or municipal ordinances.
    *May be a candidate for public office in a nonpartisan election.

    Restricted employees:
    *May not be a candidate for nomination or election to public office in a partisan election.
    *May not take an active part in partisan political campaigns….
    *May not take an active part in partisan political management….
    *May not use their official authority or influence to interfere with or affect the result of an election….
    *May not solicit, accept or receive a donation or contribution for a partisan political party, candidate for partisan political office, or partisan political group….
    *May not engage in political activity — i.e., activity directed at the success or failure of a political party, candidate for partisan political office, or partisan political group — while the employee is on duty, in any federal room or building, while wearing a uniform or official insignia, or using any federally owned or leased vehicle.

    since Cayman Referendum is a CITIZEN-INITIATED REFERENDUM on the issue of national importance and is NOT on a single POLITICAL question (no POLITICAL fray takes place), what is the legal basis for the Deputy Governor Franz Manderson’s letter to 6,000 public servants?

    As you can see all political activities that The Hatch Act ALLOWS to federal employees in the USA are unilaterally BANNED in The Cayman Islands by the Deputy Governor Franz Manderson’s letter.

    • Political Scientist says:

      The USA is NOT a Parliamentary Democracy so whatever they do has absolutely no relevance.

      • Muzzling Civil Servants: A Threat to Democracy says:

        Political scientist you are NOT.

      • Anonymous says:

        The USA is not a true democracy. Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million votes. Go figure how that is democracy? Democracy skewed.

        • Anonymous says:

          Read the background to the Electoral College then you will understand how this function works well as intended, fit for purpose.

      • Anonymous says:

        So true!

        The USA has Democracy.

        The Cayman Islands has PARLIAMENTARY DICTATORSHIP!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    The speaker of the house couldn’t remain nuetral I suggest all civil servants exercise their democratic right. Whether you or for or against the port go out and vote.


  18. Anonymous says:

    Looks like an intimidation of employees in the civil service. What is the reason for limiting freedoms of civil service employees? Is his letter in accordance with the provisions or principles of a constitution? Is this country under an autocratic regime?

  19. Anonymous says:

    I guess this is another pathetic attempt to justify the lack of public engagement on the pro side at this point.

    The Cayman Islands are running a dictatorship.

    Free speech and democracy have officially ceased to exist in the Cayman Islands.

    Who is monitoring all of these civil servants? If a person gets caught liking a post on social media, are they fired??

    I challenge everyone in Cayman to get involved!! Like! Talk! Share! Put a bumper sticker on your car!


    Let the lawsuits commence! The world will stand behind you for USING YOUR VOICE.

    I guess we really know who is responsible for the upvoting and down voting now.

    • I say Vote says:

      Activists, activists, please clear your minds and read. Don’t let these people obscure the reality.. Why is this letter of the DG being portrayed as anti constitutional, anti anybody’s rights?

      Now please show the people where the Civil Servants have been forbidden from voting, these stupid and irrational assumptions only display total ignorance of what the context of the letter was all about. Can any one of you serve two masters and provide total fidelity to both, most certainly not; for you will no doubt cling to the one who offers you the better circumstances. And so it is in human relations and in our daily lives. If you continually bite the hand that feeds you, sooner or later there won’t be any hand for you to bite.

      Government workers remember this the activists see you on the street and they don’t know you, don’t encourage you, don’t feed you, don’t pay your bills, vote for not what they say but what you see as right for you, your children and your country.

      • Anon says:

        well in theory they do pay their bills, as all the duties they pay, work permits fees, car licenses etc, all go to government, which in turn pays the civil service. I have read the article and yes you are correct, they haven’t been forbidden to vote in the referendum, however giving them threats about not even being allowed to get involved is a bit of a dictatorship and comes across as intimidating

      • VOTE NOOOO!! says:

        hey “I say Vote @7:26am”– the activists are just shedding light to some unfair practices by this administration. If they want their employees to be neutral, than why did they allow the tourism board to chat w/ them for 2 days about why the port is a good idea and won’t allow CPR or anyone else who’s against it come to shed some light on why they oppose it? Every eligible voter has the right to be well informed on both sides before casting their votes, and that’s why this letter is BS! They’re saying “be neutral” …. except for all their “experts” pushing the YES vote!

        Bottom line, VOTE NO for you, your country and your children and their children too!

      • Anonymous says:

        This is not about a vote, at this point.

        This is about DISCUSSION.


        I hear you, you hear me.



        Participation of ALL the PEOPLE OF THE CAYMAN ISLANDS.

        Working together to come to THE BEST SOLUTION for the Cayman Islands.

        You are twisting what I said in my original post.

        What the Cayman Islands Government has written is prohibition. It is absolutely abhorrent in 2019 that a government would intervene and say you cannot LIKE a friggin’ FB post in regard to the port. C’mon.

        This makes me think that the people that work at Civil Servants in Cayman are like dogs tied to a tree watching the whole world pass them by without any input.

        IT IS DISGUSTING!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Apparently my post got a lot of people’s panties in a twist.

      I didn’t say the government was saying, “Do not vote.” No.

      But people need to talk about this situation.

      Mark my words, if the government is brazen enough to say don’t like posts on social media, they will be brazen enough to create a loophole (or find one) where Civil Servants are not allowed to vote.

      Terrible precedent. You let the CIG take an inch – they will take a mile.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Another 30 years back in time.

  21. Anonymous says:

    CPR: “we want more information”
    Civil servants “AKA” anyone that works in the port: ” We are over capacity, we need more space, it is unsafe, we can’t handle the volumes”
    CPR: “they are paid by government they don’t get a say, they might influence the people we want to vote”

  22. Anonymous says:

    I’ve always said that this should be removed from the employment contract BECAUSE before we are considered a civil servant WE ARE CITIZENS with rights.

    There is a lot going on and we are intimidated by this and want to speak out but JUST LIKE THOSE IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR WE HAVE BILLS TO PAY , WE NEED TO FEED OUR FAMILIES, THE MAJORITY OF CS LIVE PAY DAY TO PAY DAY because as much as the PS thinks we make this grand salary WE DONT !

    • 30% tax rate buys poor Caymanians sub-standard public education! says:

      I hear you Civil Servant. And the fact that many of you are living pay check to pay check is exactly why you should be more vocal! Your government spent $100 million dollars to build Clifton Hunter High School, yet the Auditor General’s report of public schools released just a few days ago, says that 61% of Clifton Hunter High School students DO NOT achieve at expected levels. 61%!! Students at John Gray High School are even worse, with 66% of students NOT achieving at expected levels! These are the schools that CIVIL SERVANTS send their children to! YOUR tax dollars pay for public school education! If your elected officials put as much time, effort and the PEOPLE’S money into developing strategies to fix public schools (NOT just new brick and mortar buildings!) as they have put into this cruise port, public education in this country would be WORLD CLASS! Which it should be, considering this nations annual budget compared with the relatively few Caymanian children in public school. So if you are living pay check on a civil servants salary, AND you are paying taxes to fund public schools (don’t be fooled, you DO pay taxes!) then shouldn’t you insist that the political will, time and energy that is being put into this port be REFOCUSED on fixing public schooling? You have the power in your had right now with your vote! You can change your life and your children’s lives right now by voting NO! Tell government to stop pouring our money into projects that benefit a few wealthy people. Put your money into projects that benefit YOU!

  23. Anonymous says:

    To be truly neutral you cannot vote for anything, ever.

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe, but under the asinine rules of the referendum in the if you don’t vote you effectively do vote, as a NO! Go figure.

    • Anonymous says:

      But we just have to appear neutral. Which is hwy the voting booth is closed. As long as I keep a poker face I can vote any which way I choose while remaining neutral. Doesn’t stop people making assumptions mind you. Usually misguided ones.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Are we supposed to stay politically neutral like our speaker of house McKeeva Bush? The guys who’s job it is to be politically neutral? ohhh wait a minute…

  25. Anonymous says:

    and bosh, there you have it, – a few more tags added demonstrating an authoritarian Govt.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I am a civil servant and I will be voting.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I swear I saw the same letter word for word, copy and paste for the last several elections. I’d imagine this is a standard form when anything with elections happens?

  28. Anonymous says:

    News flash. The Deputy Governor is not in charge of the statutory authorities. Just a gentle reminder. They should also remain neutral but his administrative circular is to civil servants. He has no power or authority over SAGCs

  29. Anonymous says:

    Wunder if this applies to workers at the HSA????? Ambulance officers…….

  30. Anonymous says:

    If you’re a govt worker and feel threatened by this crap. Dont let the scaremongering get to you.

    Just remember one thing:

    If government fire you on false grounds.. you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank for wrongful dismissal!

    Stop your bullshit PPM. Last thing we need is to pay another round of damages because of your incompetence.

  31. Anonymous says:

    What is baffling deputy governor is that it appears the acting port director is not neutral on the matter and yet no repercussions? Something is very fishy mr. DG.

    • Anonymous says:

      Our premier is spending the public money on a campaign against the public and forcing them to campaign as part of their jobs all while saying civil servants need to stay neutral.

      Something smells fishy because hes been hitting in the face with a fish and claiming he kissed your cheek

  32. Anonymous says:

    If you don’t like it, could always go and get a job in the real world

    • Anonymous says:

      If you read that memo and some how concludes that our DG is scaring public servants not to vote. Call the mental health ward immediately.

      • Anonymous says:

        Nobody interprets that letter as a “not to vote” warning. The letter is clearly, at least to me, intimidates intelligence deficient civil servants into siding with pro-port government.

    • Anonymous says:

      Antidemocratic AldenMacbot speaks again.

      Where is Governor Roper on this poor governance action by DG Manderson??

    • Anonymous says:

      Please leave the civil service and our DG alone. We can read and understand a memo. Its not our problem that you can’t.

      We all know that we have a right to be informed, a right to vote for or against the Port or stay home. Leave us alone.

      This is not complicated.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have read the memo and cannot understand what all the fuss is about.

      Public servants are under an obligation to be politically neutral so that they maintain the confidence of the current Government and any new Government.

      The memo makes it clear that civil servants have a constitutional right to take part in the referendum.

      I suggest you read the memo before commenting. Thank you DG.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Ahhhhh the complainers here.

    If you are a guardian for the king’s castle, you chose to be a guardian! You chose the job! Therefore, you can’t be campaigning policies against the king! I don’t care if the king is wicked! You, and you alone chose to work for the devil! And you could risk losing your head for disloyalty if you’re caught.

    * Here is my recommendation: If you really want to campaign hard against the king, simply don’t work for the king anymore!
    Just resign!

    But then again ….. you lose the benefits of being the king’s guardian. You go into the private sector, it’s a rat race! And you have to put up with alot of crap.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Do the new rules apply to Joey Woods at the port authority?

    • Anonymous says:

      Naaw because he is Mac’s and Alden’s stoogie.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Authoity”. No.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you know him? At all? Plse go f yourself joey is and has always been a man of integrity I’ve worked along side him for many years.

      Seems like you got put in your place by him and you are bitter.

      • Anonymous says:

        Joey is in a very biased position, what else is he supposed to do but support the Government.?.that’s where is bread is most Caymanians we are used and discarded when the time is right…If this referendum fails for the government, he will be gone in a matter of weeks…mark my word..

    • Anonymous says:

      7:40 You mean his actions before the referendum law and the DG memo. Really!!

    • Anonymous says:

      So tell us do you know what capacity the cargo port is running at? Do you know if the workers – the majority of who are Caymanian are working in a safe environment? Do you know what cargo is projected for the next few years? If so maybe you can tell us all – otherwise who else but Joey Woods can speak knowledgeably about the cargo dock? Remember just about everything we consume comes through that dock.

  35. Caveat Emptor says:

    CIG and the Verdant Isle Partners have been consistently lying to the public from day 1 to justify a project that benefits a few to the detriment of the majority.

    The Cayman Islands have much more important priorities than a cruise port e.g. fixing a failing public education system, dealing with rising costs of living and significant infrastructure issues. We spend four hours in traffic daily on tiny island. Quality of life is real concern.

    What are the reasons and who is getting paid to push this project through no matter the costs to the country? Where is the Governor’s Office, FCO and Auditor General’s Office?

    • Gene Eden says:

      Iam personally sick of the lies being told by government about this cruise ship dock their new bosses are wanting built I really thought that the people of the Cayman Islands elected them and not the cruise lines. I hope the next election shows them really how much power the people they disregard is actually wielding

  36. Anonymous says:

    Why is it so difficult to fire a civil servant?

  37. Anonymous says:

    How does DG Franz justify the actions of Joey Woods at PACI? It contradicts everything in the email

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr. Woods foiiows Premier and Drputy Premier orders to support the cruise dock, thaf is OK.

      But clear thinking civil servants woh are seeking information are prevented by DG Manderson
      from independently seeking information on the cruise dock so that they can exercise their rights to make an informed decision to vote on Referendum Day.

      Mac was never trusted, both Alden and Franz used to be trusted, now they will never be trusted again.

      Even if your mind was not made up before on how to vote then this dictatorial action by them should convince electors to VOTE NO.

    • Anonymous says:

      Joey Woods was not the only civil servant that named themselves in the port adds.

  38. Kurt Christian says:

    Vote No

  39. Anonymous says:

    Losing respect for Mr. Manderson each time he does bollocks like this. I thought he was different but the power has obviously corrupted him so disappointing

    • Anonymous says:

      7:19 have you read the memo? 6:45 is right. Nothing in this memo is new to the public service.

      Thank you DG for keeping your civil servants informed and protecting our rights to participate in the referendum.

  40. Anonymous says:

    DG showing his true colors!

    • Anonymous says:

      7:17 Yes he is. He educates his civil servants and protects them from intimidation and stupidity.

  41. UnCivil Servant says:

    The Deputy Governor is attempting to intimidate civil servants and following the Premier’s example by trying to be clever and making up new guidelines. It was a disgusting email wrapped in complete nonsense when you observe the approved actions of Port Director Joey Woods in the Support Our Tourism adverts on radio and social media.
    Franz Manderson is the king of double standards and a major problem why the civil service is a joke. He is always playing favorites and promoting unqualified people to positions they are not supposed to be in. Look within the ranks of the Chief Officers and Deputies it is a collection of persons tight with him who have been given favored status. He has retired or moved out any person that did not follow his line or suit his agenda. The civil service is now a quasi-political machine with Franz Manderson pulling the strings working with the Premier.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Hardly news. They were told this when they accepted their job offers.

  43. Anonymous says:

    What a mess.

  44. Anonymous says:

    This is outrageous but sadly not surprising by this Govt. Maybe the Deputy Governor should heed his own words as his expressions and laughter when sitting behind the Premier when he was discussing the referendum and making disparaging remarks re CPR was disgraceful. I lost ALL respect for Mr Manderson. Of course our Governor also remains mute on this process and CIGs behavior.

  45. Anonymous says:

    More noise about nothing. A similar memo has been issued just before every general election.

    I have been a civil servant for 30 years and this is the first time the memo has been criticised. I wonder why?

    There is no doubt in my mind how I will vote in the referendum and the DG has made it clear that I have a democratic right to take part in the referendum.

    The only people saying that civil servants are scared to vote are persons in the private sector. Just shut up please!!

    • Anonymous says:

      “..I have been a civil servant for 30 years and this is the first time the memo has been criticised. I wonder why?..”

      You just did what the memo says not to do….

    • Bitteraf says:

      That’s fantastic that you believe you do have a Democratic right even after receiving this letter. However, the playing field is not even when the tourism board can speak to civil servants about the Pros and CPR can’t talk to them about why they oppose it. Simple.
      If they’re so confident about winning they shouldn’t hinder those employees from learning ALL there is to know From Both SIDES before the vote— that’s called educating yourself.

      • Anonymous says:

        Pros 😂😂😂😂

      • Anonymous says:

        Who are these millennials and Johnny come latelies on here? Honestly. You must have either been hiding under a rock or too wrapped up in Snapchat to know this is a standard issue memo for all elections and referendums

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you 6:25. We proud civil servants having been voting in Elections and Referendums for many many years while honouring the contents of this memo.

      I really can’t understand how the memo can be so misinterpreted.

      Oh well we spend our days educating the private sector on our laws and policies so we will add our DG memo to the list.

      Leave our DG alone.

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