Eden denies hate speech then attacks LGBTs

| 18/11/2019 | 213 Comments
Cayman News Service
MLA Anthony Eden makes his contribution to the 2020/21 budget debate, 18 Nov 2019

(CNS): During the budget debate on Monday opposition MLA Anthony Eden (SAV) denied engaging in hate speech about the lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender community. But appearing to be surprised by the warning from Governor Martyn Roper about the language used in the Legislative Assembly in the past, Eden denied that people who “choose” a gay lifestyle in Cayman had ever been harassed, before going on to deride the community and depict them as sinful people.

Eden did not respond to the premier’s call to support legislation for same-sex civil unions in order to meet the direction of the court. He instead welcomed the appeal court’s decision to overturn the chief justice’s ruling that legalised same-sex marriage and said nothing at all about his position on the need for Cayman to introduce, at the very least, civil partnerships for same-sex couples.

The MLA, who has been extremely vocal in his condemnation of any rights being afforded to the LGBT community, continued to press home his homophobic position while denying that the things he said were hateful or homophobic, maintaining that they were merely a defence of Cayman’s traditional values.

He said he was puzzled by the governor’s statement and that he did not know what he was implying. Eden claimed that in his near three decades in the Legislative Assembly he could not remember any member ever badmouthing or saying “anything degrading about these people” or acting untoward towards the LGBT community.

He said many people have family members “who have chosen this lifestyle” but could not remember them being harassed in the community or being refused any services.

He went on to accuse Dr Leo Raznovich and the former governor’s daughter, Olivia Kilpatrick, of stirring up trouble and blamed the current governor for supporting the chief justice’s decision to legalise same-sex marriage. He said he should not give such an opinion when he knew nothing about Caymanian traditions. Eden then questioned why Raznovich should be allowed to be here, ignoring the fact that he is the legal spouse and dependent of a lawyer working at Maples.

Eden also attacked Colours Cayman, the only activist group in Cayman campaigning for LBGT rights here, and said that if these advocacy groups get a foothold here they will force “it” on everyone. He derided the idea that same-sex couples should be allowed to marry and suggested it would open the floodgates of children being exposed to the idea that it is normal to be gay or bisexual.

He spoke about a gay agenda that was attempting to lead to homosexual relationships being accepted as normal, before suggesting that it was evil.

The veteran MLA said he had been vilified for quoting scripture that states homosexuality is a sin, as he went on to blame gay men for the AIDS epidemic and attacked the concept of gay pride parades or any declaration by the gay community of their right to exist.

Eden spent the bulk of his 45 minutes attacking the LGBT community but also called on the government to address the traffic issue.

See Eden’s speech in the LA on CIGTV below:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Never ever, not even once has a member of LGBTQ community ever tried to “force” or convince me of joining their lifestyle (of whatever you call it. Calling it a lifestyle suggests it is a choice, which it isn’t, but I digress.) However, I am harassed on a fairly regular basis by religious people trying to convince me that I am going to hell for being a non-believer and humanist. Countless Jehovah’s Witnesses have interrupted a perfect Saturday morning by showing up at my house uninvited and unannounced. Now I ask, who is forcing a lifestyle on whom?

    • Will be Happy says:

      Go somewhere else. Russia ? 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

      • Anonymous says:

        Why? What’s your point? The discussion does not involve Russia. Whilst the situation is equally crap in Russia, our discussion revolves around our won people. The discussion is about so-called Christian Caymanians imposing their beliefs and lifestyles (yes, Christianity is a choice as opposed to being LGBTQ) on LGBTQ Caymanians.

        • Caymanian// says:

          There is what is called an airplane. To get in, you have to buy a one way plane ticket! As soon as you go, someone sensible and respectful of culture will fill in your vacancy.

        • Cay7 says:

          Cheer up. Be thankful to God. Ans happy you are living in a peaceful country. Finally …. attend Church and meet the many warm hearted Caymanians you demonized and spew your hate. At least, I think it will do you some good to get some sun, away from the keyboard always attacking our elected leaders
          🙂 …. think about it

          • Anonymous says:

            I just love the assumption that just because I am a non-believer, I must somehow be a non-Caymanian. I was born and raised in church until I reached an age of reason and could see the truth for what it is. I hate no one! In fact, it is more than I can say for our elected “leaders” who use their position of power and the MLA to spew their hatred. I am getting really tired of godbots thinking it is okay to tell anyone how to live their lives and not be offended by it. Yet, when one calls them out on their bullshit, they are mortified, because somehow being a Christian is a lifestyle choice I should respect. I judge only on how a person treats others, and religious people really do not have a great track record.

      • Anonymous says:


      • Anonymous says:

        In your next life you will be born in Somalia. You and your family will try to make it to Europe. Be prepared to hear “Go somewhere else.”

      • Anonymous says:

        The reply of the ignorant. it’s expected. And we will go when and if we want to. Until then I would say you are also free to go anywhere in the world you feel at home and free to hate. China?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Eden, I don’t know about you but my Mother thought me that I should not judge a person by skin, sexual orientation or otherwise. You were spewing hateful homophobic views and now say that you were just “maintaining that they were merely a defense of Cayman’s traditional values. You don’t speak for me!!!!!! I am not a homophobic person. What Traditional values??? Those have been thrown out, trampled on and burnt long ago.

    The LGBT community deserves the same rights as heteros.

    • Sophia says:

      And lost puppy, you need to go back to Mother, capital M, and relearn what our Traditional values are before you open your hole and speak for ALLLLL of us! please and thank you

      • Anonymous says:

        “before you open your hole and speak for ALLLLL of us!”

        I don’t want govt spending my tax money to fight Caymanian equality, yet here we are.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sophia let’s get something straight, I did not say I was speaking for all of us. I am speaking for MYSELF (ALL CAPS). If you need me to put in into simpler terms. I would be happy to do so.

        Yes, traditional values are long gone here!!! I guess I hit a nerve when I said that huh?

        • CayStar says:

          Chuckle .. And I guess you had to click the ratings 300+ times feel validated. Oh brotha

          • Anonymous says:

            300+ times?? LOLLLLL. Just to let you know CayStar CNS only allows you to vote once on any comments posted on their site. 300+ persons agreed with my opinion. I understand you don’t and that’s fine.

            • T. says:

              Nope, smarty. One person messing with the thumbs up and down. We know its you.

              • Anonymous says:

                I cannot believe you all are stooping so low as to argue about thumbs up and thumbs down. I guess next is to argue that you change your name with each post. Even children know better.

                Just stop the fighting and bickering!!!! We are all Caymanians and we are all human beings!!!! The holiday season is coming and this is how you all will celebrate it!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Traditional values of Grand Cayman? Pirates, slaves,money laundering for the crooks of the world. Banking capital of the terrorist world and still third world to this day? We understand where else in the modern world could you survive?

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s too easy to slam Eden for his comments. We need to address the bigger problem, the root of this destructive stupidity. Cayman has a large portion of its population believing in the most absurd things and these crazy beliefs influence them to behave as mean idiots, even if they are nice and intelligent otherwise.

    For example, significant numbers of Caymanians actually believe that an invisible being will direct a hurricane at us if we accept gay Caymanians as equals. They believe hell is an actual real place that gays, Hillary Clinton, and scientists go to when they die. Many believe that equality for all would so anger this magical being that they oppose human rights, even as these crazed believers aspire to be fair and decent people themselves.

    Many Caymanians point to a special book, a collection of stories and laws written by middle eastern goofballs thousands of years ago, and actually cite it as a reason to be hateful and unfair to others today. They know this book calls gay people an abomination deserving of execution, so why wouldn’t they oppose gay marriage? After all, it’s supposed to be a magic and perfect book.

    These anti-fairness people are acting logically for the most part when one considers the framework of their thoughts and worldview. They have no choice but to think this way because their heads are filled with ridiculous ideas.

    Religion made Eden and the rest of them like this. So we need to address religion. Confront it. Point out the baseless nature of the claims. Don’t give nonsense a free pass. If we can weaken the source of so much hate and stupidity, then we will have fewer hateful and stupid Caymanians.


    • Born Caymanian says:

      lame, you are very lamed. And words can’t even expressed it

      • Anonymous says:

        I may be “lamed” but I’m right. Religion is the problem. Mr. Eden didn’t come out of the womb fearing gay couples in love. No, he was taught to feel this way by kooky Christian preachers.

        We will always have some dumb people and a few hardcore bigots here and there. But religion pumps up the numbers to intolerable levels. I’m just saying that it doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to be a jerk to make your imaginary friend happy. Gay people are real and they’re right here in Cayman living next to you. Show them some love and forget the make-believe god up in the sky. Think for yourself. You can do it. Try.


    • JTB says:

      Well said

    • Anonymous says:

      Well with the Seventh Day Adventists slowly taking over in so many government positions the hate is only going to get worse.

  4. Anonymous says:

    stand for what you believe Mr. Eden, don’t let anyone convince you that lifestyle if right.

  5. Anonymous says:

    There are obviously two types of people in the Cayman islands. Those who hate and are ruled by fear, and those who are strong enough to love and have faith in themselves and those around them. Use your own judgment to see what the majority of Caymanians are based on who they vote for. Plan accordingly. Let Evil do it own thing to its own, and don’t let it into your life. Best you can do for yourself.

  6. Anonymous says:

    First of all to Eden, did you choose to be so tall, bald, and ignorant. Who would select being born into a minority and being treated like dirt? Do you think all of those black slaves chose their race, chose to be hung, beaten, and killed for even looking at a white woman. Why would your God or any God create something or someone that he did not want or love? If God hated anyone could he not in his wisdom and almighty power stop giving them life? Open your mind and heart and maybe one day you will see the light. In the meantime, stop making a mockery of the LA and a fool of yourself and do some real work instead of sleeping on the floor of the LA and only waking up when you hear the word gay.

    • Have to deal with Idiots says:

      Why don’t you put shackles on your feet, show us whip markings, since you say you are with black slaves, dufus ??! I am sure you backward fellas represent them well :/

      • Anonymous says:

        Maybe a little more sympathetic to the plight of slaves than a man whose family were one of the major slave owners here.

    • Anonymous says:

      They weren’t born that way, that is a chosen lifestyle.

      • Anonymous says:

        For you it’s a bit like climate change I guess. Doesn’t matter how many scientific studies there are, if you chose to believe your views based on your personal beliefs and the views of those around you, there’s no convincing you.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Cayman’s Cerebellar Ataxia, ATCAY (ATCAY Kinesin Light Chain Interacting Caytaxin):
    A cerebellar ataxia characterized by marked autosomal recessive inheritance, psychomotor retardation, cerebellar dysfunction including nystagmus, intention tremor, dysarthria, and wide-based ataxic gait, hypotonia and the absence of retinal abnormalities that has material basis in mutation in the ATCAY gene on chromosome 19p13.3.

  8. enough with the gaybashing says:

    Eden doesn’t engage in hate speech? And that 2-day gaybashing tirade after Justice Smellie’s ruling for gay marriage wasn’t hate speech by Eden and his colleagues? How stupid does he think we are??? Well, hate us all you want, Mr. Eden, but same-sex marriage IS coming to Cayman, just wait and see the results of the appeal to the Privy Council. And further, Cayman WILL survive it — and Cayman WILL BE better off for it — even YOU, Mr. Eden. Equality benefits ALL.

    • Anonymous says:

      His problem (and those like him) is that he was taught to believe that hate is love and Love is hateful..He is going with what he knows. Better to just treat him like a pile of dog crap. You know its there but you should just stay away and keep it off you.

      • Cayman Sun and Beach :) says:

        I’ll tell you what, why don’t you and the previous commenter, hug up each other and cry how everybody in Cayman hates you. Then whip ya crocodile tears and journey your tail end to a Muslim country, and compare us with them. Dimwit, y our head is too small to know what hate is.

        • Anonymous says:

          When your defense is “other countries are worse, suck it up” you have already lost the debate

          Are gay people supposed to be thankful that in your infinite mercy you aren’t hunting them down and killing them?
          That isn’t exactly as compelling as you think it is
          Try another argument dimwit

        • Anonymous says:

          Nope hate is all around in your Christian churches in Cayman

        • Anonymous says:

          Try to encounter bullies your entire life in Cayman and meeting your first friend overseas. Religion and Cayman is full of hate and I hate being a Caymanian. If my nationality and my home matches my friends, I probably would be growing up with friends just like everyone else.

  9. Anonymous says:

    what has this old man done for education in Bodden Town. Like the rest he takes his dollar but makes no contribution to this island.
    He and most including Tara JuJu Old Capt from West Bay only see the $ no wonder this small, island us up the creek without a paddle.

    • Sad Cause says:

      “Island us up”??? What a phrase. You sure did flunk education. What a marshmellow! What’s a Tara JuJu Old Capt?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Why my man Herman Munster be hating on gays? Some Caymanians gay you know. They citizens too.

    • J|) says:

      We learned that the pastors sent out a Whatsapp group instruction to attack this article, so we rallied our troops to bring balance.

      There are hundreds of them and we will continue to defend them against the persecution of the church. Equality and peace is the goal, not pedophilia.

      SO disgusting to see the comments telling fellow Caymanians to leave their own islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes but they existed peacefully and without impediment until now…. Don’t be fooled. It’s a much deeper issue than just a change in the marriage law.

      • Anonymous says:

        Just like the slaves – everyone was co existing peacefully until those Brits came along and imposed their ideas of equality. Same agenda there too – giving people equal rights across the board, not just freedom. Disgusting.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow. Over a thousand thumbs up. Has to be a CNS record ( and someone should speak to Alden about a contract working in the port articles – you put the Kirkbots to shame).

  11. Elvis says:

    he doesn’t look well there.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Juniper, Hit that, eh?

  13. Anonymous says:

    So for those who actually watch the video link, the pertinent time stamps of Mr. Eden’s speech are between 30:00 and 50:00. At around the 44:00 mark, he made mention of the “disgusting Behaviour” of the Batabano parade goers. How this was relevant to Cayman’s LGBT community is beyond me, because I didn’t see anything untoward going there with that. What I DID witness, however, were parents allowing grown women to whine and gyrate on their prepubescent sons. Why didn’t Mr. Eden touch on that in his speech?

    • Anonymous says:

      Because as anyone who pays attention to most Christians in this country can tell you most practitioners here follow a form of selective Christianity

      Things that they will oppose :
      Gay people( Caymanian or not) being treated as anything other than second class citizens
      Naked statues and art

      Things that they are fine with (or do not address at all) that are described as at least immoral in the same book they go around claiming is their justification for going after the LGBTQ community and this is just a short list :

      Women teaching and speaking within the church (yep you read that right- 1 Corinthians 14:34)
      Rampant drinking
      Love of money (our entire civilization collectively as humans now revolves around jumping through hoops to get money)
      Constant and widespread adultery and extramarital affairs
      Child abuse
      Domestic abuse
      Consuming Shellfish or Pork
      Mixing fabrics
      Batabano (along with other events that could be classified as debauched)
      Working on the Sabbath

    • Anonymous says:

      The fact that this comment has 65 dislike and 51 likes (at time of writing) just demonstrates where Cayman’s priorities are…sad…

  14. Anonymous says:

    How come the Hounorable Herman Munster isn’t demanding that heterosexual fornicators not be allowed to get married and heterosexual adulterers not allowed to remarry? Wouldn’t that be consistent?


  15. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Juniper and would not blame the women if 82% of them were lesbians!

  16. Juniper says:

    82% of Caymanian men are latent homosexuals.

  17. Anonymous says:

    It was your home a hundred years ago. Now it belongs to the people you sold it to. Why would we aloud you to stay when you belong to the past? You have allowed yourselves to become redundant in your own life.

  18. Anonymous says:

    The Devil teaches you to believe that you are more important than anyone else. God teaches you to see him in all things and act accordingly. Easy to see that the Devil has taken advantage of the ignorance that is so much a part of Cayman Culture.

  19. David Shibli says:

    I have always loved science and the way the absolute truth of science is immutable.
    My degree was Electrical & Electronic Engineering, so it was based on facts and formulas.
    Facts that I was incapable of denying, since we had laboratory tests to prove the theory.

    Now, in my real job, I am trying to find a solution for my clients, they depend on me locating the truth as to why their systems are not working.
    I am never at liberty to make it up as I go along.

    For example, let’s consider solar power. Solar cells are made up of silicon impregnated with 2 types of impurities. One impurity is a donor and the other is a receptor. When the light shines on the union of these, power is created.
    It is impossible to receive power when light shines on a silicon wafer made up 100% of donors OR 100% of receptors. The match must be equal. So solar panels do not adhere to gay marriage.

    So for me as a person that adheres to the truth in science, and knowing that science is a manifestation of the Creator’s wisdom, I cannot sanction gay anything.

    Having said that, I cannot sanction any form of hatred to anyone based on their life choices.

    So essentially that is my opinion, there is no hate and I wish goodness to all of us in the human experience.


    • Anonymous says:

      This guy literally used solar panels as a reason to not agree with homosexuality. I am in awe.

    • Anonymous says:

      There is no absolute truth in science. No dogma. No sacred scrolls. No infallible popes. Everything is always open to revision. It’s about evidence. That’s why science works and religion is stupid.

      • Anonymous says:

        5:45….I respect your opinion and each to his own however personally I’m not a religious person but I do believe in God.
        I often ask those that only believe in science. Who created the world and galaxies? They answered- the “big bang”….okay well who made the big bang? They reply “science”…I then ask “who made science”? They usually studder and cant really give me a direct answer. I joke with them and say if you were on a sinking ship or a falling plane the only words that will come out of their mouths is ” Oh God please help me”!
        The truth is that there is a God whether we call him God, Buddha, Allah, etc. He is real and is one source.

        • Anonymous says:

          Sigh . . . I often ask those who believe in god, who made your god? They usually shudder and can’t give me a straight answer. Sorry, space cadet, but if that line of reasoning works on me then it must work on you, right?

          Important thing for you to grasp: Your ignorance about origins, the complexity of life, or how tides work is never going to be positive proof of your god’s existence.

          Think for a moment about how dumb this way of thinking is. “You can’t explain everything about the structure of atoms. Therefore, Harry Potter is real.”

          • Anonymous says:

            3:17 I cannot tell you where “My God” comes from just as you cannot give me the exact answer about the “science” and your atoms, molecules and where “We and life itself” comes from and what made those very atoms and the meaning of our very existence and life.
            What I’m explaining to you is that there is a Source that created everything. A source that neither you nor I will ever understand because its beyond us! Can you explain to me what causes miracles, near death experiences, the paranormal, etc. Alot of scientists that never believed are now calling this an “intelligent source” and life on earth just doesn’t happen without reason! They are also saying that everything in the universe is so perfectly calibrated that it didnt just happen from science and random forces. There is too much evidence of a Creator and thousands of books and shows about this very topic. I would encourage you to read a book written by Eric Metaxas called Miracles. Until then I will call him God and you stick to your science.

            • Anonymous says:

              You aren’t keeping up.

              Ignorance, mine or yours, is not positive proof of your particular god. You keep pointing to current unknowns and wrongly asserting it proves your god. It doesn’t. Not even close. Some ghost sightings can’t be explained to everyone’s satisfaction. Does that prove ghosts are real? Of course not.

              There is ZERO scientific evidence for the existence your god or any of the hundreds of millions you don’t believe in. Zero. Nada. Nothing.

              Unknowns are unknowns. Wise and intellectually honest people don’t make up answers to difficult questions.


        • Anonymous says:

          Lovely little fairy tale. You have the right to believe in a higher being but please dont tell me its fact because I will have to say prove it and you cannot.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh my goodness. I am gobsmacked at your blatant disregard for human feelings. I feel saddened that I have read such garbage today from you, Mr. Shibli.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Human beings are like silicon, I am a man of science.”

    • Anonymous says:

      I fail to see your connection with solar and lgbt rights. Just another demonstration of how religion poisons and runs everything: good people will do good things and evil people will do evil things, but for a good person to do evil requires religion.

    • Anonymous says:

      David Shibli, congratulations! You win the grand prize for most amazing, breathtaking, creative defense of homophobia ever. Let me see if I got this straight. Silicon impurities must be opposites (donor and receptor) in order to do the nasty with photons from the Sun god.

      Therefore . . . two human donors —or two receptors—can’t get married. Wow! The logic is ironclad. You, sir, are wasting your life being an electrical engineer. You belong in the LA.

      (Only religion can make so many normal, healthy people think in such abnormal, unhealthy ways)


    • Anonymous says:

      Great observation, David. Its not in accordance with nature. Only cns clowns will not see what your saying 👍🏼

      • Anonymous says:

        Okay, so if non-human homosexual behavior occurs in nature will you reverse your position and accept it?

        Surprise, it does. It’s “natural” because some percentage of many, many species engage in it. Sorry, but reality doesn’t align with your religion-based bigotry.

        • West Baya says:

          From reading the comments here, we see who is really the bigot, has nasty things to say about religious people.

          • Anonymous says:

            I am only intolerant of intolerant people.

            At least we who live in the real world don’t constantly try to stop religious people from getting married.


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