Woman gets 6 years for $390k theft from bosses

| 27/11/2019 | 45 Comments
Cayman News Service, rape
Law Courts Building, Grand Cayman

(CNS): Nadia Miranda Powery (34), who has admitted stealing more than $390,000 from two employers, was given a six-year jail term on Wednesday and taken into custody. The mother of five, who admitted the offences earlier this year, had been on bail as she awaited her fate but following the delivery of the lengthy jail term by Justice Marlene Carter today, she was remanded. As she handed down the sentence, the judge said she was astonished by the “audaciousness of her crimes”.

Powery began her crime spree while working for a property company as an accountant and started stealing from her bosses when she hit dire financial circumstances.

At first she was stealing relatively small amounts to cover her living expenses and to buy a used car after hers broke down and was beyond repair. She then began stealing over an eleven-month period to cover the medical bills of one of her children who was in need of specialist care, but soon went on to steal habitually. The judge said Powery admitted using the stolen cash “for frivolous purchases”.

When her theft was discovered she was fired and arrested, and the police opened an investigation. During that time Powery managed to find another job with a local insurance company, where she began stealing again almost immediately while still on bail for the original allegation. The theft came to light relatively quickly, however, and she was fired for the second time after stealing less than $20,000, but was arrested and charged for both thefts.

As she outlined the sentence, Justice Carter noted that this was a serious crime and a significant breach of trust which had also involved planning and deception that could have warranted even longer sentences.

But given all of the circumstances, including her guilty pleas, her genuine remorse and the particular personal circumstances of being the primary carer for her children, the judge gave her three years and four months for the first theft and two years eight months for the second, which she said would be served consecutively.

As she handed down the sentence, Justice Carter said, “It is always hard to sentence a young bright Caymanian woman, and I hope that you strive to do better.”

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Comments (45)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Many employers don’t even pursue charges.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure locked up for 6 yrs after being convicted for stealing $390k (not over 400k, like previous commentary here stated), she’ll never steal again; just the embarrassment alone, the name calling and the black guarding comments against her here and the fact she’s a mother (the shame of her actions and isolation from them), not to mention when she’s spoken about or seen outside of prison, will be compelling enough factors for her not to repeat. It’s a fact she had a child who required repeated overseas medical attention and surgeries, where I don’t condone her actions, I clearly can feel her desperation to get the help for him as needed…only someone who loves their child(ren) and is the sole provider for them would understand this. And, nope she didn’t get the proper or adequate enough support with them to prevent her having to steal!! Btw, having 5 or 2 children without a father around to help provide, protect and support them is common place these days in Cayman, and I’m certain many of the commentors here are in the same shoe or know someone close to them who is; so pleeeaaassse don’t knock her for that, it’s not like she went around town having a baby for each man that could get her knocked-up. And, finally I and the judge feel 6 yrs are enough sentence according to the sentencing tariffs that’s CI Law. Let’s hope when our sin(s) catch up with us, we’ll be courageous enough to plead guilty to it/them and face our sentencing…but you know what, Hell is forever and not looking forward to going there with so much hypocrites and haters of their brothers & sisters/neighbours! I pray, Nadia, that you will learn from this that you have to do better upon your release from PRISON, you are a smart and bright Caymanian single mother, who needs to put your past behind you to carry on for your children regardless. God bless you and keep you from all harm, danger, misfortune and temptations!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said!

    • Anonymous says:

      YOu have no idea what you are talking about – so keep your comments to yourself. I am a single mother with three children and I have worked two jobs to ensure that I can pay my bills and feed my children. I have NEVER stoled from anyone and the fact that you feel sorry for Nadia means you have no scruples or moral either. Nadia is a serial thief and she should have gotten 15 years behind bars to teach the children of Cayman that you cannot steal to pay for lavish holidays and parites and expensive clothes and cars – which is exactly what Nadia spent the money on. She had NO thought for her children whilst stealing thousands upon thousands of dollars from her employers. How dare you bless her and parise her – she is a criminal and deserves to rot behind bars for what she did.

    • Anonymous says:

      There’s a crowdfunding, there’re fundraising events, there’re rich people in the Cayman Islands who would always help, there’s media that could have helped to spread the call for funds to treat a child, there are churches on every corner. She could have received an overwhelming support. Nope, she chose to steal!

      Don’t lay guilt on others: “..only someone who loves their child(ren) and is the sole provider for them would understand this.” That is insulting to other parents.

      ALL parents love their kids. All parents would give both kidneys to save their child. But few would resort to stealing. This person lives in the “Cayman kind” society. I would not believe for a split second that people would refuse to help if one asks.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s five kids….its not a one off unintended accident. If you cannot afford children why keep having them There is something called contraception you know.

  3. Anon says:

    She can change her name and get back to her old habits after her 4 years in prison. Why have we never seen a photo of this woman, it should be published so she can’t do this again, she can’t change her face.

    • Anonymous says:

      She got a salary while stealing the $395,000, which means she will be getting over $400,000 for spending four years in a place with free food and clothing and health care, etc. That isn’t so bad. Can I steal that amount and get a sentence like that? Sounds like a good deal!

    • Linda says:

      How could this happen in the private sector?

      I suggest these employers contact the civil service who has done an excellent job cleaning up its act and getting rid of corruption and poor performance.

  4. Anonymous says:

    If employees steal from you, you are not fit to run a business.

    • Anonymous says:

      Amazing comment and shows just how ignorant you are whether you run a business or not. If an employee steals from you he is a thief and some are more sophisticated at it than others. End of story. Your comment is exactly why so many employers including professional employers such as Deloitts who had an employee steal from one of their client funds (Aspinall was in the press), think long and hard before they actually prosecute these thefts and why we have criminals circulating in Cayman. You do more damage with these comments than you know.

    • Anon. says:

      Says someone who more than likely does not own a business or worse their employees have stolen or is stealing from them and they have not caught them.😂😂😂

  5. Anonymous says:

    Remember it all started with an insurance company not covering her medical bills.

    Not saying she is wrong, but it might not have happened if we had affordable healthcare.

    • Anonymous says:

      that is completely wrong. she did the same thing at other companies WELL before that. they fired her, and didnt want their name to be in the paper with a trial

      • Anonymous says:

        Sounds like you know a lot. Bun out bad mind and hypocrites. She took her licks stop scandaling fake news. Pretty sure all this talk your maybe 1 that was giving that double smile. Cayman is full of it pure dirty heart people so when I see this lady go through it and hear the shit people say you can clearly tell sense from non sense. Some of you all just don’t want hear the good because a friend doesn’t like mean your not going to like her it’s all about following and clearly she ain’t a follower at least she seem to hold it together much I can say for some of you. You all know full well some the shit y’all hear is gossip because of people that doesn’t like her. Get over it!! Acting as if you all don’t friends and people that would steal from you your selves or been caught up in the system in some shit that you all big them up for. I’ve never seen this girl to be a cruel person so what she messed up get over it!! The judge handed what she felt was good enough. It’s over now it’s been on going everyone knows from years ago what she has done!!!

        • Anonymous says:

          Frank Abagnale, Jr. wasn’t a cruel person either. It is an addiction. A MENTAL issue. Hope she gets psychiatric help.

          Attacking others never helps. It only makes you one of the ” pure dirty heart people” you are talking about.

    • Anonymous says:

      6:38 just WOW! Just freaking unbelievable what you say. How many more think like you do? Who raised you and instilled such crazy thoughts in your head?

    • Anonymous says:

      Do Cayman churches teach people if you don’t have enough money it is OK to steal? If you have 5 kids and not enough money to feed them, is it OK to steal?
      You have needy assessment unit, you have charities, Feed our future, etc.
      That is quite disturbing that people try to justify stealing.

      • Anonymous says:

        Only if the kids are for 5 baby daddies. And all are out of wedlock. It is ok. As long as you are not gay.

    • Anonymous says:

      Two wrongs dont make a right!

    • Anon. says:

      She could have asked her employers for a loan since they trusted and thought so highly of her but instead she chose to steal and you choose to blame the high cost of healthcare for her being a thief.
      There are just no words for the ignorance that is spewed here.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The only message this ridiculously low sentence sends is if you are going to steal, go for the kill and then plead guilty. You will get a slap on the wrist and a free pass to steal at the next job.

    • Anonymous says:

      Reminds me of a guy that stole a few millions and got about 7 years in jail. it’s not too many of us that can say we will make that kind of money in that time.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Good on you Nadia for admitting your fault and trying to move on from this mistake. You are a bright and young Caymanian Woman who will have the right support to succeed when you are released. May God Bless You.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh please. “A bright and young Caymanian”.

      That has 5 children with no father anywhere in sight.

      That’s steals from her employer not once but twice! For hundreds of thousands of dollars.

      Who when caught uses her children to try and justify her criminal actions.

      Who drags the whole process through the courts for 3 years.

      Maybe you should nominate her for the YCLA next year.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you!

      • Anonymous says:

        Well said

      • Anonymous says:

        Well, a former YCLA winner is one of our most renowned thieves.

      • Anonymous says:

        If you speak what you know that would be great. She did not drag the process she was honest from the get go about what she done plead guilty to what she had to she made the process easy for the court but how would feel if yes you committed a crime and through the process you were told you they want you to plea guilty to a another 100’000 that clearly shows it was duplicated I sure as hell wouldn’t plea guilty I would take my licks but not for what I know is a double up. This lady been honest all these comments shows pure hate and badmind. And when you don’t know shit you just feed off the rest of the bad energy people around this island and 2 faced. I never stole but clearly I ain’t going to cast judgement on anyone and I can say I won’t steal but don’t worry god works in mysterious ways he could lower me into this lady same position worst if I was sit like the rest of these people that just speak fake and untruthful things worst from hear say. She was never the drag yes these people been hurt by her actions but don’t be vindictive with it adding extra things in it just make a person worst because yes Peter could say Paul I took 20 dollars from and Paul could say yes he stole 300 if you get my point! Yes we all know cayman thief is thief a lot you or people she trusted in as friends but we know when shit hit the fan this is how you know who your friends. I’ve seen this lady despite her actions that was her choice she made and she lived with holding her head high and I’m sure she is pretty happy it’s all over. You all I’m pretty sure know a lot of other thief’s and felons that get big up on a regular and clear this girl met people she thought was real friends which ain’t and now spread extra rumors to make her story sound worst just out have wickedness don’t be the first to cast stones you never know your future no matter what anyone want to say about they would do this or not. Get over it. It’s done and over let the girl be. Yes we all may never have the whole world on your side but there is a god be careful. It grieves me because anyone with good sense can read all these years of comments that it’s from people that knew her and it’s all hate comments from the HEAD and the TAIL comments follow. I’ll say no more may God bless you all and Nadia I don’t know you but keep your head up. Ain’t everyone going to like you it’s life I’m sure you know hun. You can overcome this and may God be with you and bless you through this.

        • Anonymous says:

          You’re talking like Cayman Villas was her first rodeo. She was a serial thief before these two employers got jacked. I would have sympathy for her if she stole to pay medical bills for her child and even then, that would still be entirely wrong of her. The stolen money included lavish vacations, cars etc… This girl has something far worse than sticky fingers. She could steal milk out of coffee.

      • Anonymous says:

        Right up there with Canover!

    • Anonymous says:

      are you smoking crack? this woman has issues and is a serial thief.

      not fit for any roles dealing with money.

    • Anonymous says:

      Emmm are you serious? This is not the first offense.Dont worry she will not be looking to God for support as he, I believe does not approve of robbing, but she can look elsewhere for support.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I just cant understand why some of our people hangs their hat so high. They have to be so competitive with the largest homes the nicest clothing including coach handbags etc with no money in it. Not to mention the cars ….. Must be brand new and the latest model. Some of our people will have bank loans until they are old . A good idea is to have successful people lecture to them and give them good guidance how to conduct their lives especially where there are children involved.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s a keeping up with the Jones’ thing. Like driving a Merc and living in a shotgun shack. Com see whe mi live…

  9. Anonymous says:

    If you continue stealing even after you have been bailed for a theft charge, you have a serious problem – either addiction or a complete contempt for the law. Either way, puzzled why the sentence for the second offence is less than the first? Surely the culpability in continuing with the behaviour after arrest makes the send crime even worse – its not the dollar value, its what it says about the person. You get the strongest possible warning that what you are doing is wrong and you will face consequences – yet you continue?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Her sentence is an insult to the companies. It’s nice the judge took her life problems into consideration but where is the consideration for the victims. So if you steal $380,000 you get a whopping 3 years and 4 months! What a joke.
    The max she could and should have got was 10 years..

    This case took 3 years to come to and end! Let that sink in… 3 years for a charges she plead guilty too.

    • Anonymous says:

      agreed. So ladies. You want equal rights. Why does the children come into play. Oh…..so if I am a woman. I simply need to make as many kids as old mother hubbard. And then i can go on a crime spree and i won’t go to jail as long as a man does, for the exact same crimes.

      something isn’t right. When there are same laws that are applied differently due to your gender.

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. Jw says:

    Should have been more. Using the kids as an escape route and surgery on one child is no excuse. What happen to the employers ? She will be back on the road and have a another job to steal again. The judges have to make example of these people, 6 years for 400 plus thousand is an insult to her previous employers. Disgusted by all of this.

    • Anonymous says:

      No one will hire her now, she will have a record, the only reason she got the second job and was able to steal again was because she had not yet been convicted of a crime

      She will wind up getting funds from the NAU and it will likely be those poor children that end up being the worse off for it

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry she will get hired. Goverment will provide her with work and she will be free to steal again.

      • Anonymous says:

        9:09 she could get hired again. She should never be put into a position that is required to handle money. That would be utter folly. She might not get a well paid job but she will find something and if she learns anything from her jail sentence she will hopefully be wiser with her budgeting.

    • Anonymous says:

      Women always do. There’s never equality when it comes to valuing men and their roles as fathers

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