Threats drove witness into court

| 28/10/2019
Cayman News Service
Police officers at the courthouse entrance as the witness gives evidence

(CNS): A man who has been charged with a catalogue of crimes relating to a home invasion that took place in Prospect in 2017 told the court that he was giving evidence because he had had enough of being threatened by one of his co-conspirators. Caine Thomas is believed to have been one of four men involved in a crime spree that ended with a violent aggravated burglary of a couple’s home in Patrick’s Island over two years ago.

As he completed a second day of evidence, setting out the details of the crime in which he admits he played a significant role, Thomas told the judge that he had decided to come to court and give evidence about the crime because he was sick of being threatened by Elmer Wright to tell lies about the crime so that Wright, who has denied the charges and is currently on trial, could go free.

Police charged three men in this case. A fourth man, whom Thomas identified as being involved in the crime, has never been charged and cannot be named at this time for legal reasons.

Thomas, who admitted his role in the crime last year and has been waiting on remand to be sentenced, had not previously cooperated with the authorities. However, he said he recently made a decision to give evidence in court and tell the truth about events that he had previously lied about in various statements.

Caine Thomas supported claims by his brother, Nikel Thomas, the third man in the case, that he had acted only as a lookout and getaway driver and had no idea of the extent of the crime.

Nikel Thomas initially pleaded not guilty to all the charges, as he had always claimed he had a very minor role and played no part at all in the home invasion. But on the morning that the trial against him and Elmer Wright resumed this week, Nikel Thomas also made admissions and the crown accepted pleas to lesser charges.

As Caine Thomas finished his evidence on Friday, he told the court that Wright had constantly threatened him since the men were remanded at HMP Northward, and that while he had previously feared for his life and done what he was asked, making false statements about Wright not being involved, Thomas said he had finally had enough. He said he just “manned up” and found the courage to give evidence about the crimes and tell the truth.

The case continues.

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