Governor takes credit for security improvements

| 30/10/2019 | 17 Comments
Cayman News Service
Governor Martyn Roper and Home Affairs Minister Tara Rivers at HMP Northward

(CNS): Celebrating his first year in office this week, Governor Martyn Roper pointed to achievements and improvements in the area of his responsibility for safety and security during his tenure so far. From “reinvigorated the monthly National Security Council” to the creation of a local defence force, the governor pointed to his focus over the last year on law and order. In a statement about his first twelve months, he said he intended to continue that focus.

“In the coming months, I will continue to work hard to enhance the security and prosperity on these Islands, supporting the elected government, politicians, business, civil society and every member of our community,” he said. “As we look around the world, we should be thankful, not only for our relative peace and security, but also for the freedoms, good governance and democracy that we all enjoy,” the governor added, despite the criticism he has faced for not pressing the government to implement the standards in public life law.

His statement was a celebration of what he saw as his achievements since taking up the job following the unexpected and still mysterious departure of Anwar Choudhury, who was the subject of complaints from staff that were apparently upheld.

Roper came as a temporary replacement but was confirmed in post after the first few months. Reflecting on his time, he said it was a “great honour and privilege to have been appointed governor”, and made it clear he was enjoying the posting.

“Every day I learn something new about Cayman’s unique culture, heritage and traditions, in which there is so much for Caymanians to feel so much pride. I regularly meet a diverse range of people with different nationalities from across our Islands. That diversity is one of our great strengths,” he added.

Outlining his busy year, in which he noted that he had worked closely with the premier and ministers, he said his office had continued to support Cayman in many areas. But he also spoke about the “CaymanKind” welcome he has received and having been “fed many wonderful local dishes at regular intervals”, among other local cultural experiences.

He also urged people to access his social media pages as a way of accessing him and seeing what he is doing.

See full statement and social media links in the CNS Library

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Comments (17)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Stop the mass importation of cheap labor Mr. Governor! These people are being paid scraps. Leaving them to resort to alternative methods of money-making.

  2. Lo-cal says:

    Well what do you know! an English man boasting about how well he has done. Surprises no one, ever. everyone knows being Governor here is a gimme job. Just show up, agree and take photos now and again.

  3. X says:

    He knows he isn’t up for re-election right? Just govern Governor, you don’t need accolades. Take a look at the government.

    • Anonymous says:

      Be kind to our Gov. He is still getting familiarise. I like his steel drum playing and his little Caribbean rhythm.

  4. Kurt Christian says:

    Vote No

  5. Anonymous says:

    Even in Cayman Brac there are many unsolved break-ins and rampant drug use. Go to a local bar for a couple of drinks and you leave with a contact high.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This country is in a sad state of affairs. With the back and forth of the port and the many issues that are affecting the country such as crime, poverty, the lack of opportunities for the natives, the dump, traffic problems and one man owning so many businesses and properties, I cannot understand how he can beat his chest? Every leader in the world is doing as much as they can to save the envorinment, yet our Governor seems it’s ok for the government to pull the wool over our eyes with this port deal. I shake my head in dismay!

    • David. S. says:

      8:11. hes beating his chest because you people are far too passive, where are the protests in front of his offce for jobs for locals, lower interest rates stop unfair evictions, foreclosures, unfair dismissals, etc. Where is te outrage? As long as youre not looking out for No 1, He will, and rightly so.
      Those of us overseas are awaiting to see if you idiots will put Alden back in office to finish you all off in 2021. Were waiting. Hes your problem not Gov. Roper.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Bring back Chouhury! At least he understood what was really going on, and was taking steps to hold civil servants accountable and bring about real change.

  8. Madeleine Rowell says:

    Can someone please let the governer know that Caymanian peoples aren’t just here for his consumption and that Caymanian culture is not a commodity?

  9. Anonymous says:

    based on a sample 1 hour last weekend a stabbing occurs every 30 minutes…feeling really secure

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Good comment 4:09. We’ve gone from a Governor who waded in and went round kicking ass to one who doesn’t appear to be able to find his own backside with both hands and an instruction manual.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Care to say or do anything about the increasingly apparent nepotism and poor governance which is taking hold? Do even believe the crap you are being fed?

    Law and order? I have never felt so unsafe and confidence in the police and prosecutorial services seem to be at an all time low.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Geez I didn’t realize they had bothered replacing the last governor….well good work I guess it Roper?


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