Baby burial trial stalls over health reports

| 07/10/2019
Cayman News Service

(CNS): Psychiatrists instructed by defence attorneys representing a man accused of trying to bury a toddler alive have said he is suffering from serious mental health problems that affected his awareness of his own actions. Travis Webb (26) was arrested last November and later charged with attempted murder, which he has since denied. His trial has been postponed at least once because of the state of his mental health.

The court heard Friday that the latest evaluation had revealed he is likely suffering from schizophrenia, and as a result the crown said it needed to instruct its own expert before the case could progress.

The child was rescued by the emergency services in time after a neighbour raised the alarm. Webb has been on remand since that arrest and was taken back to HMP Northward on Friday. He is now expected to be evaluated by the prosecution specialist in November.

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Category: Courts, Crime

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