UK heading for possible general elections

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House of Commons

(CNS): The current chaos in British politics means that the future is very unpredictable. However, now that parliamentarians appear to have blocked Prime Minister Boris Johnson from crashing out of the European Union on 31 October, an increasingly likely scenario is for a general election in November, the results of which could have very real ramifications for the UK’s overseas territories.

A cross-party bill to prevent a no-deal Brexit, which many believe would be economically disastrous for the UK, was passed by the House of Commons on Wednesday. Despite fears that pro-Brexit peers would filibuster the bill in the House of Lords, it cleared Britain’s upper chamber on Friday afternoon and it is set to become law on Monday, when it is due to get royal assent.

The bill compels Johnson, who has said he would rather be “dead in a ditch” than ask Brussels for an extension to article 50, to do just that on 19 October unless he can persuade MPs to pass a withdrawal agreement before then, which is extremely unlikely, or get them to vote to agree to a no-deal Brexit, which is impossible.

In a week in which the new prime minister suffered a series of humiliating defeats in parliament, he also lost his wafer thin majority in the Commons on Tuesday, when former minister Phillip Lee crossed the floor of the House to join the Liberal Democrats. Then, after 21 Tory rebels voted with the opposition parties to allow the bill to block a no-deal Brexit, Johnson expelled them all from the party, including Father of the House of Commons Kenneth Clarke and Winston Churchill’s grandson, Nicholas Soames.

Johnson’s hard-line strategy appears to be designed to win back former Tory voters from the Brexit Party, but may end up severely weakening the Conservatives. This was made apparent when the PM’s own brother, Jo Johnson, quit as a member of Cabinet and as an MP, saying he was “torn between family loyalty and the national interest”. Further resignations and defections from the party remains a possibility.

All of Britain’s political parties now want a general election. However, Johnson’s call for a snap election on 15 October, which he hopes would give him a mandate to leave the EU, come what may, on 31 October, needs the support of two thirds of MPs. However, he will not succeed because the opposition parties don’t trust him, believing that if he achieved this he would then just change the date to sometime after Britain crashes out of Europe.

The most likely scenario now is that once a Brexit extension has been assured, Johnson will face a vote of no confidence in the Commons. If no new government can win a confidence vote within 14 days, there will be a general election. It is also likely that a ‘caretaker’ government will call for an election in November anyway.

If, as seems increasingly likely, Britain does not leave the EU at the end of October, as Johnson has repeatedly and emphatically promised, the Tories are expected to lose voters to the Brexit Party, whose leader, Nigel Farage, has claimed that the Conservatives cannot win unless the two parties make a pact. However, this would further alienate moderate Tories.

It is also possible that, in an election that will be all about Brexit, there will be some strategizing among the parties and Tory rebels opposing the new more extreme Conservative Party in order to thwart Johnson’s hard-line plans.

While any new government will be immediately consumed with new Brexit talks, in the long run a left leaning UK government will be more aligned with Europe’s efforts to mandate public beneficial ownership registers in Britain’s overseas territories, which will be imposed by the end of 2020 through the UK’s Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Act, 2018.

A more right wing UK government, on the other hand, especially one where the Brexit Party has a measure of control, might well reverse course and follow a more anti-tax libertarian policy.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ahh the “United” Kingdom – a shining example of a democratic, world-dominating juggernaut.

    If GREED and TYRANNY were not influencing their interests so heavily, they would be so much further ahead

  2. George Towner says:

    The people of the UK want their INDEPENDENCE from the powerful European Union just like Conservative Caymanians want their INDEPENDENCE from the UK!

    Complete suicide, says the Labor elite 🤣

    • Anonymous says:

      The people of Scotland and Northern Ireland want their independence from the U.K.
      They want to join the E.U. if U.K. leaves.

      Complete economic suicide say the political leaders of Scotland and Northern Ireland if the U.K. leaves the E.U.

      • Anonymous says:

        NI does not want Independence from the UK, what utter stupidity. Unless your a Irish Republican or Nationalist of course, but they are definitely in the minority.
        Wanting to Remain is one thing, becoming part of the Republic is completely another, or have you forgotten the Troubles?

        • Anonymous says:

          The dairy farmers in Northern Ireland have massive problems. One third of all dairy production in Northern Ireland goes to the Republic of Ireland for processing. Plans are currently underway by farmers to kill a large part of the Northern Ireland dairy cow population. The farmers want an open border for their unprocessed milk that now appears impossible.

          On top of that, Bombardier, the Canadian aircraft manufacturer in NI and largest private sector employer in NI , is now looking at shutting down because a large number of the parts in their planes come from E.U. countries. They will, after BREXIT, come in at a higher tariff level making the planes economically unprofitable to produce.

          What you fail to understand in your “utter stupidity” is that the younger generation clearly want to stay in the E.U. and this desire crosses over both Protestant and Catholic lines.

          What you fail to realize is that the Troubles will be back if a hard border is put in place again on November 1. Smart people do not want that horror again.

          • Anonymous says:

            The ‘utter stupidity’ of your argument is that the culling of dairy herds is happening all over the world due to snowflakes trying to save the planet by drinking almond milk, (which takes more water to grow than a cow, and more than California can supply). It is also because milk isn’t profitable anymore, simple economics, nothing to do with NI/Republic trade deals. Canada has already indicated that a swift trade deal is possible, so tariffs will fall if they are there at all.
            It’s all part of this Remoaners scaremongering, and most sensible people, including economists and politicians don’t think that the initial disruption will cause long term damage.
            You cretinous cowards just can’t accept the will of the majority, you are sulky, undemocratic and far happier trying to scare people, talk our country down and abuse parliamentary process than you are trying to find solutions that fit the entire population, not just a gelatinous minority.
            FYI, read the news, UK economy up 0.03% and sterling rising as a result.
            Keep your silly left wing diatribes for your wet lettuce comrades who are floundering in the bed of misery of their own making.
            So much for the impending recession the doom Sayers were predicting, just yesterday I believe.
            Oh yea, and whilst you were still playing with your gender neutral or trans dolly, I was fighting those crap heads in Belfast and Derry so that you could mince along in freedom without being blown up for the sake of religious bigotry.
            Don’t try and lecture me on the Troubles, my generation fought and died to ensure peace was eventually returned, we stood on that frickin border, nose to nose with our enemy.
            Just go grow a pair before you whine on about petty economics, it takes a lot more than a ridiculous scare story to call yourself British, or European for that matter.
            Just go enjoy your tax free salary and leave the big boy stuff to those who stand firm, not retreat into their bunkers at the first sign of change.

            • Anonymous says:

              Most British economists are of the view that the GBP will be at parity with the U.S. $$$ by end of November if BREXIT occurs.
              As a big boy with a lot of money, you can afford this drop in the GBP but I cannot.

              Not sure where you get the fact that the GBP is rising. You must have very special bankers.

            • Anonymous says:

              “I was fighting those crap heads in Beflast”

              Then you should be old enough to remember how bad the economy was before we joined the EU.

              It was so bad that first time the UK tried they were rejected as things were so bad.

              But I guess you only remember the good old romanticed history like shooting Irishmen and being blown up at shopping centres.

              • Anonymous says:

                What a prize idiot you are. And that kind of retort explains why the older generation can’t trust the self indulgent genius and narcissistic generation of Instagram to come to a decision, apart from which new phone are they going to buy.

                The UK economic back drop in the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s was that of industrial strife, appalling Labour governments driven by the unions and post war austerity. Maggie sorted that crap out in short order, destroying Scargill and his communist rabble.

                Really, if you’re going to comment on past days, at least have the decency to have lived them or read more than the Daily Mirror.

                It was the UK who declined to join the Treaty of Paris in 1951 because, in part, of the damage it would have done to the Commonwealth and their trading links with UK business. They proved to be correct and our trade with former colonies was destroyed by unelected officials in Brussels. Many of those poorer countries suffer to this day, it was a shameful thing to do to those who had defended Europe in two world wars.

                The UK eventually joined the EEC in ’73 and surrendered much of what previous generations had worked and died for. That is what older and more intelligent people remember.
                1975 saw the Referendum to ratify continued membership of the Common Market, as it was sold to the UK electorate back then. NOT a Federal Europe.
                The EU wasn’t invented until 1993, prior to that it was the European Communities. UKIP was founded the same year and Goldsmith founded the Referendum Party in ’94. This is not new, its a fight that at least two or three generations have had. Can you seriously tell me that joining the Euro would have been a good idea?

                Those who screech loudest today were the ones who objected to joining, thats why Corbyn can’t reconcile himself to a solid policy and is led by the tail by his former Blairite enemies. The Labour Party actively campaigned against membership in their 1983 manifesto.
                At no stage since has any government returned to the people for clarity, both Labour and Tory trod the undemocratic EU line. Only Thatcher had the balls to stand up to them and win the rebate. And Major is proving once again that he will do anything to keep the electorate out of politics. What an arrogant and ineffectual little man he proves to be.

                I’m not even going to give your final comment the dignity of a full reply.
                You are clearly a contemptuous little man who disrespects our struggle against terrorists and the suffering many people feel today. This wasn’t a computer game you sad little snowflake, it was people’s lives, whether Irish or British, I defended both.

                PS: The Irish actually voted to leave the EU in 2008 after they rejected the Lisbon Treaty by 53% to 46.6%. But true to form the EU whiners didn’t like a democratic decision and had another vote until they got it right. The Irish people were described by one EU moron as ‘ungrateful bastards’. Yea, we really want to be members of an organisation that thinks so little of its people. Good riddance.

              • Anonymous says:

                WTF the UK initial application was rejected by France vis-a-vie then President Charles De Gaulle due to the fear the UK joining the European Coal and Steel Company (later becoming the EU) would result in the US interfering with European politics.

                • Anonymous says:

                  It had nothing to do with the ECS, it had everything to do with De Gualles hatred of America and his loathing of anything Anglo Saxon. He believed, unilaterally, that the UK’s relationship with the US, it’s international financial interests, trade deals, debt burden, (ironically, in part for saving his countrymen) and the fact that sterling was a reserve currency, wasn’t suitable for his personal view of a Franco-German alliance.

                  He was very much alone in that view as the other 5 members were enthusiastically for UK membership. So the previous nonsense in regard to the UK economy being the singular problem is clearly not accurate.

                  The UK didn’t have to wait long as De Gaulle died a few years later and the doors inevitably opened.
                  The burden of gratitude that consumed De Gaulle is shocking, he hated being in debt to the UK and America for saving France for the second time. Thats why he vetoed the first application draft in 63 and carried his hatred on to his death in 1970.

                  There is no doubt that the UK was in crisis due to the inept Wilson Labour government, which famously devalued the pound and got in bed with the miners.
                  But it was De Gaulle alone who didn’t want the UK in the EC.
                  And in fairness, we should have listened and sent Europe on its way, because without our subsequent contributions, expansion would have been difficult, if not impossible.

                  The same argument is valid today, as the EU is more than aware that without the 5th largest economy to add into the pot, Europe is in for some hard times.

              • Anonymous says:

                11:29, Brilliantly said. I am one who also remembers how bad the Northern Ireland economy was before we joined the EU. I dearly hope we don’t go back there again.

            • Anonymous says:

              9:21, Not sure why you make your argument in simple left // right political terms? A large section of the Conservative Party has now stood up to bully boy Boris Johnson, and there is no way all those Conservatives are leftists. Also, the Liberal Democrats can also not be deemed leftists just because they oppose BREXIT.

              You obviously have it in for your so-called “leftists”, however, I would say you should not see the situation regarding BREXIT In such simple terms.

              The world has moved on from your generation and the younger generation is far more politically sophisticated about both the EU and UK’s role in it.

              • Anonymous says:

                22 MP ‘s isn’t a large section from 311 in anyone’s book, apart from the BBC’s. And they are still technically Tory, albeit independent until the next election. Unlike the numerous Labour MP’s that crossed the floor.
                The younger generation isn’t sophisticated about anything apart from seeing their pathetic over made up and sulky faces on social media.

                They had their chance to vote, but they were so sophisticated they just couldn’t bring themselves to get their over sophisticated and pampered asses to the polling booth. Probably because mummy didn’t wake them in time.
                Oh well, that’s democracy, not that sophisticated really.

                • Anonymous says:

                  Sorry to tell you that Kenneth Clarke and Nicholas Soames, Winston Churchill’s grandson, are not the younger generation but Conservative icons. Probably even older than you.

                  Of course, you will say those 2 men are not sophisticated.

            • Anonymous says:

              9:21: Well, I may not agree entirely with your position, but I can only respect the way you presented your cogent arguments without once resorting to an ad hominem attack. Few amongst us can make the obvious connection between the consequences of the collapse of the Good Friday Agreement and the delusions of the “snowflake almond farmers of California”. Still fewer are willing to acknowledge that we got by on 2oz of butter a week during the war and still defeated Hitler. Good man! (insert ironic emoji here)

          • Anonymous says:

            You really believe that milk will stop being moved across borders? OMG, get a grip, learn about the dairy industry and its economics before using it as a Remain argument.

            • Anonymous says:

              So why does the Northern Ireland dairy farmers association want to remain in the E.U? Farmers are not stupid. If BREXIT was such a good economic deal for them they would want out.

              Learn about farming and export markets for dairy products in the U.K. before you make such foolhardy statements bearing no economic reality to dairy farmers life’s.

          • Anonymous says:

            And don’t forget the lambs raised in Northern Ireland. 40% of them are processed in the Republic of Ireland.

            Reality is that the Northern Ireland economy is so interconnected with the Republic of Ireland, in the same way the Canadian economy is interconnected to the American economy.

            You simply cannot break them apart without major economic dislocation for so many people.

            • Anonymous says:

              But Canada is a sovereign state, not a flunky of the Whitehouse as we are of the EU. What’s your point, as trading nations don’t have to have the same political masters?

              • Anonymous says:

                So why don’t your U.K. EURO MP’s do something in Brussels? They have a voice but don’t know how to effectively use it among other European states.

              • Anonymous says:

                How can you be a flunky of the EU when you are represented by representatives in Brussels that the people of the U.K. elected?

              • Anonymous says:

                The point is that nations don’t severely break the link between their main trading partners. Be it Canada with the U.S. or the U.K. with the EU. By breaking the link one is asking for economic chaos for large sections of their societies.

                • Anonymous says:

                  They are not breaking, they will re-negotiate. Europe can’t live alone, same as the UK. The crap spewed about zero trade is the Remoaners mantra and doesn’t fool anyone but the simple minded.

        • Anonymous says:

          7:03, You do realize that it is the Little Englanders such as Johnson, Gove,Rees-Mogg who dream about the days when the Commonwealth was great that are leading the English nationalists and BREXIT. Bit rich attacking the Irish Nationalists particularly if one is Irish and has some idea what London did to the Irish a hundred years ago.

          Read some history books and get an historical perspective.

          • Anonymous says:

            Why don’t you and your type equally stop living in the past of Irish history and religious bigotry and move on in the world. Ireland has dictated our lives for far too long. If necessary give NI a vote on the EU and if they vote to remain then let them go for good. But trust me, that will not happen because the EU will always come second to the UK Union when it comes to the crunch.
            So go away and what Republicans are actually doing to destroy the peace process, it’s nothing to do with Boris, it has everything to do with terrorism and anarchy.

      • Anonymous says:

        Wrong. Arrogant politians in Scotland may want Independence, but the people voted against it. Or perhaps you didn’t like that result and want to change the result to fit the undemocratic EU mandate.

        • Anonymous says:

          Wrong, poll after poll taken in Scotland this year clearly shows that the people of Scotland want to leave the U.K. and join the E.U. if U.K. decides on BREXIT. You may not like the results of all the polls, but they are reality in Scotland.

          • Anonymous says:

            Oh, but didn’t you or another Remoaner say earlier that polls change depending on the question and locality. Can’t have it both ways, but that’s the Remoaners for you.
            They had the same polls before the Indy ref and didn’t they say the same thing?
            Oh well, try again.

        • Anonymous says:

          Maybe England should go Independent and leave the other 3 countries united to steer their own path

          • Anonymous says:

            8:49, Certainly believe your suggestion is the best and most logical way to go.

            • Anonymous says:

              I agree, but no cash follows this time.
              Independence should mean independent of all ties, including finances.

              • Anonymous says:

                Just let Scotland take their oil and gas which is within their territorial zone.

                • Anonymous says:

                  Take it, there’s none left and the price is crap. Snowflakes want electric everything, where do you propose to use these obnoxious fossil fuels that nobody likes anymore?

    • Anonymous says:

      This Brit wants, passionately, to remain in the EU.

      • Anonymous says:

        Because that Brit should learn to accept democracy. Like it or loathe it, democracy spoke, get over it and go live in France if you want to remain part of the undemocratic EU gravy train.

        • Anonymous says:

          how is the EU undemocratic, you vote for your own Euro MP’s.

          most of the BNP leavers think its undemocratic as you think no other country should have a say in the EU

          • Anonymous says:

            Who votes for the European Commission or the European Courts of Justice?
            Who voted for the crooked Le Garde?
            The EU gravy train must stop, MEP’s are hopeless, no real power just lots of benefits.

        • Anonymous says:

          Boris Johnson presented during the referendum, that there would be a negotiated BREXIT and sold it as being so easy. A large portion of the people who voted LEAVE voted that way because they believed Johnson, Gove, Rees-Mogg, Farage, etc.

          Many people were mislead. So why not a second referendum? The economic issues are much clearer now. For example, nobody talked during the referendum about a hard border being reinstated between the 2 Ireland’s. Now people know what that means for so many people.

    • Anonymous says:

      And Prime Minister Boris Johnson will do anything to get BREXIT including lying to the Queen to dissolve Parliament. The Brexit people will do anything to achieve their goals. Sad, as another great liar living in Washington, D.C. would say.

  3. Anonymous says:

    There was always bound to be an snap election following the 2017 GE no PM in Brexit chaos or not wants to govern with a majority as slim as May’s was when she first started, much less the working Majority of 1 that Boris had leading into last weeks votes

    Boris is betting everything on winning a GE, and considering he doesn’t actually seem to be negotiating a better deal with the EU and is putting all his eggs in the no deal basket it doesn’t seem like an entirely sensible plan
    Even among people polled in their 50-60s where a good portion of the leave vote originated a no deal brexit is hard pressed to crack 50% approval, despite the posturing from the tories and the BXP they know they can’t actually win a GE on a no deal platform.
    Their entire plan seems to be running on resentment for Westminster and the political elites in London, in order to swing voters in the north and heartlands but the tories are going to be hard pressed to hold seats in Wales and Scotland which are pivotal.

    He pissed off quite a few moderates in his party by sacking the 21 long standing and committed tory MPs for one rebellion while rewarding Rees-Mogg a man who has rebelled against the party whip dozens of times with a Cabinet position

    Boris is a man backed into a corner who will do anything to keep his grip on power
    The only thing certain in this period of British politics is uncertainty

    • Anonymous says:

      I have to disagree with you assertion that Boris can’t win an election, the polls are clearly pointing to a Tory win with a No Deal option rather than take the catastrophic risk of putting a Marxist in number 10.
      I think the British people are dumbfounded at the sheer arrogance of the political classes who have disastrously failed to implement the will of 17.5 million voters. Regardless of your Leave or Remain ideology, this appalling display of deliberate obfuscation and deceit by those charged with removing the UK from the EU will damage our reputation as the Mother of Parliaments and the bastion of western democracy for decades. Everyone knew from the outset that the possibility of No Deal was on the table, yet everything has been done by back sliding, self serving and hypocritical MP’s, (and that appalling Speaker) to stop Brexit.
      Let’s keep in mind, that this was not the mandate given to parliament by the people, so when the indignants start whining about coups and affronts to democracy, they should look in the mirror and see the shameful face of deceit.
      It was telling that almost every picture or tv screen shot had the familiar faces of the white middle classes screaming about how European they are whilst denouncing their own countrymen who actually did put real democracy to the test by voting in the referendum. This runs contrary to the belief of left wing observers that Leavers are ‘the sea of white faces’ and that closet racism is the motivation behind Brexit. They failed to realise that Brexit was strongly supported amongst all nationalities and racial communities, including those from the Indian sub-continent, Caribbean and Eastern Europe who have settled and assimilated into the UK.
      These crass europhiles are the so called ‘clever people’ who haven’t given up their long distant, dope fuelled, students union days and actually learnt that the EU is one of the least democratic institutions on earth. The chattering classes from Islington and Notting Hill must be delighted with their ‘wins’ to date, but retribution will soon come, and with an election all but certain in the near future, (pre or post 31st October) so they and those duplicitous MP’s who failed their constituents will pay the price.
      Don’t forget, Boris might just go for a non aggression pact with the Brexit Party and be delighted to totally destroy those who oppose him now. With over 600 candidates in position, it would be an act of political suicide if the Brexit Party were not taken seriously by all parties.
      Which is entirely why our metropolitan elites, left wing lunatics, the whining Welsh and Scots, and the ever so opportunist Lib Dems nare running scared and don’t want to go back to where democracy begins, with the people.

      • Anonymous says:

        Basing the potential for electoral success on a strategy for which there is not majority support (no deal even among leave voters does not crack 50% approval unless you include the worlds “Jeremy Corbyn” or “No Brexit” ) and using the same polls that declared 2017 race over for Labour and predicted 30-60 seat majorities for the tories (how did that turn out again, I can’t quite put my finger on it?)

        At the end of the day voters are concerned with more than Brexit, and Boris’ lies aren’t even working well enough to keep his own caucus in order (former Minister Amber Rudd says hello from the opposition benches) With more rebels and defections almost inevitably to come as Boris continues to let an un-elected political activist run the government

        Not a Labour voter or a remainer but I am someone committed to seeing the tories out on their asses where they belong. After years of austerity good luck convincing voters to back a move that will lead according to almost all reports to food and medicine shortages and likely another recession on the scale of the great recession. ( Sucks whe cabinet level MPs resign and then tell the world the PM has no plan

        Putting all your spiteful eggs in the basket of Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage two of the most egotistical men in British politics suddenly getting together and singing kumbaya is laughable at best. In one hand you have a man who thinks he was born to be PM who will do anything to continue being the First Lord of the Treasury and in the other you have a man who has tried and failed for 20 years to get into the HoC who has spent his entire career attacking Westminster elites and the Tories.
        Then again, if you honestly think that any coalition government between the BXP and the Cons would last more than a year before falling apart I have a tower in Paris to sell you

        With predicted Tory losses in Scotland and Wales, the DUP’s hold on NI looking shaky at best (The DUP leader has declined running for a seat which should display her confidence in her chances)
        All the Opposition has to do is defend their seats and the tories will be hard pressed to convince life long Labour voters to back them simply because of Brexit, especially considering these areas are some of the hardest hit by austerity and the last decade of horrible tory policies

        But again, the tories were supposed to come out of 2017 on top and look where that ended up
        If you think a GE is in the bag you are just giving your opponents an advantage

        • Anonymous says:

          Oh dear, another Tory hating liberal who can’t see the wood for the trees. There won’t be a coalition between the Tories and Brexit Party because that’s not what’s on offer. It’s a non aggression pact, meaning the best candidate will stand in constituencies which are vulnerable to a Leave campaign. In other words by shear force of numbers the combined candidates will win and place a large working majority in Parliament. This, in reality, would mean that very few Brexit Party candidates would be needed if the sitting Conservative or Labour candidate supported Brexit. It would be the Labour marginals that would be on the hit list of the Brexit Party, especially as they are most popular in what were once traditional Labour areas. Given Labours appalling lack of credible policy on Brexit, or anything else for that matter, I don’t think for one moment the Tories have too much to worry about at the polls as long as the Brexit vote isn’t split. Just watch BBC Question Time this week and watch Emily Thornberry’s car crash of a Labour policy explanation and the derision that followed.

          A general election? That’s precisely what the Remoaners and Labour/Lib Dem Rabble Alliance don’t want and they will continue to deny the public their choice whilst bleating on about the democracy they themselves hold in such contempt.
          As for austerity, oh yes, that would have been because the last Labour rabble left the country bankrupt but achieved diddly s###.

          And btw, the Tories have a 14 point lead on Labour according to the latest polling, and these numbers are consistent across all polling for the past weeks since Boris was installed in no 10. The numbers in Scotland are irrelevant as they voted overwhelmingly to stay in the EU, but Wales did not and just because their socialist politicians say Remain, the people didn’t.

          And if you are that naive to believe the project fear reports of food and medicine shortages, well you are diminishing your own argument. We are leaving a political union, we are not at war, stop the BS and get a grip. The British public voted Leave in 2017 and by all credible accounts that has not changed.
          If our arrogant politicians truly believe it has changed then let’s have the general election and put it to the test.
          As for Amber Rudd, shes just another Remoaner on the scrap heap, no loss to government and hopefully soon out of Hastings where she defied her own fishing industry to vote Remain. She was another self serving, opportunist flip flopper who towed the line to keep her ministerial salary.

          • Anonymous says:

            Sajid Javid has insisted the Conservatives have “no need” for a pact with the Brexit Party. He told the Andrew Marr Show: “We don’t need an electoral alliance with anyone. We can stand on our own two feet.”

            The reports of medicine and food shortages came from Boris’ own government and the polling numbers are entirely irrelevant, they shift every day based on where the questions are asked and who the respondents are. The tories are no better off than they were when they called the 2017 snap election, you lot have proven time and time again despite the bluster you have no clue what you are doing, no plan other than causing a recession and slashing taxes for your well off buddies
            The people of the UK won’t fall for that song and dance again

            Egos and rebels are the only things the tories seem to have in any large quantity

            • Anonymous says:

              But Javid didn’t absolutely discount a non aggression pact did he, so your point is?
              Reports of shortages came from a Whitehall document called ‘Operation Yellow Hammer’ which has been roundly credited as the absolute worst possible scenario. It was formulated by Remain leaning Civil Servants, not by government ministers. Oh do keep up!
              As for your 2017 poll illustration, well I think everyone realised that Mother Theresa’s gamble as a Remain voting saviour hadn’t got anyone fooled. And they were right because she catastrophicly failed to get anywhere near having parliament on side.
              The truth is the undemocratic Remoaners from all parties are trying to stop the mandated will of the people, 17.5 million of them. It’s not about getting a deal for them, it’s about overturning a legitimate vote and remaining in the EU.
              And as we’ve seen all to often, it’s this rabble who have forced this constitutional crisis by forcing the government to contemplate a No Deal solution. They are full of indignation and pomposity but absolutely devoid of any workable solutions to take the country forward. Their only solution is to cancel Brexit against the wishes of their own constituents. They are an absolute disgrace.
              You are clearly an angry outcast who cannot accept that the majority want out of the EU and for their elected representatives to do what they are paid to do on their behalf. The pathetic class war you espouse is long dead, and with no credible alternative, the Tories will win and the UK will be an independent sovereign nation once more.
              FYI, the EU and the French are both saying they will not sanction an extension beyond the 31st October. Looks like it’s a done deal bobo.

        • Anonymous says:

          This probably the most incoherent diatribe I’ve heard for a while. Project fear at it absolute deceptive best, well done you for illustrating the Remain duplicity so magnificently.

      • Anonymous says:

        WOW. You really are delusional about what is going on in the UK.
        Need to get off that bad weed. It is messing you up mate.

        • Anonymous says:

          Hey, I’m sitting in England living it, where are you? Oh yea, living the dream in an off shore tax haven whilst bleating on about the peasants revolting at home.
          I know there’s a lot of snow in GT and plenty of snowflakes shovelling up their noses, but brother, you need to leave it alone and live in the real world.

        • Anonymous says:

          Oh good reply, it must of taken all of 30 seconds to come up with that rational retort. The delusional are those who whine about democratic process, yet can’t accept it when it happens. Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the EU’s history of denying democracy, especially when a vote doesn’t go its dictatorial way.
          Those who think an unelected commission and judges are the way to run a democracy are truly the delusional ones, the rest of us just want our country back.

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