Pedestrian hit by car in BT

| 02/08/2019 | 7 Comments

(CNS): A man was in hospital Friday recovering from serious but non-life-threatening injuries after he was hit by a car in Bodden Town yesterday afternoon. Police said the man was walking east along Bodden Town Road near the junction of Lakeview Road at around 3:25pm on Thursday when he was struck by a white Honda Civic. Members of the public rendered first aid before the police and EMS arrived. The EMS then took him to hospital.

No one else was injured and police said the woman who was driving the car had remained at the scene and spoke with officers when they arrived. The matter is now under police investigation.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I cannot imagine anyone would thumb down your post. I guess evil is real and among us.
    Anyway, that was very well done. We all need to slow down. Chasing money is not everything. If we chased integrity as vehemently, we’d be a better society.

    • Chris Johnson says:

      I seldom travel to Spotts but yesterday I was confronted on my return going past Ocean Club to see a SUV overtaking numerous vehicles, hurtling towards me in the wrong lane across the double yellow line. The standard of driving in Cayman is not just appalling but dangerous. It is particularly noticeable on the bypass where last week I was following two very large lorries racing on both lanes on the bridge by the Kimpton. Lo and behold the same two lorries were doing the same thing the following morning with one passing numerous vehicles on the inside lane.
      I really cannot see that things will ever change. Just be ultra careful.

      • Anonymous says:

        Chris, we see this crap everyday and somehow the police avoid it. How is that possible? Guess they are lucky and we are not.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That Centre lane in Savannah to which the driver is referring becomes very dangerous for everyone because of the very point the writer raised: it is used to try to get ahead of drivers in the inner lane.

    And there seems to be no awareness that there is a blind curve on either end, blocking the view of drivers waiting on the right to exit side roads or parking lots in the vicinity. Of course, the same for pedestrians trying to cross the road.

    That middle lane actually ends not too far past the Adventist Church, which is in the middle of the blind spot. The ending of this lane is another common sense reason to avoid the mad rush in this lane at this juncture.

    All these factors pose an extreme danger for all users in that area.

    Slow down my friends. Your speed compounds the danger and it is just not worth the risk to the lives of others—and your own.

    If there were to be a collision under these conditions with the existing congestion it would be a disaster involving many cars and lives.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i no longer walk…bought a cycle

  4. Mother Bear says:

    I Wish to expand on this article so PLEASE indulge me. This scence is a TOO common occurrance ALL over this Island. I watch as motorists continue to use the second lane in front of Savannah Primary School as their own personal autobahn to get in front of me, you, him, she, it and Casper the friendly ghost. PLEASE, I may jest but it does NOT take away from the dangers of being a pedestrian on this Island.

    I remember the morning very well. I was on my way home last year and passed what I thought may have been a type of maniquin in the middle of the road with everyone just standing around looking at this object until I realized it was Mr Carlton Farrel from Savannah trying to take a breath. I literally felt sick to my stomach, not just because the man clearly had live threatening injuries, but because so many persons were only standing around updating their social media “yea man bobo he don’t look too good” I do realize not everyone knows CPR but in stead of gwaking, speaking to the individual will help establish if the person is conscious and also doubles a a way to reassure the victim, helping to allow is vital to stabilize. Your voice and actions may be last that someone ever experiences. I sure don’t want mine to be Bobo on his phone taking pictures and updating social media.

    I know I have let this article go on for far longer than intended but I need to say this – I have a Child who Is a student of the Savannah Primary School (my alma matter) so I as a motorist is in front of you driving THE SPEED LIMIT and you should feel it necessary to pass me like a bat out of hell, I ask that you take this into consideration. How much time do you really save passing ONE car and ending up right behind another motorist also driving the SPEED LIMIT? Is is worth someone’s life? Or let me put it another way still, is the risk worth you hit MY child or any child who has his or her own Security? Please I ask you to consider this very seriously? This is no threat (besides threats do not work. I instead make promises. This promise I set in the limestone wall of the Old Savannah School house!!! Whoa betide ANYONE (I don’t care who you mama is) if your reckless disregard is the cause of my child’s injuries.

    And honestly Savannah School is only one example of the blatant disregard motorist have for the laws which govern all three Islands.

    And yes I know there are readers who will ask the proverbial question “ well what about the slow poke who is driving 5mph in front of me while in a 40mph speed limit. My simple answer to you is – this person is merely going this slow purposefully expecting you to catch on and kindly use your brain, or put it this way, this is a polite way to “ask you to get off their ass” “ you are driving too close to my car” and this is the biggest cause fender benders which are occuring ALL DAY, EVRYDAY AND NIGHT.

    Come on people – slow down!! School zones are still school zones even during summer. Slow down on all roads just because you may think you are filiming 2+fast 2 furious, or that you may be another Earl Ernheart . SLOW DOWN. LIVES MATTER,

    Sorry for the long rant……..have a safe and happy weekend guys.


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