US visitor drowns off 7MB

| 22/06/2019 | 37 Comments

(CNS) UPDATED Monday: Police have now confirmed that the 77-year-old man believed to have drowned while swimming off Seven Mile Beach Friday was Dr Gerald Doyle, who was visiting the Cayman Islands from Massachusetts in the United States. Police said the emergency services were alerted Friday afternoon to the incident at around 3:30pm. Although medical assistance was rendered at the location, Doyle was pronounced dead after he was transported to the hospital. The matter is now under investigation. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It was one year ago yesterday that the world lost such a remarkable man.
    It is has become evident over this last year that Dr. Gerald Doyle was no ordinary human being, the breadth and depth of his eternal light still brightens up our days today.
    Just the thought of him warms your heart and nourishes your soul.
    It could not sleep last night, as I thought about him, funny how in these chaotic and unnerving times we find ourselves living in,
    My thoughts were consumed with missing my Doctor.
    Most of them were of great fullness for his 33 years of loving care and soul healing and humor, yeah! And yeah! Those compliments he would always give you too!
    But I thought about how Gerry would have loved to been here to part of the COVID -19 pandemic.
    He would of loved to been on the front lines taking care of his patients, that’s everything he lived for in medicine.
    I felt liked he got cheated out of this experience, although frightening and devastating, think of all those patients that could seen Gerry’s smile, how comforting.
    That was Dr. Doyle’s gift, he made everything alright again, he gave you strength, he brought you joy, most of all he healed your soul, he gave you the courage you needed to pass on.
    He had that gift to eliminate your fears and make you laugh instead, even if it was for a brief moment, he brought light into your soul.
    He shone bright in this world.
    Believe me, not one of his patients have been able to replace the care that our Dr. Doyle gave us.
    We won’t see the likes of a human being like him again.
    Although he is gone, most definitely lighting up heaven, he was no mortal man.
    Like his daughter said at his service during her eulogy, it was only fitting that he move on to heaven on the day of summer solstice.
    He was the brightest light, the sunshine on the greyest of days, he was what world could certainly use today.
    I’ll never forget you Dr. Doyle.
    Richie Montemarano

    • Carolyn Moran says:

      You put my feelings into word as I was just thing of what I lost when he passed away. I still haven’t fountd a doctor to care for my health issues. I miss him well or sick

  2. Richie says:

    As I was walking into the back of the Mass General Hospital today two doctors passed me engaged in conversation, one saying to the other that he could not stop thinking about Gerry Doyle. It is just a few days over four months since his passing and most of us who knew him still feel the enormous loss in our lives. As we have been saying for months he was truly a gift from god to us. Some never get those gifts in a lifetime, we have to cherish ours.
    At least know when we think of him it is only joy that we are feeling.
    The sorrow has dissipated.
    Although when I walked by 3 Hawthorne place this morning I asked him to show me his , I did not see him however I felt his smile warm me in the cold rain.
    I know I’m going to get to see him once again, that much good has to be recycled.
    God doesn’t waste Gerry Doyles.

    Thanks for all the wonderful years.
    Richie montemarano

  3. ron crocker says:

    I called Gerry’s office today (8/19) to set up a visit. Devastated to hear the recording describing his passing. Gerry was a friend who happened to be my doctor. When we would meet, we never greeted each other with the standard hellos or how are yous, we immediately launched into our latest jokes. The man was a prince, or should I say king. I cried all morning after having read the globe piece. Gerry, we hardly knew yee…

  4. Susan Stapleton says:

    As I said before I am at a LOSS. He was one in a million and was always there for me. He had a great staff too. What am I going to do now. I have lost my biggest back up.

  5. Richie montemarano says:

    Cayman News Service, is there an update on the release of Doctor Doyle?
    We have been waiting back home in states for his family to be able to bring him home.
    They must be so tired, weary and broken.
    Everyone Please pray for his family.
    I found myself kneeling in St. Josephs church in the west end of Boston, located a few 100 yards from Dr. Doyles office on Monday June 24th. Just a few minutes after kneeling at his office door tears in tow, yeah right after I had first heard the heartbreaking news.
    The very first time I have ever walked into a church in the middle of the morning or at any time just to pray for someone.
    Love can make a man do things he has never done before, even shout from the rooftops how much he loves someone , however on this day it was from the pew.
    We loved doctor Gerald Doyle, he brought 30 years of comfort, care,
    compassion, trust, joy, and laughter into our lives.
    That writer for globe he certainly did hit the nail on the head.
    Dr. Gerry J. Doyle he healed souls. Everyone of his patients knew that.
    The nice thing about it was that when you were Ill you paid for office visit, but doctor did not charge you to heal your soul.
    He had an abundance of gifts, proudly so, Never to boast!

    I guess that’s why the reverend John Unni called him a gift from god. He was the instrument that kept on giving you trust ,hope ,compassion and love by just existing. This was the soul healing, yeah taking place right under your very nose. So subtle so empowering so much foresight.
    I can attest to this ever time I
    Kindest regards.
    Richard Montemarano

  6. Gerald Fusco says:

    I’ve been having a hard time accepting this news.. Dr Doyle has been my PCP/Caridologist for over 30 years. He wasn’t just a doc to me that you would see him, get a script, and be on your way… He was something more.. You don’t find anyone like him nowadays.. There will be a huge void in our lives from his passing…

  7. Dan Currie says:

    See “Gerry Doyle healed more than just bodies …” Boston Globe, June, 27, 2019 at

  8. Margarida says:

    Dr. Gerald Doyle was my PCP and I have worked in the health care systems for over 20 years and I have not yet found a more caring, compassionate soul as Dr. Doyle.
    I am still in shock about this news.
    My sincere condolences to his family and everyone that this wonderful man has touched with his compassion.
    you will be terribly missed.

  9. Carol McCarthy says:

    Gerry has been my personal physician for over forty years–I first met him at MGH when he started his practice. He was so much more than my doctor…he was my confident and my friend. I am truly heartbroken. When I had my recent Bone Marrow Transplant, he visited me in the hospital, bringing the Boston Globe and Wall St. Journal to me. Helped me through the most difficult times of my life, including when my husband died. Gerry helped everyone. He truly was one of the best! I will miss him terribly, as I am sure all his patients feel! Rest in peace, Gerry. God Bless you and God bless your family! Thank you, thank you, thank you for always being there!
    Carol McCarthy

  10. Richie Montemarano says:

    We now have a post on
    Please! Anyone on this site, please read this wonderful article.
    This is the amazing human being that passed while doing one of many things he loved to do in this world last Friday on June 21, 2019.
    The article is by KevinCullen.
    Dr. Doyle healed more than bodies he healed souls.
    I ask the people of the caymans to help make sure that tourist are adequately informed of the risks and dangers of any type of water activities.
    Because Dr. Gerald Doyle has been saving lives for 50 years, and he may be saving them for many more years to come.
    Thank you.
    Richard Montemarano

  11. Richie says:

    This nightmare is now becoming a reality.
    How can a 56 year old male patient be so heartbroken over the loss of his doctor?
    I have been through loss before, but none so painful as this one.
    Everyone who ever had the blessing of knowing Dr. Doyle is heartbroken back here in the states.
    What is our purpose in life? Why do we exist?
    How can one human being have such a profound effect on someone, or in this case on thousands of someone’s?
    How does someone leave such an indelible footprint in this world?
    How does a doctor teach you how to be humble, kind, compassionate, loving, and inclusive?
    How do you you look forward to making a doctors appointment because your doctor brings you comfort, joy and laughter at everyone of your visits?
    How does one doctor behold so many gifts?
    How does your primary care physician help shape the human being you become in this world?
    Well I guess the only answer could be love.
    That’s it! simply LOVE!
    Thank you god for the gift of DR. GERALD J. DOYLE.
    It was the best gift.
    Just one last request though!
    See that smile, hear that laughter once again.
    Richard Montemarano

  12. Paul Cook says:

    Gerry or Doc as I always called him has been my PCP for the last twenty years. I am totally devastated by this news. You could not find a more wonderful and caring guy on this Earth. God Bless him and his Family. My sincere condolences. I’ll truly miss this amazing man. RIP Doc

    Paul Cook – Saugus, MA

  13. John Cioffari says:

    I knew dr Doyle many years ago. He was a loving compassionate man. He was a husband and great father. He had a way of making everyone around him feel special. He will be missed. Rest In Peace. John Cioffari.

  14. Cheryl and Matt Faro says:

    Dr Doyle will forever be in our hearts. We will never find a Doctor as kind, compassionate and caring as Gerry. We have been grieving since we learned of this. We have been patients of Dr. Doyle for almost 40 years. He truly was one of a kind. The best! Never even realized his age of 77 as he was very very fit. As a family who has a daughter with very severe medical challenges Gerry always had a way of relaxing us through it all. Deepest condolences to his entire family at this most difficult time.

  15. Dr. Richard Fabian says:

    Dr. Doyle was one of my best friends and colleague for many years. We started our practice at The MGH and MEEI about the same time. He was a great internist and cardiologist to every one he cared for or just knew him as a friend. Your are with God now Gerry in a special place for should like you. Rest in peace. Your loss is devastating.



  17. Pat McDermott says:

    So Sorry to here the awful news on Gerry`s passing ! He was a great guy and will sorely be missed. I had the pleasure of meeting Gerry about 18 years ago, and always looked forward to my yearly visit. My heartfelt condolences to Gerry`s family. God speed my friend !

  18. Dan Currie says:

    Dr. Gerry Doyle has been the best primary care physician/cardiologist in the world at Harvard Medical and Massachusetts General Hospital forever. I first heard of him when he gave John Kerry a clean bill of health in advance of his presidential run. Then learned he was Matt Damon’s family doctor! Not to mention to the many (lesser) others who will be shocked by this news of his loss. Please follow-up on it.

    • Richie says:

      Dan we are so heartbroken.
      His patients.
      Richie & Marie Montemarano
      I keep writing his name as Dr. Doyle but for some reason they keep editing it out. It may have to do with legalities. I just want the people of the Caymans to know who he was and how much he was loved here in Boston and all of Massachusetts.

      CNS: As explained previously, we do not name people who have died or allow commenters to do so until the next of kin have been informed. The local police have now confirmed his identity.

      • Hey Richie
        Since you called Brian to tell him about this horrible news I cannot stop thinking about him. Could not stop crying! I am so broken by the news. I have been thinking about him every day. It is so hard to understand how something like this could happen to this AMAZING doctor. As you know he has been my doctor for 20 years and for my husband Brian for 30 plus years. This one is a tough pill to swallow. I am keeping his family in my prayers.

    • Richie says:

      They now do list him as Dr. Gerald Doyle in the updated news post on this site.
      Thank you Cayman News Service!

  19. Richie says:

    Please I do not know what the protocol is for the Cayman Islands or a British territory when identifying a lost soul in its territory. I don’t ask you to break a law, however I do beg of you to identify (the victim).

    The protocol is that the police name him when all his family has been informed so that they do not learn of it by reading media reports. Not all online media respect this but we do. You have our sympathies.

  20. Richie says:

    Do lease this is Richie again from Massachusetts. I have been reading how dangerous it is to swim and snorkel off of 7MB, I beg you locals to please be honest with us in mourning for our beloved doctor and avid swimmer, is there adequate signs up for first time visitors how difficult or dangerous it may be to swim in your waters for first timers. How difficult is it for first responders to reach water accidents in this area? Please just looking to mend a broken heart. Thank you in advance o helping us find some closure, he was in great shape and an advid swimmer. Rest In Peace doctor. I love you so much!! Richie.

    • Anonymous says:

      There are no signs but that is because the difficulty level is relative. An avid swimmer in a swimming pool and an avid swimmer in the sea/ocean with waves and varying currents require very different swimming abilities.

      The difficulty level is based upon stamina but also not venturing out on your own. Anyone can get a cramp/heart attack/get into difficulty swimming at any point even in a pool. There are no lifeguards and it is widely known to swim at your own risk.

      My daughter would swim out to the buoys from the shore since she was three years old. However I would be close by swimming with her. Now she is older 12 and while I do still let her swim out there I’m not as close by. At her age and stamina level she is a better swimmer than I am now. But I would not leave her out there by herself.

      • Richie. says:

        Thank you for helping me understand what might of happened to (the victim). I appreciate your responses.
        I myself fear the ocean.
        So I find this such a terrible way to die. However I’m trying to take some solace in that he was doing something he really enjoyed.
        Kind regards,
        Too you.

      • Richie says:

        Hi anonymous, thank you for your replies.
        Does anyone of the locals have any further info on Dr DOYLES unfornuate water accident. Wa
        What part of 7mb was he swimming near, resort hotel?
        Was he snorkeling with a group of people?
        Or was he swimming alone?
        We can’t get any type of info here in the states, I think the caymans are holding onto his remains.
        We would just like some closure, do not want to interfere with the countries protocol.
        If you guys could give us anything further we would greatly appreciate it.
        Good luck with the flooding I have also been reading about. Hope everyone is ok.
        Kind regards, Richie.


    • Anonymous says:

      There are adequate signs up that indicate the presence of strong currents in areas such as Spotts on the southern coast.

      7MB on a calm, sunny day is about the easiest saltwater you can swim in besides a saltwater pool. There’s nothing difficult or dangerous about 7MBeach on a regular day.

      If I fell down and broke my neck while walking a nature trail as a tourist in the USA, no amount of signage or emergency access would’ve prevented the consequence of taking such risks.

      My sincere condolences to you.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Waters on 7MB gets deep (over head deep) very quickly, literally 20 feet from shore sometimes less. Someone just walking out there with limited ability to swim can easily get into trouble.

    If you swim for a bit thinking you can rest and touch bottom can be very deceiving! Tourists that never swim here should be warned to stay very close to shore.

  22. Ron Ebanks says:

    Very sad and I give his family my regards and may he RIP.
    Prevention is the best cure , but it is sad when you don’t see it .

  23. Shining bright says:

    I have to wonder how long the ambulance took to reach this person ? Public beach is a construction site with no designated emergency access for emergency personnel. I grieve for the loss of the family’s loved one.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wasn’t public beach so no problem with construction. But a good point is raised. If something of this magnitude does happen say near the cabanas at public beach it ain’t gonna be easy to get to them in time. Nope

  24. Anonymous says:

    Sad, very sad indeed.

    • Anonymous says:

      Who is their right minds would give a thumbs up? What is wrong with you people. A man drowned and that is what u have you say about it!!

      • Anonymous says:

        You silly goose. A thumbs up means agreement. Those that clicked thumbs up (as I did) on the post that says it is sad means they agree that it is sad. Those that thumbs down the post mean they disagree that it is sad.
        Those that thumbs down your post (as I did) are in disagreement with what you have said.

        I hope that helps explain how the thumbs work.

    • Richi says:

      Please can we update this incident ASAP. It is believed to be my doctor, he was a wonderful human being. Has helped thousands of patients over the 50 years in practice. So sad that none of us could be there to help him. We loved him like family. He loved to swim. This was heartbreaking news for anyone who knew him.

      CNS: The local police release the name after the relatives have been informed. We will publish as soon as we get that information.

      • Michele Doucette says:

        I am so very saddened. This was my PCP/Cardiologist for over 30 years. He was such a great doctor and friend. He was in a league of his own when it came to his practice. He was both professional and personal and with each yearly exam, you would receive a personal letter (yup, a letter) in the mail, explaining his findings and wishing you a wonderful & healthy year to come. He never missed one detail giving your full health report…and he’d always mention my horses, my photography or my ballroom dancing in the letters. He humbly signed them, “Sincerely Gerry”. He had a small office with a big heart. Even after moving to CT 7 years ago, I still kept him as my doc. I’m depressed that I have to find a new doc now in CT….he’s gonna be a tough act to follow!! 💔 I’ll miss you, Gerry.

        Btw, he was extremely fit and healthy. He was an avid swimmer. He walked every day from the Boston Harbor Hotel to his office across from MGH and he swam a couple miles every day. He never mentioned retirement. He loved his patients and his work.

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