Flipped car snarls up Friday traffic

| 21/06/2019 | 10 Comments
Cayman News Service
Scene of crash, 21 June 2019

(CNS): Two drivers were taken to hospital Friday, with non-life-threatening injuries after a collision on North Sound Road near Compass Drive at 1:30pm. A BMW heading northbound and a Subaru heading southbound crashed when the Subaru was making a right-hand turn by Kirk Office Supplies. The Subaru then overturned as a result of the smash.

The left lane of North Sound Road was blocked over the lunch period and into the afternoon as police and emergency services worked to clear the area, causing traffic delays.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    driving standards here are abysmal.
    free solution for cig:
    fit all police cars with dash-cams….all violations are recorded and drivers can be fined in the post.
    allow the public to submit dash cam footage to the police.

    • Anonymous says:

      Response-capable Police vehicles should be distributed in the community instead of parked at their clubhouse. Responding RCIPS vehicle yesterday, sirens blazing, made a wrong turn and headed to clubhouse instead of following ambulance north to accident scene…reappearing minutes later after doing a U turn somewhere. $6mln Motorola phones and still can’t navigate to the prescribed coordinates. Not sure they want that on video!

      • Anonymous says:

        Some police can’t even drive. I’ve seen them using the left hand lane to turn right on a roundabout; no indicators; etc. And I’ve seen them park in handicapped parking.

        I bet there are cop drivers who’ll read this and go “what’s wrong with that?” If so, you need basic driving lessons, boys and girls.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The powers-that-be really have to have a good think about allowing right hand turns on that stretch of road which just had its speed limit raised. These collisions tend to be head-ons with a lot of kinetic energy to dissipate.
    It was only a few weeks ago when that big 6 car pile-up happened in that same area, also involving the right hand turn lane.
    At least they will be getting rid of the right hand turn into printers way, which has proven time and again to be very dangerous.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I was parked right where the Beamer is sitting just this week…Sliding Doors….

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