Cops pepper spray drunk woman

| 19/06/2019 | 16 Comments
Cayman News Service
La Esperanza, Cayman Brac

(CNS): Police officers on Cayman Brac deployed pepper spray on a 23-year-old woman, who “appeared to be highly intoxicated”, at a bar on Watering Place Road Tuesday evening after she assaulted the officers who responded to a report that her bag had been stolen. At around 8pm the police went to La Esperanza bar because the woman, who was a customer there, had complained of the theft.

The officers tried to calm her down, but after they located the bag and returned it to her, the woman began making threats to kill a man in the officers’ presence and lunged at him. 

When the police intervened the woman assaulted the officers, which is when she was pepper sprayed and subdued. The RCIPS said, “It was unclear that any theft had occurred.”

The woman, who is from Cayman Brac, received medical treatment and remains under medical observation while in police custody, having been arrested for making threats to kill, disorderly conduct at a licensed premises, resisting arrest and assaulting police.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Forgot to pack the taser?

  2. Anonymous says:

    It is never ok to fight the police.

  3. Leroy Parker says:

    Rum Kai, it’s people like you why society is the way it is. Bad behavior is bad behavior! … and yet you wonder why these young people nowadays are not acting responsible. XXXX Recidivism comes about due to ones lack of respect for the rule of law. Well done copper. If we fail to take the right action we shall all doom.

    Men gamble on the side walk by H2Only, Office Environment building and Cayman Marl Road publishes the story, people ridicules her totally disregarding the fears expressed by the females who live in the vicinity who feel uncomfortable the way the men stare at them and they have no privacy because they live by the side of the road. Persons gamble there until even 3 am in the morning. They make noise and the cops are called, they leave without prosecuting anyone. The guys are then emboldened and continue to do it all day every day.

    These are anti-social behaviours which when left unchecked, they cannot be curtailed. Deal with the issues when small before they become cancerous

    CNS: As our regular readers are aware, we usually close the comments after someone has been arrested. I left the comment box open in this case so that readers can discuss the issue of the police use of pepper spray (or as you have, bad behaviour generally) but I’m being careful on other areas of discussion. I hope you understand.

    • Anonymous says:

      @at 10:06 am
      “Rum Kai, it’s people like you why society is the way it is” is a very strong accusatory statement. May be society the way it is because people like you are too eager to pull the trigger if someone’s behaviour disagrees with your standards?

      Secondly, “good” vs. “bad” is objective. Read “Guilty cop walks free in assault case” to see how BAD was made look GOOD.

      “young people nowadays are not acting responsible”? Were you always acting responsibly when you were young?

      May be “Recidivism comes about due to” people like you unwilling to help them (the criminals) to integrate back into society? Not all people who were incarcerated are hard core criminals for life.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Police brutality is one of several forms of police misconduct which involves undue violence by police members.
    Police brutality against women and children is rarely justified. Handling drunk individuals who possess no threat to police should be in Police manual.
    Cops have become sissies who use excessive force because they are afraid for their own safety. A properly trained cop would have easily apprehended this woman without violence agains her.

  5. Anonymous says:

    CNS, isn’t pepper-spray illegal?

  6. Rum Kai says:

    I honestly don’t even know who this young lady is personally but I’m more than sure she didn’t actually need to be pepper sprayed. I get that people can really act a fool when they are drunk but this could’ve been handled differently. She lunged at someone then police intervened and got a blow or two because she was trying to get at the suspected thief and told the suspected thief she was going to kill him whilst she’s intoxicated, so what? How many of you out there haven’t told someone you’re gonna kill them whilst you were sober and just really angry? Lemme guess nobody? She’s 23 for Christ sake! She doesn’t need that kind of bs on her record! Yes I understand that she brought it upon herself but all they honestly had to do was just arrest her and take her to the station for the night she gets up sober the next morning then talk to her about it and let her go about her business. If she does it again then you penalize her in whichever way the government sees fit. If the government can give a guy an $8,000 fine for disabling a man for life and another basically no time in jail for touching a little girl inappropriately at smith cove here on Grand Cayman then why charge this young lady for being intoxicated and lashing out and making “Drunken Comments” NOT THREATS. She was clearly wasted and thought someone stole her things. I mean I could totally be wrong about this young lady and the situation but tbh I really doubt the pepper spray was needed. On the real, she couldn’t have been that much of a threat. Like I said I could be wrong as I don’t know this young lady so idk what kind of person she really and truly is as I’m from Grand Cayman but I feel this could’ve been handled differently tbh!

    • Always accountable, no matter how drunk says:

      If you familiarized yourself with our laws, you would know that threat to kill is illegal, and punishable by law. Being drunk does not automatically resolve you from the consequences of your actions. It’s time to be a grown up.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ooh, please. Police are not robots, at least I hope so, and should exercise a judgement. Not act on impulses only. Laws are to protect people, not harm them. Police should be trained to resolve a situation like this without resorting to violence.

        • Anonymous says:

          This is likely the least forceful option the police had. According to the police report, she allegedly lunged at a man and assaulted officers. Their options were to physically subdue her or use pepper spray. If they took her to the ground and restrained her she would have likely been more injured. Think about tackling an angry drunk person.
          Even though she is a women the police were allegedly in harms way here and resolved it without significantly injuring her. Well done officers. Stay safe!

          • Anonymous says:

            Allegedly is the WORD. Secondly, “assaulted” is a broad meaning verb.
            Frankly, if I had known who you are, I would walk an extra mile to avoid ever crossing my path with yours. So much hate and disregard for human life.

      • Rum Kai says:

        @Always accountable, no matter how drunk, I’m familiarized with our laws but dude or dudette this is totally uncalled for! If police officers can’t resolve a problem without all the unnecessary force being used then what kind of officers are they? Like seriously she was DRUNK! I’m more than sure she could’ve been calmed down without things having to go that far. XXXX

        According to the police, drunk girl who thought someone stole her things went off and told the person she’d kill him and then she lunged at him and in the process of trying to hit him she allegedly hit the officers same time they were trying to prevent her from hitting this suspected thief. So in return the officers chose to pepper spray her because she allegedly assaulted the officers whilst lunging at and trying to hit this suspected thief.

        Like I said before I don’t know this young lady personally but I personally believe the officers went too far. They don’t even pepper spray most of the idiot guys here on Grand Cayman that do WORSE than what she did but it’s ok to pepper spray her because she was DRUNK and told someone she would kill them and lunged at this person and in the process of her lunging the officers tried to stop her but she was trying to hit this suspect so the officers got a few blows in the process. So pepper spraying her is fine because of her DRUNKEN actions?

        I don’t care it was too excessive that’s just my personal opinion because worse situations have been handled with A LOT LESS EXCESSIVE FORCE! She’s a woman for Christs sake, slap some cuffs on her, escort her out to the car, carry her to sleep it off and then have a discussion with her in the morning about it. It’s not like she had an offensive weapon in hand trying to actually kill the suspected thief.

        If they can arrest a guy who’s done worse than this and refuses to cooperate with the police without using pepper spray or tasers then why couldn’t they do the same with this young lady is all I’m trying to understand. Which is something I won’t so don’t even bother with your bright ideas about trying to get me to because what they did was wrong even her but she was treated the worse after being a victim she became the suspect all for her OWN THINGS!!!!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Good on you RCIPS! I personally know this is one of the last resorts to control unruly drunks before they commit further injury to Police Officers or anyone else. This woman would have experienced far worse from Police Officers in the US. A bit more of this control is needed on this island. The abuse Officers receive is totally unacceptable.


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