UK MPs declare climate emergency

| 03/05/2019 | 31 Comments
Cayman News Service

Jeremy Corbyn addresses a crowd after climate emergency declared by Parliament

(CNS): Members of the UK parliament have backed a motion brought by the opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn, declaring an environmental emergency. The House of Commons declaration comes on the heels of mass protests in London by grassroots environmental group Extinction Rebellion. While the parliamentary support for the declaration is not legally binding on the British government, it was described by the Labour leader as “a huge step forward” that could trigger a wave of “action from parliaments and governments around the globe”.

“We pledge to work as closely as possible with countries that are serious about ending the climate catastrophe and make clear to US President Donald Trump that he cannot ignore international agreements and action on the climate crisis,” he said.

Labour’s motion also calls on the government to aim to achieve net-zero emissions before 2050 and for ministers to outline urgent proposals to restore the UK’s natural environment and deliver a “zero waste economy” within the next six months.

In a statement about the motion, Extinction Rebellion said, “This is the first step in the government telling the truth about the climate and ecological emergency. Pressure on politicians will now increase as nothing but decisive action will suffice.”

During the debate Secretary of State for Environment Michael Gove said the government recognised that “the situation we face is an emergency”, but stopped short of officially declaring one himself.

“Five of the warmest years that this planet has endured have happened since 2010,” he told the Commons. “The consequences for all of us are visible. While statistics can sometimes be abstract and the impact can seem distant, we can all know that as individual citizens and as parents that the next generation will face the consequences if we do no take action now to deal with climate change.”

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  1. Ed says:

    You can deny it all you want but in 70 years there’ll be no Grand Cayman. Most of it will be under water.
    The time to act is now but I know nothing will happen. There are things that could be done.
    Your grandchildren are going to be quite annoyed with you.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are succumbing to the political wave that seeks to generate mega-dollars and exert further control on the population. Yes, humanity pollutes everywhere they exist. We should endeavor to clean up our act, no question.

      No, humanity doesn’t alter the climate, any more than they do on the other planets in the solar system, which have recorded minor elevations in global temperature, including even very remote Pluto (which was excluded from Planetary status, but still measured).

      Please do your own research and don’t listen to the wild-eyed people of the internet, including me. Please, just research and be extremely wary of unsupported statistics, because that is the way things are sold to the unsuspecting public. “90% of all scientists”. Yeah. There’s a great story of how that false statistic came about. Maybe I’ll bore you all with it some day, WITH links and proofs. In the meantime, please just use critical judgement and decide for yourself.

      • We need a longer snorkel says:

        I suggest you do a bit more reading yourself. There is an excellent (and sobering) report issued 10 years ago, which can be found in the CNS reference library, on the effects of climate change and sea level rise on the Cayman Islands. It might be a good idea for the relevant government ministers to read this too.

      • Anonymous says:

        9:13, I suggest you take a trip to the Northwest Territories and Yukon in Canada or Alaska in the U.S. Millions of square miles of tundra have rapidly started to melt in the last five years and the tundra is turning into mud impacting thousands of native / Indigenous villages. The people have to move from where they have been for thousands of years.

        You don’t need statistics, but need to do some travelling in the Arctic to change your perspective on climate change.

        Unless you are blind, I guarantee you will change your perspective.

  2. Anonymous says:

    List of earth disasters:

    But farting cows and carbon dioxide will destroy the earth…. Because everyone knows that THE SUN is definitely the LAST thing that significantly affects global temperatures right??…. That’s what a “mature brain” would naturally conclude these days.

    That’s “science” today… Next they will be saying that climate can also make you infertile or have ED……. OH WAIT WHAT’S THIS???

    ….I guess Africa and Saudi Arabia stopped making babies then??

    Oh, here is climate change influencing sexual violence! Wow so it’s not that we have sexual offenders that should be jailed, it’s the climate!

    Wake up… take the red pill.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Methane Rebel will get you too! toot Toot!

  4. Anonymous says:

    What BS , look outside are you under water , no your not and its 2019 , so that prediction didn’t come true but I’m paying carbon tax , that did come true , fools

  5. Anonymous says:

    A climate emergency! RUN for your lives!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      11:32, People in the Canadian and American Arctic are running for their lives as the tundra melts and turns into mud.

  6. Anonymous says:

    9:56, I Agree, climate cults are very popular these days and anyone with a mature brain, should naturally question any group called _Extinction Rebellion_.

    This narrative is right out of a sci-fi movie, since there is not ONE credible and peer reviewed scientific article that suggests the climate on the earth is about to create human extinction. This is pure hysteria and total pseudoscience.

    Let me expose you to actual facts, as this seems to be an extremely scarce commodity these days, especially in the face of all of the emotional and irrational climate hysterics.

    FACT #1: Current Co2 levels are approximately 405 PPM

    FACT #2: Coral reefs began to strive around 250 million years ago, some estimates as old as 500 million years ago between the Paleozoic period and the Mesozoic period.

    FACT #3: Co2 levels during these periods were between 5000 PPM and 7000 PPM. And coral strived. The narrative that today’s rising Co2 levels is causing the ocean to become more acidic and killing off coral by bleaching is complete BS. There are huge amounts of other factors that can cause coral death besides “climate change” which is very likely the real cause of any current coral death.

    FACT #4: Co2 level rises LAG warming by between 200-700 years. This means: First the temperature of the earth rises, THEN atmospheric Co2 levels increases. The false narrative that Co2 causes glbal temperature to rise, is FALSE at the very least, not scientifically proven *at all*. But rest assures the leftist digital bullies are busy rejigging these facts to ensure their narrative is protected, be damned real science and the facts.

    FACT #5: Man made climate change does not follow the scientific method. It is the *opinion* (called the consensus) of leftist scientists funded by carbon taxes.

    FACT #6: There are Hundreds of actual climate scientists, geologists, physicists and other scientific Nobel prize winners that DO NOT agree with man-made global warming and climate change ( Leftists advocacy groups and blog sites will try to attack and discard YouTube channels like this via ad hominem dissention, but what they won’t tell you, is that these YouTube video’s are actually showing videos of *real scientists*, not the opinions of some irrelevant YouTubers.

    FACT #7: Man-made climate change and global warming is driven by a political mission NOT a scientific one. This is evident by the refusal to debate the issue, rather some of the extreme left is calling to prosecute any “Climate Deniers”. Agree with us, or else…. Does this sound familiar?

    FACT #8: Co2 IS PLANT FOOD: What you were originally taught in biology class in schools, 20+ years ago was right. Co2 is plant food and plant strives in higher Co2 environment. This PROVEN FACT is being corrupted be leftists from every direction. The internet, in schools, the leftists scientific communities etc. but here is still a glimmer of truth available (for now until they are taken offline by leftists):
    Even cannabis growers are forced to accept this fact:

    The reality is that the climate cults out there have an army of leftist digital data falsifiers. This was made evident by Climate Gate 1 and 2. (Which they have also been busy blurring the facts of these scandals to protect their leftist narratives).

    Here are some of the real reasons climate change is so important to these leftist fraudsters. When you do further research into the underlying causes of this climate hysterics pushed by groups like Extinction Rebellion, you will find that:

    1- These people are ALL politically driven leftists, and agenda driven besides climate research. What I mean by that is you will find that these people are ALSO very active with other leftwing agendas, like abortion, income inequality, social justice, gay/transgender marriage, anti-Christian agendas and propaganda, etc. etc.

    2- There are trillions globally being generated in carbon taxes and hundreds of billions are being redistributed to these climate researchers (319 Billion in the USA alone in “Climate Research”). Do you think it’s in their interested to NOT find man made climate change? No…

    3- Because this is a leftist agenda, you will find these people to be anti-capitalists and pro socialists and to some extent full blown communists (see – Communist Party USA).

    Bet you didn’t know that did you..?

    Climate Carbon taxes allows world socialists to redistribute income on a global scale (and funding themselves handsomely in the process), also to punish wealthy countries through reparations and increasing regulatory carbon taxes. You won’t see them trying to get China or India to pay, but they are effective throughout the USA and Europe where they can actually force their guilt driven bullshit on everyone.

    4- These people are Anti-Critical-Thinking: “Critical thinking is the analysis of facts to form a judgment.[1] This generally include the rational, skeptical, unbiased analysis, or evaluation of factual evidence.”
    So comparing anyone skeptical of the notion that humans are transforming the climate into a global extinction crisis, to flat-earthers; and while suggests prosecuting people who “Deny Climate Change” is definitely NOT critical thinking. That’s a religious cult.

    5- Climate Change is driven by Social Justice, NOT science. Here are a few scholarly articles on this fact.

    Bottom line, either think for yourself, or be a pigeon for the left to use politically.

    • Cut it out says:

      Facts? What makes your perspective fact? Over 90% of climate scientists agree but because you found a few that don’t that means everybody else is wrong? I agree that critical thinking is important and I hope that people use it when reading posts like this. You clearly don’t even understand the definition of the word “fact” but you expect people to trust you on your understanding of climate change? You brush off consensus and say there are no peer reviewed studies when there are literally thousands. You’re either misinformed or willfully spreading ignorance.

      • Anonymous says:

        What makes my FACTS facts, is that you can research them objectively and confirm them. Unlike your “because these bunch of people agree, therefore it must be fact” argument…… not very well researched to say the least and you lazily accept what ever feels agreeable to you.

        • Anonymous says:

          like you straight from fox news.

          But this is all your opinion, straight from the KKK supporting right, shame on you

        • Smh says:

          FACT #7: Man-made climate change and global warming is driven by a political mission NOT a scientific one. This is evident by the refusal to debate the issue, rather some of the extreme left is calling to prosecute any “Climate Deniers”. Agree with us, or else…. Does this sound familiar?

          Do you even know the definition of the word “fact”? If you think this is a fact, there is literally no point in debating with you. You’ve clearly illustrated your bias and arguing with professional fools who can’t discern fact from opinion is a waste of time and energy.

          • Anonymous says:

            Here is one of those facts, blistering ignorant moron.


            CNS: You’ve gone googling again. Instead of name-calling, take a little time to actually read and understand. Here, go back to the original commentary in the Washington Post here instead of the baloney written about it. Pay particular attention to the last two paragraphs.

            The senator was absolutely not suggesting the prosecution of global warming skeptics or infringing on free speech. He is saying that if it can be proved in court that the fossil fuel industry has used its weight to deliberately mislead people about the affects of climate change in order to maintain its own profits, then they could be subject to the same the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act that was used against tobacco companies which spent millions convincing people that their products did not cause cancer even though they knew full well that they did.

    • Anonymous says:

      “strived”? So much for your scholarly research. 97% of the world’s scientific community agrees climate change is real and humans are causing it. I think as a person with a “mature brain” I’ll go with the consensus on this one, thanks.

      • Anonymous says:

        You do that and use your _mature brain_, along with the “Extinction Rebellion” Group prepare yourselves from the climate flood and human extinction…..meanwhile…

        ….and I’ll go with the list of Nobel Price winners in climatology, geology and physics.

        Here’s just a few of them listed (There are actually thousands):

        CNS: 1) Try to understand what consensus means. 2) Read the links before you include them. This one actually counters your point very nicely. Thanks for that. I think you’ve got into your head that climate change is a radical left idea and nothing else will penetrate.

        • Anonymous says:

          an ancient nobel poet laureat knows all about climate change.

          a few Nobel winners believed that racism was good, you agree with them or the 98% of the winners that don’t?

        • Anonymous says:

          I included it because it does make my point quite well for anyone reading it objectively (clearly you leftists at CNS aren’t and won’t ever).

          CNS: No it doesn’t. Read it again.

          Of course it’s surrounded by leftist narratives. It’s Wikipedia, but it doesn’t take away from “the list” and that there are actual scientists that disagrees with the “consensus” or better said, “a glorified agreed opinion and position”

          CNS: As I put in your other comment today, your basic philosophy appears to be:
          1. ‘Science I don’t want to believe in’ = leftist hysteria.
          2. Anything I find on the internet that backs up point 1 is definitely proper science, everything else, see point 1.
          Here, within the same article, the bits of it that you agree with are true and the bits of it that you disagree with are “leftist narratives”.

          Clearly YOU don’t don’t understand what a consensus means as opposed to an _actual scientific theory_

          CNS: This sentence is just nonsense. Scientific consensus means that most scientists agree on certain scientific theories. When it comes to the affects of climate change, the scientific consensus is overwhelming. From the link you left: “Nearly all publishing climate scientists (97–98%) support the consensus on anthropogenic climate change.” That does not mean that you cannot find someone from the 2% who will disagree.

          “I think you’ve got into your head that climate change is a radical left idea and nothing else will penetrate.”….

          May that because (please deny ANY of these):

          #1 You ARE a bunch of leftists
          #3: Climate change HAS become a political agenda push by the left
          #2: And you DO continually peddle a bunch of leftists propaganda (i.e. the new headline)

          CNS: Just to be clear, you think that all of these scientific organisations – here – are peddling leftwing propaganda but a few minutes on Google and you know the truth of it. Right?

          • Anonymous says:

            Find ONE article, by ANY of your 97%-98% (showed to be a fraudulent figure btw) that can show and scientifically falsify the non-scientific-theory of climate change that is:

            Because I can point you to many many videos of real scientists using real science to show that man made climate change is a bunch of SJW pseudoscience.

            #1 – Show that the climate would be any other temperate/climate if humans were not on earth and what that temperature would be. Not opinion! Proved! Find me 1 article.

            #2 – The optimal climate/temperature of the earth and the correct amount of climate variances vs historical recorded temperatures

            #3 – Prove that current and historical temperatures recordings can calculate the amount of change solar activity, volcanic activity, geological activity, atmospheric activity, oceanic activity and all other activity that can affect global temperatures be demonstrated and falsified. Basically negate all of the other factors to demonstrate that humans are significant more contributing to climate change.

            Good luck. Otherwise what you are you’re 98% of fake scientists is a bunch of left wing (very profitable) bullshit that can even begin to endure the basics of the scientific method.

            Oh…wait let me guess….. You’re just going to take the opinion of the 98% of scientists right? So much for real journalism you frauds!

            CNS: I have read this several times but sadly it’s a bit of a word salad and makes very little sense. I’m not really sure what you’re asking but basically, there are thousands and thousands of published scientific articles in every language but if you can dismiss the position of every major scientific organisation in the world as leftist propaganda but believe the videos you find on YouTube (so long as you agree with them), it’s very hard to find something that would make a dent. Try this, since you prefer videos
            Oh, and yes, we’ll go with the 98% of climatologists. No idea why that makes us frauds.

          • Anonymous says:

            It is not a left or right perspective in the Canadian or American Arctic where it is a fact that the tundra is melting rapidly and hundreds of villages are sinking into the mud. All of this melting started rapidly just 5 years ago. Climate change is reality for those who live in the far north.

    • Say it like it is says:

      9.49am Evidently you are also part of a climate cult based on your lengthy dissertation, a cult that “thrives” on hallucinations. Note my use of the word in inverted commas which has an entirely different meaning to the word “strives” which you have strangely misused.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Political opportunism; this is the party that’s still whining about the coal mines closing!

  8. Anonymous says:

    the cayman compass won’t like this…

  9. Anonymous says:

    Adults won’t take climate change seriously. So the youth is forced to strike.
    I fully and unconditionally support the environmental group Extinction Rebellion.

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