Six-car pile-up in GT evening rush hour

| 08/05/2019 | 23 Comments
Cayman News Service

Rush hour crash, 7 May 2019

(CNS): Several people sustained minor injuries yesterday evening in George Town when six cars were involved in one crash. The pile-up happened after a Nissan Skyline, exiting the Alissta Towers Plaza on North Sound Road, was hit by a Mercedes Benz SUV, which then ploughed into rush hour stationary traffic just before 5:50pm. The RCIPS Traffic and Roads Policing Unit, which is investigating the collision, said the Nissan had entered the middle turning lane to move into the south bound lane when it was hit by the Mercedes in the middle lane which had been aiming to enter the same plaza.

But after colliding with the Nissan, the driver of the Mercedes is believed to have lost control of the vehicle and collided with four other vehicles that were in the north bound lane. Two people were taken to hospital by ambulance from the scene and two other people went to see doctors on their own. All parties were treated for non-life-threatening injuries and released.

This latest crash comes just a week after Police Commissioner Derek Byrne railed against the poor driving standards on Cayman’s roads. Speaking at a police press briefing where it was revealed that there were 2,353 crashes on the road last year, he said it was a priority for the National Security Council to improve road safety.

But with more than 41,000 vehicles on the road, the commissioner said they were “seeing some really bad driving”.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    When Cayman adopts a proper driving test, including a compulsory 30 – 40 minute practical with INDEPENDENT assessors, and stops giving out licences like candy, then we’ll see an improvement on the roads. The Gov don’t care who is on the road. They just care about the money they make from inspections etc.

    The worst driving I’ve ever seen is on this island.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I live in Savannah – and would like to bring to the demon of these drivers that there are people living in Savannah that have the same right as you guys. I live in fear of what is going on on our roads. It’s a shame that these demon drivers have no regard for other drivers. We need a proactive resolution.

    • Anonymous says:

      By definition it would have to be a resolution or a reactive resolution – you cannot resolve something that has not already occurred.

  3. Cheese Face says:

    We have police here? I never see them in the morning. I do see a silver BMW with horrible chrome wheels and stick on M badges driving like a twat on the Linford though. Apparently thinks he’s in the British Touring Car series every morning.

    Quite hysterical when he gets caught at the lights at the cricket pitch and those who choose the other route sail past him.

    You keep dreaming buddy, I’m sure BMW Motor Sport have their eye on you 😉

    • Anonymous says:

      Castro Says
      I use to get all worked up about these fools on the road then i realized you can do what ever you want in life the question is for how long. Keep an eye out you probably wont see them in the future.

    • Anonymous says:

      There were two traffic cops on the Linford Pierson this morning around 6am. One in the usual hiding spot after the first roundabout coming from Crewe Road with a radar gun and a traffic SUV was pulling a car over on the other side of the road at the same time. On my way back the SUV had moved to the Crewe Road roundabout looking for more targets. Nothing like picking off the early birds taking advantage of the empty dual carriageway for easy money! And no I was not speeding.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I call BS.

    If that Benz was only in the middle lane to turn into the same plaza as the Nissan was exiting, it would have been going a lot slower, almost stopped versus going at a speed to cause this much damage.

    I suspect they were not using the middle lane as a turning lane at all but as their own high speed, ‘bipass everyone else’ lane.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Some of the world’s worst drivers reside here

    • Anonymous says:

      In the Brac i see police woman running stop signs without even slowing down with no sirens or flashing lights on. So some of them is bad drivers too or don’t care

  6. Anonymous says:

    The abuse and misuse of the central turning lanes is a serious issue. It is compounded when people are speeding and/or not using indicators. I have also witnessed cars “straddling” the lane… they are overlapping the driving lane and the turn lane… no clear intent of what they are doing.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Due to the daily traffic violations and collisions on this island, largely due to incompetency, it’s time now that after such collisions these people need to be retested for driving. It’s clear that they are not capable of handling a motor vehicle and it’s just a weapon of destruction in their hands. Unfortunately, they are causing so many unnecessary deaths on these roads and most of them walk away whilst the families of these poor innocent victims have to suffer the misery of such loss their entire lives. As for the drunken drivers, confiscate their vehicles on conviction just like is done with vehicles/boats that is used for a vessel carrying drugs. This, I can assure you will make these idiots think twice about drinking and driving and they’ll still have to continue with the payments to the finance company.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Judging by the photo the Benz is stopped in the south bound lane!!!

    • Ron Ebanks says:

      Cayman roads are getting worse than I75 express high way , I expect that kind of thing there , but not on a small Island , and don’t try to tell me that Cayman is a big Island now .

    • Ron Ebanks says:

      After reading the article I find it very laughable but sad , and I wish the injured people a speedy recovery .
      Think about this the Chief of Police just urged everyone to look at BAD DRIVING and the next few days you have someone driving a fast car and don’t know that FAST CAR CAN GO SLOW and caused a 6 car pile up LOL .
      I hope that the Driver of the Benz learn that his car can go slow and that the excelarator doesn’t control the speed of the car , and should be disqualified for at least 2 years for everyone else safety on the roads .

      • Anonymous says:

        Ron you keep posting on someone’s comment rather than on the news article itself (ALL the time). This means you are responding to the commenter and your post doesn’t reference what they have said.
        Go to the very bottom of the article and post from there. That way your post goes to the top of the page as ‘most ‘recent’.
        Got it?

  9. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think I cause that much damage if I tried. Driving here sucks so much.

  10. Anonymous says:

    It wasn’t a crappy old Honda! Must be some kind of a record!

  11. Anonymous says:

    While both sad and serious news , pleased to see another 6 cars probably permanently off the road , judging by the Benz. Not to mention the idiot driver that caused this.

  12. Abys says:

    At first I figured it was the typical idiots who take the middle lane from humane society alllllll the way down to turn off down the road past Kirk’s.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if that was their intention and turning into “the same plaza” was the perfect excuse to save face.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with that

    • Anonymous says:

      @4:44 exactly my thought as well. He was obviously traveling at a good speed to cause that much damage. How could he possibly be intending to turn into Alista Towers and cause such a destruction of vehicles?

      • Anonymous says:

        I would bet this is exactly what happened. I saw this exact behavior a couple of weeks ago and guess what all in front of a police cruiser that did absolutely nothing. I guess he wasn’t a traffic cop so no need to enforce traffic laws! The standard of driving on this Island is just horrible. Half these drivers should not be on the road


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