Listen Up! Gutting the Conservation Law

| 15/05/2019 | 21 Comments
Cayman News Service

Ghost orchid in the Ironwood Forest in George Town

(CNS Podcast): Just last week a new government committee established to review the Cayman Islands National Conservation Law had its first meeting behind closed doors. The decision to review and, as most people suspect, water down the law comes at an alarming time for our planet. In Episode 4 of ‘Listen Up! with CNS, podcast host Kingsley Donalds Jr and CNS reporter Wendy Ledger discuss what is at stake if government guts this law.

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  1. Jack Sloper says:

    We can only agree with the CNS stance on the desire to combat global warming and the need to control over-development of a small island which is to quickly running out of environmental space.However,from a practical viewpoint it would be a better strategy not to mix them up together .The former is a practical problem for the super-powers to deal with and the latter is for Cayman alone, even though the problem is part of the big picture.
    Combing the two in the attack sounds a bit like a 6th former’s essay.This is a pity, diluting the one with other if you are to get more public support and awareness of Cayman’s road to environmental ruin.

    • Anonymous says:

      A good 6th former who was reasonably bright would be able to draw the link between global warming and rising seas which now seriously impacts coastal areas in Canada, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, New Jersey and low lying Grand Cayman with many beaches and beach erosion tied to rising seas.

      Sorry Jack, you get a D for not doing enough research. You need to think bigger.
      Keep reading and studying. You will get it eventually.

      For your homework suggest you look at pictures in front of the Marriott from 15 years ago. Ask yourself, What happened to the beach?

      • Jack Sloper says:

        Thank you so very much for informing me that sea levels are rising and offering as possibly irrefutable scientific evidence the disappearance of a beach,whoever you are.
        I must have missed it
        I must look out not to get my spats wet.

        However,rising seas is hardly likely to be Cayman’s fault and is out of Cayman’s sphere of influence anyway, except perhaps to register fear for the future and to protest in the established way ,as some threatened South Seas islanders are doing formally at this very moment
        But uncontrolled development in Cayman IS within its ambit.
        .CNS-keep on lobbying.

  2. satirony says:

    China Harbour Engineering has been blacklisted by the World Bank, so why are we even talking to them?

  3. Gibraltor says:

    10% of the oxygen we breathe is made by bacteria in the ocean. What do you think will happen to our oxygen levels if you keep raping the environment/ocean? Here’s a hint, it’s the opposite of whats happening with our carbon dioxide now. All I have to say is, stupid politicians.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Couldn’t this be done as a debate? Invite someone from the pro-development side to refute your arguments if they can. I agree with the message in this podcast but it would have much more power if you could include the pro-developers and in the process display their true colours.

  5. Ron Ebanks says:

    I think that the best thing that the Cayman Islands can contribute to the world global warming , is all the politicians to become environmentally neutral .

  6. Anonymous says:

    As if turning Cayman into a low carbon footprint, rainforest will save humanity. Co2 at historic highs, industrialized countries STILL the leaders in greenhouse gases emissions. The sad truth is, it is too late. Taking the “moral high ground” is pointless without REAL change from the major polluters around the world. Cayman is but a spec on the planet, our contribution in either direction is minuscule.

    Don’t fool yourselves. It has reached the point of no return, so why bother.

    If we woke up tomorrow and saw that the USA, China, India, Europe and others have cut their polluting rate drastically, then we can think about REAL proactive steps towards trying to reverse the impending doom. But apart from that, it pointless.

  7. Anonymous says:

    PPM is controlled by secretive DART.

    DART ordered the gutting of the Nstional Conservation Law.

    DART did not want any information about their part in the killing of the National Conservation Law to be exposed so all deliberations are in secret.

    MAC’s and Alden’s UDP / PPM government has become like the Saudi government in secret killed Kadhogi, thinking the world would never know the facts.

    DART has ordered MAC and ALDEN to kill the National Conservation Law – the Committee are the Executioners.

    MAC and ALDEN are betraying the trust of Caymanians.

  8. Anonymous says:

    CNS: please comment on the following article. What is your response to the allegation that you published incorrect information regarding the Crown’s intention to extradite Carol Ann McNeill-Skorupant //

    CNS: On the day of the mention of this case, following the first trial where a jury could not reach a verdict, the judge issued a warrant for her arrest and queried the issue of extradition. Neither the acting DPP, Patrick Moran, nor the author of the Compass report above were in court. The CNS reporter, who was in court, checked with the prosecutor on the day, who confirmed that the crown would be seeking extradition. We stand by the report. As people seek to apportion blame in this tragic case, attempting to undermine the veracity of our accurate report does not help anyone.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Inquisition began…
      She broke Laws. Innocent people try to right their wrongs.
      Something is fishy…what was her intent with that gun?
      The Security Check Point on Cruise Ships are used for each and every Embarkation, which includes all Ports of Call.
      Kudos to ORIA for finding her gun.
      …I could just imagine how Grand Cayman and the CIG would have been ripped apart in World News if her gun was found at her Cruise Ship’s Check Point.
      What was she thinking?
      May she RIP, her soul is now at rest.

  9. Kadafe says:

    If we are planning to do this, may I now legally own a cayman parrot?

    • Anonymous says:

      It is very sad that this woman ended up the way she did, however the more news that come out about her the more questions arise. I believe if she had return to face trial, she would have been treated fairly, probably just fined like has been done to so many others who inadvertently brought in weapons/ ammunition. Surely her attorney must have given her that information when she was granted bail.

      • Anonymous says:

        12:28 “Treated fairly” my a$$. You’re out of your &u$king mind. That woman was never in physical possession of her gun. Translating: she didn’t bring her gun to Cayman, never put her finger on the gun while in Cayman and never would’ve gotten that suitcase had someone, not her, sent it to Cayman. You arrest, keep in jail and charge people on pure assumptions and mind reading. Meantime you give not guilty verdicts to criminals who had guns hidden in their own homes in Cayman. At least 3 cases in the past few years.

        • Anonymous says:

          She knew her gun was in her luggage! She knew she did not have Legal Permits to travel out of state with it…

        • Anonymous says:

          If you break Laws, there is a chance something like this would happen.
          She took that chance. She did not have legal permission to take it out of her state. We all have choices.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes, she was in physical possession of her gun.
          She packed her suitcase. She knew she did not have the criteria to travel out of her state with her gun. She broke Law.

    • Anonymous says:

      No Kadafe, they eat all the mangoes on my tree.

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