Domestic abuse reports skyrocket

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Cayman News Service(CNS): The RCIPS Family Support Unit and the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) are dealing with an average of 185 domestic abuse referrals every month as well as 62 child safeguarding reports, according to statistics released this week by the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service. Officials said that presenting accurate statistics on domestic crimes can present a challenge because they do not fall into specific categories of offences. The police have therefore been monitoring referrals, which more than doubled for domestic violence in 2018 compared to 2017, while child safety reports increased by more than 50%.

Last year FSU officers and MASH dealt with 2,218 cases of suspected domestic violence and 747 child safety referrals.

While the figures appear very high, in many cases investigations revealed no violence or abuse. Given the mandated obligation for people in certain positions, such as teachers, nurses or counsellors, to report any potential abuse against children, the numbers reflect everything from reports of teen runaways to unruly behaviour.

In 2018 almost half of the child safety referrals (351) were categorised as general child welfare, but around 22% were reports of physical and sexual abuse. Officers dealt with one attempted murder of a child, seven cases of rape and 58 reports of youth cruelty or neglect.

Of the 2,218 domestic violence referrals, police said that 45% amounted to civil disputes but almost a quarter involved actual or common assault. There was also one domestic violence related murder last year, an attempted murder, 13 cases of GBH and six cases of rape.

The 124% jump in reports or referrals relating to domestic violence was attributed in part to the creation of MASH, as well as an increase in awareness following high profile cases and authoritative verdicts in the courts, which police said may have given people more confidence to come forward.

But police also said it was “not clear that behaviour change on the part of victims alone can account for the dramatic increase in referrals”.

The improvement in the consistency of referrals from front-line police officers may also have contributed to the increase along with the execution of comprehensive training for all mandated reporters integrated them into the child protection process.

Graph below: Domestic Violence and Child Safeguarding Referrals, 2014-2018
Red indicates domestic violence referrals, while purple indicates child safeguarding referrals (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

Cayman News Service

Graph shows that DV referrals more than doubled in 2018 over the year 2017, which was already a steep increase over 2016. Altogether there has been a steady increase in both DV and CS referrals since 2015, with sharp increases in 2018 of 124% and 52%, respectively.

Source: RCIPS

See crime stats and accompanying document in the CNS Library

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I wonder what “bishop” Sykes has to say about this. By his frequent writings it is clear he is utterly obsessed by the “gay problem” (one wonders why? hmmm) and of course he is a major figure in that depressing group of people called the Cayman Ministers Association, who, shockingly, in a country which is supposedly not a theocracy, were allowed massive input into the discussions on the Constitution (so as not to lose the bible vote). So, Mr Sykes, are you and your colleagues going to rise up in righteous fury about domestic violence? Or is it one of these things, like slave owning, that the Old Testament is ok with so “nothing to see here, move on”?

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said, 7:06. That Minister’s Association has a very unhealthy fundamentalist Old Testament based influence in a country/territory/ jurisdiction (choose your term) that aspires to take its place in the 21st century.

  2. A says:

    What about wives who abuse their husbands and dangle access to the children if they report?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sanctions for human rights violations should be imposed on the Cayman Islands. Only then thing would start changing. The number of violence cases against women and children in proportion to the country’s population is astonishing.
    Stone age mentality wouldn’t go away on its own. “cultural” habits would not go away on its own. The Cayman Islands must be forced to eliminate the roots of this problem.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What do you expect when men that hit women end up in government posts and are elected to the LA? What message is the Premier sending by such appointments?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I dealt with domestic abuse 20 years ago. I was thrown in the ocean at the end and left there. The guy who I was married to name was XXXXX from West Bay. I reported it to the police and the officer said he would file an attempted murder charge.

    However, weeks went by and nothing happened the file just disappeared. Is there something I still do? I see him walking around West Bay every time I visit the island.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Domestic violence, adultery , all fine…. but same sex marriages and we have a March. Let’s see the reaction to this….. let’s see how many of our MLAs speak out about this.

    • Anonymous says:

      So much domestic abuse, Cayman women in danger thanks to this govt. There are men imported into the island that are from 3rd world countries that condone and culturally practice beating women even condone death to a spouse for looking at another man with admiration or desire.So what do you expect, Don’t you have a large demographic of Middle Eastern nationals living and working there now? In India men are allowed to beat their women and even kill them in the name of punishment for disobedience or disrespect to their father or husband. The lawmaker idiots running Cl govt is only interested in dollar bills, they are a bunch of idiotic morons with no vision and no ability to make positive changes to better the lives of Caymanianians.Sorry women of Cayman, but your govt have sold you as slaves to the highest bidder.Expect RAPES, child sexual abuse, and physical abuse, domestic violence leading the top polls of crimes in this region like never before. The small island is developing to fast for its small size, things are blowing up! Women arm yourselves with a fire arm, pepper spray, machete, strait Razer, a baseball bat, anything you can get your hands on, and let the law know you hit him in self defense.Youre on your own, so arm yourselves. This is not the Cayman we knew.lts gone, never to come back.All for filthy lucre, and greed.Thanks Alden and Mckeeva Bush, both of your govt a did this to us, so no finger pointing at eachother.youre all the same, using different party hats but cut from the same cloth of greed and power hungry.

    • Anonymous says:

      Great point, since we have domestic abuse, why not make polygamy legal.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Anyone checking to see if any abusers are expats or status recipients. Any action taken by immigration? Anyone doing anything effective? Anyone?

  8. Anonymous says:

    I don’t want to even think about what the figures would look like if men were to start to make reports whenever they are abused.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Should be here like the U S. Women beaters, druggies, jail birds, etc. will never be voted in Govt.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s the problem here now trying to turn our little island into America next thing we going here of mass shootings of innocent people, our culture has dissipated because of these devils and they already fd up their place now they turning this place into a shithole to suit their accommodations.
      If you love America so bad then why don’t you just kindly go back.

      • Anonymous says:

        More perverts per square mile back in the UK.

      • Anonymous says:

        6:09 pm. You don’t the common sense to understand that Govt. Law makers should not have skeletons in their closets.

        • Anonymous says:

          6:09 am. You seem to lack the common sense to even properly check your comment before posting, that just goes to show that either you’re illiterate or very angry, either way the truth always hurts, lol. But I will agree with you about our law makers but the root of their problems still lies with all the greed being introduced by the Americanized system because they come here to our paradise with billions of dollars to spend and change laws just to keep the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.
          America has already effected us and things are only bound to get worse, every man for themselves and GOD for us all.

          • Anonymous says:

            If Cayman would pull away and go anti U S A, like Venezuela, then we would be a many times worst than Venezuela. Name one country that is against U S A that is profiting/doing good.North korea, Nicaragua etc.?

          • Anonymous says:

            6:09 am, why do you visit U S A, if you hate it and so against it ? why don’t you go to Venezuela, Cuba or maybe Nicaragua and stay in one of those countries and see how good they are doing, being anti U S A ?, thanks and Goodbye.

    • Bertie : B says:

      Yes great example made by the U.S , lets see hmmmmm oh yes Donnie T . smh

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’m eagerly waiting for Anthony and Julianna to lead a demonstration against domestic abuse and I am especially looking forward to Julianna’s “speaking in tongues type” babbling ten minute prayer asking for God to forget the gay issue for a minute and turn his attention to domestic abuse.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I’m ready and waiting for the Churches to come together and have a rally around this issue…date and time please.

  12. Anonymous says:

    And not a single demonstration or protest from our leaders and churches?

    Beating up women and children is perfectly fine and acceptable here in the Cayman Islands, but god forbid two consensual adults of the same sex try and get married! The churches should be ashamed of themselves. They are utterly despicable!

    • Anonymous says:

      You took the words right outta my mouth. What a complete disgrace the churches are. Cowards who house most criminals.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s okay to sin as long as you’re not gay and you say sorry on Sundays. Oh, and don’t forget some money for the offering tray!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yep! Talk about effed up priorities…

    • David S,, says:

      Churches should teach the body how to behave, but they’re not to blame.How about electing people who are not violent, but will pass tiugh laws against such behavior. How does anyone think for one minute that domestic violence will be rooted out of society when you keep electing cavemen who beatup their wives and daughters.The cycle ontinues.A daughter who is beaten up by her father in the name of punishment or chastisement, will result in that daughter choosing the wrong man for a mate who will beat her up too and or windup taking her very life. Churches can provide counseling yes, but we need tough laws passed to stop this abuse.lm sure voters know who the elected politicians are that have been guilty of spousal and child physical abuse. Years ago a candidates rejected at the polls because of treating his children harshly or abusing them physically. That electkon law or policy needs to continue to set an example for the rest.

    • Anonymous says:

      The people even voted a woman beater in to the L A

    • Johnny Rotten says:

      Don’t forget adultery & bigamy, which are also not spoke about by church officials. Both of these are rampant and have become well accepted in our society.

      • Anonymous says:

        Wake up Cayman. Boycott your churches and don’t return until your churches take a positive stance against abuse. You do not need bricks and mortar to pray to the Lord, you can do this in the quiet of your own home without relinquishing power to these so called pastors.

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