Badly injured cop sues RCIPS bosses

| 11/03/2019 | 25 Comments
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(CNS): A police officer who sustained a fractured skull while on duty and who is still struggling with a catalog of mental and physical health problems six years later is suing the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, as he says they were negligent in their failure to provide him with protective headgear. Police Constable Fitzroy Talbert, who is still a member of the RCIPS, recently filed the legal action in Grand Court, in which he is seeking damages and medical costs. He claims he continues to suffer from the injuries caused when a rock was thrown at him close to an East End bar. 

Talbert and other officers responded to a call about a disturbance outside the Pirates Cove Bar in the early hours of 23 March 2013. He was part of the armed support unit at the time and was provided with a bulletproof vest but no helmet when he went to the scene, where a large crowd had gathered outside the bar. At the time police reports suggested that as many as 100 people were in that crowd.

The lawsuit states that there were people in the crowd that were “of interest” to officers, so the police approached the area to monitor the crowd. Suddenly and without any warning, a rock was thrown by someone in the crowd and struck Talbert in the head, the legal claim states. He was knocked out instantly and was taken immediately to the Cayman Islands Hospital, where he received emergency surgery.

A part of his skull was removed as well as bone fragments that were embedded in his brain tissue. After the operation it took Talbert more than a year to learn to walk and talk again, and to this day he suffers from a long list of problems for which he is still being treated.

In his legal action he stated that he has undergone extensive medical and rehabilitative treatment over the years and still has difficulties speaking and walking. He suffers from seizures, blackouts, headaches, insomnia, problems with his eyesight, memory loss, depression and a loss of strength in his right arm and right leg.

Talbert asserts that if he had been wearing protective headgear he would not have sustained such a severe injury and that the failure of the RCIPS to carry out a risk assessment of the incident before dispatching officers left him vulnerable to injury.

A 19-year-old man was arrested in relation to the incident a few days after Talbert was assaulted but was never charged. No other arrests or charges have ever been made, even though a $50,000 reward was posted by government and Cayman Crime Stoppers.

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  1. Ricki M says:

    Dearest anon 10:48am you are living in lala land it’s already here and we keep embolden local wannabe criminals and importing violent thugs with vast experience in crime. We are far too late now buddie our government are way too addicted to immigration fees to keep our political elite in their lavish lifestyles. As for those local punks who injured officer Talbert still running around the district in their spouses and girl friends car and white truck doing absolutely nothing but bragging about and continuing their criminal exploits.

  2. JusticeInCayman says:

    This is a wider workplace safety issue across Cayman. Every Employer should do risk assessment and determine what safety procedures need to be in place. From that they will know what safety equipment needs to be issued to staff.

    If that’s not done, it’s breach of duty of care under the Workmen Compensation and other common LAWs.

    RCIPS/Govt should have settled this out of court. Now, it will cost everyone more money and at the end of the day, the officer’s legal and constitutional rights have to be upheld.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Disgusting behaviour on the part of the rock-thrower.

    We cannot allow this lawless culture to over-run this country like Chicago, Kingston, or Manchester.

    Wishing Mr. Talbert a speedy and full recovery – and his medical costs covered by RCIPS, as a minimum.

    Re the resistance to equipping our reaponders to resembling soldiers or SWAT – it appears that will be for our criminal element to determine.

    – Who

    • Anonymous says:

      And which areas of Chicago does this type of behavior occur? Build that wall, keep out the sh*t countries that we all know are causing all the problems. It wont happen without resistance in the USA since managers need cheap labor so they can visit the Cayman Islands.

      • Anonymous says:

        USA is the biggest shithole country of them all, and Cayman chooses to follow in their footsteps, this is what we get you reap what you sow, just hope it doesn’t get as bad as America, then we all will be in a world of shit.

  4. Anonymous says:

    To all other Police officers beware !! this is how the RCIP treat you when you need them the most ? which is partly why I don’t work for them anymore.
    Take a good look at their compassion, and care …Personally i think its disgusting,shame on them and the government for the officer having to resort to this action

    • Anonymous says:

      Compassion my ass…..they need to pay this man off and the pregnant woman they drag out her house and the boy they taser in east end too…. many more to mention but look at this just write a check dumbasses!

  5. Anonymous says:

    We don’t need officers rolling up in flak jackets and full riot gear for every little disturbance. Please don’t turn Cayman into America, it’s already little Jamaica here.

    • Anonymous says:

      unless you need their help of course!!

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s issues of this nature & gravity why other countries has issued riot gear. The organization has a responsibility to employees safety. You asked for the officers not to turn out in riot gear however didn’t give any sympathy for the officer or asked for the person or persons responsible for his permanent injury to be handed over to justice. Make note it will happen again due to lack of accountability on all aspects .

      • Anonymous says:

        So a rock was thrown.. I feel bad for the officer truth be told but, that doesn’t warrant sending out officers equipped in full ballistic gear as if their at the frontlines of Normandy. Police are to deescalate situations not further them. This starts with a positive relationship among the people they serve, something that the community here lacks.

    • CaymanWorkersSafer says:

      In that case why do some have firearms? The point is to assess every situation . Prepare for the worse and equip accordingly. Criminals have fired shots after police. Minimum ballistic vest and helmet. That’s not US or any other sense. Common sense.

      If their plan fails, at least they could say, “unfortunately our safety procedures weren’t enough” It’s just lack of duty of Care to have nothing in place.

      • Anonymous says:

        Some of have firearms because they are part of an armed unit that have the capability to respond to dangerous situations involving active shooters. Like I said, we don’t need seal team 6 to respond to every little disturbance. Most times all it takes is a level headed individual with the right know how to deal with less dangerous events like domestic disturbances.

  6. ano says:

    Very sad, but unfortunately ptotective headgear is not standard issue for the police.

    • What a farce says:

      Exactly. Also as A FIRST RESPONDER he was responsible for assessing the situation not 911 who were no where near the scene. How in good conscience can you sue your employer who has and are still bending over backwards and forwards for you?

      It’s called “ my contract is up so let’s milk the CI Government for everything I can get”.

    • Anonymous says:

      It ought to be in situations where clearly they thought bulletproof vests were appropriate. What if a shot fired above their vests?

    • Anonymous says:

      A standard ‘bump cap’ with protection built into a baseball style cap with Police insignia would possibly have been enough. These caps are widely available and would certainly have taken most of the force out of the falling rock thrown by this moron.
      But the RCIPS can’t even get a decent standard uniform made by professional uniform tailors, so no hope of a professional approach to safety equipment procurement.

  7. Anonymous says:

    My empathy goes to the injured policeman.

    Dump workers, firefighters and garbage collectors all lack proper protective gear. Head, eyes, ears, lungs and respiration, hands, feet and skin must be protected at all times. Reflective vests are a must.

    • Anonymous says:

      Let’s not forget the poor guys and girls on the ambulance please. We asked for protective gear and were denied. Safety not a concern for staff

      • Anonymous says:

        I can’t believe it. I thought CI is a civilized country.

      • Anonymous says:

        Submit request in writing and keep a copy. Purchase your own protective gear and submit receipts for reimbursement. Document the refusal to reimburse. Expose the situation on social media.
        P.S. Thank you for your hard and dangerous work.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Fitzroy Talbert, I am sorry that this happened in the course of you trying to protect us.
    An ignorant douchebag destroys a man ability to lead his normal life. My heart goes out to this officer.
    I hope karma treats the rock thrower fairly and strongly.

  9. Anonymous says:

    you cant win against govt…period

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