Miller gives his backing to civil unions

| 20/02/2019 | 106 Comments

Cayman News Service(CNS): Ezzard Miller has given his support to the introduction of civil unions, offering the same legal rights as married couples to same-sex couples as well as opposite-sex couples in common-law relationships. Speaking for himself and not the official opposition group, he said he still does not support marriage equality but said “in my personal opinion” government should move quickly on a law for civil unions, preventing any imposition from the UK on how the Cayman Islands deals with the issue. Miller said government had abdicated its responsibility to the courts because of politics when it should have already acted.

“I don’t want us to interfere with the Marriage Law but I support civil unions for both same-sex and opposite-sex couples who have common law relationships,” he said. “I would have preferred the government to have taken the lead on this issue to avoid the possibility of the UK or the governor forcing a constitutional change. I want the Legislative Assembly to accept responsibility and deal with it in a way that is acceptable to the majority of the Caymanian people.”

While Chief Justice Anthony Smellie is yet to deliver his ruling on the landmark case brought by Chantelle Day and Vickie Bodden, during the trial earlier this month the government’s lawyer conceded the need for some form of civil union.

In light of the government’s decision not to defend the need for legal partnerships for same-sex couples, it is clear that the chief justice, at a minimum, will make some form of order for government to address this gap in the statute.

But Day and Bodden’s legal team remain confident that the senior judge was persuaded by the legal arguments made during the trial that the court has the power to modify the Marriage Law and pave the way for full marriage equality.

Conversely, Miller does not believe that the courts have the power to change legislation in that way and, because of the separation of powers, it must be parliament that amends laws. And since he sees no political or public support for changing the Marriage Law, he believes government should introduce civil unions as soon as possible, so that locally elected officials shape that legislation in such a way to find a solution that everyone can be happy about.

Miller is the first member of the opposition to go on record voicing support for some form of legal same-sex civil union. And while he still does not support true marriage equality, some of the opposition group that he leads are even less accommodating when it comes to the rights of the LGBT community.

Veteran MLA Anthony Eden has not only opposed the idea of marriage equality, he has been vitriolic in his condemnation of LGBT people as well as their rights, even for same-sex unions. Eden resigned from the PPM over gay rights issues in 2015 after the government was forced to recognise the dependency rights of a same-sex spouse by the Immigration Appeals Tribunal.

When he crossed the floor, former PPM member Alva Suckoo followed Eden to the opposition benches and he has also opposed equality for the LGBT community.

But all eyes now are on the courts. Whatever the chief justice’s decision, there is little doubt that the government will need to address this matter sooner rather than later.

Speaking at the opening of the Overseas Territories Attorneys General conference here in Cayman on Wednesday, Premier Alden McLaughlin described the matter of same-sex relationships as one of several “exceptional challenges” that Cayman and other territories are dealing with.

He said that government was awaiting what would be a seminal judgement on an issue “which presents …for all of the territories, real challenges politically and socially”.

While the premier has previously urged opposition members in the Legislative Assembly to be more tolerant, the current make-up of the Government of National Unity that he leads may prove equally problematic for the PPM leader.

In the coming weeks he will need to deal with the chief justice’s ruling, and he is likely to find that it’s not just conservative members of the community and the opposition benches who present the political challenges he spoke of, but he may face resistance from his Unity partners and even some of his own Progressive members.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Once again, Christianity and religion in general is not the SOLE objection to same-sex marriage or the “equalisation” of all human relationships.

    It is so frustrating to witness this low-frequency exchange…on both sides.

    There is ageless and countless evidence, from all corners of the world, of the fact that the human community is optimised when reared and influenced by the opposing energies necessary for human life in the first place.

    See, a science and research supported fact (albeit now considered “politically incorrect) – and not a scripture or bible leaf in sight.

    It is baffling how mankind strives and endeavours to preserve the purest forms of nature in respect to pollution, climate change, endangered species, animal cruelty, recycling, renewable energy, electric cars, etc.

    However, as it concerns the fundamentals of human life we are quick to crumple up and throw into the waste bin.

    Good luck with that.

    – Who

    *There is nothing EQUAL to heterosexuality.
    No hate – simply a natural and biological fact.

    • Anonymous says:

      “There is none so blind as a dumb ass”


    • Anonymous says:

      My parents divorced when I was 8 because one cheated on the other. I was raised by just one of them while the other hopped over to another island. I turned out just fine.

      I don’t think an additional parent would’ve done any more harm than the trauma of going through a divorce and losing a parent at such a young age.

      Furthermore, any children up for adoption are either orphans or were to be born to an unfit parent. Are you implying it is better to raise children in an orphanage or give them to their unfit parents? There is no law saying that you must be in a straight relationship to adopt.

      Also, homosexuals already made their bed in terms of having kids. If they really wanted them, they wouldn’t be gay. The few that want to adopt are outliers.

      You’re blowing it out of proportion as if we’re going to go extinct because people are having kids.

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: “Also, homosexuals already made their bed in terms of having kids. If they really wanted them, they wouldn’t be gay.”

        Okay Bud-Bud, that type of logic lets me know you are not ready for this debate and not really worth the time and energy required for a meaningful reply.

        However, I see your personal family background as supposed evidence debunking my contributions, and in return I raise you the following example of “evidence” that gay couples are dangerous, and often murderous, in respect to child-rearing;

        By way of your approach we are both correct.

        – Who


    • Anonymous says:

      None of what you mention will disappear if the gay minority are allowed to coexist in harmonious marriage.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nobody asked for the babbling history of your reasons for being a jerk, and frankly, those excuses in 2019 really don’t matter. It’s already a civil obligation of UK territories, backed by higher court precedent. Alden, the lawyer, knew that going in, and continued the charade on our dime despite the assured outcome. That’s the only thing that “smart” Caymanians should be talking about right now.

      • Anonymous says:

        Firing personal insults toward fellow anonymous posters is really not a good look – just so you know.

        Anyway, in case you are unaware, in addition to a defender of Cayman’s definition of marriage, I am actually a strong proponent of civil partnerships.

        – Who

    • Dexter Layman Ebanks says:

      I like these one liners

      Tim Allen said I believe in Gay Marriages so that Gays can be a miserable as straight people and won’t feel left out

  2. George Towner says:

    My dear Ezzard, rights or no rights,

    That you would accept a sexual lifestyle that opposes God, and participate in the legislation of it, would be a huge mistake on your part! It shows you are compromising to their demands.

    • Unison says:

      I have to concur with you. If I was in his shoes, I would have nothing to do with “gay rights.” There are natural human right that apply to everyone – but gay rights don’t. And if you have a good conscience and believe in God, there is no way you can vote for Same-sex marriage. The Chief Justice will have to make an important decision: Are we for civil partnerships, or, better, will he declare it is against his conscience, and no civil partnership.


    • Anonymous says:

      Leviticus 20:10 – let’s bring back the death penalty for straight people who cheat since we’re picking and choosing verses from Leviticus to be against it.

    • Anonymous says:

      The God I worship came to save the sinners not the righteous like you I am sure your Heaven will welcome only people like you. I don’t have to subscribe to their lifestyle any more that I do to the criminals but they should have certain legal protections.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Christians we are not here to save the world. Remember The World Hates God. This ruling has to come and it will get worst.

    Christians are here to spread the Gospel.
    God is still giving us time to repent.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ezzard Miller is proposing what amounts to “separate but equal”. Here’s the truth about “separate but equal”: It’s ALWAYS separate — and NEVER equal. Just ask America’s black population about the long history of “separate but equal”. It’s a policy whose goal is to continue the discrimination while pretending not to. Shame on you, Ezzard. You know better than this. Is it too much to ask that you be a STATESMAN for once and do the right thing instead of the political thing? Marriage equality — yes, “MARRIAGE” equality — needs to be provided for immediately. Isn’t 10,000 years of discrimination against gays enough?

  5. Bertie : B says:

    All the same arguments have been debated in many civilized societies that now allow same sex marriage ! So far the many millions of people that live in those countries have not turned gay nor has God sent his wrath on them . So much for the man and woman bible talk and homophobic remarks huh ? If all the negative/ mostly anonymous and hurtful comments used their time on this earth for the common Good , they would be helping out starving children that are being murdered around the world in war . Not picking on two lades in love . Or is that out of your little island mentality ? read the news , you all obviously have access to the internet .

  6. Anonymous says:

    The truth is, many Caymanians limit themselves, and their own people, by clinging to extreme right wing theology preaching a flawed and vengeful morality code from the 17th Century. It bears no resemblance to contemporary Christian thinking, or modern society, and unfairly disregards the prescriptive civil rights our own people should enjoy as a UK territory.

  7. Anonymous says:

    There’s something SERIOUSLY wrong with the fact that same sex marriage in the Cayman Islands gets more people outraged than the fact that our public school system is FAILING OUR CHILDREN!!! WEAK/POOR is what the audits say, but nobody cares! It’s pathetic and sad!! You all would rather petition the LBGT community’s rights than to petition the rights of our kids to get a GOOD and PROPER education!! Isn’t having our kids become successful adults more important than if two women get married in this country?????? Or does it make you idiots feel better when you see teenagers walking around with their pants below their butts, kissing their teeth at women or hanging out on the beaches drinking beer all day, unable to complete a sentence in proper English??!! Get your head out of the sand and get pissed off at something that will actually benefit this community- EDUCATION!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Feel free to petition then. What’s stopping you?

    • Anonymous says:

      I went through the same school system and now have a Bachelor’s degree paid for through scholarships that I qualified for with my grades. My parents aren’t rich so don’t come with silver spoon. My parents actually gave a damn and didn’t let me go out drinking as a teen unlike the majority of our youth.

      There’s room for improvement, but our school system isn’t broken if it can put out Caymanians like myself (not to blow my own horn). I hated how strict my parents were with my education but now I understand. Unfortunately most of our youth are the same way or worse.

      What is broken is this system that denies two Caymanian adults their rights because the churches have too strong a grip on the politicians like Eden and Julie. Gay people don’t go to church and pay them their $$$$$ offering, but the straight adulterers still do to repent and repeat.

      • Anonymous says:

        Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools…….you know how this ends, you sound smart.

      • Anonymous says:

        that’s great that you did so well in the public school system, but my point was more to the fact that the schools themselves are getting the failing marks first and foremost, and that is what needs the community outrage! The staff, the materials, the grounds- all of those things help catapult the kids’ desire to learn… and those things are what are weak (as the reports indicate year after year after year)! Why do the politicians send their kids to private school?? If the system isn’t broken, why not send them to public?

        Yes, I agree that those of us who care what our kids are doing will hopefully excel regardless, but I just think it’s a shame how the topic of same sex marriage gets more people up in arms! It’s insane! If Joe marries Karen this weekend, will all of these people even know about the ceremony?? No! So why care so much if two people who are the same sex want to be joined in marriage? It DOES NOT effect your daily lives, so why be bothered so much about it??

        20 dislikes for my original comment? Really? People really don’t care about education- clearly!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Not by coincidence, the unchallenged 17th Century right wing theology, is linked to the dearth of inquiry-based-learning, and neglected social justice education. Many adherents are also flat-earth firmament types that believe the Earth is <4000 years old, that dinosaurs are a fraud, that tampons cannot be used by virgins, and reject the heliocentric science of our solar system. They live among us – some in alarmingly senior "power" positions in the education ministry. It's not illegal to be a moron, but these unfortunates deserve gentle periodic reminders of what time it is.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have children who all went through the Cayman education system and they are all top level university graduates and contributing very well to these islands. Perhaps your children could not cut it! Ever thought of that. Look within before looking out!

      • Anonymous says:

        Seriously??? Look within??? Is it so wrong that I want the BEST possible education for ALL the children on this island? Please don’t come to me saying my kids couldn’t cut it- I tried a failing system and did what was best for them and moved them. However, what’s sad is that there are legitimate reports on the public schools that all of you seem to ignore! My husband and his entire family went to public schools here and are doing just fine- that’s not the point. The point is, it’s different now, and what was okay back in the 80’s and early 90’s is clearly not okay now- otherwise why would the reports continue to say the system is weak?

        Again, the whole point of my original post was that it would be nice to see the community batting down the doors of the schools that continue to get failing marks instead of petitioning the idea of all human beings having the same rights- rights that do not make a damn bit of difference in all of our every day lives. Like I said, if Joe marries Karen this weekend, are you all going to be up in arms about it? No, you won’t even know it happened and will go about your day as you do any other- full stop! Forgive me for wanting the same top notch education provided to ALL schools- not just the ones that you have to pay for!

  8. Anonymous says:

    The Cayman Islands needs to grow up in so many categories. These comments are like reading a screenplay for Children of the Corn. Adolescent Ezzard squeaking in his last minute token support for what already is a civil right imperative for UK territories. These poor women, friends, and family, had to start a Gofundme, and go to trial, just to install a modicum of what should already be their existing rights. Shame on ALL who oppose them.

  9. Diana Wright says:

    cayman is a “Christian Community “ and as I have seen marriages between a man and a woman has always been a struggle in cayman, so many marriages resulted in divorce or separation.

    I believe the LGBT ?️‍? will be able to bring some form of civilization to the communities, teaching the union between man and woman how people should love, respect and care for each other.
    People need to stop using the church has a hiding place ..
    Same sex marriage in the Cayman Islands ?? will be a wake up call to the communities who is in disagreement; to clean up their houses …the greatest things in life is true love, peace of mind and stability.. those things you seldom seen in traditional marriages….too many broken homes and unhappy children and this is what leads to so many violence in this world.
    I am a traditional person, but has grown to admire and respect the LGBT ?️‍? community, they are the most loving and genuine people to communicate with.. knowing some of them has humbled me has a human being ; and so I would agree with the passing of the law in the Cayman Islands. A lot of traditional Christians are Gay and living together for years.. I am sure they would love the chance to be married.
    People needs to stop been hypocrites and be real.
    My Opinion…All the Best.

    • Anonymous says:

      You make it seem as though the LGBT community are saints and infallible. Don’t make it seem like they’re perfect because they hide behind a banner of “love”. They are faulty just like everyone else.

      • Diana Wright says:

        All I am saying is; we are living, eating, sharing homes , going to schools with these people that are in same sex relationships, and aren’t they contributing to society positively? Only difference is there preference in their own private lives, we are welcoming to Gay Cruise ships and treats the Guests well when they come to our shores,we have Gays in our families that we love has human beings. So what would be different the Cayman Islands would only be allowing these people to live and be free like anyone else. “ He Who is without sin; let him/her first cast a stone”

        I am not Gay and never will be …but I know we all have our rights to choose , We all have sinned and come short of God’s glory..All Judgment belongs to God. I would rather see same sex marriages; than seen rapist, drugs, guns, robbery, killings, child molestations, mental and physical abuse.. If a Gay couple can come on vacation to enjoy the beautiful Island and go back to there homes happy, why not allow the ?️‍? community the same privilege to enjoy their Own Island. We accept other same sex couples money and wealth they bring to our shores and we treat them with hospitality,?why not do the same with the people we live amongst in this small Island.
        I do not agree with same sex ; but I can live with that as long as my community is peaceful..Leave all Judgement to God..
        Let there be Love.

  10. Anonymous says:

    No to same sex anything!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Ezzard is posturing. He knows Alden cannot be premier for another term. Without Alden, Mac will not return as speaker of the house. Ezzard is positioning for one of those positions. He was silent ALL this time and now people are supposed to believe this is genuine.

    As to the issue itself. Put it to a referendum. Let the people have their say. If the people want the definition of marriage to include same sex then give it to them. If the people want civil unions, give it to them. Those should be the ONLY two options. There is no option to not recognize homosexuality in the same way we do heterosexuality.

    • Anonymous says:

      We can’t vote on something that is already a civil obligation as a UK Territory! It would have been nice for Alden to have explained this reality and the higher-court case law, as a lawyer, to the people, instead of going through this expensive duplicitous charade on our dime. He’s a coward.

  12. Born Cayman says:


    Don’t push it buddy!

    The only reason why Ezzard caved in, is because he knows you gays will argue for your socalled rights, and foolish UK powers that be, will NON-DEMOCRATICALLY ENFORCE a law on the whole island!

    So Ezzard hates same-sex relations. He has a bit of morality in him. But is trying real hard to preserve the small democracy we have left. He wants a fair system. The UK is a bully, a threat to these islands and will dissolve our LA and destroy our Constitution for same-sex marriage. That will be against fairness.

    Ezzard is thinking smart for the sake of traditional families.

    • George Towner says:

      Ezzard don’t have the brawn to stand up against them like Eden! Eden HATES THE SIN and thats why Im voting for him again.

  13. Anonymous says:

    To Ezzard Miller: Thanks, but too little, too late. At this point in history, anything less than full MARRIAGE equality merely continues the discrimination — and you surely know it. Whether through the Assembly, or through the ruling of Justice Smellie, or if we have to go all the way to the Privy Court — we will win. And guess what? Cayman will survive it. The sky will not fall in. In fact, Cayman will prosper because it will show the world that Cayman is a place where all are welcome. The definition of “Caymankind” will merely be expanded. A few months after same-sex marriage begins, it will fade from the front-page and cease to be newsworthy. The response to, “I’m gay and I just got married!” will quickly become, “Good for you… what else is new?” Same as for an opposite-sex couple. Exactly as it should be.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bravo well said 8:51

      • Anonymous says:

        I concur with 8:51. Now that it appears as though the homophobic government is about to loose, they offer civil unions as a delay tactic. No way. Equality is demanded and SSM is will be only acceptable option.

  14. Void says:

    At the end of the day, equality and love will prevail for Caymanians who wish to have some form of a union between two consenting adults.

    Quite ironic when the non-religious group is the group who demonstrates “love thy neighbor” better.

    Unni tek dat ya bigots.. this pleases the Void.

    One love. Two adults. Three Islands.

    • Just sayin says:

      Cns, must we put up with this fictional thumbs rating? ?

      CNS: When I have time, I promise I’ll look into it.

      • Anonymous says:

        To be fair, there’s dozens of comments sharing similar views with Void and majority of them are mostly downvoted.

        I can tolerate that. At least they aren’t nuking the page and only their own.

        They’re either very computer savvy, a group of people or have 8 hours a day to refresh CNS.

    • Yeezus says:

      This void person or group is an interesting character. I like it and all the characters we see amongst the anonymous here.

      You / they have a point. It’s quite hypocritical to quote bible/leviticus to be against homosexuality, yet they don’t acknowledge the rampant adultery that married couples here do, nor will they stone a straight man that breed multiple women.

      Such hypocrisy and hatred is why I left the church to be honest.

      Don’t like the gay lifestyle? Then don’t be gay then lol.

      • Anonymous says:

        Your words sound very logical and almost soothing, but something in me knows full well one day that I will stand before a holy God who chose to give me life and subsequently redeem me at great personal cost.
        I would love to be able to agree with you, but I cannot. I fear God more than I fear public opinion. I have absolutely no hatred towards any human being regardless of their leaning or proclivities.For all of us, this gig will be over one day.
        Of course, we don’t want to believe in God because then we would have to change.
        What I believe or don’t believe does not change truth.
        Do you know where you came from?
        Do you know why you are here?
        Do you know where you are going?

        If we cannot answer these questions definitively, we are just lost.
        Rich lost, poor lost, straight lost, gay lost, liberal lost, conservative lost, smart lost, ignorant lost, all lost consigned to the place reserved for lost fools.

        Let us be smart. As long as we breathe, we are in the game. Play to win.
        Get found.

  15. Anonymous says:

    God help you Mr miller .

  16. Anonymous says:

    Love thy neighbour as thyself? Not here Bobo. No sir.

    Pointless supporting civil union and not marriage. You either want total equality or you don’t. Civil union is an insult to the gay community.

    • Anonymous says:

      Im sorry, but same-sex unions are not equal to traditional marriage and families. And can never be! You are crazy!

      • Anonymous says:

        Who’s tradition? Yours? Try dragging yourself and your island into the 21st Century. It’s going to happen.

  17. Anonymous says:

    More than four cannot be a civil union, it is an orgy.

  18. Same Love says:

    Thank you Ezzard well done. Your kids will be proud that you have taken such a position.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Truly disappointed in Ezzard

  20. Release the Kraken says:

    Looks like all the homophobes who grabbed pitch forks and demanded Mr. Miller to voice his concern about same sex marriage got what they asked for. He doesn’t want to come off as a homophobe because, votes and all so, he’s trying to sound politically correct in saying he supports same sex unions. Do you see what you all voted for? All of these politicians only say or do what they need to do to get votes next term. They don’t care about your feelings they care about your votes!
    Government should mind their own bloody business when it comes to two consenting adults who want the same rights as everybody else. This is a lost cause for government to fight against and blatantly shows discrimination toward the minority here. History repeats itself again.. it’s the new Jim Crow movement against homosexuals.

    Homosexuality is as much a choice as choosing your skin color is.

    • Anonymous says:

      So why support anyone then? Why even vote? What a stupid comment.

    • Anon says:

      Jim Crow was discrimination against black people. I’m sure you have a gene in your lad to prove you are born gay! NOT!

      Stop imposing your flimsy entitlements on everyone. And please stop insulting the color of my skin to your lgbt movement! Many slaves by the thousand die for injustice. I am BORN with my skin color! You are not born gay!

      Why impose your belief on everyone???

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s not just a belief, it’s already applicable civil obligation by law. There is a very costly difference as we will see.

      • Anonymous says:

        Who’s imposing their beliefs? No one is asking you to marry someone of the same sex.

        Staggering that someone who claims to be the victim of discrimination should be so keen to inflict it on others. Shame on you.

      • Anonymous says:

        12:26 so if being gay is a choice, how old were you when you made the decision to be straight? (assuming you are not one of those weird self loathing people). Funny I don’t recall being presented with a choice – I just happen to like the opposite sex. It is simply brain chemistry which you are born with. Not a choice Bo Bo!

  21. The Constitutional Critic says:

    Queue the Religious freak-out and the calls for Independence over this
    Caymanians we have had years to sort out equality for members of the LGBTQ community
    They asked nicely, they requested that the Legislature take it up knowing full well the LA is no ally to them, and they took it to court where they will likely win at least mandatory civil unions.

    In regards to this report by the Foreign Affairs Comittee, The UK was more than lenient in giving the local legislators time to handle it themselves. Past Governors made the UK’s Position perfectly clear and the CIG ignored them, they decided to shirk their responsibilities to save face and so they could pander to the far right

    In fact out of all of the Overseas territories Cayman is the ONLY Overseas Territory that did not respond to the Foreign Affairs Committee on this issue when asked.
    I will say again the Cayman Islands Government, didn’t attempt to defend the current system, they didn’t say they were working on a compromise as they are legally obligated to do

    They. Did. Not. Respond. Period
    Is that responsible leadership? Does that seem like the way to foster a good relationship between our government and the UK.
    Our government didn’t even have the courage to respond to them.
    Truly shameful

    Well the time has come and as my beloved mother used to say:
    “Ears don’t hear, ASS will feel” (No pun intended)

    I will link the report below for those who want to read it themselves

  22. Anonymous says:

    Ezzard missed the point, these people are not seeking civil union!

    • Anonymous says:

      And that’s the point that the Cayman People also did not missed.
      They do not want to just be together. They want to prove a point.

      The Government has a right to defend its people against such a case.

      How can people complain that Government is spending money on this case?
      Did any of these same sex people seeking this destruction of marriage pay a cent or was it “funded”? If they can get money to fight against it, then the Government has our permission to use our money to defend to upkeep our constitution.

      Civil Union or Nothing.

      Marriage is defined in the constitution as Man and Woman
      UK welcomes you with open arms.

      • Anonymous says:

        “Marriage is defined in the constitution as Man and Woman”

        Fake news. Read it.

        • Anonymous says:

          No, it says “opposite sex” which discriminates specifically against the very existence of LGBT, as there are now recognized genders beyond male and female. Two words will be changed in that section of Constitution. By the way, this distracts from the fact that the people of the Cayman Islands should be thinking about what other changes should happen simultaneously while the Constitutional pens are out. We’re a long way from good governance.

        • Anonymous says:

          The four prejudicial words are: “of the opposite sex”. Easily deleted. Done.

          Marriage – page 17
          14 (1) Government shall respect the right of every unmarried man and woman of marriageable age (as determined by law) freely to marry a person *of the opposite sex* and found a family.

  23. Caymanian born & bred says:

    It’s a bit late to officially give your backing to civil unions after these ladies have had to go through the difficult task of taking the matter to court.

    Where was this “backing” before the legal challenge was presented…or before it was so evident based on this months trial that it will end with success?

    Good try though Ezzie, I see your attempt to gain some sort of goodwill amongst the LGBT community with this fleeting “pledge” of surrendering “support”. But I see right through you and respectfully call BS. I hope others see how transparent you are too.

    Anything Chantelle and Vickie obtain is as a result of their own bravery and tenacity, and the help of their legal team and support network, which includes not one single elected member of the LA, a fact that’s not gone unnoticed by me and hopefully will not go unnoticed by others like me with the power to vote you old spineless band wagon bigots out.

    Best of luck fooling the others.

  24. Anonymous says:

    It’s all great to say you “back” civil unions openly now…what about prior to the case which has clearly got Ezzie and probably many more worried that the ladies have actually managed to secure marriage in the bag. Now they offer the consolation prize with “open arms”. I call bullsh*t.

  25. Anonymous says:

    As Sparrow says the more the merrier.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes I wonder if Ezzard and Alden are not secretly working together. They seem to be playing good cop/bad cop

  27. Anonymous says:

    Well, will ya look at ‘dat…

    – Who

  28. Anonymous says:


  29. Anonymous says:

    Too little, too late Ezzard. And basic Human Rights are not imposed by the U.K. We signed up to them, and were right to do so.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I’ve yet to see a country that introduced civil partnership that didn’t end up with same sex marriage.

    It is impossible to allow civil unions/partnerships now, and try to restrict same sex marriage in the future, as it would be prejudicial at that point to deny them the right to the word “marriage”.

    The fact that you have two people expecting the nation to change their laws, culture and social practices to accommodate them is indicative of what the nation will have to deal with later on.

    I hope people know that one can dig a trench with a spoon, cut down a mountain with an ice pick and a journey is walked by the step. The LGBT understands this. I hope you do too. If you give way to the “simple solution” of civil unions, you open the door for same sex marriage.

    • Spiritual Person with Morals says:

      Help us!

      • Anonymous says:

        Sounds like you need all the help you can get. Quick – pray harder! Maybe sacrifice a goat, or one of your children, or whatever it is you’re supposed to do these days. Perhaps your god will throw some frogs at us all until we change our minds?

    • Anonymous says:

      Ok here’s the solution

      We declare Cayman a theocracy
      WIth majority support for bible literalism as the law

      We stone adulterers, and people who wear mixtures of fabrics and we give women the bitter water to tell if they are cheaters

      We abolish the legislature and just let the Churches run the country

      Because the only parts of the bible you are interested in are the parts you can use to propagate your hate filled agendas

      Ah yes

  31. Anonymous says:

    Bet hedging all over the place!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Bring our exiles home!

  33. Anonymous says:

    What about three, four or even more consenting adults that love each other and want to enter into a civil union? Who are we to say that love and commitment should be limited to just two people?

    • Anonymous says:

      We get it. You’re a homophobe. This issue doesn’t really harm you or your precious conventions in any way. Don’t be an asshole. Live and let live. Those who find love should be able to financially protect their loved ones. It’s just as simple as that.

      No need to create alternate variables or other ‘what ifs’. Just let it be. Love thy neighbor in the way that you deserve love.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think the line on this pretty clear.

    • Anonymous says:

      Careful now – somehow the injection of that most basic and logical possibility renders one a homophobic bigot!

      Ask me how I know…I dare you 🙂

      – Who

    • Anonymous says:

      I can foresee this will be a major issue for the people of Cayman Islands if approved. Tax payers will be paying a lot of money defending the current constitution in the courts. Who is to stop me challenging if I wish to have more than one wife or husband?

    • nauticalone says:

      If you really have a compelling argument then you can take it to court eh?

      On a more serious and sensible note – Thank you Mr. Miller. Fair is fair, let’s allow a legal solution for the couple mentioned, and for other minorities in our community.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are committing the fallacy of the slippery slope. Please become acquainted with it and avoid it in future.

    • Anonymous says:

      SMH. Next you’ll be bringing up that sorry old saw about people marrying animals.

      This question isn’t about off-the-curve hyperbolic abstractions. It is about honouring the tenets of equality within our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    • Say what now? says:

      And (as with gay relationships) if 3 or more people want to commit to each other, how does this affect you exactly?

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