BT man arrested over suspected cockfighting ring

| 11/02/2019
Cayman News Service

Roosters suspected to have been used in cockfighting seized 8 February (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

(CNS): Police have arrested a 44-year-old-man from Bodden Town on suspicion of animal cruelty. This followed a raid at an address in Brushwood Way on Friday, 8 February, involving the RCIPS and animal welfare officers from the Department of Agriculture in response to community concerns about disturbances and potential illegal activities. During the operation, six roosters that appeared to be used for cockfighting were seized by DoA officers, as well as implements used for cockfighting, the police said in a release.

The man has since been bailed as investigations by both the RCIPS and the DoA continue.

This is the fifth raid over the last year that the police and the DoA have conducted in relation to this disturbing and illegal practice. Several birds have been seized along with related paraphernalia, and a number of arrests have been made. However, so far only one man has been charged.

Luis Gratereaux Baez (52) has been charged with two counts of aiding or assisting in the fighting or baiting of animals, keeping cocks for fighting, owning a property used for cockfighting, two counts of cruelty to animals and four counts of dispensing restricted pharmaceuticals.

His case is still progressing through the court system.

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