Governor heads to NY to support offshore

| 20/01/2019 | 18 Comments
Cayman News Service

Cayman Islands Governor Martyn Roper

(CNS): Governor Martyn Roper is travelling to New York Monday to join the delegation led by Premier Alden McLaughlin in an effort to promote the Cayman Islands’ financial services sector in the face of growing pressure and show his support for this important economic pillar, even though some of that pressure is coming from the UK. According to a press release from his office, Roper will attend a series of events with US financial services associations, including Cayman Finance’s breakfast briefing. He is joining the premier, Financial Services Minister Tara Rivers, Attorney General Sam Bulgin and CIMA Managing Director Cindy Scotland in New York.

After the breakfast event, the governor will attend a round table on reinsurance, also hosted by Cayman Finance, on Tuesday. Pleased about the invitation to attend, he said that since arriving in Cayman he has heard much about the efficiency and professionalism of the financial services industry and its global impact.

“I welcome Cayman Finance’s proactive approach to collaborating with government in order to achieve lasting success for the industry. The UK continues to work closely with the Cayman Islands Government to ensure that the industries’ interests are protected. I hope by attending the New York meetings I can help to demonstrate my personal support for the industry and also that of the United Kingdom,” he added.

This is the sixth year that Cayman Finance has hosted the event and they are expecting a high turnout of delegates made up of various industry stakeholders. The breakfast briefing will provide the audience with an overview of the industry, including a review of 2018 and a look forward to 2019, a release stated.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The governor’s statement is about as crass and meaningless as they come. The UK has NEVER “worked … to ensure that the industries’ [sic] interests are protected”, whatever that means. Neither has any governor.

    Clearly written by a flunkey who has undergone only the most basic PR training (“I welcome..”), these words reveal that neither the author nor the governor has a clue what he’s going to, what he’ll be faced with when he gets there, or what he’ll say. Frankly he’s not qualified to attend at all, and he needs to stop taking us for fools and to say something worthwhile. Otherwise what exactly is his purpose?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why, time after time, do we send to events like this people who know nothing whatsoever about the industry? The AG hasn’t a clue because it’s not his area of expertise, and the same goes for the governor. What do they add except a handshake, a title, and most likely, in response to a technical question, a grin and a shrug? Who sees any sense in sending representatives to meetings on subjects about which they know nothing?

    Tara’s, Alden’s and Cindy’s knowledge of industry developments is tied to their experience, which, in the case of the first two, is hardly extensive, and in that of the third, purely regulatory.

    Another question. What do these people actually say on our behalf at these events? Do they do more harm than good? We should see transcripts of their actual words, published immediately afterwards as a matter of course.

    • Anonymous says:

      They are just along for the ride and freebies. Part of the benefit package. Why cant the AG stay here and get prosecutions going? Guess that to much like work.

    • Anonymous says:

      The people in NY are not looking for smart regulators. Dumbass is good enough and in fact desirable. They already know how to do what you do, they just want to be left alone while they do it. It’s all about letting as many as possible know that their deals will be safe from government oversight. Our team is perfect.

  3. fact checker says:

    CNS: Mrs Scotland is not on that trip. Please fact check and bot give undue credit

    CNS: This is a verbatim quote from the press release from the governor’s office: “The Governor will join the Premier, Minister Rivers, the Attorney General and the Managing Director of the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, to show his and the UK’s support for the Cayman Islands Financial Services Industry.”
    CIMA’s MD is Cindy Scotland. If CIMA or the governor’s office wishes to amend the information supplied to the media, we’ll be happy to change the article. So far we haven’t received a correction.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Roper’s processing unit is still set in eager observation/learning mode. Hopefully he is equipped and programed for more advanced self-awareness and functionality in relation to good governance and Crown obligations. We await proof of that…

    • Anonymous says:

      He is a nice English gentleman who does what all nice English gentlemen do which is nothing but say polite things than wander off. Dont forget their behind door dealings and sell out the lower class natives of there colonies.

  5. UnCivil Servant says:

    Martyn isn’t interested in local affairs e.g. corruption so a nice junket in NYC is welcomed distraction

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sounds good, You need New York.

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