West Bayers want Barkers to remain untouched

| 21/11/2018 | 157 Comments
Barkers Beach, Cayman Islands, Cayman News Service

Barkers Beach, Grand Cayman

(CNS): West Bayers have made it clear that they do not want government to approve the coastal works application being made by the owner of Calico Jack’s to remove almost 180,000 sq.ft of turtle grass and build a jetty along Barkers beach. At a public meeting in the district on Tuesday evening residents were urged to send in their objections to the ministry and lobby government to object to the application, as not only do they vehemently oppose the removal of turtle grass from the area because of the negative impact to the marine environment but also have fears this project would open the door for much more development. 

Dozens of people came out to the meeting, with a significant number of young people also attending to make it clear they want some parts of Grand Cayman to remain in its natural state.

Ken Hydes, who works for Dart Real Estate, the owners of the land where the proposed removal would take place, attended the meeting to speak for both his boss and the applicant. He minimised the impact and implied that the removal would be done following best practice.

The coastal works application is being made by Handel Whittaker, the owner of Calico Jack’s, a beach bar that has been on Seven Mile Beach for many years but is now on land owned by Dart. The lease for the bar at the popular tourist spot is up next year, and given the bar’s proximity to the Kimpton hotel, Dart’s first flagship luxury resort on Seven Mile Beach, the developer is keen to move the bar, which is a hub for cruise passengers in the day and younger revelers at night, away from his high net worth guests.

Consequently, Whittaker was offered a lease on land owned by Dart in the unspoiled beach environment of Barkers. He has now made a coastal works application to remove a huge area of the turtle grass for swimming and to build a dock to allow small boats for water sports and excursions.

Answering questions about the application, Hydes said he was there as both a West Bayer and in his capacity as a Dart employee. He said that the removal of the turtle grass was necessary to recreate the experience of Seven Mile Beach and expectations of guests, which infuriated the majority of those at the meeting. Most of the people who spoke made it very clear that the idea of removing the grass was unconscionable and that Barkers was not and never could be Seven Mile Beach.

The West Bay residents spoke of mistakes in the past over turtle grass removal that led to the erosion of beaches in both South Sound and Bodden Town. They pointed to the massive impact removing so much turtle grass would have on the environment, as it provides a nursery for marine life and is home to a massive array of creatures that help feed the nearby reefs.

But the desire by residents to preserve Barkers exactly the way it is and prevent the area from being developed at all was very apparent, from some of the district’s oldest residents to its youngest people. They spoke eloquently and passionately about the need to prevent that first step towards developing the area because of the precedent it would set and the inevitable domino effect of development once that first step was taken.

Residents spoke of the beauty of the natural environment at Barkers, as well as Cayman in general, and its importance to tourism, but how it was constantly under threat, as they urged the community to stop this application.

Many residents said the only justifiable reason for the attack on the environment was greed and many people dismissed claims by Hydes that removing the grass would have a minimal impact. Most of the attendees seem to be well aware that removing almost 180,000 sq.ft of the naturally occurring marine resource from a replenishment zone and marine park would have massive impact.

“We want Barkers to remain natural,” one speaker said, expressing clearly the sentiments of the dozens of people who attended.

MLA Bernie Bush, who represents the constituency where the project would be located, urged people to show their opposition and said it was time to focus on overnight tourism, as he defied the stance of government in which he still serves on the cruise port as well as objecting to this project, which will largely cater to the cruise sector. Bush made it clear he would lobby his colleagues on the government benches.

But having left the Cayman Democratic Party (CDP) and with no seat at the Cabinet table, Bush’s influence is limited. To influence the decision, West Bay voters would need to lobby the other district representatives, especially Tara Rivers, whose constituency also covers parts of Barkers and who has a seat in Cabinet.

CNS has learned from other sources that Health Minister Dwayne Seymour, who has responsibility for the environment, appears to be already inclined to support the application, despite its potentially catastrophic environmental impact, from beach erosion to the threat to marine life, such as conch, lobster and a variety of other rare species.

Other local activists, including Alice Mae Coe, who leads the West Bay Concerned Citizens group and is at the forefront of the island-wide fight to preserve beach access, also pointed out that Calico Jack’s is a popular spot for young people dancing the night away on the beach, especially on full moon nights. She warned that moving the bar to Barkers would have a much wider impact on the district of West Bay as well as the much-loved beach location.

Paul Rivers and Mervyn Smith, who both challenged incumbents for West Bay seats at the last election, warned that the application had far-reaching implications and there was much more to it than meets the eye. They pointed to the long-term plans it is believed the Dart Group has for Barkers and accused the nation’s largest investor of using Whittaker as an early stooge to see how successful the application will be.

They both warned that giving the project the green light to remove the sea grass would be a signal to Dart to press on with what is understood to be much bigger plans for the significant beachfront land holdings that the corporation now has in the Barkers area.

Smith warned the people of West Bay not to lose sight of what is happening but to focus on the current application, which will go to Cabinet for the removal of the sea grass and building the dock. He urged the people to take their opposition to government and lobby their MLAs.

Unlike planning applications, there are no limits on whose objections can be considered for coastal works licence applications, which are ultimately decided by Cabinet.

In the first instance, the Department of Environment is tasked with undertaking a review of the application and to assess the environmental impact and complete a report for the National Conservation Council, which will then give its recommendations to Cabinet.

But while the ministers are obligated to consider the technical advice, they are not obligated to follow it and can still give the go-ahead, even if the findings of the review demonstrate significant environmental threats.

Because of the weight given to political considerations for coastal works applications, organisers of the Save Barkers campaign are urging voters to press their political representatives, whatever their constituency. They said it is only voter pressure on politicians fearful of losing their jobs that will prevent the destruction of Barkers.

Members of the public can email their objections directly to Troy Jacobs (troy.jacobs@gov.ky), who has responsibility for coastal works applications in the environment ministry, Chief Officer Jennifer Ahearn (jennifer.ahearn@gov.ky), as well as to their constituency representative.

Campaigners are also asking people to sign an online petition against the application, which has already attracted around 2,200 names.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You think Dart is so generous and good for the islands? His staff and lower level managers are sorely underpaid compared to other companies on the island for the job they do..

  2. BeaumontZodecloun says:

    This all appears to distill down to a few basic ideas:

    1) Dart owns the land down to the high water mark. Can the people as a collective exert sufficient influence and protest to prevent Dart doing as he wishes? Granted, it’s a little late, given that that land has already been sold.

    2) Are the DOE, National Conservation Council, Planning and Cabinet for sale? I do not believe so, however if the removal of the turtle grass is allowed, I will have to reform my opinion. We should all watch closely.

    3) Mr. Dart will buy that which he can, be it land, property, or people, if it strikes his fancy.
    I believe the evidence for this statement has been well established. He is a very dangerous man, and we should watch closely how this event progresses; this appears to be a pivotal point which may well define the heart of this country, as well as our future.

  3. Ron Ebanks says:

    Someone said in a comment that if it was not for Dart “you” I assume that the you is Caymanians would be eating pap for breakfast lunch and dinner . Let me tell you dartbot that Caymanians were eating conch lobster fish and everything else before Dart was even born .

    • Anonymous says:

      Ron thank you. Most Caymanians are just so gullible. Thank you for reminding them that we ate HIGH class (the best). God put us on these islands – (rock, redmole (soil), white sand and crystal water to sustain us. (no dart). God blessed us above and beyond.

      So sad greedy, stupid people.

    • Anonymous says:

      You fished them all out long ago.

      • Anonymous says:

        12.21am… we did not finish out our sea food… the likes of you did!!!!!!! We had no problem until you S..,. H…. people arrived.

        • Anonymous says:

          Could I respectfully ask who are you S….H people? Are they the Americans, the Brits, the Jamaicans, the Cubans, the Guatamalans, the Irish etc. Are they the naturalised Caymanians as opposed to the indigenous Caymanians. No wait there is no such thing as an indigenous Caymanian. They rocked up from every shore always did and always will. By the way I am Caymanian but I am sick of this them and us. One world!

          • Anonymous says:

            8.33am you idiot .. and how did all of those nationalities that you speak of got to those countries in the first place. I am a CAYMANIAN my family been here 300 years and counting! How about you? Are you standing for a thing? Respectively!!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        And you poached the rest a long time ago too

        • Anonymous says:

          3.10pm…. not us. When you all arrived and realized there was FOOD in our waters. it was you all that poached the shit out of it. You Users and abusers.

      • Ron Ebanks says:

        11 :21 am, and Dart wants to finish wiping everything out by destroying all the marine habitats and environment . Caymanians won’t let that happen .

  4. Ron Ebanks says:

    I wonder why Mr. Burnie Bush would recommend to HIS West Bay population that they should get the other MLA’s to handle this issue for them . Is he not elected to represent the people of West Bay ? Is he scared of upsetting the apple cart , or the gravy train .

    • Anonymous says:

      The statement that the motivation behind this project is to meet the expectations of visitors and that Barkers beach is just not what they have come to expect here, is a true reflection of the value the developer places on the environment and on Caymanians and their wants, needs and expectations. It’s all about the tourist and the almighty dollar.

    • Anonymous says:

      No, it simply means that it takes more than Bernie Bush to fight this matter. This should not be a West Bay thing BUT a Cayman Islands thing. The environment affects us all.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I post this again.

    What will our children do when all possible blocks and parcels have been sold, the bush and the swamps cleared, drained and filled with homes and condos with outrageous price tags. Where our parents played as children in the sand on beaches now covered by concrete or walled off and the last few remaining plots of undeveloped beach is packed to intolerable levels were locals compete with tourists and ourselves for a few square feet of sand to enjoy.

    What will they do when available housing is practically non-existent and people scramble and go into bidding wars when a home becomes available at an already ridiculous price, sold by foreigners who bought them originally from us because of our love of the foreign dollar.

    Can you imagine a place where children marry are are forced to live with parents because there is quite literally nowhere to live? It’s laughable, but it’s coming.

    Can you imagine a Cayman where our children and grand children are born, raised and schooled (hopefully properly) and then who’s only option is to get their British passport and immigrate because that is their only option for a decent life of the only choice if they wish to own anything?

    Cayman is a 100 square miles give or take. It’s not Hawaii where new land is constantly being belched up from the volcano. We have a finite amount of land that we can make livable. What will our children do when it is used up? When people like Dart can come in and buy it up and create their own little kingdoms.

    Maybe that is the best thing. Those remaining Caymanians with land can sell and have enough money to start over elsewhere once our elders are dead and gone because it would take death to get the land titles out of their hands.

    The people of the Cayman Islands and it’s Government have sold and is selling piece by piece, parcel by parcel, these islands out from under ourselves for the foreign dollar.

    I am 45 years old and the only land I now own is the house I live in, I had 3 other acres split between two pieces of land and both were compulsory bought by the CIG to make way for two new highways years. Land I was going to have for my two sons to build their homes and lives on but no more.

    I pose this question. To all Caymanians with a conscience and who still have a love for what is left that is Caymanian and a bitter taste for what was Caymanian and no longer is. There will come a time, a crunch so to speak, when the last parcels are being prepared for concrete, when the price of raw land cost more than a house and the price of a built house is more than a king’s ransom. I ask you, what will your children do? What will you do when they look at you and ask you why can’t buy a house or worse yet, when they ask why did this happen and who let it?

    Cayman? We cannot blame the foreigners, they come with their money and their own hopes and dreams. We could have put our feet down and said no but we didn’t. Regulations should have been passed, enacted and enforced to protect the people of the islands but it wasn’t, we didn’t make it happen. We allowed and continue to allow a corrupt and inept government to railroad us all. A government who spends more time globe trotting, prostituting Cayman and soliciting for foreign investment that they have become so far out of touch with the reality of Cayman it is no longer a laughing matter.

    They believe that they are above not only us but the law. Laws like the Standards for Public Life are callously thrown to the wayside either out of ignorance or out of fear as what would be found. They constantly throw other matters in front of us to makes us live in fear and to polarize our thinking to hide what they doing no longer behind our backs but hidden in plain sight. They place us on a global pedistal as a shining beacon of prosperity yet they cannot build proper schools and properly or refuse to properly educate our children or even pick up garbage.

    A government so wrapped up in their own inflated feeling of self worth that they openly insult those who come to watch over us and nothing is said or done by those who should have said and done something.

    Maybe a revolution is needed to clean out the decrepit and stagnate leadership. Maybe a revolution for change is needed to preserve what remains Caymanian and to take back what was Caymanian. Maybe toes needs to stepped on and feelings hurt. Maybe heads in clouds need to come back down to earth or be removed but i ask you, one Caymanian to another… How much more can we take? When will enough be enough? And more importantly, what will your children and grand children do?

    • Anonymous says:

      Remember our premier wants to grow the population to 100k? Quite a big dream if you don’t have the infrastructures in place. Just like the port, he has the dream you build it and they will come. Bottom line, visitors come to our shores to enjoy peace and tranquility. However, bit by bit this is disappearing due to greed. Sooner than later, the tide will change (literally) and you will see less and less people come here due to the traffic, the potential health risks of the current dump situation, high cost of living and more Caymanians relocating to places like the U.K. where they can afford to live. In the whole process Cayman will be the place time forgotten for the average “Joe” and only the rich will survive and play.

      • Anonymous says:

        Agreed, but I think it will end up not being the place that time forgot but the people that time forgot. When the youth start moving away, how long will it take before the Caymanian in Cayman becomes an almost non-existant thing? Again it sounds laughable but the scary thing is, it’s not that far-fetched now and a now very possible future.

        • Anonymous says:

          Non existence of Caymanians yes. The island will be Dart’s playground. Take a moment and look around how much he has changed the demographics of the island and his hands are almost now into everything. Any chances for the future generations of Caymanians becoming a successful business owner? Kudos to the gentleman and good for him. Our elected leaders sold us out a long time ago!

      • Anonymous says:

        We can hardle school our kids and pick up the garbage, roads in the morning is hell on wheels and GT is packed nuts to butts with tourist. Where we going fit another 40,000 Caymanians? The swamps going drain, people be living with the crabs and frogs.

      • Anonymous says:

        If that is true he is the biggest fool in power and needs to be voted out right now.

        • Anonymous says:

          He is the biggest fool ,didn’t need the pop growth to 100k to reveal that tidbit of info.

    • Chris Johnson says:

      I congratulate you on a very constructive post. You addressed all the issues. I have only been here for fifty years and watched the social decline. I find it very sad but we cannot go back. The halcyon days are but memories.
      Cayman needs a Churchill type leader but I see no one capable to fill those shoes .
      The next generation needs grasp the issues and take control. I hope they are out there. Our future is in their hands.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well said Chris. What idiot gave u the thumbs down.

      • Anonymous says:

        No Chris what Cayman needs is a Trump type leader. One that will prevent every tom, dick and harry from coming to here so we don’t over populate our overly populated Island already. This Island can’t take another 10,000 much less 50,000.

        • Anonymous says:

          We already have Trump type leaders, if by “Trump type” you mean menopausal, bipolar buffoons who think they know everything there is to know about every subject under the sun.

        • Anonymous says:

          Trump hasn’t done any of that in the us but people sure do like the rhetoric anyway. What a bunch of scared pathetic pansies trumpets are.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you Chris. I’ve always though a Churchill type leader or a F.D.R. type leader but I too see no one capable of filling those shoes and as much as I hate to say it, before the next generation can come in and take control, the old generation needs to be removed and the reigns handed over. If there was ever a time for a clean slate in power, now is it but I know that the same people will lie cheat and steal their way back into power or act as “guidance” to the next generation in an attempt to continue to hold on to their control of the people. No, I don’t see anyone who can come forth, look at the actions of the past and resist the callings to be guided or controlled by previous political ideologies or displaced want to be masters. I think the best thing I can do for my children is to ensure they have their British passports and try to broaden their minds as best I can to show them there is more to this world than Cayman.

        • Chris Johnson says:

          I just wonder what Doctor Roy would have made of our politians today. When I came here I thought them a pretty good team. Things got done the island progressed, with often people having two jobs and almost no unemployment. Then along came the West Bay intellectuals of the 80/90s.

          • Ron Ebanks says:

            Chris , those Gentlemen are rolling over in their graves with disgust , just like the people who are alive and living on the Islands today .
            But I think that it’s up to the Islands Voters to straighten out the mess .

  6. Anonymous says:

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    • Anonymous says:

      Take your meds

      • Anonymous says:

        I did.. why do you think I posted that.

        • Anonymous says:

          Oh speaking of Republic Bank, show of thumbs up if you knew or thumbs down if you didn’t. How many knew that Republic Bank of TT is actually owned by China who is also the main backer by CHEC? Take 5 minutes and look it up on the net. The Chinese are moving into Cayman one way or another and the CIG is letting them.

          • west bay king says:

            Republic bank is not owned by China, it’s is listed on the Trindad stock exchange and owned mostly by private trini investors and largely by the National Insurance board of Trinidad.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I checked and the earlier post about co2 capture is spot on. Protecting turtle grass is very important in the context of global warming as well as the other ecological benefits. You can search for yourself, one of the references: https://www.sciencealert.com/seagrass-may-save-the-planet

  8. Anonymous says:

    Dart may have bought or swapped for the land fair and square, and had it subsequently re-zoned to their preference by way of some back-room deal, but they DID NOT acquire the water or the undersea rights to the Environmental Zone, and they knew the zoning when it was acquired. This is a test case for them, using Handel, to not only push a precedent on environmental zoning, but also for the unsanctioned removal of beach rock.

  9. Anonymous says:

    west bayers???? the same folks that elect mac and whogene……zzzzz
    give me a break!

  10. Ever Get The Feeling You've Been Cheated? says:

    Once the piers are built, cruise shippers will be driven on DART buses to DART’s “private island” at Barkers to spend money on DART’s water-sports operations and drink in DART’s bars, before being sent down to Camana Bay to shop in DART’s stores, and then being bused back to the dock to depart. All the local businesses duped into supporting the piers are going to have a rude awakening when they realise DART has played the long game.

  11. Public beach fan says:

    Ok, Calicos and Palms will be gone, nowhere for tourists and locals to visit SMB.
    Solution and very simple, plus CI government could make some coin.
    Allow one of if not both to lease space on public beach, CI government could charge say $20k pm, plus make the said lessor responsible for security, life guards, maintenance and cleanness of the SMB public beach.

    Solution, maybe a good one, maybe a bad one but high, there’s an idea.

  12. Ron Ebanks says:

    Do we all see what is happening to the whole Island ? What is happening is that the Government has no vision for how the Islands should be developed for the future , and one man has vision for making lots money as fast as he can and , he controls everyone and everything .
    Why does Cayman has to be so rapidly developed today ? Do we expect Cayman Islands to be a place like and Island in say 50 years . Or do we expect to be an Island with no natural resources and natural history and flora . Just look at how over developed Cayman has become in the last few years . How long do we expect that pace to continue before the whole Island would be covered by concrete and everything else destroyed . What would the future generations of Cayman Islands would have to do and develop ?

    What I am seeing here in this hasty development is a greedy and selfish mentality , let’s make the money today and to hell with the future generations .

  13. Anonymous says:

    People saying the land was sold so the current owner can do what he wants within reason – sure…except, he doesn’t own below the high water mark the Beach or the sea with the Turtle Grass. Allowing the removal of the Grass here opens up permission to be granted everywhere, not just in Barkers, and that’s the entire point. If they want to open a Bar and are allowed by current laws, they cannot be stopped. But they must be stopped from doing anything outside of their owned lands in this instance.

    It is extraordinary the systemic removal of access to SMB for residents of Cayman and day-tourists that is occurring before our very eyes – we have seen or about to see the closure on SMB of the only 4 public bars in very recent times – Royal Palms, Beach Suites, Calicos’, Tiki Beach.

    All 4 have been bought and/or shut by the same Developer who just so happens to own so much more land elsewhere (most of it adjacent to waters that are seen to be kinda crappy when compared to the golden sands of SMB, unless they can get CIG permission to landscape it and ALSO significantly increase their land values, which is the real game at hand) – and none of the enormous land-holdings from which the general public are being removed from on SMB will be made available as Public access (and you know what i mean by that…try sitting outside the Kimpton or Ritz and see how welcome you are – same owners again as the 4 bars shut or soon to close down)

    The Dart group may have loads of money, but they don’t have a monopoly on the best ideas. Let them put Calico jacks in Camana Bay, they have the lands and access to waterways already and have shown they can create fake beaches with that Island that’s already in place.

    This isn’t even about a bar, the concern is a genuine one for the lands left in Cayman…SMB is gone in just 20 years…..once they start with Barkers, that will be gone soon enough, and it continues to spread.

    • Anonymous says:

      Quite right about not owning the land beyond the high water mark. The truth is, most current owners bought their land without planning permission or other special permissions. It will have been zoned, and that’s about it. To convert shallow turtle grass into clear beach makes the adjoining land worth many times more – the owner do not have that right. They can ask….. but they shouldn’t get agreement.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Wait, isnt Mr. Handel retiring in two years?

    So who is this application for??

    You cant replace the turtle grass once it is gone

  15. Anonymous says:

    A handful of expat kids do not speak for West Bayers.

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Miss. Zimmer is as Caymanian as they come….

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, those same young students spoke for a significant number of people who were at the meeting and for West Bay on a whole, and did a very fine job of doing so I might add. Certainly no one was in agreement with the application that evening. Deep down, not even poor Ken, but he had a job to do and had to push the idea for his boss. He just looked sad and tired and wished he hadn’t come because the people were defiant in their opposition.

    • Anonymous says:

      Know your facts before commenting, the young lady’s family all from West
      Bay, Powells.

  16. Anonymous says:

    they love the area so much that they have no problem with people dumping mountains of garbage in Barkers. SMH. If you say you dont want people to ruin it, then get mad at the people ALREADY ruining it.

  17. Anonymous says:

    This is a case of Dart testing the water on developing Barkers using a well known West Bayer as a puppet. If permission is given this is the first step in the destruction of Barkers. Next there will be hotels, docks and Mariners where there used to be trees.

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly. This is a question for the entire country, not just that of West Bayers.

      • Anonymous says:

        I fully agree, I am not a Westbayer but I am totally against Alden allowing Mac to force him into further approving more DART destruction of our Csyman Islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly – the Government has let Dart control Seven Mile Beach making this globally recognised beach virtually inaccessible to people not staying in the high end hotels and condos. With the continued push for cruise visitors as well as stay over visitors who do not or can not stay on Seven Mile Beach, we can not be giving these people a second rate product and expect tourism to increase

    • Anonymous says:

      the precedent is already set. the CIG allowed dart to modify the shire line for his Kimpton hotel’s. Laws are only as good as their enforcement at the CIG failed to enforce one of its longest standing universally excepted laws. They cant say its ok for one person to do but not another, that’s not how the law works.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ad yo that the destruction and disruption of the sand supply conveyor for the resupply of sand to the West Bay Beach.

    • Anonymous says:

      I just don’t get it…
      You sell someone something and then you say “oh but now I want you to use it this way”…. go review the current zoning of the land in Barkers.
      If such action is allowed then what assurance we have that our 4 acres our dad left us will not all of a sudden have the zoning changed. Sorry maybe this is just for Mr. Dart because he has been such a bad Caymanian.
      Get real people

  18. Anonymous says:

    Develop the land already. Make use of it. Currently unused waste of space

  19. Anonymous says:

    Shame on Kenn, a fellow westbayer, for signing up to this. We know you have kids to feed but they wont have a future here if you and the goonies keep this up mate. All for money a few bolluks?

  20. west bay king says:

    As the West Bay King I blame the goverment for allowing foreigners to buy up our lands and allowing them to live here. Pretty soon we will have Caymanians living in land that looks like Miami with a crime problem that resembles Jamaica

    • Anonymous says:

      I blame the greedy families who sold there ancestral land for instant profit or put it up as a guarantee against unsustainable loans and lost it.
      It’s also a shame that whilst they want to rip out one of the worlds best and largest forms of carbon capture and West Bayers are rightly hostile against the proposal. I would have more sympathy if some of those from WB didn’t roam Barkers in stolen cars, stalk vulnerable tourists and locals to rob, ride illegal dirt bikes and most relevant of all, rape the marine park and replenishment zone of its marine life.
      Perhaps if WB had the same indignation against turtle, lobster and conch poaching their righteous indignation over turtle grass would be taken more seriously.

      Ps: WBK, these are home breed Caymanians causing the anarchy in WB, not foreigners. So get of your racist and xenophobic high horse and sort out your own crap first. Without the ‘foreigners’ you and your uneducated kin would have nothing.

      • west bay king says:

        Our crap is to stop the influx of non Caymanian that abused our good heart of allowing folk like you that look down on Caymanians.

        • Anonymous says:

          ‘Your good heart’, you must be kidding. Your heart is full of hatred, racism, xenophobia, bigotry and hypocrisy. Don’t play the victim, you are the cause of your demise.

      • Anonymous says:

        Careful, you’re talking about his “private” wheelie playground…

    • land crab says:

      So you don’t already have a crime problem in West Bay???

    • Anonymous says:

      Wait…no comment about drunk drivers? How did you resist the opportunity? At least you got the expat bash in there. Well done.

  21. Anonymous says:

    yawn…cave people don’t even know what they are objecting too…..zzzzzzz
    wake me up when people know what they are talking about….

    • Anonymous says:

      DartBot stop downing Caymanians every time they speak out against DART’s oppression.

  22. Kadafe says:

    My question is, once Calicos and Royal Palms are gone, where will the cruise ship tourists go during the day? The ones that are here to see the beach. Let’s think about it for a second, besides a hotel, are there any other places that you can think of that can accommodate tourists and locals?
    That’s my major concern here. The only option that tourists will have is to be bussed of to Barkers?
    Seems like a slippery slope to me, when responding please include a location that has food,drinks chairs for rent and watersports.

    • Anonymous says:

      Because having access to expensive watery-drinks at the beach is a human rights issue? I guess in alcoholic thinking it might be. If there’s a market for a different kind of beach bar, buy some beachfront land, and roll the dice. In Cayman we believe that you can’t tell someone what to do with their land, or how to run their business – except in regards to the turtle grass and the replenishment zone which doesn’t belong to them, and they never acquired.

      • Kadafe says:

        My point was that we have a world re-known beach where tourists come to visit, and its incredible to me that soon there will be not even a single establishment where tourists can go and have something for the whole family in one spot. #twat

    • Anonymous says:

      Royal Palms is already nominated as Caymana Bay Beach. You wait until the cruise ships ferry their passengers direct from the ship.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I disagreed when Planning approved Calico Jack’s beach bar application.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Cayman has had enough of Dart. It’s time he put his little empire up for sale, sell out to a hedge fund and jog on. We all know from the past (Canary Wharf etc.) it’s never the developer that makes the money, it’s the one that comes along and takes it off their hands at cents on the dollar (ask Argentina). Time has to be up soon, how much do you think he’s lost so far on this island adventure?

  25. Anonymous says:

    “MLA Bernie Bush, who represents the constituency where the project would be located, urged people to show their opposition and said it was time to focus on overnight tourism”.

    If this is Bernie’s contribution to this matter, Lord help us. Apparently Bernie do not know how much money is spent on advertising for overnight visitors by the Department of Tourism. He is not aware of where Caymanians are employed, He do not know that we have cruise ships that want to come here that do not cost the millions that DOT spends on overnight visitors. Yes Bernie, when the economy is good we make bad decisions. Go ahead forget cruise ship tourism. We only have about 10,000 people on the NAU monthly gravy payroll. Lets get that number up Bernie, we need 18,000 people on the NAU dole out list.

  26. Anonymous says:

    They didn’t want it protected three years ago.

    “Yes, we have to protect what we have, but we also have to remember that the population still has to live,” said Capt. Eugene Ebanks, MLA from West Bay.

    Mr. Ebanks and others in the audience were concerned that the proposals designate much of the area around Barkers as a marine reserve, where fishing will be prohibited. The area is good for sprat fishing, according to many of the fishermen at the meeting. “

    • OLD Caymanian Captain says:

      Mac , Bernie , Captain and Tara . I think that this is the time that you all show the West Bay population that you all care more about them and the marine environment and not only about the god almighty dollar .If you all don’t this could be the end of yours political careers .

      • Anonymous says:

        Time to change out in the next election any of the West Bay MLAs who don’t stand up and be counted in this issue. If we can’t count on them now, they shouldn’t count on us on election day. Vote them out IF they don’t speak out!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    1. Dart never buys land to just sit on and not develop. So whoever *cough* (insert Caymanian last name) *cough* sold the land to Dart sold out Cayman.

    2. Hydes is a puppet who Dart drags out to smooth certain deals. When applications for planning approval are being made, there is a whole other Department within the organization that deals with them NOT Hydes. Hydes = McKeeva Bush = approval sealed.

    3. Wait until the application for the huts out in the water at Barkers is submitted. Oh and the pony trail people and anyone else with unregistered prescriptive rights GO REGISTER THEM NOWWWWWW!

  28. Anonymous says:

    where are the poachers supposed to land their conch/lobster/turtle now?

  29. Anonymous says:

    Whatever might have at one time been living in that turtle grass has long been trampled to death by horses running through it daily.

    • Anonymous says:

      DartBot stop with your stupid nonsense trying to change the subject away from DART DESTROYING CAYMAN

    • Anonymous says:

      Really? You’re going to compare a few horses running through the grass to the removal of 180,000 sqft of turtle grass? F’n muppet

      Muppet “Head” Hunter

  30. C.R.E.A.M says:

    Alden McLaughlin and Moses Kirkconnell the leaders of the ppm aren’t doing anything different from McKeeva Bushas the leader of the udp. They are all united in their efforts to sell out Cayman and ignore the wishes of Caymanians who continue to vote for these charalatans and the rest of the unity government. They have proven time and again the concerns of voters do not factor into their decision making process. They work for dart and special interest groups not the majority of people.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Forget about the chief officer for health Jennifer Ahearn anything for DART is a yes. West Bayer’s, Barkers belongs to Mr. Dart the speaker of the house purchased land in Barker’s from the locals including the West Bayer’s themselves and the speaker of the house sold the land back to Mr. Dart. So the property where the owner for Calico Jack wants to develop that belongs to Mr. Dart Mr. Dart paid for that. West Bayer’s always remember when your land is sold it is no longer your land so you all have no more say. It belongs to the buyer so the buyer is now the owner that means the owner can do what is wished it is worst when owner have money, money talks bull shit walks. West Bayer’s remember in the future buy, lease, rent and do not sell. “NOT FOR SALE” if you all continue to vote for less you all will get less and become more poorer. West Bayer’s plenty of you all still have not woke up as yet out of your deep sleeps. Because the West Bay politician that purchased the land from some West Bayer’s and alot of the land were for future inheritance and then sold the land back to Mr. Dart. That same politician is still a politician and more sweeter yet the first elected member for West Bay.and the third elected member for West By is the politician that is now trying to help the West Bayer’s save Barker’s. Where is the first elected member for West Bay on all of this now?. And some of the same people who that politician purchased the land from and then sold the land back to Mr. Dart. Some of those same people still continue to vote for that politician. Which that sort of act has cursed and continue to curse the younger generation with their inheritance. What a laugh our poor people god help them. More heartfelt going out to our future generation. How are they really going to face it?. And what will they really do about it?.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes they sold their land … big mistake …. but the crown road was given away… same thing here..,he bought the land … not the sea. Same corruption. Can’t somebody STOP this shit.

  32. Sharkey says:

    How does Handel Whittaker know that removing 180000 sq. ft. of the Turtle Grass will have a minimal impact?, is he a qualified Marine Biologist?, has he conducted an environmental impact assessment? of course not, his only interest is making money at any expense and especially at the expense of his fellow countrymen.

    Putting a dock there would be pointless, as the only craft capable of going that shallow, will be tin boats, so the next item on his list of nonsensical lies, will be to dredge a channel in from the reef to accommodate larger vessels…it’s all a smoke screen of lies and deceit
    They will have to dig huge holes in the area to accommodate septic tanks, trenching in from Papagallo to hold water pipes and power poles to bring in CUC, then there will be a tarmac road, garbage, beach chairs, Jet Ski rentals, marked out bathing areas, charges to use our own beach and that’s before they cut down several acres of trees to accommodate car parks, bus parks and space for “local” beach vendors…then there will be security lighting at night which is not going to help any nesting Turtles that haven’t already been poached…..

    Come on Planning Dept., just say no, you have an arsenal of environmental and planning laws to prevent this ever happening you have most of West Bay up in arms and the democratically elected MLA against it.

  33. land crab says:

    Some considerable irony here. West Bayers want Barkers to “remain in it’s natural state”.For decades it’s “natural state” courtesy of West Bayers, has been a dump for all unwanted refuse and garbage, derelict and stolen cars, and used as a haven for ganja smokers.The turtle grass should not be removed, but a limited amoumt of development should be permitted as the beach is a great asset for tourism. Hopefully with Dart’s supervision the area will be cleaned up and most of it retained untouched as a National Park.

    • Anonymous says:

      By the way, where is the great West Bay leader and stalwart of the people Honorable McKeeva Bush, Captain Eugene, Honorable Rivers, Mr. Cline Glidden and Mr. Rolston Anglin now? Don’t want Daddy Dart to get upset with you? Hope you West Bayer’s remember this when its time to vote.

    • Anonymous says:

      DartBot know that greedy money grabbing Dart and all of his mouthpieces are fast becoming exposed as they attempt to take away OUR Cayman Islands.

      We are few but we are strong in the face of your monied might with our government that we know you own.


      Mr. Handel and Mr. Ken, stop being Darts tools against Caymanians.

      Dart it is now time to go back to Belize.

  34. Anonymous says:

    No conscience, no integrity, no common sense, no love of our beloved homeland. A lot of stooges who can only see the dollar. Handel Whittaker will spend his last dollar then he will be told again to get off the property. Then of course the Dart Group will transform it into someplace just as unrecognizable as the environs of Camana Bay. When will the power hungry money grabbing people in high positions listen to the populace instead of allowing our island home to be sold to the highest bidder? Why do we have to fight for sanity and reason?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yep. Too right!! No more SMB for us po folk

    • Anonymous says:

      Why don’t people simply get it… the owners of property sell their land to developers now we are asking government to regulate the use of this land after those individuals have lined their pockets….
      The majority of land in Barkers is zoned for development under the planning law and individuals are selling it under those terms and then turn around and saying “MLA you need to stop that person I sold the land to from developing under the terms of the zoned used”
      Seriously don’t you get the issue?

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, DARTBot we get it.

        DART OWNS Government that is how the zoning got to be Hotel Tourism.

        • Anonymous says:

          Um, how are you calling that poster a Dartbot? Did you let the comment actually sink into your brain? The point to me is that YOU sold the land. Once you sell your property you have no control over what the OWNER of that property does with it. You may not agree but YOU SOLD OUT!
          I’m just hiding in the corner trying not to say “I told you so!” (From 10+ years ago!)
          GreedyBots!!! Dart OWNS YOU NOW.

      • Anonymous says:

        You forgot one very important thing. Yes Dart bought that land and as his land he has the voice and right to do as he wishes BUT that is only to the high water mark. After that it is the Queens bottom. The CIG has all the right to say no and need to unless they want to cement the precedent that this is acceptable each and every time Jack decides to do something with the beach.

        180,000 square feet is a LOT of land, almost 4 and a quarter acres. Let that sink in and they honestly believe there will be no environmental impact?

    • Anonymous says:

      …because we are doomed to havr only crooked governments.

  35. Anonymous says:

    People are objecting for the sake of objecting. Educate yourself on the facts. We have run the Seven Mile Beach well dry and need to look at sustainable, low-impact uses elsewhere.The real question should be why isn’t there a National Barkers Park enshrined? Also, perhaps one should question how much damage one horse from Paul River’s tourism business causes in the very same area in question? Noted that the article declined to mention Paul’s business interest. Double standards and biased journalism.

    • Anonymous says:

      The biggest mistake made was allowing Dart to effectively control SMB. Fewer and fewer places for us to go (as locals). Hemingways has gone to be replaced by an upmarket boutique hotel where I am sure we will not be welcome. Calicos and Royal Palms on their way out…cant the guys that ran Hemingways and run the others get together, buy an area on SMB beach and put up all our favourite places again, with deck chairs, local memberships so we can enjoy the beach again too? Your argument of objecting for the sake of objecting doesn’t hold water- we have seen what happens-development leaving local people and residents with nowhere to go. How can this happen?

      • Anonymous says:

        THANK YOU!

      • Magnus Anonymous says:

        How can it happen? It happens because Dart has the money to buy our MLA people. Even though Dart has had to leave several countries because of his greed and cannot return to some because of his monetary dealings, he has been a roaring success with the government of the Cayman Islands. Some people will do anything for money!

    • Anonymous says:

      Due to selfish property owners, fenced off traditional public rights of way, and too many people like you, people with horses have nowhere to go any more but the roads…. with all those lunatic drivers. I gave up owning and riding horses for just that reason. What damage do his horses cause? Hoofprints in the sand, poop on the beach? The latter is mainly made up of grass and decomposes in no time. Otherwise its damn good for those looking for some great 100% natural fertiliser.

      • Anonymous says:

        mixed in with the sea water for our children to swim in
        take a flight on the chopper when the horses are in the water and watch the plume and this repeated every day – come on are you serious

        • Anonymous says:

          You make it sound like this horse poop is as big as a problem as the garbage on the beaches, or on the reefs, or outside homes & resorts collecting a fresh scent waiting to be hauled. Is that right?
          Horse poop, problem to focus on..really??
          Well then, I’m putting my foot down on all this mosquito poop we have to deal with. Enough is enough
          Ello Gov-nor!


    • Anonymous says:

      3:45pm What damage can Paul River’s horses cause in the same area? There have been horseback riding businesses in Barkus since the late 80’s early 90’s. Niki’s Pampered Ponies Honey Suckle Coral Stables. No damage done there. But if you do develop the land the people who rely on these businesses will be out of business!!!

  36. Anonymous says:

    Dart using Handel to get what they want. Its pretty despicable… dont they have enough land and money?? Greed is going to be the death of this island…

    • Bill O’Reily-Ebanks says:

      Handel is allowing himself to be used like a puppet. XXXXX and the Camana bay mafia are pulling the strings. The Cabinet decision to allow this will confirm that Dart own not just land in Barkers but the elected officials.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Same Bernie Bush that the hansards show in support of environmental destruction on Cayman Brac? Or a different one?

    This guy, who used the original Calico’s to justify his own attempted environmental damage? Or another guy?


  38. Anonymous says:

    Hope you checked their passports to verify their Westbayishness.

  39. Anonymous says:

    National Park, National Nature Preserve, Replenishment Zone, whatever you call it, it’s not there for the taking or raping. There should be no price tag on it as it is priceless. Leave it as is! Developers greedy hands off, instead take a long hike off a short pier!

    • Anonymous says:

      Developers greedy hands….? Really
      Who sold the land to the developers for the $$$$$$$?

      • Anonymous says:

        3:42pm, you are 100% correct!! Caymanians sold their beach land and now b……g about development!!! Can sell something then have buyers remorse!!! Should have thought about that long time ago. Caymanians did the same thing on seven mile beach. No one stole anything, they purchased it rightfully. I don’t like what Cayman has become, I don’t like that the Government allowed Dart to have a free reign, the Ritz did the same thing but nothing we can do….Caymanians sold themselves out!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Maybe if the country was properly led economically to have cash flow in (all) locals hands intead of wp holders/foreign muppets only then we wouldnt have this only option left for locals clown. Face it. Everyone, everywhere is typically “selling out” all across the caribbean to your kind who come from far away lands (not indigenous).

    • Anonymous says:

      Go to the link below and look at the Marine Park Map and the area where we all go and drop our boat anchor on Sunday while we party.
      Oh and it has a dock as well.
      So West Bay is not good enough for a Rum Point type facility?

  40. Anonymous says:

    Planning will turn it down for Dart’s PR team and then approve a smaller version which Dart actually wants.

    • Anonymous says:

      Handel is allowing himself to be used by Dart to destroy the Cayman environment. XXXX. He’ll probably end up getting a 10 year lease and then kicked off that property too. That area is a protected marine park and a replishment zone and should be left in its pristine condition. Dart needs to stop violating everything that is sacred in Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think you are confusing this with the West Bay Road Tunnel application.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Don’t waste life debating this, Dart will get what he wants.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dwayne don’t care about it because it’s not in his constituency. I hope the West Bay MLAs will stand up and say NO!!

    • Anonymous says:

      All you West Bay people are fool-fool because the Dart Company have their plan (just like the port & getting CHEC in here) and the government will dance to the tune that they fiddle for them. It is a done deal, Mr. Smith & Mr. Rivers are spot on when they say that Mr. Whittaker is just the token Caymanian to get the ball rolling, then the big action will start. Poor Mr. Whittaker better watch out because the Dart gang will kick his behind off once again if they feel they need an “up market foreign” approach.

      As for the Honorable Health Minister, he couldn’t find his back side with both hands unless the leader helps him.

      Wake up Cayman, it is all about money; the envelopes get spread around like watching the Serpico movie with all the corrupt police getting their monthly payments. It is disgusting to put it politely.

    • Anonymous says:

      I both agree with and despise your comment.

      Still, you’re right. We did it to ourselves.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Everyone who owns beach property wants it all to look like SMB. You bought it how God made it, leave it that way!! But, no surprise, CPA will approve this application to remove the turtle grass just for the $$$ fees!

    So, people, no point in objecting!

  43. Anonymous says:

    nobody should say yes or no without knowing all the facts and without reading the eis.
    too many naysayers….commenting on something they know nothing about.

    • Anonymous says:


      • Anonymous says:

        But you don’t own the land. You sold it for the almighty dollar… now want the current owner to leave it as is for your use. Come on

      • Anonymous says:

        you do not know the facts. you are opposing something without knowing the facts.

    • Anonymous says:

      No you muppet, this is about keeping the few undeveloped things left in Cayman as it should be… UNDEVELOPED!! This will just be the start. If Calico Jacks has it’s way it would just be a matter of time before more businesses pop-up there and soon Barkers beach will be just almost all of the beaches of Cayman and that is paved over and soon out of bounds to locals. Mark my words, this is merely the starting point. First Calico Jack moves in, then the turtle grass is removed, then another business comes in and then more grass needs to be moved, but only a little.. just to make enough space for the new business and that will be granted then another and more grass over and over.


      Muppet “Head” Hunter

      • Anonymous says:

        You doth protest too much. You shouldn’t have sold “your” land in the first place.

      • Anonymous says:

        Who sold the land to dart? Trash them not dart. Dart is a developer. Why should he be held accountable while someone else got rich

        • Anonymous says:

          Because he can’t seem to buy or build or do anything that doesn’t destroy the environment and/or make attractive locations that used to be points of pride off limits to locals and/or close Caymanian-owned businesses. Look what he did with the golf course – he improved it and also made it like 3x more expensive. Look what he did with Cafe del Sol – was anyone asking for it to be replaced with Starbucks? And yes, look at what he is doing with every single establishment that allowed a local to use a beach chair for the price of a drink. Now the price will be a hotel room or ‘cabana for the day’ or some crap. He is taking Cayman away from Caymanians not by buying their land but by, almost every time, choosing the business plans for his acquisitions that take the most freedom, culture, and history away from us.

          • Anonymous says:

            Stop complaining, Move to Brac…That seems to be your pace. Remember you certainly don’t speak for all Caymanians.

            • Anonymous says:

              I am as much of a misplaced city boy as you will find, actually. I wish George Town was bigger, more dense, and the buildings taller. I love Camana Bay and the Ritz. I love the roads we have now and hope they keep coming. I’m pro-development most of the time. But even cities have parks, and trees, and inexpensive places to enjoy the natural environment. We are quite literally covering the entirety of the western side of Grand Cayman in concrete and asphalt. We are blindly following the possibly-completely-mad vision of an insatiable company whose actions have, if you have been paying attention, clearly demonstrated that their motive is to maximise the value of their property portfolio at any cost to anyone else. They are building a 5-star hotel on top of a major road. Cayman has gone so crazy for development that you can now buy and sell the air above things.

              Think about this, and please tell me where in this ugly transformation locals are supposed to fit. We can’t all afford a place at WaterColours. There is currently no vision and no plan at all to preserve and enhance the lives of locals, who have been completely trampled by the greed of more powerful interests. Development for the sake of development is really not a good thing. If you leave developers to themselves they will build whatever they can profit from the most, which is something they can sell on to others or charge high prices for using. They will not build something that will diversify the economy or provide more activities for locals or beautify the area. We should not be letting money dictate what happens here, because money is not looking out for us.

      • Anonymous says:

        you should go to cayman brac…you would love it there….and there is not much hope of future development!

      • Anonymous says:

        maybe it makes things better?..i/you don’t know…because you don’t know the facts.

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