Violent mugging lands GT man over two years in jail

| 01/11/2018 | 8 Comments
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Rear entrance of the courthouse

(CNS): Azeem Delano Burton (20) was given a 25-month prison sentence on Thursday, following his conviction for a street mugging in Prospect earlier this year, when he made off with a wallet, jewellery and an Apple iPhone after he and another unknown mugger violently attacked the victim. Justice Marlene Carter, who presided over the case, said that the George Town man had no previous criminal convictions, had shown remorse, and had pleaded guilty to parts of the offence at the earliest opportunity. But these mitigating factors were balanced against the aggravating level of violence used during the commission of the crime.

Burton was one of four people arrested after the mugging, which happened outside the Prospect home of the victim, Simon Boxall, the acting deputy director of Hazard Management Cayman Islands. But Burton was the only person charged with the offence.

The crime occurred after Burton and up to three other people followed the senior civil servant home from the Country & Western bar on Shamrock Road at around 10pm on Sunday, 20 May. Boxall had been given a ride home by a friend, but as he got out of the car and his friend drove away, Boxall was attacked by two men, who took his belongings and left him with head and other injuries.

Shortly after he was charged, Burton admitted taking the phone. However, the crown also insisted he was responsible for taking Boxall’s wallet and a ring, which the court heard was a family heirloom and had significant sentimental value but has never been returned. Burton denied this and the dispute was aired in a Newton hearing. Boxall gave evidence during that special hearing and the court found that Burton was responsible for the theft of all the missing items, not just the phone.

Justice Carter handed down her ruling after reducing a three-year term by 30% for his guilty plea, and ordered that the five months Burton has served on remand and since his conviction should be taken into account.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Deportation order?

  2. anonymous says:

    There is a common theme in these lowlife thugs, they all have these outlandish christian names.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It is ridiculous that such short sentences are given particularly when the criminal will also only serve a tiny fraction of whatever sentence is given by the Court. No wonder my country is going to hell.

    • Anonymous says:

      Our country, and yes, completely agree. It matters less to me that he didn’t have a police record than what he was willing to do in order to make a dollar or two. Head injuries are nothing to fool with, and Mr. Burton could have been killed.

      Two years? What will he actually serve? 9 months, maybe? Ridiculous. Lesson not learned.

      • Anonymous says:

        Mr Boxall was who received the head injuries and not Burton, read carefully if you are literate . What is gonna happen soon is somebody is gonna be seriously hurt or even killed attacking innocent people because they gonna get a serious surprise. Not everybody who is robbed or attempted to be robbed gonna just accept it so.


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