People’s voices to be heard on climate change

| 22/11/2018 | 42 Comments
Cayman News Service

Sir David Attenborough

(CNS): World renowned conservationist and TV documentary maker, Sir David Attenborough, will be relating the stories of people from all over the world about their experiences with climate change at the United Nations conference on the issue next month. Sir David has been asked by the UN to give a landmark speech to world leaders, which will be based on submissions from around the globe revealing the real experiences ordinary people are enduring because of climate change. Speaking to the BBC, the man who brought the dangers posed by plastic on the natural world into the world’s living rooms with his TV series, will speak truth to power on the issue.

The famous naturalist is taking up what is being called the “People’s Seat” at the opening of the crucial UN Climate Change Conference in Poland (COP24), set to take place 2-14 December.

“The People’s Seat is meant to represent the hundreds of millions of people are around the world whose lives are about to be affected by climate change,” Sir David told BBC News. “It will sit there to remind politicians who are working at [this] conference — and administrators and governments — that this is not a theoretical enterprise — they aren’t working in a vacuum. They are dealing with real people’s futures.”

To collect the submissions Attenborough has launched a campaign with a video inviting viewers to share their experiences and opinions on climate change to an online poll and conversations on social media, using the hashtag #TakeYourSeat. The submissions will provide the substance for the speech to world leaders at the conference in the hope of persuading them to take the situation seriously and implement the necessary action to reverse the impacts of climate change before it is too late.

Sir David said that including voices from people experiencing the reality of climate change was vital.

“There are fishermen all round the world who know what changes are taking place,” he said. “There are people whose houses have been destroyed by increasingly extreme weather. Summarising what is taking place is an almost impossible job, but it’s something that has to be done. “People know that the world is changing; they are behind politicians taking action.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Couldn’t the baby Jesus just put it all back the way it was with a twitch of his nose if we asked him nicely?

  2. Ed says:

    In 2099, how are all of you going to squeeze on to Mt Trashmore when the sea level has risen and swamped most of GC?
    I’m going to live long enough to find out.

  3. Anonymous says:

    this is not up for discussion. listen to science. do not believe in internet rubbish.end of story.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Further to my earlier highlight of the crapola that surrounds “AGW / climate change” – I share with you this latest development;

    “(CNN)Scientists are proposing an ingenious but as-yet-unproven way to tackle climate change: spraying sun-dimming chemicals into the Earth’s atmosphere.

    The research by scientists at Harvard and Yale universities, published in the journal Environmental Research Letters, proposes using a technique known as stratospheric aerosol injection, which they say could cut the rate of global warming in half.”

    Y’all keep on trying to play God and or Mother Nature, unna hear?!
    Damn overeducated ignorant fools.

    The SUN is the source of LIFE.
    It is NOT my enemy – and who the heck is any person, study, research centre, government, dictatorship, think-tank, Professor, scientist or clown to run interference between it, myself and the world in which I live.

    First wold problems – I tell ya.
    Y’all just don’t have enough snuggles to occupy your time and energy.

    Nevertheless, kindly limit the eff’ery to your immediate surroundings and peer groups.

    Some of us are busy basking in the humbling reality that certain aspects of Earthly existence is beyond the control of mankind.

    – Whodatis

    • Anonymous says:

      (Really autocorrect, “snuggles”? They’re gonna have a field day with that one!):-D

      **are beyond

      – Who

      • BeaumontZodecloun says:

        I thought it read much better as ‘snuggles’. :up:

        aaaaaaaaand, once again I find myself agreeing with you, Who.

        Let’s not make a habit of this, hmmmmmmm?

    • Anonymous says:

      go to college. a real college.

    • Smh says:

      Your posts are generally idiotic, a lot of words but very little substance. “Overeducated ignorant fools”?????
      How about, instead of parading your illformed opinions as fact and generally insulting people’s intelligence or misleading those who can’t think critically for themselves, how about you get a life and an education and politely STFU in the meantime?

  5. Anonymous says:

    During WWII 1000s of square miles of Europe was bombed and burned, war production factories poured millions of tons of pollutants into the atmosphere, 1000s of aircraft and military vehicles burned millions of gallons of gas or diesel but it’s taken over 70 years for evidence to emerge that things like this have the potential to damage the environment? That’s complete BS.

  6. Anonymous says:

    ‘Earth from Space’ Documentary would be an eye opener for all. The complexity of processes maintaining life on Earth is mind boggling. I highly recommend to watch it.

    And effects of man made EMF on biochemistry and biophysics are still largely ignored, unrecognized and ridiculed. People don’t know or understand the key differences between man-made and natural electromagnetic fields. That is because we only have 5 senses.

    So, I believe, it is beyond our comprehension to ever understand what controls the climate on planet Earth. Scientist would never solve its mystery. And that is by design.

    What is unquestionable is that we, the humans, are damaging the environment faster that it can recover. Mother nature would eventually restore its balance, but at what price for humans? There were 5 extinction events already.

    Arguing about climate change and calling each other names in the process is silly.
    Making fun of environmentalists every time there is a cold snap somewhere is beyond damb.

    • Anonymous says:

      Your phone, wifi, microwave, radio all emit NON-IONIZING radiation. That’s your difference. Non-ionizing at most will heat your skin by 0.1 degree. Harmless.

      Ionizing radiation above the optical spectrum, like x-rays, gamma rays from radioactive materials, etc can penetrate your skin and break DNA bonds, resulting in cancer – all dependent on dosage, of course.

      Stop being an armchair CNS scientist that calls the actual scientists dumb because you watched a biased documentary or two.

      Love, an actual Caymanian scientist.

      • Anonymous says:


        Man-made EMR is polarized, while natural EMR is not. That is the key difference.

        Man-made EMR is more active biologically than natural non-ionizing EMR.

        Why does my comment bothers you so much?
        Is science BS? Clearly no, but there’s a lot of BS masquerading as science.
        Also, what is valid for you is not necessarily valid for me. We both hold perspectives that justify our believes.

        • NW says:

          Gasoline can kill cancer cells. Does that mean that you can theoretically say, that gas cures cancer? No.

          That link had no original methodology. Just a discussion, a hypothesis.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, real-scientist like these bozo’s?

        Now they’re going to “dim the sun”. You pseudo-scentists have made yourselves into a bunch of clowns and prophets of hysterics. AKA CNS scientists.

        Please watch “actual climate scientsts” speak on the subject:

        • Anonymous says:

          Whodatis, you obviously didn’t read your link.

          “The report does, however, acknowledge that the technique is purely hypothetical.”

          Yes, you’re the perfect example of an armchair scientist. We can sit down and hypothesize about making a 6 land overpass for hurleys traffic. Sounds good on paper. We probably have empirical evidence to justify it. Will it happen? Does it mean we WILL do it? No. Just a theory.

          You’re in over your head, who

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes, and to the Zombified auto-thumbsdown fools that wouldn’t know science if it slapped you in the face with a sovel repeatedly, For God’s sake, never look at the data….

          “Science” follows the scientific model to build proper theories and these theories must be falsifiable!

          “A final point: a scientific hypothesis must be falsifiable, meaning that one can identify a possible outcome of an experiment that conflicts with predictions deduced from the hypothesis; otherwise, it cannot be meaningfully tested.” “Declaring an unfalsifiable theory to be scientific would then be pseudoscience.” –

          ACTUAL Climate Data since the begning of the earth.

          (Prof. Peter A. Ziegler, Dr)

          CNS Note: Peter A. Ziegler was a geologist who worked for Shell. He died in 2013. Since then, consensus on the affects of climate change has grown.

          Climate change hysteria has got to be the biggest cult religion in human history.

          The world has been suckered into paying trillions (with a T) in carbon taxes globally. Where is your ??


          CNS: Here is a report just issued from Trump’s administration, as reported on Fox News: Climate report warns of grim economic consequences, worsening weather disasters in US

          It has actually been reported pretty much everywhere but I have no doubt that if I linked to, say, the Washington Post, you wouldn’t believe it.

          Unless you believe that the Trump administration is now a useful tool of the left (not the man himself, who is just a tool), you must try to understand that the massive propaganda machine, going back decades, that made you believe what you believe has been funded by billionaires who don’t give a damn about you, your children or the planet, so long as they keep making money. Your position on climate change has nothing to do with critical thinking.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry but imposing carbon taxes and creating a global body able to regulate other jurisdictions isn’t something I think is good for anyone. Being able to question any assertion made by mainstream media is also healthy. I’m no expert on the subject but I am allowed to keep a healthy amount of skepticism, especially when I see the fanaticism associated with ‘climate change’… climate does change… 10,000 years ago the earth was in an ice age. It’s been changing for millions of years.

    Besides, I think plastic is much more of a problem, especially for Cayman. Let’s fix plastic and save our shores.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Environmentalism; the new religion which, interestingly, is the one under which atheists congregate.

    Challenge ANY aspect thereof and one is immediately branded a witch, a heretic, the anti-Gore.

    Not to worry, this too shall pass and people will reflect in bewilderment then as we do now to times of the Inquisition, as an example.

    Meanwhile, we in the minority remain steadfast against the ever-swelling and unrelenting tide of crapola.

    – Whodatis

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m surprised Whodatis is this stupid.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nice. You equate environmentalism with atheism (!), and state that their supporters will immediately reject any opinion on any aspect of the climate change that goes against theirs. What rubbish.

      IMHO those who believe in climate change will happily debate the issues, but those who do not (or for whom it is expedient not to believe it) tend to pour scorn on their “crackpot theories”, or crapola if you prefer without offering any material evidence to support their point of view.

      I for one will make a special trip to your place in 30 or 40 years’ time and laugh at you watching the sea lapping around your front door.

    • Anonymous says:

      Environmentalism is the best religion considering this is the ONLY environment we have to live in! We should probably start taking better care of this planet numb nuts.

      • Anonymous says:

        I would rather do my part to help our Earth than to sit around screaming it’s the end times anyway.

        Species go extinct. We’re threading a thin line. Homo sapiens are one lucky bunch that need to leave this planet soon.

        1000 years ago, we were certain that we’d fall off the side of the flat earth and that bacteria was a curse.

        200 years ago, we had no phones. Cars. Planes. Computers.

        0-50 years ago, we fully exploit fossil fuels locked deep underground from millions of years ago and pump billions of tons of C02 into the atmosphere,out of natural norm.
        Society flourishes from this easy energy, so we keep going until the environment is ruined.

        In 50 years we will have artificial intelligence so advanced that our brain’s processing power is less than AI. It completely revolutionizes Homo sapiens, just like the ? industrial age did.

        In about 200-1000 years you can expect a fully populated colony on a terraformed Mars. Harvesting asteroids will be a Trillion dollar business. We will eventually move out of this galaxy.

        Travelling faster than light might be hard to figure out, and light can only go 300k metres per second. It’ll take a while to move away. Space is huge bobo.

        In 5000++ years from now, intergalactic ships with human embryos cryogenically preserved are artificially fertilized 18 years prior to their arrival to a new, distant and habital planet. Robots powered by artificial intelligence raise these children to adulthood, teach them and guide them on their mission to colonize the planet they’re on their way to.

        Humanity is incredible. We will survive – it’s why we evolve.

  9. Anonymous says:

    The global warming scam has been renamed ‘climate change’. Al Gore – that’s a beauty for you.

    CNS: The switch to ‘climate change’ from ‘global warming’ was largely because numbnuts like Donald Trump cannot get their heads around the fact that as the earth warms overall, there will be an increase in extreme weather, including cold snaps. Here’s AccuWeather on the subject. Or see here. The real scam is the millions of dollars poured into ‘debunking’ climate change by those who make a lot of money from the oil industry. The Koch brothers, for example.

  10. Anonymous says:

    climate change…a subject too complex for the average caymanian…

  11. Anonymous says:

    I have to warn the people .this man does not believe in God.
    It is in God’s hands.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh don’t be stupid. There is no god. None of us will be saved.
      Our future is in the hands of scientists who are the only ones left to save us from this disaster we brought upon ourselves by ignorantly carrying on as if the world was to be taken advantage of and destroyed. “We don’t need to worry, because in the end god will save us.” How stupid can you get!

    • Anonymous says:

      Personally I’d prefer science over a fictional construct.

      • Anonymous says:

        Distinguish science from fiction? Better define science. You can’t.

        • Anonymous says:

          Science, noun, abstract, the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

          God, noun, abstract, fictional concept used to explain natural phenomena prior to their explanation by science, and means of justify and imposing prevailing moral codes and organised social control, commonly by those wielding political or economic power within a society.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Do you know what the term is when money is taken from the public on false premises? FRAUD!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Yes, it’s important to get this tax-fraud propaganda out, since the global has been cooling since 1995 and in it’s coldest cycle yet.

    Global warming is the biggest tax fraud in the history of all civilizations! Trillions a year

    Wake up pigeons!

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