Nine Cubans land in Brac as 18 return to sea

| 13/11/2018 | 30 Comments
Cayman News Service

Cuban migrants on Cayman Brac (file photo)

(CNS): A boat carrying 27 Cuban migrants arrived in waters around Cayman Brac at the weekend. However, it has since left the island with 18 people still aboard returning to its perilous voyage, the Department of Immigration (DoI) has confirmed. Before the boat left, eight men and one woman opted to disembark here and those nine people are now in immigration custody. The DoI said the vessel was not damaged when it returned to sea and officials are now conducting interviews with the nine Cubans who chose to disembark.

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  1. Disguted Caymanian says:

    These People don’t want to stay in Cayman, they want to move on to somewhere else.

    Cayman should only provide them with food and water as the Bible says do on to others as you would like others to do on to you.
    When Caymanians migrated to Cuba many years ago they stayed and lived there and no one discriminated them, but now Caymanians feel that Cayman is paradise and that everyone wants to come here and take their jobs!!! WTF!!!! Caymanians need to get up and go to work and stop demanding the GOVT OF THE CI to support them like little babies!!

    Come on, lets stop faking this Christianity that no longer exist on this Island full of hate and envy, nothing Christian about that!
    I am so sick of hearing Caymanians talk about expats and blah blah blah, if it wasn’t for the expats what would Cayman be??????? NOTHING!!!!! because the real Caymanians don’t want to work !!!!!!

    Give these people food and water and let them continue looking for their freedom!

    • Anonymous says:

      At first, they didn’t want to stay, then they change their minds, then they organise and protest, then they are released. Why go to the US, life is better in the Cayman islands. Minus being poisoned of course.
      Caymanians should learn from Cubans how to get thing their way.

    • Anonymous says:

      9.29am.. I agree with you to help them and send them on their way. 1…Just reminding you: do you see the size of these islands that these people are coming from – from ALL over??? Well we just cannot feel sorry for these people! Most are ungrateful to say the least! We cannot accommodate them. 2… just reminding you: Caymanians went in SMALL numbers to many countries, never making problems and usually returned home. OK. 3. You will find lazy people all over – you need to stop criticizing Caymanians and look into your own back yard.

    • Anonymous says:

      9.39am… we were just fine before you all arrived!! You need to ask yourselves “where would “expats be with out Cayman”!!!

    • Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    Consider this: Do you have an idea of how much it costs to repatriate each of these Cubans? Thousands of dollars vs. helping them on their way.

    Simple human needs — food, fuel and water.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Frankly, I wouldn’t board that contraption to go across North Sound, and I am a long distance swimming medalist. There is something compelling extraordinary risk-taking which ought to compel our Cabinet to revisit this Territory’s Cuba policy.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The CI Govt has an agreement with Cuba to send them back. There is nothing un Christian about following the rules of the land.
    They probably do not speak English and would probably be totally displaced in GC.
    They will eventually be sent back. This is a scam and a racket.
    Why are there some of the same persons returning again and again.
    Think people.

    • Lindalimo says:

      Yes! True! And we have to keep the laws of CI! Just like voting on gay marriage here! CI is religious, you would have to rewrite the Constitution of CI to please a few. It’s disgraceful to have that here! There are a lot of islands they can go and get married on. Marriage is between a man and a woman period! Don’t like our laws, don’t come here! Simple as that. Once you allow that, then others will want worse other things too then we will be in bad shape like other countries! Keep CI clean, both morally and physically!

    • Anonymous says:

      So when slavery was the “rule of the land” was that not un-Christian?

      • Anonymous says:

        Always gotta have that one guy have to bring up about Slavery.
        If you that concerned about Slavery. Go back to the Moses days and have a talk with that crew to see if you can resolve the future issue.

        Black people stay in Slavery mentality because it is a good excuse for when they do wrong and act violent.
        Where as even some animals behave better.
        Have you not heard
        “free yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds”

        Cut the crap about Slavery.

  5. Anonymous says:

    At least for once this story correctly identifies them as ‘migrants’ and not ‘refugees’. They are economic migrants trying to get to the USA and we would do well to remember that.

    • Anonymous says:

      They are refugees if they seek refuge somewhere else. What is so wrong about either the word refugee or migrant.
      To you refugee is a put down on a class of people?

      CNS: You don’t have to agree with the UN on this, but they do distinguish between refugee and economic migrant. See here. A refugee can apply for asylum, but this has to be in the first place they land. The Cubans who land here are economic migrants by UN standards because they don’t generally apply for asylum (there have been exceptions), which means that if successful they would have to stay here, but they want to go on to the US. The ones who disembark can apply for asylum but generally don’t. Assuming that they have the opportunity to apply, the fact that they don’t suggests that they would rather go home and possibly try again to get to the US.

  6. Elvis says:

    More cayman drain

  7. Anonymous says:

    Anybody who is willing to venture onto the open sea in that contraption is obviously not doing it for shits and giggles. They need help.

    • Anonymous says:

      I hope they will get them back to Cuba ASAP and don’t keavve them here for years to be let go into the communities. Money spent on them, can be used to assist indigenous locals.

  8. Anonymous says:

    simple question for the great ‘christian’ nation of cayman:
    what would jesus do?

    • Anonymous says:

      He would want us to do the right thing. Doing the right thing means following the rules and being good citizens. That means following the rules of the agreement and SHIP THEM OUT.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hello 328
      Jesus would say obey Cayman Government!
      The rule has been made. They are to be returned to Cuba.
      What diseases might they bring in?
      How much is this going to cost?
      The amounts of money to care for previous migrants this Govt has already spent has been posted on here so stop with the guilt trip.
      Different time Bo Bo.
      They need to go back.

      Debate about policy surrounding the migrants and the cost, logistics, etc is legitimate. But there is no evidence that any migrants bring diseases – an idea that echoes the worst propaganda and jingoism currently being promoted in the US about immigrants. In fact, while there are many many downsides to communism, one of the benefits is a national healthcare system.

      • Anonymous says:

        There is no such thing as communism, although it would appear that CNS has swallowed the blue pill.

        Socialism/Communism is a ploy concocted at elite levels to trick people into becoming unthinking, ignorant drones.
        Very few people who espouse communism, such as our famous actors and singers lift a finger as they enjoy their gated communities while they tell us to vote for socialists.
        I cannot believe anyone has reached the age of 50 and still believes this bullshit.

        Good luck with communism. If you like it so much, move to Venezuela.
        I cannot believe….yes I can believe you said that.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Ok Customs and Immigration, follow the directives of the agreement signed and send them on their way once they have been interviewed. Lets no reopen Case De Havana resort.

    • Anonymous says:

      How Christian of you

      • Anonymous says:

        How stupid of u, don’t u think we have enough people now on social srrvices now ? Send them on.

      • Anonymous says:

        Are you a Christian? How do you know that the poster is a Christian?. With so many on this Little Rock I am sure you would agree that we have all kinds of religious persons here as well as atheists and others. Why lash out at Christians, even Christians have freedom of speech and yes Christians dime is also used to provide for these people. They really do not want to be here, sometimes they pull in to repair their boats and get food and water so they can continue on their way.

      • Anonymous says:

        Only thing Christians hate more than gay marriage, people pointing out the obvious unchristian things they do.

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