Cayman emerges unscathed from 2018 storm season

| 30/11/2018 | 17 Comments
Cayman News Service

Hurricanes Florence, Isaac and Helene, 10 Sept 2018

(CNS): All was quiet in the Atlantic on Friday, as the 2018 hurricane season officially ended. While the Cayman Islands once again remained unscathed, the season brought devastation to the United States, where Florence and Michael caused significant damage. In total there were 15 named storms, including eight hurricanes, two of which were major.  “This season packed a strong punch,” said Neil Jacobs, NOAA assistant secretary of commerce for environmental observation and prediction, in a release from the agency about the season.

For the fourth year in a row the first storms emerged prior to the official 1 June season start date, with Tropical Storm Alberto forming on 25 May before making landfall in northern Florida, before travelling as far north as the Great Lakes as a tropical depression.

Seven named storms — Alberto, Beryl, Debby, Ernesto, Joyce, Leslie and Oscar — were classified as subtropical at some point, which officials at the US National Hurricane Center said was a record. The previous record of five subtropical storms occurred in 1969. All subtropical storms this season eventually transitioned into a tropical storm, with three eventually becoming hurricanes.

The 2018 hurricane season was the first since 2008 to have four named storms active at the same time,  when Florence, Helene, Isaac and Joyce swirled around the region.

Hurricane Florence caused catastrophic flooding in portions of North and South Carolina. Several river forecast locations in the Carolinas approached or broke their record flood level in the days and weeks following the hurricane. It took two to three weeks for many river locations to fall below flood stage, and the final river crested one month after Florence made landfall. Hurricane Michael, at category 4 intensity, was the strongest hurricane on record to strike the Florida panhandle.

“The 2018 season fell within NOAA’s predicted ranges in our pre-season outlook issued in late May,” said Gerry Bell, lead seasonal hurricane forecaster at NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center. “However, the overall season was more active than predicted in the updated outlook issued in early August. Warmer Atlantic Ocean temperatures, a stronger west-African monsoon and the fact that El Nino did not form in time to suppress the season helped to enhance storm development.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is because we have not allowed the gay marriage.

  2. Withheld says:

    As a farmer in California we experience “CLIMATE Change” every year. The valley fogs have rotated to the north. But the temparure varies depending on whether the storms in the Winter are from the North or from Hawaii. El Niño this year or La Nino in prior years are responsible for concentrated periods of heavy rains in the Sacramento/San Joaquin Valley. Overall it has been colder not warmer. Because of the unpredictable climate we adjust our farming practices accordingly every year. In short our farming practices are dependent upon conditions on the ground and not by the calendar. 10:48 is correct the wind sheer off the US is responsible for damage or no damage to GC.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Whatever the temperatures are, especially when the global climate has been cooling as much as it has, don’t ever forget the climate is out to get you, and liberals are out to save us all, and will because only liberals (And Al Gore) know how to save the climate, the atmosphere and the ionasphere using trillions worth of global taxes. Because liberals are the only people who care enough to save the planel and the climate. So keep paying your global carbon taxes and don’t be fooled by the trojan climate!

    Seriously, aAren’t you tired yet of being taken for fools and defrauded every single day out of your hard earned money via carbon taxes layed open just about every single product you consume, epecially energy and food?

    Many many trillions in taxes and hundreds of billions in continual climate research grants. Surely that can’t sway “scientific” opinions right?

    Because we all know, money never sways policitcs right?

    And when all these perpetual taxes are paid, when will the climate stop changing? or changing in a “bad way”? THINK CRITICALLY PEOPLE! What is the correct climate change for the earth globally?? And what has been the correct climate change during the history of the earth?


    CNS: Finding anti-climate change blogs on a Google search is not thinking critically, it’s swallowing the propaganda paid for by billionaires who stand to lose a lot of money. You are being manipulated to believe this is a left wing liberal issue. Here is a report on Fox News about the recent report issued by the Trump administration on the devastating effects of climate change on the US economy. Here is what NASA says. Here’s what the UK Conservative government’s Committee on Climate Change says. Here is what those puffy liberals at Exxon Mobile say.

    • Anonymous says:

      what a fool….

    • Anonymous says:

      Here again CNS toting the leftwing propaganda as expected.

      CNS: Just to interrupt, the link I sent was the latest report from a Republican administration as reported on a right wing news organisation, a point you have not acknowledged. Stop calling it left wing propaganda, which is what you’ve taught to call it like a good little parrot. It’s consensus science versus a very few (3%) dissenting voices, who have been unable to convince the other 97% of scientists.

      Let me educate you with some undisputed FACTS you liberal hacks continually want to ignore. I can actually write a book on this, but there are many good ones already out there, for people who want to unplug from the leftwing mind matrix called “the news”. Therefore, I will keep this short and just touch on a couple of points. Anyone actually interested in knowing more can simply follow any of the below links and see where it takes there. Trust me the information is enormous. For those wanting the quick answer to why these climate prophets are out there peddling climate change, here it is (Numbers are provided by the US General Accountability Office):

      CNS: This video is made by Dr. Steven J. Allen for the Capital Research Center, “which has received large donations from pro-fossil fuel groups like Exxon and the Koch Family Foundations through its Claude R. Lambe Charitable Foundation.[8] In November 2010, CRC published a report criticizing the Sierra Club for its work in transitioning the US away from coal plants, portraying it as an attack on “American prosperity.” (Wikipedia) Follow the money.

      • The video’s I send linked to this YouTube channel and other sources of information are not videos or comments made my billionaires hoping to get away with poisoning the earth to make a profit, as your pathetic and disingenuous claim suggest, rather they are a compilation of _actual scientists_ that have been coming out (but suppressed by people like you) to expose this fraud for what it is. Many of these scientists are award winners which have been studying this for decades and have impeccable reputations as scientists and professors on the subject. But God forbid you actually watch any of them, you might actually gain new information!

      CNS: God forbid you actually do some research and find out who funds these organisations and “think tanks”.

      • 31,487 actual scientists (Buried and hidden by the left wing media) says there is no global warming alarm.

      This video is dated 2014, just FYI. The International Conference on Climate Change is hosted by the Heartland Institute; you can read about its funding here (Surprise!).

      • The historical temperature chart I provided is a scientific documented supported by the American Journal of Science and it is not in dispute by anyone.
      • The char clearly demonstrates that during many previous epochs such as the Cambrian, Co2 level have been as high at 7000 PPM compared to today’s 406.00 PPM ( Somehow the earth was able to reduce it own Co2 levels many times over, for millions of years, without the need of trillions worth of Carbon Taxes, or humans for that matter. How can that be?
      • Co2 LAGS warming. This means that the earth warms, and THEN, Co2 level rises, usually following a 2-400 year gap. The claim that Co2 is the cause of warming is FLASE!
      • The number 1 greenhouse gas (by up to 72%) is water vapor. The #1 producer of methane IS THE EARTH! Such as ocean floors, swamps and amazons. So you want to ban greenhouse effect, start by banning the Amazons and Ocean.
      • Forests and plants love higher Co2 and can easily survive orders of magnitude the current Co2 levels as they clearly have in the past many-many-many times!
      • Climate change DO NOT FOLLOW THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD! This is why they formed a CONSENSUS. The reason a bunch of them formed a consensus is because there is no legitimate scientific theory to back man-made climate change. This is a FACT! The scientific method requires them to show that man-made climate change is falsifiable and it is not! This undisputed by anyone. ( ) In order to have a valid scientific theory, the climate alarmist prophet has to demonstrate that had there been no humans on earth, the earth would necessarily be at a different temperature. For those of you that think global warming is based in science, it’s NOT. It’s based on the “opinions” of a bunch of scientists that receive billions in research grants. Dr. Steven J Allan (Climate Change is about tax money) US Source: US Government Accountability Office
      • Climate alarmists including US Politicians, professors call for the prosecution of anyone that dares to disagree! You call this “science” ?? More like Soviet Union/USSR tyranny no? You lefties are actually become the anti-science community! Including basic biology for that matter. More links at the bottom of you want to see how unhinged these crazy lefties have become:
      • NASA and other “scientific research” agencies have been caught twice purposefully falsifying climate and temperature data out of concern it did not reflect the results they wanted to project. This is wrong on so many levels. Naturally, once exposed all of the left wing media outlets scrambled to do damage control on a global level. However when you are done reading between all the leftwing propaganda and lies you are left with the fact, climate information was purposefully falsified.
      • CNS has never published any materials ever on opposing views of climate change *ever*, yet there are thousands of scientific scholarly articles on the subject. I guess the news to CNS is the narrative the elect to push, not necessarily about the available information.
      • You can’t get 3000 scientist to agree to what the current temperature is in a building, never mind fractions of degrees across the globe!
      • The notation that man-made global warming skepticism is generated by a bunch of selfish billionaires around the world, who could not care less if their own children breaths clean air show just how much of a leftwing organization you are. You’re a either a bunch of lazy fools or disingenuous political hacks that don’t know real journalism is anymore. Why don’t you actually do your damn jobs when reporting “The news” and get out there and actually investigate the issues instead of peddling the leftwing Kool-aid continually?

      Prosecute climate change skeptics:
      Even leftwing hack snopes has to admit it:
      Now buried and deleted from youtube: Execute climate deniers:
      Many many more:…71504.77760..77872…0.0..1.370.1575.10j4j0j1……0….1..gws-wiz…….35i39.3HBkWdYpR4c

      CNS: Sigh! When you’ve finished reading all the breathless articles about jailing climate change deniers, published and republished by the right wing media, here’s one left wing media’s position, which, without spending too much time on I suspect is widespread, given that the US generally feels very strongly about the First Amendment: No, We Should Not Arrest Climate Deniers

      At the end of the day, people have to ask themselves if they believe the scientists at NASA, who send spacecraft to the outer reaches of space, or someone who spends time researching conspiracy theories on Google from the outer reaches of their bedroom? Here’s the link again.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just like how you all manipulates the news, just stfu cns u pos.

      CNS: This is your rebuttal?

      • Anonymous says:

        No this is my facts, and I have proven it myself many of times, you all are just a bunch of empty balloons that types whatever bs you want, but I guess it’s not entirety your fault for you all are just being paid as a member of the clan to keep the population on the brain level of children, so keep fooling who you can fool but you can’t fool me.

        CNS: What clan do you think we’re members of? Just curious.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This only means an increased chance for it to happen in the future. Prepare now so you are not a nuisance to other countries when it happens. We all have our own problems to deal.

  5. Anonymous says:

    May the wall of windshear that has been protecting us well continue. :up:

  6. Anonymous says:

    told you so….wind and rain ain’t nothing to be scared of.

    • Anonymous says:

      You obviously weren’t here in 2004.

      • Anonymous says:

        i was….fifty year storm …not due again till 2054ish

        • Anonymous says:

          While the ENSO cycle has indeed been recorded, it is a general trend, and not fixed time; even within that cycle, there have been documented Cat 5 storms in both El Nino and La Nina years regardless of the general trend or cycle.

        • Anonymous says:

          because it is a 50 year storm does not guarantee that you have to wait that long and if you check your climatology there are more major hurricanes in recent years that ever before.

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