Police ask for help to find stolen boat

| 17/09/2018 | 26 Comments
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Stolen Rigid-Inflatable-Boat

(CNS): With concerns that stolen boats are often used to smuggle contraband, the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service is asking the public for help tracking the latest vessel to be taken from a canal in Snug Harbour. The RCIPS received a report about the stolen 19ft Ribeye A600 RIB (Rigid-Inflatable Boat) Monday morning. It was last seen docked at a residence on Canal Point Drive at about 6pm on Sunday, 16 September, and discovered missing around 11am Monday. The boat is grey with red seats and has a 115 Yamaha engine attached.

Anyone with information regarding this stolen boat is asked to call 911 or the George Town Police Station at 949-4222. Anonymous tips can be provided to the RCIPS Confidential Tip Line at 949-777, or via the RCIPS website. Tips can also be submitted via the Miami-based call centre of Crime Stoppers at 800-8477(TIPS), or online here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    For those with canal-side boats with wooden docking, I recommend buying 2x stainless 1″ screw eyes spaced about 2″ apart, screw those in, then cable lock some part of the boat to the actual dock thru those eyes (allowing slack for normal tides). It may not be fool-proof, but for less than $20, your boat might become more of a hassle as a potential future target of opportunity. No dock is safe in Cayman anymore.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It might have been stolen for the engine. Boats with Yamaha F150’s have been popular targets. Strangely, no mention of the engine power at all in this crime report. These engines are $16,000 new, and probably fetch a good sum on the transshipment black market.

    • Anonymous says:

      I see article mentions Yamaha 115…do we know if this is specifically the F115, four stroke? The bad guys are looking for Yamaha four strokes. Our boat was stolen last year and recovered from a canal in Prospect where it was certainly going to have the engine hoisted off for resale. For whatever reason, the DPP decided not to prosecute. Good luck to all the victims out there…welcome to the wild west.

    • Mike says:

      It’s a 115 HP engine. Canoe size!. Look for the boat, minus engine in the mangroves somewhere!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Asking for help on the wrong island.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yet another reminder of how our Police and 9/11 are absolutely clueless when it comes to taking accurate reports. Is it too much to ask for at least one of the attending report-taking officers to have a handheld mapping device in 2018?!?

  5. Say it like it is says:

    It seems no-one could care less about the theft, it’s all about the definition of Snug Harbour. Pettiness personified.

  6. 7.62 x33 says:

    Want help huh ..it reached safely ,be back shortlehh that will be the last successful bust for this year .

  7. Anonymous says:

    There aren’t any canals in Snug Harbour.

    • Anonymous says:

      palm Heights drive

    • Anonymous says:

      So the one Soto’s uses is a mirage?

      • Anonymous says:

        Ever since the bypass closed off Palm Heights Drive to the main road and the entrance to Snug Harbour became shared, it is a common mis-perception that Palm Heights Drive is a part of Snug Harbour.
        Palm Heights Drive (which Soto’s uses) is actually not part of Snug Harbour.

      • Anonymous says:

        Palm Heights Drive is Palm Heights Drive not Snug Harbour. Yes, we now use the same entrance but that is because of the bypass.

    • Philip says:

      Hyatt canal is half in Snug Harbor, secondly the article stated “Canal Point Drive” and yes Canal Point has a canal too, i do wish people would read before commenting .

      • Anonymous says:

        Palm Heights Drive is not Snug Harbour.

      • Anonymous says:

        Please note that Snug Harbour does not have any canals. Just to clear up any confusion, Palm Heights Drive (which is on the Hyatt canal) has never been a part of the Snug Harbour subdivision. Snug Harbour comprises only those properties that have frontage on Jennifer Drive and Andrew Drive. The article is therefore not correct when it refers to Snug Harbour.


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