Scammers impersonate social media profiles

| 27/09/2018 | 4 Comments

(CNS): Police are warning social media users to be careful of scammers impersonating the profiles of public figures to manipulate others into giving out banking and other security information. Since June, the RCIPS said the Financial Crimes Unit has received a number of reports of attempted scams using the networking site LinkedIn. These generally involve false accounts for well-known people sending requests to connect in a professional context but the scammers then try to get sensitive information or even cash. 

Dame Barbara Woodward of the Foreign Commonwealth Office is just one of those public figures scammers have posed as, with the FCU receiving over 15 reports of such cases.

Detective Chief Inspector Richard Barrow urged people to be careful when connecting with people on-line. “We are reminding the public to exercise caution and diligence when using any social media platform, even including those with a professional focus such as LinkedIn, and to be wary of requests from public figures which seem suspicious,” he said.

Any suspicious connection requests or messages on LinkedIn or any other social networking site can be reported to RCIPS Financial Crime Unit at 949-8797.

Meanwhile, online con artists are targeting CUC customers by sending out false invoices. Officials from the power provider warned the public that all emails from them end “”. Anyone unsure about an email from the company should contact customer service: or call 949-5200.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    There’s a pro-Port Facebook promo masquerading as “Save Cayman Reefs” touting the purported benefits of artificial pier reef over the acres of natural coral reef they intend to excavate…what a pathetic joke these charlatans are!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve received a number of phishing emails alleged sent by FLOW and I’ve reported it to them. Sad that our primary internet service provider cannot protect itself from such activity but worse, that it has not, so far, warned its customers.

    FLOW sucks, it’s customer service is by far the worst in Cayman!

    • Anonymous says:

      And they stopped using the Daily Digest spam report. Getting lots of phishing and spam that I have rarely received before with FLOW. Why you tryna fick somting dat ain’t broke!???

  3. Anonymous says:

    Did ‘Dame Barbara Woodward’ ask for some iTunes cards?
    LMFAO! How are people still falling for this??

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