Police on hunt for wanted George Town man

| 27/09/2018 | 17 Comments
Cayman News Service

Joseph Hurlston

(CNS): The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service is asking the public to help them find Joseph V. Hurlston (36), who lives in George Town, as they wish to speak with the wanted man urgently, though they have not said why. Police are warning the public not to approach him but to contact 911 immediately if they see him. Hurlston is around 5’ 9”, weighs about 145lbs and has a light brown complexion and long dreadlocks. He is said  to frequent the Prospect and George Town area.

Crime Stoppers can be also be contacted with this information free-of-charge at 800-8477, or online here to remain anonymous.

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Comments (17)

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  1. Mikey says:

    He wa down Mango Tree having lunch what a small place lol

  2. Anonymous says:

    This individual also works for the Fire Service. What is the criteria to be hired in the Cayman islands fire service?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Before you give yourself up. Ask yourself this question. How did i let happen? Surely this cant be the life you thought you would have. Gods blessing young man.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Better if they did a missing persons report, now that he knows he is wanted, hes probably already in jamaica.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why would a Caymanian go to Jamaica?

      • Anonymous says:

        @2:13 pm Search his name on the Cayman Compass website and you will see why he could possibly be in Jamaica.

      • To the haters says:

        Must be the usual jingoistic jamaican hating idiot that feels a cayman does no wrong and therefore it must have been an expat argument.

        • Anonymous says:

          @12:22am @8:36am I said he would most likely run to Jamaica because he has known Jamaican connections. As I said research his name in Cayman Compass and see that this man did over 5 years for going to St. Ann by boat himself to get firearms and cocaine. Who said anything about hating Jamaica or Jamaicans? He is a Caymanian with Jamaican connections and the RCIP knows this. He obviously likes that country right and Im saying that would be the obvious place to run. So please read carefully before you make idiotic racist comments. I love Jamaica I would go there myself if I was in as much trouble as him. Whose gonna find you deep down in those mountains?

    • anonymous says:

      Yea 8:31 am, why would he go to Jamaica? Y’all hate Jamaica and Jamaicans so much, yea,why Jamaica?

      • Boom says:

        if you think cayman is the only place that hates jamaican you must live in a different world…

        • Anonymous says:

          Speak for your self racist pos, caymanians where made from Jamaicans, try n do some research before you open your racist mouth.

          • Jg says:

            Lol sounds like they hit a nerve, and caymanians were not made from jamaicans if you ever actually read the history. It was the UK that told jamaica they had to help us because they were under their rule and closest to us, Doubt you wouldve helped us if they hadnt said to do so. ANYWAY this is besides the point, this argument started because of an uneducated idiot thought the poster said something “bad” about jamaicans when all he said was he may be in jamaica because the wanted CAYMANIAN has jamaican connections.

        • Anonymous says:

          Caymanians like to say we hate Jamaicans yet… more than half of us are married to them… Thats all.

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