Minister reveals little about plans for port construction

| 28/09/2018 | 132 Comments
Cayman News Service

Minister Moses Kirkconnell at the meeting

(CNS): Tourism Minister Moses Kirkconnell has said that government has only just begun talking about the impact construction of the cruise port will have on the tourism sector, George Town and the cargo operations if the development ever gets underway. Responding to a question from the audience at a public meeting on Wednesday night about what plans government has in place to keep the tourism business open and cargo moving when construction starts, Moses Kirkconnell said they were “starting to have meetings” about how to balance construction with the business of the port and the impact on tourism.

The petition to put this development to a referendum now has more than 3,000 signature, and if it reaches its target it would put the decision into the hands of Cayman Islands voters. But if government’s current timeline goes to plan, the substantial tenders from the three finalists will be submitted to government next month and the preferred bidder will be selected early next year, when direct negotiations with government will begin.

Officials told the audience that the first year will be about assessing the project, seeking permits, licences and permissions, and starting the coral relocation project — something that many experts believe will be a costly and unsuccessful exploit.

But as the main work eventually gets underway by 2020, how the construction will impact local business in the harbour, the continued arrival of cruise vessels, the downtown George Town area and the movement of goods at the cargo side of port are all issues that government has not yet addressed.

Many questions were also asked about the impact of construction on the marine habitat of the direct footprint, the dredging, as well as the silt and sediment that could cause significant damage to the local marine environment well beyond the site of the berthing facility, but the minister and his panel were unable to address the questions.

Local photographer Courtney Platt, who has undertaken many thousands of dives in the harbour, pressed the officials and the minister on this issue. He asked all of them, including representatives of the cruise lines, where in the world coral reefs within 100 metres of a dredge pit had ever survived — a question met largely with silence or indications that the construction process would be monitored.

Despite billing the meeting on Wednesday as an opportunity for the public to hear the facts, for many people it has simply raised more questions than answers and generated even more skepticism.

Comments from the two cruise line representatives that Cayman was a choice port of call for its passengers and that while some of the much larger ships will not tender, many others will still be calling on George Town regardless.

At one point, David Candib, Carnival cruise line’s VP of operations and development, made it clear that he did not think the project was set in stone. He described it as “still just an idea” when he was pressed about the environmental damage the project would cause, in contrast to what he repeatedly said was the cruise line’s position that the environment should not be put at risk for a dock. He said that the government appeared to be going through a process to see if it is viable and could be “built in a sound way”.

The cruise lines also said that they wanted to ensure that the people at the destinations where piers are constructed are happy and support the project.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Is the 3000 signatures the combined total or just the signatures on the official referendum list? There were two lists being signed, one for the referendum that only people with voting rights in Cayman could sign and one that anyone could sign.

  2. Jotnar says:

    How can anyone trust the pro port lobby given the obvious manipulation of online polls and social media, exemplified by what happened to BOB FMs poll – 24 hours in 100+ votes 80% against the port, day later 2000+ votes, 80% for the port, but most of the posters having “shell” FB accounts with no friends, no traffic. When someone goes to that much effort to manipulate a local radio station poll you have to be very concerned as to their motivation (and basic honesty).

  3. wher'd that button go says:

    of course the cruise industry is promoting docks and making what are probably empty threats. They are the ones making the lions share of the profit and will continue to do so likely at the expense of everyone who lives in Cayman or visits overnight.

    • And says:

      Hear this: how in tarnation can you say you’re building not one but two piers in the most beautiful area of our port without rationalizing first hand what will be the impact not only on the area that will require dredging but also on the integral aspects of the product and processes sorrounding it namely; impact on shipping , impact on traffic, pollution of the environment ( trucks and dredges spewing fumes from their nostrils) traffic congestion and road diversion) just to mention a few.

      It really does appear that the chicken before the egg theory is at play here . It just doesn’t make sense, you can’t build piers without the considerations mentioned bring taken into account as well as others without considering them , their relative cost not just in monetary value but also in terms of human disruption for an extended period of time. The crux of the matter here is that if you give somebody a job to do and you’re paying them for the job they will do exactly as you wish and not neccesarily offer what you do not ask for, unless you pay for it; and that’s what we have paid for in all of these studies , in the millions for what the government wants not value for money for the PEOPLE of the Cayman Islands.

      There might have been a semblance of trust in this government after election, but this revelation and lack of transparency surely has not made their star rise and will not and cannot be forgotten.

      So Fellow citizens, residents, cats and dogs, iguanas rooster and chicken you will accept the piers , you must accept the piers they say as you gave them the mandate to build them. Are you all in agreement on this?

    • Anonymous says:

      are you saying the owners of the ships should be left out?

  4. Anonymous says:

    “Tourism Minister Moses Kirkconnell has said that government has only just begun talking about the impact construction of the cruise port will have on the tourism sector, George Town and the cargo operations if the development ever gets underway.”

    This first line in the above report shows what a desperately poor job the government has done in bringing the people along with this port process. It has all been done in secret behind closed doors and of course all thinking people question this secrecy.

    People wonder about corruption and payoffs to actually build it and beyond that question the actual need for a port with the schools and dump in a mess.

    My confidence in the government is very low.

    • Anonymous says:

      Said the armchair keyboard warrior whose physical involvement in politics is limited to an anonymous comment on CNS.

      • Anonymous says:

        Anyone who gets physically involved in Politics in Cayman is instantly attacked and discounted as being a “wannabe politician” or a “Political hopeful”
        We create the most toxic political atmosphere filled with political apathy and then act surprised when no one wants to participate
        An environment where politicians sit using their platforms to attack citizens who dare voice opinions contrary to their own
        Where even trying to get a meeting with some representatives is taken as some sort of challenged where they tell you to “run in 2021”

      • Anonymous says:

        Sounds like you expect every one to be an Uncle Tom, in the true fashion of an imperialist.

      • Anonymous says:

        And why does that bother you?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone answered what we’re actually planning to do with supposedly thousands more visitors a day and how that’s not going to adversely affect the experience of stay over visitors?

  6. Anonymous says:

    One thing you gotta say about our politicians, they are very good at keeping secrets and hiding things.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not even…

    • No cruiseships no work says:

      They will not get 25% of Caymanians to sign the petition to get a referendum. The question which needs to be asked, in 5 years will the environmemtist employ any Caymanians in their business when the mega ships pass Cayman by?

      • Anonymous says:

        Those environmentalists certainly are not employing us now so there’s no reason to believe they will give us jobs in five years.

        I’m with you, we need to get this dock built now and save our cruise tourism.

        • Anonymous says:

          “Save our cruise tourism” while the CIG brags that their administration has the highest cruise numbers we have seen

          Your claims aren’t lining up with your government issued talking points

          Might want to huddle together and get your story straight

      • Anonymous says:

        The question is; why don’t you care about the environment.

        • Anonymous says:

          The real question is what do they think the tourists are going to come here to see when we destroy our environment

        • Anonymous says:

          The already dead seabed of a commercial port does not constitute “The Environment “.

      • Ron Ebanks says:

        No cruise no nothing 9:03 am, do you know that if Cayman islands didn’t have no underwater environment no corals and no fish , the Cayman Islands wouldn’t have no Tourism industry . That now employs 1, 000’s of people and feeds thousands of children . So if the cruise pier is built , in the next 10 to 15 years there wont be no Tourism and lots of starving families .

        • Anonymous says:

          Good point but it won’t even take that long! Cayman was once one of the most beautiful places in the world. A rare find; a true gem. But thanks to the government’s poor planning for sustainable development, the island has lost it’s true charm. Instead we are left with a concrete jungle of multiple ten-storey hotels with beach access signs that lead to blocked paths and dysfunctional roads that take us where multimillion dollar lanes suddenly disappear into sidewalks. Our needs have been ignored, our voices have been silenced, our birthright has been given away, our landmass has been destroyed and now for the love of money they want to destroy the ONLY thing we have left! Enough is enough!!

          • Anonymous says:

            10:33 was that not what every Caymanian spent their last dollar heading for the great USA for/

        • Anonymous says:

          Back it up with actual scientific facts ron

        • Anonymous says:

          question is it only George town harbour that is the environment what about the other sides of the island?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Over the last few weeks I’ve been reading of all sorts of new developments approved along seven mile beach. Many of them not far from the possible affected areas if the port was built. Are these developers looking at the EIA and what is being proposed?

    They should if they haven’t.

    • Anonymous says:

      Good point

    • Ron Ebanks says:

      I hadn’t noticed what anonymous 2 :34 am is pointing out , did you ?
      Could the person be on to something called , the distraction tactic , that is where I have your attention focused on the pier , so that you don’t notice what is being done somewhere else . I think that is how magicians do some of their magic .

      Has anyone seen the plans for these newly approved developments to see what is being proposed to be done to complete the hotel /condo ? Remember that it was proposed to have all the beach rock removed that has been there protecting the beach to the north side of the public beach .

    • Ron Ebanks says:

      To everyone , I want it to be known that I am not against development of the Islands and jobs for everyone living on the Islands . But I am against destroying the environment and the Islands and the people for personal gains for some . I must see things both ways to know that it will be beneficial to everyone and everything .

  8. Anonymous says:

    As ugly as those yellow t shirts were I felt like I wanted to put one on after the way the protesters sounded. Nothing but hate and expat bashing against caymanians

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is the most honest and transparent and productive government of the Cayman Islands yet. Budget surplus, new airport, new seaport and soon new to sate management

  10. Anonymous says:

    From my view the government and their panel were professional and courteous even when the anti port people started getting petty and rude. Sorry to the cruise chiefs that saw the worst side of our people but there were many good and well behaved caymanians there in support of the dock.

  11. Anonymous says:

    This all will be forgotten soon as Decco & CHEC along with their local agent will do a tremendous job at a very low price. Just let them get on to it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Low price? The stuff maybe made in China but this ain’t Wal-Mart and it isn’t going to be cheap.

  12. Anonymous says:

    What people need is the figures. Not just the cost but the actual justification for this entire fantasy. Where are the cruise ship figures. What is the contribution of cruise ships alone to the economy. In comparison, what are the same figures for stayover tourists? What is the average passenger spend for each? I already know the answers up to 2016 they are on public record and do not give any justification for the piers. They do support investment into longer, wider or more runways to encourage more stayover tourism. New jobs would be available to replace any lost at the port and more. So we had a blip because of the hurricanes, same as others had a blip when Cayman saw Ivan. It will all average out again. Piers or no piers, cruise tourism will never make Cayman rich let alone make any meaningful contribution to the economy.

    • Ron Ebanks says:

      Anonymous 6 :23 am , you have hit the nail on the head .But why your point of the runway isn’t talked about is because that is too far away from the store doors , the pier you can put covered walk ways to the doors .

  13. Anonymous says:

    i wonder if MLA Suckoo can bring a motion to force the Speaker to apologize for causing him embarrassment ? The Hansard should also be amended to state that Suckoo did nothing wrong.

    • Ron Ebanks says:

      How can Moses begin to be talking about the impacts of the pier project , when he couldn’t or wouldn’t answer the questions in the introductory meeting . Therefore at that point , I would have lost trust in anything else he would say going foward .

      Let me sum the impacts of this pier project up for him . Your tax dollars/revenue will pay for it for 25 years , then you will own it , some big liabilities . Then in the first half of the 25 years , the project would’ve created 300 jobs and lots of money , but not for you Caymanians , your Tourism industry and environment would be ruined/destroyed , and a few richer people , but not you poor Caymanians . So at the end of the 25 years you have a cruise ship pier with no ships at it , and no Tourism industry , and no environment left .

      Cayman Islands Tourism industry is special and delicate because of the size of everything about it , and how and what made it . It’s just like a good plate of turtle stew , when you put fish and beef in it you ruin it . So tell Moses and Company , NO CRUISE SHIP PIER , print that on your tee shirt and wear it proudly .

    • Ron Ebanks says:

      Anonymous 5:17 pm , It’s not hard to tell that you are Democrat or a kirkbot or something like that . Your comment is not even pertaining to the subject or the article . And learn to stay on topic .

    • Anonymous says:

      Suckoo did nothing wrong, he just tried to put govt. on notice that we know that backroom deals are afoot, and those responsible for promoting self interest above the public good should be called out.
      Thank you Mr.Suckoo for having the courage to do this hoping that you will not give up .

  14. Anonymous says:

    Please stop this project. Majority of the public is against it and i’m sure 100% of the coral are too.

    • Anonymous says:

      It doesn’t work that way…25% of registered voters are needed to sign the petition calling for a Referendum. Feel free to email organizers, download a booklet and help get this to the next phase.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Mooses why don’t you build the dock like how the brac dock is built, it’s has less environmental impact!! Bracka.

  16. Anonymous says:

    For all of those afflicted with chronic Cayman amnesia: in 2007 these bozos proclaimed that Tom Jones was the winner of a $120mln bid to construct Clifton Hunter and a new John Gray High School. These same characters changed their design and plans on the fly several times. Winning bidder, Tom Jones, understandably walked out. Clifton Hunter was much later finished at a project cost of $99.5mln plus a $400,000 settlement to Tom Jones in 2013. As of March 2012, the CIG had invested $54.4mln into the new JGHS, which was abandoned in 2009 by CDP and left exposed to the elements. The PPM was later voted in and had four more years of unimpeded reign to remedy this, but chose to do nothing. More recently, $8.8mln was spent just to finish the JGHS gym, with another $43mln (est circa 2015) needed just to finish this facility by their new target date of late 2022. The best case on this is that we’re looking at 15 years and $200mln just for two so-so schools, one of which isn’t close to being finished yet. With a track record like that, who would trust ANY of these Cabinet members to start any capital project!?!

    • Anonymous says:

      3:05 .its the other way around ,Alden started those schools and the gov bldg ,east west arterial and stated nothing could stop him ,nearly bankrupt us ,Mckeeva then won and finish the now Clifton high and the gov bldg .ohhh,Alden was also minister of edu at that time too .not I’m happy to be corrected if you can prove me wrong .

  17. Anonymous says:

    The people have asked for proof that we need the piers, Moses brings two of the top executives so people can hear directly from them that the Oasis and mega ships will not be tendered.
    The People ask for more details on the procurement, he brings the chief procurement officers to give all of the info possible without compromising the process legally.
    They made themselves available for hours of questioning and gave great comfort to all listening objectively that this project has been handled better than any in Cayman’s history.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Cayman made a decision long ago to be a developed country. You can’t now decide that you want to go back in time now. You stop developments now and the growing population will suffer.

  19. SMH says:

    The same ppm government that ran on a platform of transparency and the same minister that talks about highest or best international standards for procurement had the two cruise lines who are a part of one of the final three bidders, the Verdant Isles Group advocating their position as invited guests of the minister. This was not revealed until Johan Moxam stood up called them out for the chicanery and exposed just how transparent Moses Kirkconnell and this government truly are in this process. The meeting was a farce and the way the government is changing its tune should give citizens great cause for concern.
    There are far more questions than answers provided but what is not debatable after watching the meeting is that there are many things Minister Kirkconnell, the ministry of tourism and the government are choosing not to share with the tax paying public. They cannot provide basic information and wonder why they have lost the trust of the public. SMH

    • Jotnar says:

      If I was one of the other bidders I might be wondering if the decision had already been made if only 1 bidder had been invited to be part of the public panel. Or maybe crafty Moses puts them up so they, thinking they are the chosen ones, repeat his line that tendering is doom d, then there’s a bait and switch to the Chinese or Dart. Who knows but one things for sure. Best practice in government procurement sure as hell doesn’t involve government having only one bidder on a short list help you host a public debate on the project!!!!

  20. Local says:

    Moses and this government cannot be trusted! They all need to go and the public has to stop this port which is built on lies and misdirection.

  21. Anonymous says:

    As they told Mr. Platt, they will monitor it. I guess we all will monitor it and watch it slowly die. I can understand going down there and gluing back pieces that got broken off by anchors or ships propellers, but hacking out acres of reef and trying to put it somewhere else and getting it to grow at the same time being smothered with silt and other pollutants from the piers construction probably won’t work. The coral is growing where it should be growing, it is probably like plants in the gardens, you could move a plant from a place where it is flourishing and put it in another spot and it slowly dies. Please stop looking st the dollar bills for awhile and use some good old common sense.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why is it when you see the video, no one answers the question about the cargo ship mashing up the eden rock reef? It was hit so hard it collapse a tunnel (over hanging reef). Why is it we GOING to destroy the reef by building a dock,but we’ve hit this reef many times and no tourist complains about the reef? Then we have XXXXX a video on youtube say that the reef is dying in GT but we quietly pretend we didn’t see it. No comment? In fact all the divers who live here knows. Anyone who dives or snorkels sees the cables on the bottom going out to the reef. That reef has been hit another time when a cruise ship turned around and took out a huge chunk of coral, did you all forget that? What about that Holland America ship that was told BY Andrew who was in charge of the tenders they had time and the Northwester wasn’t coming to later and it banged into Cheese burger reef? Did you forget that one too? You all are so against change and greedy that you forget other people need the cruise ship business. No we not getting rich we surviving.
      Thank you for your time.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I just flew back to the U.K. to go back to school. I attended the meeting because I haven’t been around to hear much about this dock. The people against the dock were like circus animals. All angry, none looking for true answers. Just trying to shot some angry comment then all jeer and cheer like children. I was embarrassed. The government gave them an opportunity for meaningful discussion and all they did was hurl insults and cheer for themselves.

    • Anonymous says:

      All I can say is that you must have been at a totally different meeting. All the speakers were asking for the truth,they asked many relevant questions and yes there were more questions than answers. Did you have any questions? Did you get your answers?

    • Anonymous says:

      2.15pm Some of them were rude.angry and disrespectful. One young lady appeared to be stoned and referred to minister’s presentation as BS. ( I don’t think she was talking about Bachelor of Science). In addition they tried to shout down the Minister while he was delivering an answer.Actually I feared that Moses was going to be attacked.It is obvious the Sunset House crowd who are the most vocal.They should all learn from the elderly Caymanian lady who spoke very late in the meeting. Mrs Chastine you were the perfect example of Caymankind and some of the newer Caymanians speaking/questioning should learn from you. Maybe they should have let her speak first. She conducted herself in such a respectable manner , that even though she was not in favour of so much development, you still wanted to hug her.There was another local gentleman who although not employed in tourism spoke on behalf of friends and family ; again very passionate but not angry or threatening.Some other objectors appeared angry and at times dismissive, apparently more intent on scoring points with their buddies than in getting answers..not Caymankind.

    • Anonymous says:

      The attendees came with questions. Valid questions. If you felt some got a little elevated in their questions it’s called being passionate about country. There was nothing wrong with the few display of concern and level of questions being presented. When issues are of this level of national importance what else would you expect from those affected? We will all be affected including yourself whether it’s built or not we just want to make sure it’s done right.

      • Anonymous says:

        2:24 if you want to know the job is done right you will have to hire an engineering

    • Anonymous says:

      You can tell this comment is a lie because anyone who actually watched the meeting could see that the vast majority of questions were asked in the proper and respectful manner

      In fact all of the anti port questions were asked calmly after lining up as asked

      the only interupption was from a Pro port man in a yellow shirt yelling at people asking questions and at one point (on the video) actually yelling over someone and then getting up and responding to them

      • Anonymous says:

        Really! Really! What I saw was a staged anti port group that showed up the questions from their antiport lobby designed to be disruptive. It was very discouraging to see the anti people unwilling to listen and use it as an opportunity to understand the facts. I hope this doesn’t discourage our elected leaders from holding this sort of meetings in the future.

    • Anonymous says:

      Here come the tone police

      Do you need a safe space, where your ideas won’t be challenged?
      People have a right to be angry, people have a right to be passionate and riled up
      Funny how when the Pro port people shout across the crowd at people with mics there are no issues but people at the mics looking for answers are the ones you take issue with

      I’d love for you to list off the insults thrown by the way, because I watched the whole meeting and I can tell you there were none

  23. say it like it is says:

    The two cruise ship representatives were brought in by Government and the comments they made need to be taken with a very large dose of salt.

    • Anonymous says:

      You stop the piers and you will be eating salt in six years.

    • Anonymous says:

      The two “Cruise ship representstived” are actually representatives of a company bidding to construct the dock.

      It is therefore very clear they ere supporting the new docks for their own benefit.

      The distrusted PPM’s Minister Moses Kirkconnell has been exposed for this conflict of interest, Minister Kirkconnell must be removed from being an MLA.

    • Anonymous says:

      who will the opposition bring?

  24. Anonymous says:

    I not surprised…i could only give you basic details about my house if i didnt have a contractor lined up and final plans approved. Why is this a shock!

  25. Anonymous says:

    I thought the panel gave as much information as they could and it was very compelling. They also answered everything they could and offered to meet with those people who wanted more info or more discussion. Even Courtney Platt was happy with his answer and the offer to further meet with them after the meeting.

  26. Anonymous says:

    CNS, is there any way to withdraw your name from the referendum once it is signed? I got conned into signing it at Hurley’s because the guy told me I couldn’t vote in the referendum if I didn’t sign it. But then at the meeting I asked them and they said that wasn’t true. I want to get my name off because I don’t like liars.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wait … you signed Something not knowing what you were signing ? Remind me to not hire you to work for my business please.

      • Anonymous says:

        @2:06 I have a really cool vintage rocket car made by Matchbox, it’s one of a kind since I added the new coat of crayon to it and it’s only 6 installments of $50,000. Just sign here and it’s yours.

    • Anonymous says:

      Then you didn’t know that if you are a registered voter you can vote on any referendum or during any and every election. I really do not believe that anyone told you that you had to sign the petition to be able to vote. Apparently you still do not understand because you are asking if you can have your name removed from the referendum. News flash the referendum hasn’t happened yet. I went to Hurleys, was asked if I was interested in signing the PETITION. I said I was, I was then asked if I had any form of ID, I had my voters ID, showed it to the lady then printed my name and added my signature, 3-5 minutes maximum. If you do not agree with petition that is your perogative but no need to make up anancy stories.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t like liars either. That’s why I can never support this unnecessary environment-destroying dock.

    • Anonymous says:

      What is your name?

    • SilvaFoxx says:

      Well you got your first lesson in how fanatics LIE.

    • Anonymous says:

      You should stop blaming other people for your own stupidity.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sure your name can be removed, just ask the organizers.

    • Anonymous says:

      CNS- I am in the same situation at 2:06 could you please help us find out how we get our names removed?

      CNS: Have you emailed the organisers to ask them? See contact details and FB page here and on almost every article on CNS, and easily obtainable with a simple google search.

      • Anonymous says:

        CNS, these two name re-tractors are fake. Just spreading BS to discredit the anti-port petition. If someone says “If you don’t sign the petition to push the referendum you can’t vote”. Common sense would say if you don’t sign for a referendum to happen you can’t vote because a referendum didn’t happen. These two weren’t lied to, they are either twisting the words around to discredit the petitioners like a good little Kirkbot or they really are that thick.

    • Ron Ebanks says:

      And they probably don’t like fools.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I came in to the meeting leaning against the dock. But after hearing seeing how the people against it went on put me off. I realized they all want to stop it at all costs, they weren’t there to ask genuine questions. I want Cayman to be prosperous and I may be wrong, but I think the dock is for the good of the country.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t believe you.

    • Anonymous says:

      With all due respect I don’t know which meeting you were at if you felt everyone was against the dock. Many stated this is not what they are against. If you knew the facts you would know many aren’t against moving forward they’re against ambiguity, shady ness and mainly the environmental ramifications.

      • Anonymous says:

        short, they are against the government.

        • Anonymous says:

          How the CIG is acting in this case? They have every right to be against the government. In less civilized places in the word this would be grounds for revolution.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I heard one girl get very angry and call the cruise line officials there bullies. The gentleman was very professional and gave a very nice answer even after the unnecessary accusations. He simply told her that the reality is the larger ships need an adequate docking facility and tendering is not adequate for the size of the ship. So they simply will not go to any port without a cruise dock.

    How is that bullying??? That’s like shouting and screaming at he jumbo jets that will not come here due to the length of our runway and calling them bullies. They cannot land here because of an inadequate landing strip. It’s the exact same thing. They will not come until the runway is adequate. They’re not being bullies, just stating what is necessary for them to come.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Moses is completely clueless about the sea and it’s current flows and what the silt will do. During his presentation on Wednesday he stated that the George Town is on the leeward side of the island so the silt would naturally flow over the edge of the drop-off and into the abyss. However, anyone who knows anything about the sea knows that the current and wind are not related and even tho GT is sheltered by the winds that come out of the east, the currents often flow out of the north, south and west, which would mean total devastation for any marine life near the construction site.

    Do some research and know your facts before opening your mouth Moses!!!

    • Retired Sea-Captain says:

      You obviously don’t know what you are talking about. Current and wind are very much related. The current generally flows from East to West and so passes around the North and South coasts of the Island. When it reaches the Western side some of the flow diverts to travel both Northward and Southward. There is an eddy where the two flows meet which moves North and South depending upon whether the wind is from the Northeast or Southeast. Obviously a Southeast wind will push the Northward flow and move the eddy in that direction, and vice-versa.

      The whole matter is quite complicated and cannot be simply explained in a way that can satisfy the opponents of the new piers. That is why outside world-renowned consultants were engaged to determine precisely what effect any dredging will have.

      Don’t anyone believe that dinosaurs went extinct millions of years ago: there are plenty left in Grand Cayman.

      • Anonymous says:

        Dear Captain Crunch,

        While I congratulate you on making it sound like you know what you are talking about I regret to inform you that what you said was complete and utter bullshit.

        The current around Grand Cayman is currently flowing out of the south west and has been coming out of a westerly direction for months. Maybe you should get off the couch and spend some time on the water before passing comment.

        • Ron Ebanks says:

          I agree with Retired Sea Captain because he has been on the water and in the water to know what he is saying , but not you anonymous 10:22am , sounds like you haven’t been in the water or on the water . What the Sea said about everything in his comment is facts .

        • alaw says:

          don’t you stupid people realize that the only time the south side of this island is smooth is the less than days 5 days of the year,that George town is not usable for ships

  30. Anonymous says:

    The feeling I had after watching this forum was that the people against the dock are not looking for answers, they are simply attending to try to shout and scream while the rest were trying to be civil and informative. Nothing is going to please those people. But the presentation was good, and I think the dock will be good for Cayman.

  31. Anonymous says:

    What a deceptive and biased article this is. I listened to the entire meeting and to see how this is twisted sickens me. I don’t know how anyone came out of that meeting with more questions than answers, and if they did they obviously went in with that mindset and had come to the conclusion prior to the meeting.

  32. Anonymous says:

    It seems people attendees a different meeting than I did. The one I attended was informative and I was satisfied with some of the doubts I had on the project prior to attending. One thing I did see was some very rude and unprofessional questions and grandstanding. Instead of an opportunity to ask questions, they took the podium to spread their rhetoric and fear-mongering.

    Move Cayman forward into the future and build the piers responsibly.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why are you posting the same comment over and over with slightly different wording ? Do you think we are all as thick as you are ?

    • Anonymous says:

      Move Cayman forward??? By destroying the dive industry? By creating continuous unacceptable crowding? Don’t do it!

  33. Anonymous says:

    Mose take all that money that is allocated for the George Town Port and put it in the Brac economy then they will row about that too can never please all the people.
    Our dock need upgrading our museum is falling to pieces from termites, build the channel on the south side for safe harbour, Purchase the Alexandrer Hotel, dredge the water by public beach so it is a good swimming area to accommodate the tourist boom we going to get.
    Make the Brac great again like in the 80’s lets do this.

    150% Proud Bracker

    • Anonymous says:

      As a proud Grand Caymanian I agree. Leave GT alone and rejuvenate the Brac!

    • Anonymous says:

      This is not about the Brac. You all receive enough welfare. If you had any idea how fast-paced and cutthroat Grand Cayman has become you would have half an idea how easy Brackers already have it. Just be thankful there aren’t so many of you that we can’t just pay to keep you going.

      • Anonymous says:

        The welfare is paying the Grand Caymanians that moved up there majority of people running your lovelly Grand Cayman is Brackers check it out even your history book has where you all depended on Brackers so go do reseach on who need welfare.

    • Anonymous says:

      Another Bracker here.. that was forced to move to GCM.

      Love your optimism, but you’d have better luck winning the powerball and putting the money there yourself. Da na happening friend.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hold your breath

      Soon come

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m sure you realize this but being from Cayman Brac still makes you a ‘Caymanian’. We deserve to know all of the details. We have a right to know what if any damages to our island will occur, every single thing. If we can’t find out, then we should dig deeper. No one wants to stop progress but we want to determine the risks before we throw away our money. Who’s going to come here if we no longer have beaches or great dive sites….
      Let’s not repeat the past. Let’s do it right the first time.

      • Anonymous says:

        Never said i wasnt Caymanian but since it is going to damage George Town use it elsewhere that really needs it.

    • Anonymous says:

      and relocate the Prison to the Bluff

  34. Anonymous says:

    They’re building the port in Barkers, WB.

    Forget what HE doesn’t want to reveal to MY people. Take heed.

    • Anonymous says:

      I would have no problem with that whatsoever. Barkers is an overgrown, insect-ridden place of very little use to us currently. It provides secluded beach access and a place to walk dogs, and if you’re into that sort of thing, exercise. It also provides a place to litter, poach turtles, and who knows what else. Much better as a port, leaving GT to be beautified. GT is much better utilised as an attractive cruise ship destination, than as the port of entry. People should get on buses from somewhere else and come to GT. Not walk off the dock right into it. These piers will turn GT into an industrial-feeling area where none of the ideas people have had for decades about how to improve it could ever take root. As someone said at the meeting, it looks like crap. And she was right. Let’s put a concrete monstrosity where it belongs: not in the capital.

    • Anonymous says:

      Who the hell would want to come off of a ship and be in the middle of nowhere
      I don’t want the port (in GT or otherwise to be honest) but Barkers doesn’t seem like much of an improvement

      Assuming it’s possible and viable if the port has to go anywhere put it on the south side of the Islands (spotts or prospect could work) stop trying to trap tourists in the concrete jungle of GT let them decide if they want to go east or west for themselves

      The waterfront merchants won’t be happy, but its time for us to start treating Cayman as more than George Town + the rest
      What better way to kickstart the growth eastern districts goods and services, than having an influx of people interested in more than duty free watches
      The Capital is already crowded on most days making it a nightmare for residents on most days

      Alleviate congestion, allow for capital revitalization, give the tourists options (i.e go west or east, see the town, shop or enjoy the island’s natural wonders)

      Seems like a win win to me

      Except of course for persons who only want them corralled in central town to spend money in stores

  35. Anonymous says:

    The duplicity of this debacle! While many of us are very upset and wonder how in the name of all that is good did China Harbour ended up in the final THREE? Anyone remember a short time ago when MLA Suckoo was suspended for a day because he supposedly said something in his debate on Cayman Brac that the Speaker took an affront to, to which he (the Speaker) a few days later laid on the table a letter on his company’s letterhead, written and signed by himself, confirming what it was he thought MLA Suckoo had alluded to. I guess the fact that China Harbour is one of the “three musketeers” shows that not only the Speaker was in discussions with China Harbour. MLA Suckoo it looks like you have been doubly vindicated. Keep up the good work!,

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