Speaker drives opposition out of LA

| 12/09/2018 | 94 Comments
China Harbour Engineering Company, Cayman News Service

Opposition members at the press conference (L-R) Arden McLean, Ezzard Miller, Alva Suckoo and Chris Saunders

(CNS): The entire Cayman Islands opposition walked out of the chamber of the Legislative Assembly Wednesday morning in solidarity after Speaker McKeeva Bush reprimanded Deputy Opposition Leader Alva Suckoo and directed the premier to move a motion to suspend him for the day. Suckoo had refused to apologise over allegations he had “impugned” a member of the House during a debate last week, which he has categorically refuted. The issue relates to the speaker’s belief that, during a debate in Cayman Brac, Suckoo accused him of being connected to a Chinese firm that is understood to be bidding on the controversial cruise port project — a connection that Bush has been at pains to deny. 

The saga began during the proceedings on Cayman Brac last week when Speaker Bush reprimanded the opposition on a number of occasions.

During one of the ‘scoldings’, the speaker alleged that Suckoo had been trying to impugn him over alleged connections to China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC), which, despite documents in the public domain indicating a link, Bush has denied working with and threatened to sue anyone who says otherwise. 

During his contribution to the debate on the private member’s motion calling for government to hold a referendum on the cruise berthing project, Suckoo had indicated that there were documents in the public domain about the bidding process that were cause for concern.

Although Suckoo, the member for Newlands, did not mention China Harbour Engineering Company or the speaker by name, Bush nevertheless interjected to stop him from continuing down that line and implied that he was trying to imply something about the speaker.

When the members returned to the Legislative Assembly building in George Town today, before they began the business on the order paper, Bush rose to give a statement about the debate last week.

He tabled a number of documents, including a screen shot of a text conversation between Suckoo and Scott Henderson, the local representative for CHEC, about Bush and China Harbour Engineering Company, as well as an email from Henderson and a letter from CHEC, both addressed to Deputy Premier Moses Kirkconnell, refuting that Bush had any connection to the Chinese firm.

In his statement, before ordering the premier to move a motion to suspend Suckoo, Bush demanded an apology for “impugning the character of a member” of the LA. Suckoo, however, refused and, referring to his debate, emphasised the fact that he had not mentioned either Bush or CHEC and had merely referred to unspecified rumours circulating in the public domain that gave rise to questions and concerns about the port bidding process.

At a press conference Wednesday afternoon following the exit by the entire opposition, including independent MLA Kenneth Bryan, Opposition Leader Ezzard Miller said Suckoo had been “unjustly censured” and that the original Hansard record shows that Suckoo made no reference to China Harbour Engineering Company or the speaker.

He indicated that the opposition was planning to make a report to the Anti-Corruption Commission because the issue was now giving rise to much wider concerns.

Miller said that what was missing from the documents the speaker tabled this morning was the memo written by Bush under his company, WMB International Consulting Ltd, indicating his interactions with CHEC and another Chinese firm, Sinopharm, in Belize.

The opposition leader and his deputy also raised concerns about the email from Henderson, saying that it contained false information, along with the text exchange, which was a tiny part of a much longer chain.

“I have grave concerns about the contents of the correspondence tabled this morning,” Miller said. “We are concerned that information contained in the correspondence may need to be reported to and investigated by the Anti-Corruption Commission.”

He added, “We are also concerned that the screen shot may be in violation of the ICTA law.” Miller said that the opposition would be taking their concerns to the ACC on Wednesday evening.

He indicated that the opposition has more documentation in their possession that painted a different picture about claims made by Henderson, and the missing part of the text exchange between him and Suckoo that was omitted from the documents tabled by the speaker.

Miller said the opposition could not reveal this information in detail because they were now, as public officials, obligated under the law to report what they had to the ACC.

Speaking about the snapshot of the text messages, which he said was not the full picture, Suckoo said, “I had taken the contents at face value, but now I am duty bound to report the matter to the Anti-Corruption Commission, as it is now clear that the exchange may have some deeper implications.”

He also made it clear that, despite the allegations by Henderson in his email, it was Henderson who had first approached Suckoo, not the other way round, inquiring what he, as the constituency MLA, might know about the port bid.

Miller said he was also concerned that a member of the Legislative Assembly has been stopped from doing his job — to raise concerns about serious issues reported to him by his constituents.

“Given what has transpired since the swearing-in ceremony of the new Assembly and how the legislature has been operating, the opposition must now consider all the options available to them.”

Miller would not detail what those options were but he did not rule out a motion of no confidence in the speaker, who, the opposition members all believe, has been unfair in his dealings. Miller denied playing politics and said it was “regrettable that parliament had been dragged down to this level”, as he made a number of references to actions by the speaker in plain sight that the opposition believe have been extremely unfair and inappropriate.

Arden McLean, the veteran member for East End who has had more than his fair share of run-ins with Bush since he became speaker, railed against his frequent interjections and involvement in the political fray. McLean pointed out that when Bush accepted the speaker’s position he had withdrawn from that, and if he wanted to be back in the fight, he needed to resign from the chair and return to the floor of the chamber.

Bryan (GTC), the independent member who joined the opposition in the walkout, raised his concerns about all the MLAs on the government benches and their response to this incident. He said that while the speaker had directed the premier to move the motion, the government members were under no obligation to support it.

But, with the exception of Bernie Bush who voted against the motion, the other eleven government members, including the back-benchers, may have looked very uncomfortable but they all voted for Suckoo’s suspension.

Bryan queried why it was that the government was so quick to support the speaker over this issue when, despite his protestations that he has “no affiliations” to China Harbour Engineering Company, there is documentation that suggests a connection.

Chris Saunders (BTW) queried why the government had “used so much political capital” defending this motion, indirectly protecting CHEC and any link there, when the government is in talks with cruise port bidders, one of which is CHEC.

“If CHEC wins the cruise bid, there will be issues for us all to be concerned about,” he added.

Bush was first connected to CHEC when he was premier between 2009 and 2012, when he made an arbitrary decision to cancel talks with a firm called GLF on a previous port project proposal and opened dialogue with the Chinese firm instead.

But shortly before Bush was ousted from office in the well-documented scandal surrounding allegations of abuse of his government credit card — for which he was acquitted following a trial — the FCO intervened and stopped the potential deal between CIG and CHEC.

Since then, as recently reported on CNS, Bush has admitted being in Belize doing some consultation work for another Chinese firm, Sinopharm. In an open letter dated 26 June this year, the speaker said he had been in Belize consulting for Sinopharm and “introducing CHEC to possible investments” in that country.

McLean revealed that WMB International Consulting had not been declared by the speaker in the Legislative Assembly Register of Interests until 28 August, despite the indication from the June letter that the company had been doing consulting work for at least two months. CNS had checked the register a few days before Bush filed the company and asked him why it was not registered, but he said that it would be after the forthcoming update.

McLean also conducted a company search and learned that WMB Consulting was listed with the Companies Register in May of this year but there is no record of any company by the name of WMB International Consulting.

Expressing his concerns about the entire episode, in particular the government’s position on the issue, McLean said there is clearly some remaining link between Bush and CHEC at a time when the company is involved in the process of bidding on this country’s biggest ever capital works project.

McLean reminded the public that the premier, when he was opposition leader, had been very concerned about Bush’s plans for CHEC to be the developer on the port project and supported the FCO’s intervention. The East End member wondered where those concerns were now.

See relevant documents in the CNS Library

GLF may get public cash

CNS note: Due to what officials have said was a lightning strike the recording equipment in the LA was damaged, causing challenges for the live-feed from the Chamber. As a result, the statement by the speaker was not available at the time this report was first published. GIS has since been able to provide the audio footage and where available a wide shot. Hear the full statement and the speaker’s claims that he has no business associations with CHEC and his demand for an apology on CIGTV below:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know if Mr. Miller ever filed the complaint with the ACC like they said they were going to do?

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Mr. Bush does not deny that he has business interests in Belize through his company WMB International Consulting.”
    “Speaker McKeeva Bush…”
    While representing the people of Cayman, he is also representing himself in a private business.
    Hmmmm…. conflict of interest?
    And the rich get richer.

  3. Anonymous says:

    CHEC wanted to take the opportunity to reaffirm the wanting of a good transparent relationship with the CIG and Cayman guided by good governance and ethical considerations?? ARE F’ING KIDDING ME? They could not have written that and kept a straight face. They are known for the exact opposite including misleading the facts and bribery of government officials. XXXX

    • Anonymous says:

      Sadly even tho everyone knows what is going on, nothing , nothing is going to be done about it .

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ah ha, ah ha tankalankalanka. Somebody in trouble now : )

  5. McKEEVA and CHINA need to get their story straight says:

    Here’s what the evidence shows:

    1) Less than three months ago, McKEEVA presented Belize his signed LETTER OF INTRODUCTION acknowledging that “I am consulting for Sinopharm and introducing China Harbor as to possible investments in Belize”.

    2) Two days ago, CHINA HARBOUR presented the Cayman Islands Government their vigorous denial of that fact by stating “CHEC is uncertain of the source or sources of the above-mentioned assertions or reports but CAN CATEGORICALLY ADVISE THAT the Honourable Dr. McKEEVA Bush, OBE, JP (or any member of the government, political directorate or public service of the Cayman Islands) DOES NOT represent, act on behalf of or otherwise SERVES THE INTERESTS OF CHEC IN ANY MANNER WHATSOEVER, WHETHER IN THE CAYMAN ISLANDS OR ANY OTHER JURISDICTION.”

    3) Just last week, ALDEN just announced that he will control a newly created ministry which will be “acting as a single doorway for potential foreign direct investment” further stating that “The ministry will assume responsibility for the Cayman Islands Government office in London and other overseas offices, such as the proposed Cayman Islands Government office in Hong Kong”[CHINA].

    4) CHINA is placed in the top three to build the port.

    5) McKeeva urges people NOT to sign the petition for a PEOPLE-INITIATED REFERENDUM where the people demanded inclusion and transparency.

    6) Opposition’s motion requesting the Unity Government to establish a government referendum was SUMMARILY REJECTED BY THIS UNITY GOVERNMENT.

    7) Government has already approved stacked up “air parcels” for property ownership due to the lack of Cayman land space, and here they are courting the Chinese with a Chinese population over BILLIONS of people, CAYMAN’S NEXT POTENTIAL CHINESE COLONISATION CAN ONLY BE STOPPED BY YOU, THE PEOPLE, because it appears that certain government leaders in this Unity Government have already created new companies and seem to be making plans in secret to capitalise on the power of their office.

    • MM says:

      Oh thank God! I thought I was the only other person out here who could put this all together… I was literally sinking in to depression from loneliness.

      Unfortunately, our voting public has been pushed through public school with half an education and absolutely no rational thinking or analytical skills – the select few who did get a decent education and have jobs are all quite happy with life despite the fact they can tell by their mounting electricity rates, crazy gas prices and increasing grocery bills that something is not right in this country; however, their loyalty to their charismatic, political leaders is strong and they refuse to point fingers unless it is at their neighbor.

      So, I guess the best thing to do now is to start learning the Chinese language if we have to depend on the broader population of Caymanian voters to stop this dangerous bedroom affair.

      • ABSOLUTELY NOT, MM !!! says:

        MM, I ABSOLUTELY refuse to hand over the keys to my Cayman vault!

        I won’t give away my power to a few Caymanian infidels in power and I most CERTAINLY won’t give away my country.

        You are right to know that the UDP and PPM’s “bedroom affair” just became “dangerous” for our country’s existence by adding in their third Chines suitor.


        The Sri Lanka Guardian reported this:
        “The Chinese company that the Cayman Islands government is negotiating with over the development of cruise berthing facilities has been banned by the World Bank because of fraud and corruption.”

        • Anonymous says:

          Thank you MM, clearly stated.
          How Can our government even think of doing business with these people ? There can only be one reason if they do, and hopefully the FCO are monitoring that reason and it’s potential beneficiaries.

        • Arthur Rank says:

          There in the middle of MM’s comment is the whole issue in one!
          This company appears to be directly linked to bribery.
          If that is the case, then the supporters of their bid have to have very convincing evidence to appoint them for this contract, or forever be under suspicion!

  6. Anonymous says:

    just another day in paradise….political tragedy unfolding!!!????????????

    • Mike says:

      Mr Sukoo called no names, but there is an old saying, “When you throw rock stone into pig pen, the first one to squeal is the guilty one”. What a disgusting embarrassment for Cayman. Remember what happened a few years ago in Turks And Caicos? Watch out!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Even if it is all above board does it not bother those in West Bay who voted for MacKeever Bush that he is spending time consulting for a private company? In Belize! He’s being paid to represent the people of West Bay and the Cayman islands and he’s doing business in Belize? Wake up.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I have to say this, I am not a supporter of Kenneth, not my district and despite what some people say about him as a politician. I applaud him for his actions yesterday. Showing his solidarity for Alva and not being a butt stuffed Mac muppet like the rest of those fools. Despite his competency at least he has shown that he is willing to stand up for what is right when it is required. Well played Sir.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Wait until they find out that there will be homosexuals working on the pier construction.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Q1.Why would anyone in gov’t broker for, communicate with, or otherwise abet CHEC’s intrerests if they feel that simple act would impugn their character?

    Q2. What reason would Moses be emailing them now if they were not already a preferred bidder!?!

    Please sign the referendum petition!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Suckoo made no reference to anyone about anything and Mac loses his shyte. Usually the only people jump to conclusions like that are those with something to hide. His actions against Suckoo is disgraceful but what we have come to expect of this uneducated buffoon. I would say Alden needs to remove him as speaker but we all know that won’t happen as Alden is a muppet and has Mac has his hand up to the elbow in Alden’s @$$.

    • Anonymous says:

      When you throw a stone into a pig pen, the one that squeals is the one that got hit.

    • Cayman_sunset says:

      Suckoo just won my vote and respect if he should run for office again. We need more transparency and I respect anyone who is willing to address and fight for it.

      • Anonymous says:

        I would move to Newlands just to be able to vote for him. A man who is not afraid and whose integrity is still intact in this his second term in office. Mr. Suckoo history and posterity will rise up and applaud you. Shake the dust from your feet in the path of the naysayers , trust Jehovah .God and you won’t go wrong.

    • Anonymous says:

      McKeeva ‘gambled’ with suspending Suckoo?
      Oh my

    • Anonymous says:

      Mac is and always will be a national embarrassment. I remember seeing him at the airport as Leader of Government business, leaving the country, and thinking “Please don’t let other people think Caymanians are all like him”. Congratulations Alden, you have let this buffoon drag all the PPM down to his level.

  12. Born Caymanian says:

    Where is the evidence? Where is the proof of corruption? That’s what I would like to see …

    • Anonymous says:

      This gov’t has postponed enactment of the Standards in Public Life Law to prevent transparency, avoid minimal disclosures, probably arrests, and fines. The fact that they continue to postpone enactment of this law from FOUR YEARS AGO, is all the evidence of corruption you should require. Sign the petition for disclosure and referendum on Port!

    • SSM345 says:

      Its with or going to the Anti-Corruption Commission for investigation; should they find evidence of corruption then we will be told everything following their investigation. You would know that if you watched the news conference.

    • Anonymous says:

      These people always want to tear down but the truth is that our great leaders and the rest of the unity team are on there way to making Cayman the envy of the world. Only Decco & CHEC can get these projects done efficiently and at a fantastic cost.

      • Jotnar says:

        Fantastic cost is exactly right. If we are really lucky the winning bidder will be a commercial operation who will “only” take all the port and passenger dues for the next 25 years. If its CHEC we just get to give up sovereignty over our port and have a Chinese naval base downtown – just ask Sri Lanka how having CHEC build a port for them worked out.

        • Anonymous says:

          Why doesn’t anyone ask the USA as they will not be to happy with Red China on their doorstep. I am sure the unity team took all that into consideration.

    • Anonymous says:

      I just had time to listen to this recording , and God knows that if Alden don’t see that what’s best is having a speaker from outside ,then …..he Alden was not even given the chance to read what he wanted to ,,,,an independent speaker please . ..God have mercy the day that he God decides to pay a visit to that l.a. …a voting caymanians for forty plus yrs .

  13. Cayman's Watch Dog says:


    Investigate, Investigate Investigate!


  14. Citizen says:

    This is just shameful. I believe in speaking the truth, but ACCUSING SOMEONE OR TARGETING SOMEONE is just not right despite the person’s background.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Well if there is no connection, why go to such length to prove there is none?

    • Anonymous says:

      If someone is accusing you on serious things, wouldn’t you defend yourself?

    • Anonymous says:


      “Hey Scott Henderson, local representative for CHEC, I don’t do any business with you right?”

      “Hey Mac, no we don’t work together at all. Not in Belize, not in Cayman – why, we hardly know each other!”

      “That’s what I keep telling the Opposition but they won’t listen. Would you mind if I shared some of our really long text exchanges, and do you think you could whip up a letter for me saying we have no dealings?”

      “Sure my friend, anything for you”

      “Great, thanks so much”

      But they have nothing to do with each other! Right.

  16. Anonymous says:

    The whole opposition is just full of political stunts and baloney. Thank the good Lord the udp and Austin were smart enough to choose to work with ppm or this country would really be screwed.

  17. Anonymous says:

    This government is betraying PPM members who fought against the XXXXXX government led by Mac.

    The dog is eating its vomit.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Follow the money. Integrity is becoming very scarce in the political stratosphere.

  19. Elvis says:

    What a mess

  20. Anonymous says:

    Scott Henderson owes me my pension money which he collected every month but failed to pay. He has failed at every business. This must be a sick joke!

    • Anonymous says:

      We need Choudhury back. Let him finish what he started and clean this place up.

    • Chris Johnson says:

      To be precise WMB Consulting Ltd is an ordinary company registered at the offices of International Corporation Services Ltd who coincidentally share offices with Travers Thorp Alberga at Harbour Place. By law for those interested the register of shareholders can readily obtained from their office. Unfortunately due to a lack of transparency in our laws names of directors are not a matter of public record. In my humble opinion the law needs to be changed and soon before the mother country decends upon us.

    • Anonymous says:

      Excuse me anonymous, this is Scott Henderson responding to your false statement! I paid more than the pensions my companies owed many many years ago and as ordered by the court and agreed by the Superintendent of Pensions! I personally paid all of the pensions debt of my companies to the Superintendent of Pensions as ordered by the court and was exonerated by the Grand Court for any wrong doing! My debt was paid in full by me and then some! It was the Pensions office responsibility to distribute those funds accordingly! If you were dissatisfied with your settlement, you should have brought it to the attention of the Superintendent of Pensions. Therefore unless you would like to publicly express your false comments using your name and be sued for defamation, I would ask you to refrain from your false allegations! I trust this sets the record straight for you, otherwise take up your argument with the Pensions office and the courts! I would be happy to oblige.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hi Scott

        Why were you charged with pension related offenses? How do you qualify for a T & B?

      • Anonymous says:

        LOL! If there was a court order required and you had to pay the Superintendent of Pensions, by your own admission above, in order to compel you to pay the pensions owed, and you admit this as if it’s no big deal, therein lies the problem! You sound like an awesome business man. I actually feel sorry for CHEC in all of this! Googling the background on this story…

      • Jotnar says:

        How terrible of someone to accuse you of misconduct then. Perhaps you can explain why it was necessary for the Court to order you personally to pay your companies pension arrears, which would normally be paid over every month by an employer to a pension scheme, and task the Superintendent with distributing it instead? That sounds massively unfair, and surely completely unnecessary when an employer routinely pays over the pension deductions he takes off his employees. Do explain so we can see that the OP is issuing false and defamatory statements, bit like that evil Mr Suckoo alleging that your new employer has some form of commercial relationship with Mr Bush, even though you have said he doesn’t (even though he issued a statement saying he had introduced them to contacts of his in Belize). Go on, we are all ears.

    • Anonymous says:

      How do these people find each other , is there a special site where they can hook up ?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Conveniently enough
    While there is audio of the sitting, multiple cameras seemingly failed to record a single perspective within the room during the Speaker’s tirade and suspension of the MLA despite the cameras working perfectly fine during the beginning of the sitting

    Check between minutes 1-9:45 perfectly functioning cameras
    From 9:45 till the end of the first part there is no video

    The video posted on the CIGTV youtube channel
    Claims that “Due to technical difficulties there is no video of this portion of the LA proceedings September 12th 2018”

    While audio gets the point across as the saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words”
    Imagine then the worth of a video in this instance

    The Premier seemed perplexed initially asking for “time to consult”
    and then returning to deliver the motion

    Also note that the second portion of the video posted which was uploaded first, despite being a longer video in total is on the CIGTV youtube channel has both audio and video


    A coincidence? I think not

    • Anonymous says:

      What a tangle web we weave when first we plot to deceive. The more you stir up ants nest the more they bite you on the backside.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Idly googling Scott Henderson Cayman. Makes interesting reading.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Agree MB’s association to CHEC should be reported to the Anti-Corruption Commission and the speaker suspending Al from the discussions cannot stop that. The report should be submitted. To clarify, what is the accusation of corruption against the Government and what is being suggested about how MB’s relationship has influenced the current port efforts?

    Arden gave examples of other MLAs suspended and noted this is not unheard of. The question is, what does it mean to impunge under standing orders and was that a reasonable position/course of action? Do the standing orders suggest that Al needed to identify specifically which member he was speaking of or does saying ‘a member’ still fall foul of those standing orders? It almost seems not identifying which member is worse because you are potentially casting accusations to cover ‘innocent’ members. Still I get that Al didn’t want to apologize-that’s fine. Do remember however these accusations do not need to be discussed in the house before the can be reported to ACC. He has not been sensored from filing the ACC report as he should. Is asking him not impunge all other members unreasonable?

  24. Anonymous says:

    Ezzard and Arden are both disgraced to public office and the younger ones are completely power hungry. This whole thing is a show and a stunt.

    • Anon says:

      11:51 pm: anyone can spew words—where’s the beef? Let us have the evidence.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ezzard and Arden and the others are standing up for our people in a very serious and TOUGH time!!!

  25. Anonymous says:

    We need the UK to take over most of the government and education. Caymanians have had their chance and blew it. They aint suffereing anymore, they aint fooling anybody anymore, they have lots of options they arent using. They are entitled ignorant bullies who do not deserve what they have been given. Bring back the British feel of sophistication to the Islands. While you are at it, bring back the authentic British feel to London…was just there. Last time I was there was 40 years ago and all I can say is what the hell happened…bring back the proper genuine British culture that WAS the envy of the world.

    • Anonymous says:

      British culture?

      What’s that exactly?

      • Anonymous says:

        Exactly, that is my point, it has been lost on stupid immigation for greedy idiots who want cheap labour.

    • Anonymous says:

      “The times change and we change with the times”

      – Sir Humphrey, in Latin, of the proper genuine British culture you refer to

  26. Anonymous says:

    Alden is Big Mac’s pet. They both lack integrity and deserve each other. This latest mess is a result of political expediency

    • Anonymous says:

      You complainers need to leave our great leaders alone. They are doing the best job and getting us the best deals. Perhaps best the others who do not want to cooperate just stay out and lets the Unity Team get on with things.

      • Anonymous says:

        My dead grandmother could probably get us better deals than these fools,

      • anonymous says:

        4.42am Please explain what experience the Speaker has of the pharmaceutical industry and also the extent of his knowledge of healthcare development in Belize.The very fact he has set up this “consulting company’ raises a lot of questions.

      • Anonymous says:

        You are just like a Trumper – the king has no clothes on!

      • SSM345 says:

        You 4:42 and these “Leaders” are our Countries problem; you clearly have no clue about anything other than yourself, and seem quite happy to let these “Leaders” send our country and our future down the tubes. Do us a favor and STFU.

    • Anonymous says:

      The goings on with the Chinese are well known by everyone , but nobody is willing to step up and say it in clear language.
      If the anti corruption people don’t get involved , then FCO is well aware and should step in to stop this going any further .

      • Anonymous1 says:

        Fool, for them to do that means dissolving parliament. End of our democracy. If you like the Uk so much, go there and live.

        • Anonymous says:

          Maybe it should be dissolved. Can’t be any worse than watching it go down the crapper.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I wish I could just walk out on my job sometimes, but then I would get fired. Can we fire the government? Yeah?

    • Anonymous says:

      One could argue the destruction of unions especially in the US has led to the steadily shrinking middle class, workers who have no way to alleviate issues with their employers often tend to be taken advantage of, and continue to get the short end of the stick while board members and shareholders reap the benefits of having their money work for them

      As we see here in Cayman the gap between the rich and the poor is only increasing, what could keep a family comfortably afloat 20 years ago isn’t enough to survive today

      The so-called “american dream” of working hard to pull yourself up socioeconomically from poor to middle class, to well off now occurs more often in Canada contrary to the name
      Correlation is not causation but perhaps the people who can actually negotiate with their employers en mass are better off than those forced to serve at the whims of the exorbitantly wealthy Waltons, Jeff Bezos or any other billionaire oligarchs who only have their bottom line in mind

      • Anonymous says:

        That would be better than what happens now which is the boss has his band of favourites who “represent” all the workers. Some of the educational institutes here have the most toxic environments because the managers only work with a few favourites while the rest suffer in silence.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes you can fire the government- just do not vote for them again. What I do not understand is why so many on the government bench has gone dumb. I remember on the campaign trail they were railing and ranting. Even before that , one particular one was always on the talk show every day. From the day they got sworn in you cannot hear a wimper from them. What happened, cat got their tongues or instead of swearing allegiance to the crown and the Cayman Islands they must have sworn to never speak up again in their lives. We the Cayman people have been paying one MLA for decades for absolutely doing and saying nothing, now it seems like two or three have joined them. A bunch of fraidy cats!! How can they sit there time after time and have nothing to contribute.

      • Anonymous says:

        That big fat paycheck, take money out of politics and I promise you, we wont see anymore trash.

  28. Ambassador of Absurdistan says:

    Where is the FCO? The place is going tits up reminds me of Turks & Caicos Islands.

    Just Another Day in Absurdistan

    • Anonymous says:

      FCO stop messing around Bring Back Governor Choudhury to clean up our corrupt government.

      • Anonymous says:

        The UK not sending any Governor.

        The UK will just wait and watch the circus.

        The UK will then step in and do a TCI.

  29. CHEC mate says:

    The PPM are complicit in this mess by blindly supporting Mac as Speaker who appears XXXX. CHEC are in the final top three bidders for the cruise port. Their local business representative Henderson is the definition of a dodgy business man with various labour law related and pension law related charges and offenses under his belt.

    The Government of National Unity have several draft agreements in place with CHEC to provide financing for the port, JGHS schools and east-west arterial to name a few projects. Will this government facilitate Cayman ending up like Jamaica which controlled by a satellite agency of China?

    The big question is If CHEC was bad for the country in 2012 and concerns existed about alleged corrupt business practices under Premier Bush back then how are they suddenly good enough for Alden McLaughlin, Moses Kirkonnell and the rest of the PPM today?

    • Anonymous says:

      Has anyone considered why CHEC/China has been deeply interested and involved in investing and building in ports in various Caribbean countries?

    • SSM345 says:

      The PPM are not “blindly” supporting Mac, they are fully aware of his antics and seem quite willing to support it.

    • Anonymous says:

      If the local representative is shady AF then that alone should be enough to disqualify CHEC. I don’t have anything against CHEC, or whoever the other two bidders are, but one of two things happened here. Either 1. they did zero due diligence and accidentally hired someone with a very easily identifiable history of bad business or 2. they did the due diligence and WANTED to hire someone who has a very easily identifiable history of bad business. BOTH scenarios are terrible and not who we want to give the largest capex project in our country’s history to. But what do I know?

  30. Anonymous says:

    Listening to these goof balls live made me feel sick to know this is how our elected officials carry on and behave. Not an educated one in the bunch.

  31. Anonymous says:

    These people can’t get nothing done because everyone is power hungry! We will all suffer as a country together! Bracka.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is called standing up for the homeland. The only thing wrong with that is that more of us need to do it. It should be plain to ” blind bartemaus” as the big bully likes to say, that for generations we the Caymanian people have been too complicit and too eager to push too much under the rugs allowing dishonesty, lies, corruption and greed to flourish. Way to go Opposition! Thank you for taking a stand for honesty, integrity and transparency. If you do not stand for something you will fall for anything. I know that some on the government bench had to be uncomfortable with what has transpired in the LA both on the Brac and yesterday including the Premier. Let this show us that complicity and cowardice can be like cancer. They supported the Speaker because they are afraid to go up against him, not because of love of country because by now all of them must have seen the letter that the Speaker ” did not present” which shows a direct link between him and CHEH. The same CHEH that the U.K., stopped the building of the dock over before. Some of them go to the LA time after time and you don’t hear squeak from them except no or aye. There was always one silent partner among that lot but now there is three or four! Don’t you all have something to say, how can you sit there glassy-eyed with no contribution while all of this crap is going before your own eyes?

    • Anonymous says:

      Trying to call out shenanigans is notpower hungry, it is simply speaking out on behalf of Cayman and alll who believe in honesty and transparency. You can sit in your complacency on the Brac oblivious to the real world but please do not castigate those who feel it is there duty to defend good virtues.

  32. Anonymous says:

    we need a uk governor asap….

    • Bayer says:

      No sah!
      we doin fine without … Proof we don’t need one.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you want to get good governance then sign the Petition to Bring Back Governor Choudhury.

      • 5th generation Caymanian by way of Scotland and Africa says:

        He is not coming back so let us hope and pray that they will send someone who will be like him or even more stronger when it comes to stamping out some of this ” stuff” that is destroying our beloved homeland from the inside!

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