Teenager arrested after ‘NiCE’ stabbing at dump

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Cayman News Service, Cayman Islands dump

George Town Dump, Grand Cayman

(CNS): Police have arrested a 19-year-old man from West Bay following a stabbing on Tuesday at the George Town landfill on Seymour Drive. The victim was taken to hospital with serious but not-life-threatening injuries. The assault happened at around 1:00pm near the Department of Environmental Health compound at the dump, where the two men who were working on the government’s National Community Enhancement Project (NiCE) were involved in an altercation.

In a statement officials from the planning ministry said the programme has a strict code of conduct over behaviour on the job, which is explained to all workers at registration and orientation, and has a zero tolerance attitude towards anti-social behaviour.

“While today’s incident was unfortunate, over the past few years the NiCE programme has given a second chance to hundreds of persons, including those with barriers to employment,” the ministry stated. “While government seeks to provide a structure within which NiCE, participants can benefit from a productive experience, it is incumbent on each one to take advantage of this opportunity to the fullest. Many have done so in the past and this year’s programme will continue as planned.”

Police said the West Bay teenage suspect was being held at the detention centre in Fairbanks, George Town, while investigations continue. Meanwhile the victim remains at the George Town hospital.

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