Minister denies closed-door cruise port deals

| 03/08/2018 | 158 Comments
Cayman News Service

Premier Alden McLaughlin and Deputy Premier Moses Kirkconnell

(CNS): Tourism Minister Moses Kirkconnell has denied that the controversial cruise berthing project, which is attracting increasing opposition, is being handled behind closed doors, despite the lack of information in the public domain and evidence of numerous closed-door meetings. In a statement refuting a story on CNS this week indicating that the project could be underway in weeks, the minister also said that the Royal Watler tenants had been given renewed one-year leases, contradicting the information several tenants reported to CNS. 

CNS reached out to the Ministry of Tourism and the Port Authority of the Cayman Islands this week about information we had received from a number of business owners renting in the existing cruise terminal, but our questions were ignored. While the acting port director acknowledged the request, he referred us to the ministry, which did not respond.

In his statement Friday evening, in which he refuted the news story and appeared to believe that calling the story “fake news” would make the issue go away, Kirkconnell claimed that he had “recently updated” the media about the project in April — which means the ministry’s most recent public comment on the issue was almost four months ago.

The minister said that the Cayman Islands Government had not made any deal or agreement with any company with respect to the piers and accused CNS of “deliberately attempting to derail the ongoing procurement process with outrageous and erroneous claims which have no foundation in reality”.

However, CNS has been paying very close attention to the project and the clear signs of growing opposition in the community, largely because of the enormous potential cost of the project, environmental damage, the failure of government to justify the piers and the increasingly secretive nature of the process.

Despite a process of pre-qualification, no documents have been published by the Central Procurement Office about the bid, which government is billing as a public-private partnership but what many people believe will end up being a massive bill paid for by Cayman Islands taxpayers.

Claiming that the ministry had not deviated from or bypassed any of the phases, Kirkconnell refuted keeping the public in the dark and described the CNS report on that issue as “malicious and untrue”. However, a frequent concern of the hundreds of CNS readers who have weighed in on the debate on this issue, especially over the last twelve months, has been about what is seen as a closed-door, opaque and even secretive process.

Kirkconnell claimed, “Following best practice takes time but provides the assurance that the decisions government is taking are based on sound principles, to achieve the best possible outcomes for the country. I can assure the public that the Ministry of Tourism is committed to taking all the time necessary to follow established standards of best practice to ensure that the berthing facility and cargo port deliver the greatest economic benefit with the least environmental impact and is owned by the people of the Cayman Islands.”

While many CNS readers will disagree with those comments, they may well be reassured to know that the government is “proceeding carefully and will not rush the process merely to please supporters or antagonists; neither will we undertake any actions that fly in the face of full transparency”.

Kirkconnell said that during the pre-qualification process nine prospective bidders were shortlisted and subsequently sent an Invitation to Submit Outline Solutions (ISOS). In February the pre-qualified applicants had the opportunity to attend an ‘Industry Day’, which comprised formal presentations on the major elements of the project and included a visit to the George Town Port.

He said that only five of those nine pre-qualified applicants chose to submit proposals to design, build, finance and maintain (DBFM) the proposed berthing facility.

“Following a thorough analysis and evaluation of the five submissions by the Cruise Port Steering Committee, three bidders were ultimately selected to participate in the final stage of the procurement process and recommendations were provided to the Central Tenders Committee (CTC), who agreed with the Steering Committee’s assessments,” Kirkconnell said.

No details of these bidders have been revealed and none of the government’s tender documents have ever been made public. Nevertheless, the minister said that the three remaining bidders will be Invited to Submit Final Tenders (ISFT) this month. Those submissions will be due back in October 2018.

“As Minister for Tourism I am satisfied with the steady progress being made, particularly since this is a complex process with highly commercially sensitive elements. Notwithstanding, tender documentation pertaining to the pre-qualification of bidders, as well as to the ISOS process have been provided to the media upon their request,” he said.

CNS can confirm that numerous questions and requests for documents have all been met with a wall of silence or procrastination. We can also confirm that none of the reports on CNS have ever been fabricated, as claimed by the ministry, and are largely based on information provided by stakeholders, sources close to the process and concerned members of the public.

CNS always submits questions to the ministry and relevant officials before publishing any report, however it has become the practice of government to simply ignore our requests.

See full statement from the minister in the CNS Library

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  1. Anonymous says:

    There is no way a referendum is going to happen. Save Cayman Facebook is mostly foreigners and they still wouldn’t have the numbers to force it. They might have had 150 people at their advertised protest.

    • Anonymous says:

      Would somebody produce this said “new” Environmental Impact Assessment? I call BS that there is one. Like to see someone prove me wrong.

      • Anonymous says:

        There is no new EIA. They are relying on the old EIA.

        • SSM345 says:

          Which is the old “EIA”? This “pie in the sky” idea has been around for half of my existence on this planet, they all say the same thing, only difference with this one is that its a 2016 revision and DART will abide by it when they build it so its gospel. Moses is taking this entire country for a ride and its f**king disgraceful. In any other democratic country he wouldn’t be allowed near this because of his inherent conflict of interest but in Cayman blatant corruption is fine because we are a Christian country and he’s from a respectable local family. Absolute bollocks. This sh*t is not happening on my watch. Let Moses et al as well as all the rest of them know that we (the youth) fed up with unna f**kery; you will not sell us all out anymore with grandiose monuments and idiotic ideas that shouldn’t even be on unnah’s agendas #legalizecommonsense #tiredofthephukry

          Kind regards,


    • Anonymous says:

      Save Cayman is made of Caymanians, first and foremost.

  2. Anonymous says:

    We need this dock so badly, it’s only foreign expats who try to block it

    • Anonymous says:

      Why is it needed so badly?

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m Caymanian and I’m trying to block it. Also wtf is a “foreign expat?”

        • Anonymous says:

          A special type of expat…they’ve been here for 8 years, and can apply to be officially foreign, and then 6 years later after paying 000’s of dollars and litres of blood, they can be deemed to be true foreign expat captives…but must have E tattoo’d on their foreheads

  3. Anonymous says:

    perhaps mentioned already but didnt Mr Moses Kirkconnel already admit that the meetings/dealings were behind closed doors due to “competitive advantage”?

    • Anonymous says:

      just because meetings are behind closed doors doesn’t mean anything sinister is going on. He already said what the discussions are about, do we really need a blow by blow account of every conversation?

      • Anonymous says:

        In certain things yes. especially $300,000,000 things.

      • Anonymous says:

        It is not sinister if what comes out of the meeting is transparent and that ain’t happening. Any closed door meetings are optically horrific and will fuel corruption allegations.

      • Anonymous says:

        8:03 you clearly missed the fact these Muppets haven’t finished schools they started building 12yrs ago, now you want a dock which none of them have any experience building or managing a project of that magnitude when our country is broke and there are 42elewenteen other issues to solve that they conveniently ignore? Will DART building, managing and owning this make our current crew in Govt successful in their term? Is Kirk’s paying you per tweet to make up for your sales commission because 95% of your cruise business cant afford the sh*t you sell? Wait, I’m sorry, does our Dep premier want to increase the sangwich eatas in town by 200% hoping unnah or them can band together to sell or buy a rolex? Can Moses tell us where these people will go when they hit our shores because we full up at our 2 attractions with current numbers? People who support this idiotic idea either didn’t graduate school and cannot comprehend anything past the possibility of a job; constructing etc yet that opportunity already exists in terms of development going on, look around you; or they are they are directly invested in selling sh*t to tourists.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Where there is smoke there is fire. No truer words can be said about this. I’ve been hearing that this is a ‘done deal’ for a while now. And I also heard that it will be Decco at the helm.

  5. Pickle Rick says:

    1984: It’s happening.

    • Ron Ebanks says:

      You people who are thumbing down these smart and intelligent and factual comments , just BECAUSE it’s about someone you like, or your political party . It is very stupid of you that you can’t see beyond the tip of your nose , and see that BECAUSE OF THAT KIND OF BEHAVIOR and STUPIDITY you’re not doing the islands no good and should be kicked off the Islands even if you are Caymanian .

    • Tiffany E. says:

      Scary as it would seem so.

      Big Government instead of nuclear family
      Society of weak men
      Illusion of empowerment (feminism)
      Divide and conquer
      Media collaborators

      End the gender war. There really is no other way to stop it.

      Strong men build strong societies
      Strong women build broken ones
      just because that statement offends you doesn’t make it false.

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh Tiffany, Tiffany, Tiffany. My dear girl (or what ever you are). Get a job.

      • E. Nygma says:

        This is an interesting opinion (unsubstantiated and illogical as it is)

        Some questions and counterpoints:
        When the men were away back in the day who was it who maintained the homes, took care of the elderly and children and often spent all day ensuring that everyone was taken care of?

        I have always wondered how it is that conservatives and traditionalists argue that we should go back to a male dominated society when that was never a reality in Cayman
        We are descended from a long line of strong and independent women who stepped up to do the jobs that women in other jurisdictions didn’t even have the opportunities to undertake

        “Big Government instead of nuclear family” – What?
        “Society of weak men” – Still waiting for the evidence of this?
        “Illusion of empowerment (feminism)” – Feminism seems pretty simple to me, women are equal to men, where is the issue?
        “Divide and conquer” – very descriptive, very compelling
        “Media collaborators” – aka people who disagree with your narrative

        “End the gender war” – sounds like the nonexistent “war on Christmas” (fun fact even though only 70% of the US identifies as Christian upwards of 90% of people in the US celebrate and are involved in Christmas i.e. there is no war on Christmas but conservatives love playing the victim at every possible opportunity)
        Unless of course recognizing December is home to more than one religious celebration and period of gathering so saying “Happy Holidays” covers more bases than “Merry Christmas” is somehow a “war on Christmas”

        Since you subscribe to this “strong men, strong societies” rubbish I hope you asked your father/husband for permission to be on the internet voicing your opinions as a lowly woman, don’t you know you should be in the kitchen preparing a hot meal and doing other household tasks!
        (see how that works)

      • Anonymous says:

        Wait. What??
        Not clear. Whatchu sayin’?

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh dear…some of the best leaders on this planet have been women…and most of the worst leaders men. Sounds to me like you think Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Kim Jong Un, Maduro are great people to be admired…yet they broke societies by killing their own, blaming minorities and outsiders for everything…did you ever go to school?

  6. Cayman F#@% Up Bad says:

    Our leaders think of you voters like they think of toilet paper! Dont blame them though this marriage of convenience of the most corrupt of our political establishment was not of our doing but it is now paying dividends poverty,crime,destruction of environment population expansion corruption lost of Cayman’s culture and identity. You believed the lies and promises and vote for it please embrace your representative and tell him thanks for all he has done for you and Cayman! What a friggin Mess!

  7. Anonymous says:

    #CLEANSLATE 2021
    #FRESHSTART 2021

  8. Anonymous says:

    Just two simple questions. One that all sides can appreciate.

    If the government has nothing to hide about this deal, and if they truly believe in transparency. They why are all request for information being blocked and why is NO information at all being supplied to the people?

    People for and against the project should have the right to know what is going on?

    • Anonymous says:

      Simply answer to both questions

      This project isn’t for Caymanians, this is for financial gain of waterfront merchants and lazy tourists so why would they give us any information?
      Transparency in the CIG is an illusion
      Hence the CIG has no interest in our opinions on the issue

    • Anonymous says:

      @8:28 The 2 people that thumbed you down are sheeple who prefer to be blindly led.

    • SSM345 says:

      Simple answer 8:28 is that half of the people that support this aren’t from Cayman; they are employed by the Kirkonnell’s selling jewelry to tourists off cruise ships, the rest are locals who cannot spell transparency let alone understand its place in Govt. Our Leaders act like we still live in the 1920s in terms of letting us know whats happening an get pissed when you ask and they have to answer with utter bollocks lip service. We will pay for it and they will benefit with no qualms whatsoever because they do not give a flying F. If they did they would talk to us, tell us what they doing with their opportunity as a representative to the very people that put them there, give us something other than silence. They take us all for fools and we all complacent in it sitting back doing eff all. I’ll be dead before accountability or transparency is adhered too; until then those words spell corruption but thats ok because the people committing it go church pon Sunday.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Kirkbots be like: grab every item that connects to internet so you can like the for cruise dock posts more than once!

  10. Anonymous says:

    All of a sudden people are realizing that corruption and self interest exists in Cayman? Have you looked at all the development in the SMB corridor since 2000? Where have you been and why now all of a sudden the dawning of knowledge? Better late than never? who knows…horse..bolted…the whole thing is disgusting…..i’d start with term limits and preventing anyone being in elected capacity for longer than 2 terms, period…..we should look at allowing status holders to run (some of them are actually good people, bright, and have their legit concerns about the islands too)…..the cruise port, referendum obviously makes sense

    • Anonymous says:

      Government intentionally not supplying info on port deal = closed doors. It’s not that hard to understand. If they have nothing to hide then release more info.

      • Anonymous says:

        @8:15 am
        can they legally do that? The project of such magnitude is not a private matter.

        • Anonymous says:

          @8:53 That’s a good question, I honestly don’t know the legality of it but the fact that no information is coming out suggests that there is something they don’t want the people to find out and everything is supposed to be transparent so I would question the legality of what they are hiding.

  11. Anonymous says:

    This government is the worst EVER! Greedy politicians owned by special interests selling out for less than 30 pieces of silver! Time for the Anti-Corruption cops to run a forensic audit of their accounts and all connected PEP’s. Follow the money and investigate who is abusing their positions as public officers. There is a reason government refuse to implement the Standards in public life law.

    • Anonymous says:

      Where were you when UDP were in power.

      • Anonymous says:

        UDP and PPM are now the same team. The Unity government are the best of two bad governments doing exactly the same things. Alden McKeeva and Moses as leaders with a weak Cabinet are bad for the future of Cayman. Vote them all out and stop this madness!

  12. People’s Initiated Referrendum Now says:

    There is the registered voter-led petition that will be circulated by the end of the week demanding a Cease Order on the unelected Unity Gov’t they do not have a mandate for the public. The People’s Referendum will demonstrate our views on a very expensive and bad idea. Let’s show them our collective voices now.

    Only need 5,288 voters to sign.

    People-initiated referendums:

    §70.—(1) Without prejudice to section 69, a law enacted by the Legislature shall make provision to hold a referendum amongst persons registered as electors in accordance with section 90 on a matter or matters of national importance that do not contravene any part of the Bill of Rights or any other part of this Constitution.
    (2) Before a referendum under this section may be held—
    (a) there shall be presented to the Cabinet a petition signed by not less than 25 per cent of persons registered as electors in accordance with section 90 (@21,150 = just 5,288 voters);
    (b) the Cabinet shall settle the wording of a referendum question or questions within a reasonable time period as prescribed by law; and
    (c) the Cabinet shall make a determination on the date the referendum shall be held in a manner prescribed by law.
    (3) Subject to this Constitution, a referendum under this section shall be binding on the Government and the Legislature if assented to by more than 50 per cent of persons registered as electors in accordance with section 90.

    Let’s work together and challenge their actions in the courts if necessary our environment is too important. Public pressure and loud United voices from all types of Caymanians and residents who will be impacted by their decisions will give the government all the reasons to reconsider this horrible idea and listen to voters if they want to be re-elected.

    Any MLA that supports this project and the current lack of transparency and potential damage to our marine environment, the seven mile beach, our world famous dive sites while committing the financial future to a PPP financing partner including Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise lines, China Harbour Enginneering or DART lines that will own and control our port for a minimum 30-50 years be voted out of office in 2021.

    • Ron Ebanks says:

      I second the suggestion of the petition to , A Cease Order of the elected Unity government , not unelected unity government .
      The people of Cayman Islands better open your eyes so that you can really see what this government is doing to you and the future generations . Did you read what FCO Delegates said about the government, which I am sure everyone disagree with .

  13. AlanP says:

    People of the Cayman Islands said NO to the project. There should be no bidding activity, hidden or not.
    Why ACC is not investigating DoT Minister Moses Kirkconnell for potential conflict of interest?

    • Anonymous says:

      They need to investigate the entire government side
      All of them are double dipping in their various ministries and we know how much the CIG loves having private meetings with the Chamber of commerce

      Take a look at the PPM’s campaign expense report in 2017 for all the info you need

      500,000 dollars spent on 15 Candidates in constituencies that have 400-1500 people
      The finances of both parties and their secret financiers need forensic audits
      In between elections the parties can host fancy dinners and fundraisers that are not kept track of and not disclosed to the public

      Cayman needs some serious campaign finance reform
      A 1000 person constituency should not require or allow a candidate to spend up to $40,000 a constituency where you only need 300-400 votes to win should not require that type of expenditure. The rich, well off and well connected are the only persons who can afford to run in Cayman especially with the ramifications
      We are essentially selling seats in the LA to the highest bidder, and then paying them a King’s ransom for a minimal amount of work. Take even a small portion of their 4 year income in the LA and they can easily “buy” their seat again come the next election by outspending all of their competitors

      We need to force the Cabinet to put the standards in public life law into effect before the next election
      and ensure that all campaign contributions are publicly disclosed whether the MLAs want them to be or not and whether they come from individuals or registered entities

    • Anonymous says:

      The Hon. Minister of Tourism Moses Kirkconnell appears to be full of conflicts of interest. In 2013 as Minister for the Port Authority his cousin Gerry Kirkconnell was the Port Dep. Chairman. Why? Were there no other persons to choose for the Port Board? Now, still as Minister of Tourism for the Airport, Mr. Moses has appointed Thom Guyton as Chairman, and Thom is the husband of the Minister’s cousin Debbie Kirkconnell-Guyton. Why? Is there no other person to put there?

      Where is the anti-corruption commission inwestigation on all of this?

  14. Anonymous says:

    If there is a referendum let’s insist that government agree that people who don’t bother to vote have abstained and are not counted as voting ‘no’. I could be wrong but I seem to recall that Mr Bush counted abstinence as a no vote after the last referendum in 2012.

    • Anonymous says:

      How many referendums do you need? There’s already been 2. In the 2013 elections the Progressives ran on a platform that included building the cruiseport in George Town. In 2017 both the Progressives and CDP ran on a similar plataform. Why won’t you obstructionists respect the democratic result of the last 2 elections?

      • The Constitutional Critic says:

        The PPM ran with a cruise port in their manifesto and net lost seats in the last election
        The PPM was unable to get even half of their candidates elected
        They lost 3 sitting ministers and were unable to even form a majority without the help of the people who they called corrupt for the last 20 years
        Doesn’t seem like the voters took too well to the PPM message
        Seeing as they came out of the election with less seats than they went in with
        In what world is losing your majority somehow seen as a mandate and a vote of confidence?

        An election does not accomplish the same thing as an referendum
        An election is held to determine who the people want to represent them (represent being the key word)
        A referendum is a vote held to ascertain the public’s input either formally or informally on an specific issue or choice especially controversial issues and issues where a mandate is unclear
        The reason why a referendum is necessary is because the PPM led coalition is clearly and purposefully ignoring the opinion of the majority in favor of the interests of the few (specifically waterfront merchants and those in the tourism industry) and despite campaigning and promising accountability and transparency this administration has followed through with very little of their promises. People are concerned because the PPM and the CDP have a history of starting expensive capital projects and not seeing them to completion along with having said projects go over budget while being behind schedule.

        So for you bought and paid for PPM hardliners let’s just make somethings clear:

        -The PPM has no mandate and no right to claim public support for this issue

        – The PPM promised accountability and transparency and yet have gone months without updating the public.

        – The PPM and CDP also promised to maintain and preserve the natural environment of the Cayman Islands

        – The PPM and specifically Alden Mclaughlin has already said publicly that he will push this project through regardless of “antagonists” (meaning regardless of whether it is what the people want or not)

        – The PPM and the CDP have a history of starting expensive capital projects that go over budget and are not delivered on time or in high quality

        – The PPM and the CDP have a history of giving vast business and economic concessions to entities who may not have the best interests of Cayman in mind, negotiating horrible deals for the Cayman Islands. Including public financing for private interests not taking responsibility for their actions.

        The PPM and CDP have a history of being shortsighted and not planning for the future of the Cayman islands in terms of necessary infrastructure (prison, courthouse, police stations, schools)

        – A binding referendum is the only civil way of changing the course of a government that clearly has no interest in representing the people of the Cayman Islands

      • Anonymous says:

        Because no one expects politicians to deliver on promises.

  15. Anonymous says:

    The port will be like any other project here. Just a grand monument to Caymanian ego.

    No business case will be made to justify the answers to legitimate needs.

    “We need a high school in Frank Sound” A business person, would have DEMANDED a more cost effective design and could have built three efficient schools for that amount of money.

    “We need to expand the airport” A business person would have DEMANDED a more cost effective design ( a flat roof!) and could have included jet ways for the money being spent.

    “We need a boardwalk in South Sound” Well i, don’t believe anyone ever asked that, but the construction companies again are the ones that benefit, But for that money, a side walk and a bike lane could have been built all the way to Grand Harbour.

    “We need a cruise port” If the people agree, they should DEMAND value for dollars. There must be a more cost effective solution than creating acres of new land with fill in the center of a beautiful natural harbour.

  16. Anonymous says:

    The two men that own the boats that bring the passengers in from the cruise ships are like landlords that want to continue collecting rent.

    They don’t want us to build our own house, because they want us to be homeless and have to rent from them. After all these years, we need to finally grow up and build and own our house. It is time we own our dock and not have to throw away money day after day to this boat charter to bring tourists ashore. The tourists can walk off the ship and into GT.

    • Eyluùl says:

      Pardon my language, but $crew the tourists and the way they reach the shore. It is part of the adventure they undertake. If they had to swim to the shore, so be it, they knew about it before boarding a ship. Next you would want to spread red carpet and offer a free glass of champaign for visiting this country for few hours and leaving mountains of trash behind and greatly inconveniencing its residents and stressing the environment to the extreme. Don’t forget about sea pollution from the monster ships.
      This type of tourism is NOT Sustainable.

    • Anonymous says:

      So! If you’re on here posting about how locals need jobs but then in the same breath saying these locals shouldn’t have this job then you need your head checked.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Generally speaking, when one says ‘fake news’ it means that person has a reason to hide the truth. Just sayin.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Anyway…where is the voter petition for a Referendum?

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s a waste of millions of dollars to hold a referendum just to delay even longer. One more year of the tender operators keeping our country from moving forward so they keep their monopoly. Come on PPM, get on with it. Build the piers.

      • Anonymous says:

        Do you realize that even if we build the dock we will still have to tender ships..The port design is only for four ships..what happens to the other ships? Do we limit it to four a day?

      • Anonymous says:

        It WILL cost millions to build this unjustified project (over 300 Million watch and see), it will not cost millions to hold a referendum (how you came to that conclusion is beyond me).

        It is also unethical not to hold a referendum. The public purse is not a joke….the public have a right to dictate how the money is being spent.

        We see this type of asinine dictatorship all over the world today, it is not unique to Cayman.

  19. Anonymous says:

    The good ships are the small ships. This will not help us in GT. So sad if they move forward. This is really I’ll thought out.

  20. Diogenes says:

    -Government releases no information and updates for months

    – Government watches the public speculate without commenting and watches the news media pick up on small stories while they themselves remains silent

    – News media picks up on sources saying their leases will not be extended at the cruise terminal which indicates they at least anticipate some change at the port in the coming weeks

    -The Government then sees these specific claims as an opportunity to come out and claim “fake news” (honestly the thing I hate most about Trump is his propagation of this “fake news” rhetoric that governments the world over are now picking up on) and despite months of silence now chooses to respond (although they refuse to respond to the media when the media asks for information on the very same topics)
    Keep in mind this is now the 3rd prominent Unity Government elected official to come out and use or imply “fake news” since their election (Mckeeva, Alden and now Moses)

    In the original article CNS noted:
    “CNS has reached out to all of the relevant officials but the only response was from the acting port director, who referred us to the ministry, which has not responded to our questions.”
    The media cannot simply be expected to not run a story because the government or ministry won’t respond for comment, if the government had responded in the first place then CNS could have included their statement in the original story
    and it is quite clear that despite FOI requests and assertions made on the campaign trail this government has no interest in being either accountable or transparent
    But instead Alden and Moses likely directly instructed ministry officials not to respond in an attempt to discredit CNS knowing that the Compass and the CIG both strive to maintain a working relationship while CNS will run the stories that the CIG may not appreciate.

    At least the Compass had the courtesy to omit the “fake news” claims because they know that while the claims may not be against them today they will surely piss off some thin skinned minister eventually and the fake news claims will come like waters from above

  21. Anonymous says:

    CNS – just because you are basing your position on your readers comments and feedback that does not make it factual or even the consensus.

    • Anonymous says:

      The story is based on lack of government responses. I am also aware that various cruise ship lines have been meeting government to try and secure at least some berthing rights in addition to the main cruise line that is part of this opaque fiasco.

    • Anonymous says:

      And the government own feedback that was categorically opposed to the project
      but you leave that point out

      The fact that you seem not to want transparency within the government
      speaks volumes

      • Anonymous says:

        You mean CNS left that part out? It’s for CNS to tell us what they are basing these conclusions on.

        Where did I say I didn’t support transparency?

        CNS: We have referenced this survey in numerous articles. That and other relevant documents are in the CNS Library here.

        This link will take you directly to the document in question. Scroll down to page 38 for the actual survey. Note signatures #342 to #427, which is the block of votes from people who work at Kirk Freeport that makes up the bulk of support.

  22. Anonymous says:

    This is the main reason most of us voted for the PPM. We need the jobs this will bring Caymanians.

    Don’t let the ex-pats take our future away from us. We need the dock. Our children need a future. If the ex-pats don’t like That we want to build our country and provide jobs for our people they are welcome to get on the plane and go back home!

    • Anonymous says:

      4.11pm. Really now.. my opinion – these Islands are being built for who???? Not us!! Expats … Bo Bo.. where have you been????

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah, and the Expats aren’t concerned whether our kids have good opportunities in the future.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yep, the ex-pats are making lots of commotion about what they want, but we need to take our country back.

        They are in our country making the big bucks holding us back. Saying we can’t go forward because of one dive site when we have 364 others.

        Making us give up our Christian values because it doesn’t fit their lifestyle. Getting all their friends from abroad to petition us online.

        We need to do right by our people. Build our dock, create jobs for our families and rebuild GT.

        • Anonymous says:

          Those writers should state they are employed by the two biggest merchants who this whole fiasco will benefit most and they are probably instructed on what to send in. One of the entity’s not only gets the building contract plus their stores will get loads of sales, the other one probably has some back door deal also to get the extra cream. Talk about a pile of sh&*! Its a done deal but look on the bright side – we probably will be able to get a lot of good Chinese food.

        • Anonymous says:

          Expat here, I’m with you, build the dock. The harbour is for vital commercial use. Many untold benefits will come from it as well. Long overdue. Get it done.
          Ministers are elected to lead, not pander to every whinge group. Sometimes they have to make unpopular decisions.

          I’m happy they are making progress.

        • Anonymous says:

          And how does a foreign company coming in, building the dock, restructuring the terminal so the same shop owners will get spaces regardless of who else applies. How does that create jobs again? GT can be rebuilt without the dock.

    • Anonymous says:

      Except the project will go to an external entity who will bring in their own workers

      Or did the PPM forget to tell you that part in the brainwashing?

    • Anonymous says:

      I am Caymanian and I disagree with you. The port is not necessary. Keeping our underwater environment is necessary. THAT is what brings many visitors here. If the Gov did a referendum this would show that most people here do not want it.

      • Anonymous says:

        This government is afraid to put this issue to a referendum for the people to decide. The PPM politicians prefer to spin their tale and have their minions post their drivel or call into the talk radio programs.

        • Anonymous says:

          They aren’t afraid to put it on the referendum

          They just know what the result will be so they will refuse unless they are forced to do so by the people

    • Anonymous says:

      Most did not vote for PPM.

    • Anonymous says:

      In your opinion, how would the construction of a cruise birthing result in more job for Caymanians?

      • Anonymous says:

        The PwC report details the job creation in the business case. It was posted online awhile back.

        • Anonymous says:

          Prove it.

        • Anonymous says:

          Actually, the PWC report showed no such thing. In fact the various reports show that there are better things we can spend our money on to improve tourism and get better return on our investment.

          • Anonymous says:

            The PwC analysis recommended the piers and quantified the jobs that would be created for Caymanians.

            • Anonymous says:

              Again, how will a foreign owned company with foreign workers create jobs for Caymanians? Even if Caymanians are part of building the dock, what will happen to them when it is done? Oh yeah, once again unemployed Caymanians.

  23. Anonymous says:

    moses…you lose the argument when use the term ‘fake news’

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly, please do not pick up that phrase from the “orange one up north.” You should know better. Then again maybe that phrase is appropriate, who knows?

  24. Anonymous says:

    Kirkbots and ppm kool aid crew are out in force trying to manipulate the likes or dislikes counts. How pathetic guess they are not very busy at over at Kirk free port these days or understand none of this is scientific polling data.

  25. Anonymous says:

    kirk bots out in force!

  26. A. Caymanian says:

    Dear Minister Kirkconnell on behalf of the Government of National Unity Members,

    Now that we have your full attention please enlighten the public and provide clarity on the following questions:

    1. Will the public be informed of the full details before you commit to any final agreement in 2018?

    (a) When will the public be able to review details?
    (b) Why are details being treated as a secret?

    3. How will the project be financed? Cruise lines will not pay for the cargo expansion component.

    4. Has the government updated the Outline Business Case given the new design and financing projections?

    5. Will the results of the new Environmental Impact Assessment be made public? If so, when and how will the information be shared?

    6. How will Cayman accommodate the 2.3-3 million cruise passengers per year?

    7. Is new infrastructure being put in place along the SMB to accommodate the volume that wish to soak up the world famous beach and its pristine waters?

    8. Where is the transparency that was promised and the Progressives campaigned on in May 2017?

    9. What exactly do you have to hide? Is the proposed deal that bad for the Cayman Islands long term?

    Unfortunately, the attitude and behavior being displayed by the government particularly the Minister of Tourism Moses Kirkonnell, the Cabinet Members, caucus and ministry of tourism officials regarding the promised public consultation and information sharing phase with relevant details suggests that there are significant issues that will embarrass the government.

    The question to be asked then is why are you committed to moving forward at any costs? In fact, your collective actions are reminiscent of the conduct of the previous UDP administration during its covert negotiations with China Harbour Group in 2011-12.


    A. Caymanian

    • Anonymous says:

      To you question 5. Has any additional EIA been conducted on revised designs.?

      Additional questions. Is the Director D of Environment still a member of the Steering Committee?

  27. West Bay Premier says:

    Oh boy the Kirkbots are really out on this article and these comments . I know that the real facts really hurts . But you need to open your eyes and see more than that little hand out , and stop kissing a$$$S and see what that cruise pier would do to rest of the underwter environment, and the future of the Island, and who will benefit from the cruise pier .

  28. Anonymous says:

    The teflon lodge strikes again!

  29. Anonymous says:

    There is an easy solution, let’s have a referendum take it to a vote and let the people decide.

    • Anonymous says:

      Which people? Are we going to weed out the people who can’t manage the affairs and finances of thier own household much less the affairs of a country?

    • Anonymous says:

      Which people? Can we weed out the people who already have everything they want and don’t care about those of us who need the jobs?

      • Anonymous says:

        Can we weed out all the anti-PPM voters that want to be able to brag that PPM never delivers on its promises!

        • Anonymous says:

          How about we weed out the politicians who don’t deliver on what they were elected to do? Serve the people of this island.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Dear Premier and Minister,

    “Do you intend the ultimate decision re the port / CBF be confirmed via public referendum?”

    – Whodatis

    *The answer to this simple question answers a LOT of other questions.

    Everyone should be asking their MLA the same.

    That way we’ll know who is who and what is what.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hello Kirkbots!

      I’ve noticed a sudden onslaught of down-votes very out of synch with how these things normally flow here on CNS.

      You people are very sad and pathetic – and you’re fooling no one.

      I’m curious as to why the CNS platform is so crucial to your cause though?

      – Who

      • Rollin says:

        Did he really just fuss because he got a few down votes. Dude, come off CNS I think the argument is getting the best of you.( This behavior reminds me of the guy running the US that you dislike)

        You taking the wrong things too seriously . If their is much to do I promise it ain’t fussing on CNS . Further , I’ll do you one solid ;as much as I disagree with your take I admire your tenacity and passion.

        Direct it socially , get off the soap bucket , roll up your sleeve and work with a collective to strengthen your voice – most importantly ACT !

        Maybe a new political party, maybe a public awareness campaign …. get creative
        – with your access to information I imagine you will present yourself in the lease coherently .

        If you clean up your act you might maybe prove to be a leader .

        * Don’t over think this one I am only giving advice you did not ask for

        • Anonymous says:


          This issue is far greater than Whodatis, you, or what you think of Whodatis.

          Try to stay on point – otherwise, don’t waste your energy and bandwidth engaging.

          – Who

        • Anonymous says:

          Btw, my brain now hurts after trying to make sense of that atrocious post of yours…you owe me an Excedrin.

          – Who

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh my god. I agree with Who…

  31. Adam says:

    Hello 7;23. Tell it like it is. The haters will be happy to collect their money from Govt and the Govt hand outs. Socialists should know that the Govt has to have money coming in from some source in order to house and feed them for free.
    GC haters are quick to bully Mr. Kirkconnell but do they know that the Govt will collect funds from the ships that call in to our ports? Every dollar the Govt collects goes right back to feed you Bo Bo.
    The cruise ships in the western Caribbean are larger now and need docks. We lose much needed dollars when we put off building the piers.
    Build the docks now!!!!!

    • #EYESWIDESHUT says:

      There are only a handful of liners with an order book for the massive tonnage ships Moses is frantic to accommodate. Of those on the books, few are operating in Western Caribbean or destined for our hemisphere. So our Cabinet is madly rushing ahead and over-promising to satisfy one of these bullying liners (and probably SVP, Giora Isreal of Carnival).

      If we only have room for four boats, turning away one or two other boats we would normally get, and there may only be one or two mega-tonnage per week AND we are giving the landing fees to the builder of the facility for 5-10 years, how does the CIG make more money than they are currently?

      Our passenger arrivals could very likely go DOWN as a function of constrained docking capacity with no guarantees on arrivals. It’s dumb from every angle. Cayman will lose in every sense due to a few greedy merchants and compromised politicians who have a proven track record of negotiating bad deals for the country.

      • Anonymous says:

        And not to forget that most of the ships leave the Caribbean for the summer so any extra capacity will also come within the already congested winter months (when we also receive most of our higher paying stay over tourism). And, presumably, on days when we get bad weather in GT harbour, no ships will be able to dock because the waves will be over the piers. So we will still lose ships when the weather is not conducive to walking down a pier and force possibly more congestion on GT and the Seven Mile Beach corridor on the days when they can dock. There are only a couple of companies who stand to really benefit from this and one of them begins with a K and the other begins with a D (same as the airport, the results of which tendering process seem to have been kept pretty quiet – presumably to prevent people from realising that nothing has changed and the big players have merely been kept happy).

        • Johann Moxam says:

          This govt do not seem to understand the meaning of transparency. Sadly, the public will be left picking up the tab if this goes the distance. We need to improve the experience for passengers that come to Cayman but becareful not to burden current and future generations in order to aid a select few. People need to stand up, speak out and continue to publicly ask questions and hold all MLA’s accountable.

          We must unite against this type of political tyranny, potential fiscal and environmental mismanagement and understand this process and project is nothing more than an example of government sponsored corporate welfare to benefit a few select business interests for certain families, political financiers, friends and acolytes who expect the public pursue to finance and prop up their commercial interests.

          Those businesses or groups on Harbour drive that are desperate for the project to proceed and who are the main drivers of the project should “put skin in the game” and invest their own funds or assist with financing the bond/loan that could potentially push the government over the financial cliff and plunge our country into significant long term financial ruin. They must know more than the public given their blind support e.g. full project details and the financing formula + terms + projections lgiven their close working relationship with government etc. Therefore, lead by example and demonstrate your confidence in the project instead of expecting a type of government bail out from the public purse.

          • Anonymous says:

            The perceived success of most of those businesses is largely because of the cryonism, nepotism and attitudes of entitlement which drives the duty free retail sector and how decisions have been historically made over several decades. They have failed to adapt or appreciate the facts that cruise ships are now selling the same products onboard these floating hotels.

          • Anonymous says:

            Finally somebody said it! Thank you Johan

          • Anonymous says:

            Johan hats off for coming publicly on this

    • Anonymous says:

      Nobody receives a bigger hand-out than MLA’s with their over the top salary and double-dip pension. Tell me again, how many times is the LA in session this year?

  32. Anonymous says:

    I can’t wait to see the wonderful piers and the huge cruise ships docked in the George Town. What a wonderful day that will be.

    I remember when we were against
    The Ritz
    Camana bay
    Bypass west bay road
    The tunnel by royal palms

    Once those projects were finished and turned out beautifully we shut up.

    When the beautiful piers are built we will flock to the port and boast about it. The haters will say ” oh I always supported the piers”.

    • Anonymous says:

      This needs to go a referendum.

      Let’s see the confirmation from Cruise Lines that they’ll stop calling in Cayman unless we build a few piers (they won’t, the passengers demand Cayman)

      Let’s really see the average $ spend per passenger – its all made up. the only way to truly know is to ask Kirk/Dart/Tortuga/etc for their Gross Sales and extrapolate.

      Where is the infrastructure to cope with more passengers for longer? More importantly, where are they going? Already, with the Dart purchase of large swathes of Cayman and smaller developers locking up prime lands, we’re out of beach….the net result is cruise passengers (and ourselves) being forced to move infront of condo developments and hotel resorts where they systematically tell them/us to leave

      How about some transparency? How about someone in CIG having the cojones to stand up and say enough with the madness…let’s redirect the funds to education/training/jobs/maybe a new prison/old persons health care/…..the dump!

      the port is a WANT, not a NEED…….NEEDS must, WANTS bust.

      • Anonymous says:

        What a joke. We not that stupid that we don’t realise this just another tenderbot delay tactic. Every year gives you another easy ten million dollars in your pockets.

    • Anonymous says:

      The former were opposed by locals against any change for whatever reason. Those projects also made sense for Cayman. The piers make no sense and have little support in Cayman from any corner except the self interested. Whatever the Minister says, this is clearly being hidden behind closed doors because they know they have little support and are trying to ramrod it through. They won’t even discuss a referendum because they know they will lose it.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Good thing his last name isn’t Bodden or Ebanks…he would be conflicted on everything in Cayman

  34. Anonymous says:

    Me thinks that Moses doesn’t understand what “behind closed doors” means. The secrecy behind this project is disgusting!

    • Anonymous says:

      How many times has the ministry had open door meetings, or public meetings to educate, update or gather information from the general public. The Minister should know it isn’t his personal project, it is a project for the people of the Cayman Islands. We are the people who will be forever in debt until the last cent is paid.
      Get down from your pedestal and let the people know what’s happening.
      Too much secrecy.

      • Anonymous says:

        What exactly do they have to hide if this is best for Cayman? The actions of the government betray their words. This all must be thoroughly investigated by the Auditor general’s office.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, CNS, for continuing to hold them to account during this process, despite the fireballs they throw in your direction. Only in Cayman would someone whose family business interests are strongly linked to the selection process be allowed to oversee a massive project that has such incredible implications for the country! We need hardworking journalists like you to keep the pressure on them or they will tell us absolutely nothing until it is a fait accompli!

    I really fear the consequences we will all face from the horrible decision to move forward with the berthing facility.

  36. Anonymous says:

    What the minister will refuse to publicly acknowledge is that there is clear conflict of interest between him personally and as minister with the interest of the port development! There is no wonder that the standards in public life bill won’t get an ounce of attention from this administration! Believe you me Moses… the port will not happen by any means necessary! Signed… the caymanian people!!!!

  37. Anonymous says:

    Any PPP needs to follow the procedures outlined by the Minister. No project financing can be obtained without these PPP procedures.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Minister Kirkconall for shaming the “fake news” carrier and all them colusionists and anonymos bots. Revel your port plans in the moral compass and that will put an end to all this hyperoblolia.

    • Anonymous says:

      Is that the same moral compass Alden’s ppm government previously stopped doing business with because they did not like the editorials and reporting? Cayman politicians do not want to be questioned or held accountable that is the problem.

    • Brian Tomlinson says:

      Learn how to spell those big words you are trying to use.

    • Anonymous says:

      hahahah…big thank you for the 81 yes votes from the “Kirkconall” support team. Uberstand what the annonymouse post reallie means before you hit the yes buttin !!!!!!!. Suckers.

  39. Gt Voter says:

    Folks, the lack of public disclosure is the result of the CIG’s institutionalised corruption!

    How in the world can the Minister, whose family is the principal and majority beneficiary of this multi-million dollar development, be allowed to oversee its progression?

    The conflict of interest is crystal clear, and yet our spinelessness as a society will go down in history as the reason the development succeeds in causing immense, and largely irreversible environmental damage.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Remember when we protested at Lovers Wall? We are prepared to do the same at the port. We are prepared to let the tourists see exactly who we are and that we do not want this monstrosity built nor do we want our beautiful underwater life tampered with. We are prepared to file injunctions, we are prepared to block equipment, we are prepared to use technology and social media to highlight this disgusting move by the CIG. People have gotten away with a lot because Caymanians have been corrupt, docile, complicit and easily fooled. However, that age and brand of Caymanian is being overtaken by a younger more determined breed who will not be impressed with a few kickbacks. There has to be a referendum at the very least. If CIG presses ahead with this port the push back awaiting them is like nothing they have ever experienced and it will change the face of this country forever.

    • Anonymous says:

      You ain’t stopping shit, this is a done deal.

    • Anonymous says:

      From The Compass, June 26, 2011, about the protest at Lovers Wall:

      Many protesters wore shirts that read: “Some things, and
      people, are simply not for sale.” This slogan was repeated by Mr. McLaughlin
      during his speech to the protesters.

      “We cannot allow ourselves to be bought so cheaply,” Mr.
      McLaughlin said.

      The main concerns to those who attended the protest revolved
      around the uncertainty of the socio-economic and environmental impacts that the
      development would have on the district and the country.

      “The people of East End have made it quite clear that they
      do not want a project of this magnitude, with all of the implications and,
      indeed, unknown ramifications, to happen in their district,” said Mr.

    • Anonymous says:

      A lot of tourists don’t agree with it either when they find out what is potentially sacrificed in order to satisfy the few. Sing it loud and sing it clear because most island visitors (including cruise shippers) are also in agreement when they understand the damage that is about to be done if this goes ahead. Most countries our visitors come from are significantly further ahead in their understanding of the importance of the natural environment. Sadly, Cayman continues to choose to act as though big buildings, concrete and a manicured environment are a worthy replacement for the beauty nature blessed us with.

  41. West Bay Premier says:

    I believe that the Minister don’t know what behind closed doors is , and he should stay behind closed-door . If he arrogantly start that cruise ship pier against the wishes of the people , what everyone should do is block every piece of equipment from operating in protest . Remember that if he and government are forewarned legally before , it’s nothing that he or the government can do . If people don’t make up their minds to stop this PPM government , they are going to leave the future generations in debt just for their benefits .

    • See Here Now says:

      Ask yourself this question; Who is it that now owns the vast majority of retail establishments on the waterfront in GT? It is Dart Unlimited who does. Of course others are in there too. It is not only for the politicians and it is not only them who are behind this travesty.

      • Anonymous says:

        And a whole town where they pray hotel guests will choose to shop, instead of using GT. And a whole beach where they will bus the cruise shippers to (Barkers) once they have managed to close all the bars on SMB so next they’ll ask to get rid of the rocks and sea grass up there so that they can create an experience for them that would be similar to SMB. And one of those last bits of beach you can enjoy without being full of beach chairs, plastic floats and wave runners will be ruined. As it is, I understand Royal Palms already charges visitors for access to the beach, which is shameful.

        • Anonymous says:

          How is that legal? The law provides free unhindered access to the beach. Wait, what am I saying, this shouldn’t surprise me.

  42. Wolf Blitzer Ebanks says:

    Anybody else notice the similarities between Moses K and Agent Orange in the US?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, I do. Same phraseology, “fake news” As my mother used to say ,” if you search long enough you can find ants gut”

  43. Daily reader says:

    Thank you CNS. Without your articles, questions and investigations the public would know even less about the port project and actions of government.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Public pressure is the key. Moses statement are nothing more than hollow words from the Cayman Brac version of Donald Trump. The public see through the charade of transparency offered by Kirkconnell and the Unity government.

  45. Anonymous says:

    “In his statement Friday evening, in which he refuted the news story and appeared to believe that calling the story “fake news” would make the issue go away,..” Moses and his mendacity are beyond belief and he has kept the situation hidden from the people who pay the bills. These politicians act like it is their money they are spending.

  46. Kent says:

    The Honorable Minister uses a lot of words to try and insure us that they are doing things transparently, ethically Ann according to the law. The CNS article may have gotten the timing wrong, but the message is absolutely spot on, and the Minister reinforces it with his statements.


    With all due respect Honorable Deputy Premier Moses Kirkconnell can you provide the following:

    1) A remit from the people to progress with this project.

    2) An environmental impact assessment for the “new” deep water design

    3) A financial model that doesn’t leverage the future of our children to pay for it

    4) Irrefutable evidence that we need cruise berths

    5) The study showing no additional negative effects to our already overwhelmed infrastructure

    6) Iron clad evidence that Caymanians will be the primary and majority beneficiaries of this “improvement”

    7) A total cost with a guaranteed do not exceed clause attached

    There are 7 questions there, I beg for real answers as I don’t want to feel betrayed by our government any longer.

    • Anonymous says:

      How can people thumb this down? These are questions BOTH sides should want to know. My God the sheeple are out in force.

  47. E. Nygma says:

    The Minster and the CIG could have avoided all of this controversy

    1 – If the public’s input was acknowledged and utilized

    2- if they provided updates more often than once every four months

    3 – If the CIG responded to the media who are the bridge of information between the people and the Government

    The fact that the minister will claim they are being transparent when absolutely nothing is being released or given to the public is sheer lunacy

    What benefits him and his family and their business in the waterfront is not benefiting the rest of us

    • Anonymous says:

      It is lunacy, because this asylum known as the Cayman Islands, is being run by the inmates.

    • Anonymous says:

      If Government would respond to questions and release the information to the public that would make things a lot clearer. The arrogance and unprofessionalism will always expose their intent. The facts remain that after years of silence Moses Kirkconnell reacted because the article and comments revealed more than anything the Ministry has shared with the public.

      They are using public funds and can no longer hide in dark rooms. We demand transparency and public engagement and full disclosure of the facts before they sign any agreements on a project the country cannot afford and does not need at this time.

    • Anonymous says:

      You have no clue. He is not closely related to the Kirkconnells who own businesses on the waterfront. Why do people continue to perpetuate this untruth.

      • Anonymous says:


        OMG you are funny

      • Debbie does Dullards says:

        Hi 9 52. So right. They have no clue. Moses is educated and trying to help the Govt move into the 21st Century. So about half dozen bullies are threating him and the rest of our Government like Antifa and Occupy Wallstreet and other losers?
        Please Hon. Kirkconnell just ignore the bullies. Move ahead and build the docks.
        Putting in a dock will not wreck the environment. Other islands have done this and it is ok. Money does not grow on mango or birch trees on Cayman. People should know that this income is needed to help Government with their debt.

        • Anonymous says:

          We want to stop the culture of opaque backroom dealing and that still permeates at least the Cabinet office by seeing a firm date set for enactment of the Standards in Public Life Law. We want to see the business case, engineering feasibility (in particular the bathymetric surveys, temperature and accoustic changes expected, and associated bleaching impact, as well as bedrock testing for piling locations), and EIA for the revised plan, along with undisclosed estimated annual running costs (insurance, dredging, ongoing depth survey costs, tug boats, harbour master fees, and maintenance for associated equipment).

          Then we want to know estimated project cost and who is going to pay for it, and on what basis. Then, after a period of public digestion and education, we can put the data out there to the public for a Referendum on the topic, and finally, if all was good, an International RFP process following best industry practice.

          This is how it should have happened, because we are supposed to be smart people that follow rules. Since it isn’t happening this way, the entire Cabinet should be under intensive ACC and FCO review, and the public should think about why we would continue to let these people run anything.

        • Barer says:

          Debbie Does Dart, you ain’t nothing but a troll.

        • Anonymous says:

          Hey Debtard, have you ever gone diving by the docks at other islands? I have and those areas of coral are destroyed.

        • Anonymous says:

          Guess you will get a new watch for your bonus now!

      • Ppm no #1 voter says:

        The trouble is Capn Mose is the de facto leader of this Cow dung heap call unity government and poor ol Gov had to pay the price for their pie in the sky schemes! I don’t who spreading this Fake News bout he family to Business people on the board and port all lies to make him look bad remember What the ppm said Good gowerunce transparenci sustainabiliti yes you jackass voters you put them deh stop complaining hugg up your elected representatives tell them you love how they destroying our paradise Oh tell them ask Cuc to raise profit margins to 80% hire more foreigners to sustain our subsidized welfare state erased the Cayman culture and identify totally.

    • Anonymous says:

      @E. Nygma. Yep, “nothing” is 100% transparent so the government is being very transparent. LOL

      • Anonymous says:

        A project of such financial magnitude and possible adverse affects on the environment should be subject to a referendum. Let the people decide not a few people .

        • Anonymous says:

          @12:21 Absolutely agree but that referendum will NOT happen because the government doesn’t want it to. They are blatantly ignoring the populous who do not want this monstrosity built.

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