ACC cops to be armed with tasers and cuffs

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Cayman News Service(CNS): Despite largely dealing with white-collar crimes such as bribery, fraud, deception, money laundering and conflicts of interest, the Anti-Corruption Commission is seeking a change in the law to enable its officers to be armed with Tasers and pepper spray. The amendment will also allow these specialist officers to use equipment such as body armour and hand-cuffs. The change to the law is expected to be debated in the Legislative Assembly when it meets in September in Cayman Brac and will bring ACC officers in line with other law enforcement officials. 

Commissions Secretariat Manager Deborah Bodden confirmed that there was no specific issue that triggered the amendment and that none of the ACC investigators were injured or had to use force in any corruption inquiry. But she did note that there have been circumstances where the officers had to mitigate risks that had been identified in advance through intelligence gathering.

Responding to media inquiries, Bodden said that despite the type of work the anti-corruption officers do, there “is no evidence to suggest that perpetrators who come from a wide range of backgrounds …pose no danger” to officers who are trying to put an end to their corruption. “Even with comprehensive risk assessments, there is always an element of unknown for investigators,” Bodden said, adding that was why they need access to protective equipment.

The ACC now employs its own senior investigator, five investigators and a trainee. With the exception of the trainee, they are all experienced police officers. The current team members have between 15 and 40 years experience in policing from the UK, including the Metropolitan Police, as well as Grand Cayman and other countries.

Bodden said that the current team already has experience using the kind of equipment that the amending legislation will provide for if it’s passed, such as batons and pepper spray. But once the law is changed, the staff will receive necessary training and refresher courses, she said.

“The Commission has a very good relationship with the Commissioner of Police, and the RCIPS in general, and joint operations will continue to take place where that is considered necessary in the particular circumstances,” Bodden added.

Once the law is amended, the governor will give written approval to the chairman of the ACC to permit investigating officers to use the equipment when carrying out their work, and in turn it will be the chairman who grants permission to the officers. He will also be required to keep the police commissioner informed about which ACC officers are using what equipment.

See the amendment bill in the CNS Library

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  1. Anonymous says:

    no Caymanians work there tho…..

    • Ghosts of Tempura says:

      That’s not by accident either, yet we are still left in the dark about Tempura by the FCO but we got an active Anti Corruption unit expanding monthly. Speaks volumes about the true intent of our ruling power in these little islands. Bridger found NO Corruption they claimed yet we are drowning in arrest of government officials . Someone was lying obviously and it was not those looking, i think the problem was they were looking up too high and for the cause or source of our corruption. It was so serious they are now requiring self defense measures now to protect themselves. Bridger was not wrong yet he has been punished to being right and saying it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    How soon can these guys get equipped and head down to the Port?

  3. Retired Bajan says:

    My oh My how times have changed in Cayman but because of the demographics of this particular unit or agency all of sudden we need to arm officers, yet i am in no way diminishing the threats pose to law enforcement agencies dealing with the public at large. Yet we had or have that same demographic who in the past and even now in some instances refusing to arm officers in drug and crime investigation units who were and are arresting dangerous criminals with only a baton. Infact it was only in the late nineties that a commercial crime detective with US law enforcement connections who was able to obtain high level bullet proof vests from a “US law enforcement agency” at his own expense for the RCIPS, because that same demographic could not or would not provide them for RCIPS officers. In fact the same demographic frown on it. Yet we see how quickly they approved and implemented and provided it for their very own in low threat arrest units. Yes Cayman the same demographic politics are in play.

  4. Anonymous says:

    While we are equipping the reserve teams, maybe the Serjeant-at-Arms should be allowed to carry tranquilizer darts, smelling salts, and a cattle prod, to either quell or stimulate action in the LA. Some times you’d wish he had the tools to submit the charging buffalo, corral the absentee MLAs, or wake the dinosaurs. Just sayin.

  5. White collar says:

    Don’t tase me bro!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ummmm, why? I think every female needs to be armed with pepper spray before this bunch.

  7. Passmeda Rocket-Launcher says:

    Give them the tools to do their job. There is potential danger in confronting white collar criminals. It also assists if they are to be arrested there and then and evidence harvested.


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