Public help track down illegal migrant

| 03/07/2018 | 0 Comments
Cayman News Service

Fabian “Jason” Hubert Williams

(CNS): Immigration and police officers, with the help of the public, were able to track down a wanted man suspected of overstaying on the island, who eluded the authorities recently in a violent encounter. Fabian “Jason” Hubert Williams (43) was found in the Seven Mile Beach area on Sunday, immigration officials said in a release on Monday. Williams was taken into custody, but the authorities, who thanked the public for helping them track him down as they searched this weekend, have not revealed exactly what offences he was arrested for.

Anyone with information about immigration-related offences is urged to contact the confidential information hotline at 1-800-Legalim (1-800-534-2546), or email

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