Armed men invade Palm Dale home

| 30/07/2018 | 33 Comments

(CNS): Armed men broke into a home in Palm Dale the early hours of Saturday morning and made off with an undisclosed quantity of cash, police have said. CID are now investigating the aggravated burglary, which happened in the residential neighborhood off Crewe Road, George Town, at about 1:30am. Two men with their faces covered carrying what looked like a handgun threatened the residents at the house and demanded cash before making their escape. Police did not give any details of who was in the home but said none of the victims were injured.

There was no indication of how much money the two suspects made off with or how they made their escape. One man was described as short and slim and the other man, who had the gun, was said to be tall with a large build.

Anyone with information is asked to call George Town CID at 9494222.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    George Towners are Angels it must have been a West Bayer!!

  2. CAD says:

    Paradise Gone!

  3. Overwatched Cayman says:

    Our irresponsible belief that the UK is here to prevent and stop crime is exactly why we find ourselves in this serious continually criminal situation, How are they and their proxy third world henchmen really going to benefit from a low crime situation in Cayman. Low crime means less monies spent on resources no employment opportunities for fellow countrymen more control over us political and economically. Crime and the threat of crime justifies their presence here to PROTECT their citizens. No Crime or corruption is bad for business ask the FCO?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Welcome to the crapman islands.

  5. Anonymous says:

    all that money for nothing and we keep giving the rCIPs more and more every year too many foreign police in leadership roles who obviously don’t give a damn about this place but our no use unity government don’t really care either so crime continues to spiral out of control.

  6. Elvis says:

    God help anyone caught in my home, sorry for their mammas

  7. Anonymous says:

    Yet permanent trip advisor “fixtures” ridicule anyone who mentiones crime in cayman.
    Below is from “retrip” , who answers every question. He must be on DoT payrol. He thinks everyone but him are idiots.

    This is what he writes to potential visitors.

    “I totally agree with the advice about the newspapers. At best you get part of the story and rarely without a spin. Some of the reporters are considered laughingstocks locally and one of the first questions that comes up on some “news” stories is “Who wrote it?” As someone who is involved with the tourism industry I try to attend meetings and when I read the synopsis of what has been said in the newspapers about decisions and plans I am stunned by how little the info has to do with what actually transpired. I cringe when I see some of it cut and pasted here and other forums as it can and is totally misleading. If they do this about one topic consistently they surely do it about others. It is the same reporters covering the stories. I totally disagree that reading the local paper gives insight into the real world in Cayman but read a couple every morning with my tea for entertainment value certainly not for factual, honest reporting about what is happening in our country. The politics are awesome and focus on more than just one person which is nice ;)”

    • Anonymous says:

      Totally irresponsible and full of nonsense. That’s for sharing. Roll eye emoji.

      • Anonymous says:


        • Anonymous says:

          Let me clarify. Sorry. The trip advisor mesage that was shared is totally irresponsible and full of nonsense. We know it’s not truthful. Thank you poster for sharing. I wish I could use the roll eye emoji but not sure CNS can post it. ????

    • Anonymous says:

      A PPM minister wrote that because that’s exactly how they think too.In fact they view crime as a mere inconvenience to them making money! Read Their political manifesto for yourself.

    • Anonymous says:

      I laughed at that answer, too. Visitors who are following along with the daily news knows what’s up and are not putting are heads in the sand.

  8. Anonymous says:

    From which business was the complainant returning home with the days takings?

  9. Anonymous says:

    They must have known that a sizable amount of cash was at the residence for the taking…

  10. James says:

    Cayman has officially become like every other Caribbean Island. We have a Elite minded government that works for the rich and ignores the poor and this is the consequence of it. I fear its only the beginning.

    • Anonymous says:

      The lazy bastards encouraged by their parents to live free in their homes and be a nuisance to the hard working people. One day they wont be that lucky, and they were such good boys.

  11. Anonymous says:

    The police and the politicians will continue to keep the people defenseless because they don’t care if every law abiding person in the country is viciously attacked and brutalized by these violent criminals.

    Where were the police when these people needed them?

    This is not the Cayman of the past and we need to wake up to the new realities that exist in today’s society.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Good thing we have gun control laws to keep gun out of the hands of law abiding citizens… otheriwse one of these poor unemployed thugs could get shot.

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly right; the bad guys will always….. always.. be armed. The only question is, is that the best we can do to protect citizens, is to remove their ability to defend themselves? Criminals are cowards. If there is a chance they might be met with force, they are far less likely to attack, and in a society where the mere perception of the possibility of women being armed, violent crime against women plummets.

      • Anonymous says:

        I always find it funny how those who argue for gun control cannot for some reason fathom the fact that a. making something illegal doesn’t mean you can’t get it or use it and b. criminals don’t abide by the law so a law banning weapons will obviously be ineffective on them.

        Gun control disarms law abiding citizens to protect themselves, it’s one of the first things Hitler did to the German populace.

        If this were a perfect world and I would leave my house door open at night without fear someone coming in and robbing me or worse then I would say we don’t need guns, but I live in the real world and anyone who comes into my house in the early hours of the morning uninvited will not walk out of my house.

    • C. Evans says:

      When seconds count the police are just minutes away.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Ah yes Unity Government, you’re surely proving that you’re not the least bit in touch with what’s happening in Cayman.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Please Honorable Premier and rest of Unity team get this crime under control. Join forces with the Dart team for there help as they always get the job done right

    • Anonymous says:

      Again, I point out that Cayman’s elected politicians have little or no say in the running of security matters, apart from approving related budgetary funding. The Governor is responsible for security matters, and where is Cayman’s Governor, in The Tower of London maybe? LOL. What a mess.

    • Anonymous says:

      Where are the million $ CCTVs? There needs to be an FOI on them, because they are not producing any results, and it was taxpayers money.given away. Some heads should roll and the truth be told.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Any comment from the premier? No one is safe in this country and your silence is deafening!!

    Maybe when the premier or his family are the next victim of one of these crimes something will get done??


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