Six guns and pile of ammo handed in to cops

| 11/06/2018 | 16 Comments
Cayman News Service

RCIPS Chief Superintendent Kurt Walton

(CNS): Senior police officers said they are really pleased with the results of the firearms amnesty so far, as after just one week two handguns, four rifles and over 290 rounds of ammunition have been handed in to the police. “We are pleased to see that these members of the public have taken advantage of this opportunity to hand firearms in with no questions asked,” said Deputy Commissioner Kurt Walton. “We encourage others to follow this example and help us make our community that much more safe.”

The amnesty will run until the end of this month and the RCIPS is hopeful it will help them in the ongoing task to clear the streets of illegal weapons and help fight crime. Walton has previously spoken about an unsettling appetite some young men, in particular, have in Cayman for carrying guns, and that the more weapons they can remove from circulation, the better chance the police have to reduce violent crime.

This is the first period of clemency for illegal weapons in several years, and the RCIPS has teamed up with the church community, with 11 pastors also receiving weapons, no questions asked, for the next few weeks.

“The amnesty continues for the next three weeks,” added Deputy Commissioner Walton. “This means that if you have an illegal firearm, you still have three weeks to choose between potentially facing 7 to 10 years for possession, or handing in a firearm between the hours of 7am and 10pm.”

Watch the video below explaining the amnesty and different ways to surrender a gun or ammunition. This and a full written explanation is on the RCIPS website on the firearms amnesty page.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    And after the amnesty, make sure 10 year is 10years. The BS sob stories on possession cases recently bought by judges has been depressing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Of course, it would be great if more guns were turned but we should be grateful that six guns were turned in. At least that is six less out there in the public domain. Keep it up, some of us appreciate your efforts. The others are just chronic complainers who has nothing positive to offer.

  3. Eh says:

    offer money I bet youll get way more then that in.

  4. West Bay Premier says:

    I believe that the bad guys are laughing at the good guys turning their guns in , then they would know that they would be the only ones who have guns . What the Police should start doing from 15 june is start putting together some search warrants to go along with the amnesty program , is the only way that the program is going to be a success .

    • Jg says:

      “Good guys” 99 percent know that unlicensed firearms are illegal so technically there are bad guys that are trying to be good.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Good job on getting a little more then a handful of guns in. If it continues then that is approx 25 or so guns off the street. Do not be deluded in thinking that this will calm the criminal and violent path we are on. If one believes that the Baby Daddy’s are turning in weapons and turning over a new leaf , then we are in real trouble as a chicken has more sense. There is then the issue of the Jamaican gangs and criminals operating here. Open your eyes and minds. More high fives and good job from the Rcip. Just as the headline of now it’s personal. No doubt the void of the loss of a child can never be filled, but to imply now something more will be done when so many before have experienced this type of tragedy it is poor of the Rcip to say such a thing in an official capacity. Criminals are terrorizing the community and rival gangs with firearms and now that a family member has succumbed it is going to be addressed?

    • Diogenes says:

      While it is true this will have little to no effect on the state of Cayman,we can’t berate them for doing nothing and then turn around and berate them for doing something

      There is nothing wrong with acknowledging the fact that this will be an inconsequential drop in the proverbial bucket but at the same time as a friend reminded me the bucket fills drip by drip

      I am no stranger to openly and blatantly criticizing the RCIPS and their methods and tactics but in this instance let’s just enjoy the small victories for once, we can go back to criticizing heavily (when they deserve it) another day

      A baby step in the right direction is better than nothing
      and quite honestly its all we can really hope for it seems


      • West Bay Premier says:

        Diogenes , I agree that the baby step is a step in the right direction , and is better than no step . Would you agree that if the Police had taken a bigger step and said that they would be doing A , B , C , along with the amnesty program that everyone would be worried about being in possession of a gun , and turn it in . I think that when doing something like this amnesty and trying to get guns of the streets , you don’t do it half ass making baby steps .

  6. Anonymous says:

    You really think that the 15 gangs on this island are going to surrender their guns ?
    Most members are known to the police. Why not harass them once a week, including friends and family. Clean up their houses.

    This amnesty is just a weak piece of marketing to let the public know the police is tackling the gun violence.
    Well….they are not !!

    • Anonymous says:

      Perhaps you should be thankful that neither you nor someone you love will be harmes by any of the 6 guns and dozens of bullets turned in thus far.

      • West Bay Premier says:

        What is use of collecting 6 guns only , when you have a 100 more to worry about, you and everyone is still in danger , and remember that the 6 guns didn’t come from the criminals, they could have came from the good guys .

  7. Anonymous says:

    Note there are (rather conveniently) no details or photos. Are these really firearms or just BB guns and toys?

    • Anonymous says:

      Very good question as many things are classified as a firearm but are not what we are thinking of 9mm .22 etc. With the Police going to test these weapons too in hopes of linking them to a crime do you not think that real criminals will opt to not participate in this PR farce ?????????? Well done having the community bring weapons to you like fools instead of activlly with Customs arresting people due to …….drum roll please …….Police work!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Like I said before, Enjoy the show…

    • Anonymous says:

      A bb gun will kill you if youre hit in the right spot once or a few times. Google the term firearm if youre not quite sure what it is.

      • Anonymous says:

        2:04 I posted the original comment and I’ve been firearms qualified for the last 40 years so do know what I’m talking about. Long before a BB gun comes anywhere close to killing someone they’ll most likely have grabbed it and shoved it up the shooter’s rear end.

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