Rogue driver triggers police chase

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(CNS): The police helicopter, the K9 Unit and police officers on patrol were all involved in a car chase in the early hours of Saturday morning, pursuing what they believed to be a drunk driver but who turned out to be in car he had “borrowed” without permission. At around 12:20am officers conducting road checks on the Esterley Tibbetts Highway by the Camana Bay Roundabout spotted him driving a car without a seat belt on and signalled him to stop. As police spoke with the driver, they detected alcohol on his breath and asked him to show his licence, which is when the trouble started.

The driver said he did not have his wallet with him but when asked to pull off to the side of the road, he instead drove off at high speed. As officers followed the car, the helicopter was deployed to provide assistance and tracked the vehicle as it continued to travel at excessive speed.

It eventually travelled through South Sound towards Grand Harbour. As it exited South Sound Road, the vehicle entered the Grand Harbour Roundabout and turned on to Shamrock Road, travelling against the flow of traffic.

The helicopter directed officers on the ground to where the driver eventually stopped off Prospect Point Road. The driver then fled the vehicle and hid himself in heavy bushes off the roadway.

However, an officer from the K9 Unit was also on location, and using a police dog, he was able to locate the rogue driver. A roadside breath test was conducted, which produced a reading of 0.055%, well under the legal limit.

The 26-year-old Bodden Town man was nevertheless arrested on suspicion of several other offences. As well as dangerous driving and driving without being qualified, he was arrested on suspicion of taking a conveyance without authority after police learned he had been driving the vehicle without the permission of the owner.

He is currently on bail.

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