Cops to hold supermarket roadshow

| 22/06/2018 | 10 Comments

(CNS): The RCIPS will be out on the road Saturday, setting up shop at Cayman’s supermarkets for an open community engagement day with the public. Community officers from all 12 neighbourhood beats on Grand Cayman, as well as Cayman Brac police, will be outside stores, where they hope to interact with members of the public and receive feedback or suggestions on the community policing programme. “This community engagement is part of our continued drive, commitment and development of the community policing strategy,” said Superintendent Robert Graham.

“The purpose is to reach out to as many community members as possible so that we can improve engagement and accessibility to the community officers across the island,” the senior officer added.

Graham explained that the feedback the RCIPS receives from the community will help build upon the service it is providing, address any concerns and aims to make officers accessible and responsive. “We do hope the community will take advantage of this opportunity to come out and meet their beat officers if they have not already,” he said.

Police will be in attendance at the following locations on Saturday, 23 June, between 11:00am and 4:00pm:

George Town:
Hurley’s Grand Harbor
Kirk Market
Foster’s Airport

West Bay:
Foster’s Republix (10:00am – 12:00pm)
Centennial Towers (12:00pm – 3:00pm)

Bodden Town:
Foster’s Countryside

East End:
Morritt’s Shopping Center

North Side:
Chisholm Supermarket

Cayman Brac:
Billy’s Supermarket
Kirkconnell Market
Market Place

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Comments (10)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    At least we will not have to avoid the ticket sellers at the doors this week then. LOL

  2. Junior says:

    Well at least all the so called bad men will know where you are now lol

    • Anonymous says:

      Wouldn’t it be nicer to have them on the Spotts back road looking for all those litter bugs who just throw their bottles cans and other garbage through their car windows. Friday morning while driving to work it was most disgusting to see so many beer bottles every 15-20 feet all the way down to the gas station. It makes one wonder if the litter is not to obtain a job to clean up the side of the road. If Mr Jay could see this he would come out of the grave as he was such a clean man and was always cleaning up Cayman. There should be a big fine for this. Would be much better than stopping people for driving fast.

  3. Elvis says:

    Save you some time mate.
    Stop and remove tint
    Seatbelt fines on the spot
    More spot checks
    Be more visible on the beat instead of being in Wendy’s or in car parks chatting on cell phones
    Have a great weekend folks

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wouldn’t just reading the comments on here be a better use of their time? This is just pulling officers off the beat.

    I’ll start with the suggestions…

    1: Pull over anyone with dark tint/blacked out license plates.
    2: Have more of a presence on the streets, and actually engage in checking what people are doing/cars rolling basic traffic laws.
    3: Get out of the car and walk around neighborhoods.
    4: Go to parking lots and check that everything is up to date on cars, if not, write tickets.

  5. Anonymous says:

    How many times do the public need to articulate some variation of: “get out on the road, be visible, write tickets, and be ready in the vicinity to respond to emergency calls”. With 400+ officers on the payroll, it should be impossible to drive more than a couple miles without an expectation of encountering a police car performing some version of their long job description. Yet, there are motorbikes, cars, forklifts, buses, fuel tankers, and dump trucks that can haul ass all day long from East End to West Bay and back – using their compression brakes, up and down the gears, without any contest. That’s the source of public distrust, skepticism, and disappointment. The PR solution couldn’t be easier, but it still eludes our finest that seemingly remain unsure of what we expect them to be doing…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Don’t tase any kids this time

    Just keep all guns and tasers at home for our safety and your own RCIPS

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