Cops bust suspected drug smugglers at Smith Cove

| 20/06/2018 | 49 Comments
Cayman News Service

Ganja recovered by the RCIPS on 19 June 2018

(CNS): Police recovered a significant, but as yet unspecified, haul of ganja following a drug bust early Tuesday morning at Smith Cove. Four men and a teenage boy were arrested and a boat, two vehicles and what appears to be almost a dozen black garbage bags full of ganja have all been seized, police said. Officers from the RCIPS Joint Marine Unit were on patrol on the water when they spotted the boat and people off-loading packages on the beach. They alerted patrol officers on land, who quickly arrived and chased the suspected drug gang along the beach.

After they were caught and the evidence seized, two men from West Bay, aged 29 and 25, a 30-year-old man from George Town, a Bodden Town man aged 25, and a 15-year-old boy also from Bodden Town were all arrested on suspicion of importation of ganja.

Police said that the group remains in custody as investigations continue.

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m surprised the “Trolly Roger” and the ice cream trucks weren’t there parked over the double yellow lines!

  3. Jay kay says:

    how fast were they going? any speeding tickets issued?

  4. Shhhhhhhhhh. says:

    Well done Marine Unit and landbased RCIP! What is good about this one is the fact that the Marine Unit was on routine patrol and spotted the operation. If you are not out on the water, you cannot catch these smugglers. I notice an increased interdiction rate of late! Keep it up. And for you weed fans, let me remind you that it is not only weed, but guns and cocaine as well.

  5. Two Cents says:

    And in other news, Robert Hamity, Jacques Scott (now Ken Dart), et al continue to grow their riches LEGALLY getting people drunk and disorderly so that they can cause no end of havoc on our streets and in our homes . . . all because we continue to elect people who don’t have the balls to even consider doing something different when it comes to ganja and only care about preserving their political future.
    It’s the same old mentality that made talking about independence frowned upon when we should have been doing so years ago.
    The political merchant class.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Damn, prices on the rise again. Nickel bags already costing a dollar. Oh well, more burglaries to help pay for it I suppose.

  7. Legalise it. Free Jah people!

    • Anonymous says:

      And then there won’t be people using guns to move ganja as well as people to move ganja because the government could regulate it! But they can barely work a website so they should bring the private sector in to do it right. Jobs and money for locals and schools! This island needs money injected into the public schools to help these children who can’t string a sentence together.

    • West Bay Premier says:

      I am going to run in the next election , and my agenda for my campaign is Legalize ganja , and wipe out the criminals and control alcohol .

    • Anonymous says:

      Free Steve!

    • Anonymous says:

      Why would all of you advocate for making ganja legal? Do you even care or aware of the side effects of smoking ganja/marajuana or any other name that you chose to call it. Well, here are some of the side effects.
      Alters the senses
      Alters sense of time
      Difficulty with thinking and problem solving
      Impaired memory
      Effect and retards brain development
      Breathing problems
      Increased heart rate
      Problems with child development during and after pregnancy
      Mental illness and much more.

      With the number of persons, especially, some of our younger population ,with slow development, learning disabilities mental illness on this island I really do not think we need to add more to the list by making it legal. All of the above side effects will add more stress and expense on the government, hospitals, clinics, schools etc., so any money made off the license and sale will be used treating a population walking around like zombies and unable to properly learn, get and hold a job and independently take care of themselves. We have enough barriers to employment as it is so please do not lobby to make it worse. I, however have no problem with the proper use of medical marijuana. Instead of coming back with your hostile comments, read this post slowly and if in doubt research it for yourselves. Nothing good will come from making marijuana legal. Yes, some legal drugs are just as bad or worse but the difference is that persons, on these legal drugs with horrible side effects are already having health issues. Medical marijuana are helping patients with some of these health issues so much that they can now come off some of the conventional legal drugs/medicines that they have had to take. Therefore that silly comeback is no longer valid in a lot of cases. Why legalize it and put it readily in the path of a healthy person with potentials, who might probably never even try to get it illegally? Get over the notion that it does not have detrimental effects on a person because it does. There are other industries to focus on to improve the bottom line with no side effects.

      • Anonymous says:

        You’re a buzzkill.

      • dis broda says:

        Full disclosure – I am reading this in my backyard while smoking a joint. I used to smoke tobacco and you didn’t have a problem with it. Tobacco has ARTIFICIAL nicotine laced into it by big tobacco companies like Bensen to get you addicted and spend more – cannabis is naturally grown with sun soil and water. You are also OK with people drinking at nightclubs and driving home drunk, resulting in deaths of innocent people.

        Sundays are traditional for drinking at rum point. Just recently, a drunken couple got into a fight that resiulted in a death. My wife is inside and I am watching the bbq chicken that about to get nyam, because the only side effects I have ever had from it is a case of the munchies. Meaning, I actually have an appetite and want to eat. I would NEVER harm my wife because of marijuana – it is better relaxation that a beer in my honest opinion.

        Please, before you judge, judge from a viewpoint where you have personal experience. Sure, a lot of malicious young people are associated with drugs, but they can and will get it illegal or not. We hear of busts every single year it siince 50 years ago, and it won’t stop. Why don’t we regulate it a so we can tax it and reap the profits for public coffers instead of allowing the drug lords to profit? A G7 country has done this!

        Back when alcohol was prohibited, the Mafia became Millionaires from black market trading. Legalisation is not the destruction of Cayman – it is simply more effective control of Cannabis because enforcement is ineffective, not to mention VERY costly to us.

        • Anonymous says:

          I have always had an issue with tobacco and alcohol. I have never smoked or drank anything more than a few sips of wine. I don’t allow anyone, family or friends to smoke in my presence. If I cannot ask them to move then I move. Two wrongs don’t make it right. You might not harm your wife but if you smoke you are harming yourself and the second smoke can harm her and your children if you are blessed to have any.. I an not judging – just putting some facts out there for you and others to be mindful off. Making a profit is not everything, some things are much more important.

          • Anonymous says:

            It doesn’t have to be smoked numbnuts! I make tea with my cannabis so what harm am I causing anyone?

        • West Bay Premier says:

          Dis broda , I want you as my Minister, cause we would be a great team .

      • \\http:420 says:

        “marajuana” lol you didn’t even spell it right and you’re supposed to be credible on the subject? foh

        • Anonymous says:

          The poster did say he was smoking, Maybe you need to do the same since you got your panties in a bunch over a typo.

      • Anonymous says:

        Tell that to Canada.

        oh and by the way, quote your sources, otherwise all the side-effects you quoted, are made up.

      • Smh says:

        If you did the reading and research that you are encouraging others to do you would realize that your opinions and confirmation bias don’t reflect the scientific evidence.

      • Anonymous says:

        You need to get laid.

      • Say it like it is says:

        5.42pm you are quite right – there is a significant number of long term ganja users in psychiatric hospitals in the UK, mainly of Caribbean origin. Do we have many users here?, just look at the thumbs down to your article.

      • West Bay Premier says:

        5:42 pm , your 19 thumbs down and my 23 thumbs up says I am elected and don’t need to wait for the next election .

      • Anonymous says:

        Hmm sounds like you copied the side effect list from a prescription drug label. Ever tried it yourself? Didn’t think so. Keep quite and stay dumb just like a good little babylon’s own.

  8. Suspect :) says:

    The only cash business now thriving in Cayman. Canada just legalized it we still here hiding in the bushes wasting fuel and resources and arresting our young men for something that is almost legal worldwide. Meanwhile those at he very top who feed the demand are seldom scrutinized about their illicit use of the drug that put our children at risk and in prison.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Excellent work RCIP. It pleases me so much to read news of this nature. Drugs are the cause of half of the crime on this island. It has ruined many young lives and their families. There’s nothing recreational about smoking, sniffing or injecting poison into your body.
    Get a grip and get a job!!

    • Professional Caymanian says:

      But.. I do have a job and just want to partake legally.. take my damn tax money not our kids’ chance at getting a job! That 15 year old is ruined. He could’ve been a dispensary clerk or studied agriculture!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Same.. Don’t want to brag but I’m an expat with too much to lose. I fly out occasionally to legal states. Canada is next.

        They can have my tax revenue while you lot waste money on futile enforcing. This boat got caught but 2 others made it through last week. Sigh.

      • Anonymous says:

        He could have stay the hell away from smith’s cove that morning too.

    • Anonymous says:

      Cannabis has medical benefits – smoking is not the only form of consumption. You can safely bake it into cakes, brew it as a tea, or vaporize it at a low temperature that allows decarboxylation of THC without releasing carcinogens that a produced in fire/combustion.

      Stop picking and choosing. It is no more harmful than the tobacco and alcohol that you turn a blind eye to simply because you’ve bought into the propaganda spread by big tobacco who pushed money into politicians’ hands in the early 1900s to kill the hemp industry’s competition. They also paid off doctors to say that smoking tobacco is healthy!

      “Marihuana” was also associated with Blacks, Jazz music and Mexicans with the connotation of it being “the devil’s lettuce” to allow more easier arresting of minorities.

    • No patience for foolishness says:

      Please back up your statement with facts. Where is the evidence that drugs cause half of the crime in Cayman? There is nothing wrong with keeping your opinion to yourself if you don’t know what you are talking about. Feel free to try it.

  10. Anonymous says:

    So many drug busts these days. Just another day in our much improved civil service.

    • Wish the RCIP would go after the big stuff such as cocaine and heroin on the island. That is where the really big money and big criminal boys are located. The ganja trade is small potatoes compared to the importation of cocaine and heroin. Legalise ganja and use police resources more efficiently.

      Look at Colorado which legalised ganja 2 years ago. The police there are very positive about the legalization as it has freed up police resources to go after the real killing drugs cocaine/heroin and the big crime syndicates associated with them.

      Ganja will be legalised in Canada in October. I can guarantee that the country will not go to hell and a handbasket because of the legalization. Just look at the Colorado experience.

  11. Anonymous says:

    They were probably parked on the double yellow lines too and thought that there’s a zero chance of being punished.

    Seriously though, nice skills police people.

    Even more seriously, overhaul the drugs laws here to prevent this kind of nonsense being a thing. Legalise, tax and regulate it. It would cut out a major income stream for scumbags.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not only that, it will give Govt a new revenue stream in these uncertain times with our mother country trying to undo our financial services!

    • Anonymous says:

      And start ticketing people parked on those double lines! I mean how hard is it for a cop to go and write at least 12 tickets a day! Think about the money that you could bring in!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Of all the places you could pull up.. Lol

  13. Anonymous says:

    Amazing. Just look at that massive quantity of fresh plants concealed in what appears to be large black garbage bags. Ole Saint Nick eh..whew’da knew?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Outstanding work RCIPS

  15. Anonymous says:

    Legalize it and stop ruining people’s lives over something so harmless! Canada is about to make recriational use legal, and I suspect many other countries will follow suit. It feels like banging your head against a wall trying to get through to our elected incompetents as the pros for legalization outweigh the cons by about a million to 1!

    All of these MLA’s must all be removed from office in the next election if they fail to serve the people and make recreational use of marijuana legal.

  16. Say it like it is says:

    Things are really going downhill, landing all this ganja at Smith’s Cove of all places. Congrats to the Joint Marine Unit and the onshore police patrol officers for an excellent operation.

  17. Anonymous1 says:

    Cayman, we need tighter laws on drinking alcohol. Most if not all our crimes are linked to alcohol. Hardly you see the link with ganja. But domestic violence, assaults, taking dangerous risks or gambling, speeding, man beating his wife and children, having unprotected sex, teenagers fighting, out of shape men and women, weak minded young ladies, the rise of cancer, become addicted and loss of ambition, cheating on spouse, serious offences like murder … we can go on and on! Can you find one good thing alcohol has contributed to our society – but give you a pleasurable feeling that doesnt last?

    Alcohol consumption is big in Cayman. If I had my way, seeing its ill effects of so many people and children, alcohol consumption and the selling of it, would be abolished.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ohhhh ok! Glad you’re not in charge then. Just because some people can’t handle their booze don’t punish the majority of us. Legalize pot and use some of the profits from taxing it for a rehab center for the boozers who have a problem!

    • Anonymous says:

      Things alcohol contributes to society.

      1. “in a pinch” antiseptic.
      2. “In a pinch” pain killer.
      3. Helps keep you warm when it’s cold.
      4. Helps with stress (in moderation).
      5. Gives us funny vines on youtube.
      6. Provides tax revenue.
      7. Provides jobs.
      8. Helps white people dance.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Well done RCIP!

    • Anonymous says:

      IF our government was smart they would legalize it and grow it. Sell it for a very low subsidized price. 4 things will happen. The first, medical forms of it could go to those who need it. Second, the revenues would greatly help the country, third because of the low price it would make bringing it in unprofitable and lastly it would help reduce the criminal element supplying it.

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