Chopper and JMU rescue kite-surfer

| 19/06/2018 | 25 Comments
Cayman News Service

RCIPS Joint Marine Officers rescue a kite-surfer, June 2018 (Photo courtesy RCIPS)

(CNS): The police helicopter and the Joint Marine Unit were deployed Saturday afternoon to rescue a kite-surfer who found himself in trouble out at sea off the coast of Barkers. The police received a report from the surfer’s friends, who had lost sight of him when they were all out on the water at around 3:30pm. A JMU boat, on patrol off Seven Mile Beach, and the police helicopter responded and in a coordinated effort the surfer was located by officers on the chopper and picked up the marine officers.

Having returned safely to shore relatively unscathed, with just a minor laceration which did not require medical attention, the surfer told police that he had lost control of his board and fallen into the water. He was able to swim back to the board, but had not been able to get his kite back into the air in order to return to shore and had drifted near to the reef.

This was one of two incidents where the helicopter and other specialist units were deployed on Saturday (see related story).

Deputy Police Commissioner Kurt Walton said the RCIPS had continued to invest in the specialist units, with added personnel and further training.

“Saturday’s incidents show the value of this investment in allowing these units to coordinate and respond quickly whenever it is required, whether assisting in apprehending persons who are breaking the law and endangering others, or simply coming to the aid of those in need,” he added.

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  1. Nunya says:

    Just want to say great job by the RCIPS on saving this person’s life!

  2. Anonymous says:

    geeeeezzzz! What’s with all the hostility?? This person was out on the water, having fun, exercising his right to enjoy the environment in which he lives and gets into trouble at sea and you say he’s irresponsible? Should get the bill? JC what’s wrong with you people!! It’s not like he was drinking excessively on a Sunday and driving around town afterwards! ppssstttt, some people… ya just can’t do right by anyone these days!

    Thankful he’s okay and appreciate the JMU doing THEIR JOB and assisting those in NEED!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I guess in your line of reasoning 8:08, all fisherman should have their own rescue vessel and pay for any SAR…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Any word on what the chopper was doing in South Sound on Monday night / Tuesday morning? It was up for at least an hour at around 3am… pretty much woke up the whole neighbourhood

  5. Anonymous says:

    Every body get out your pitchforks!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Or institute an Inshore Lifeboat service, perhaps? A few small Rhibs and jetskis and some volunteer lifeboatmen and lifeguards to provide cover would be pretty cheap to run.

    • Anonymous says:

      Or maybe the kite surfers should stay closer to shore until they buy their own rescue boat!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Moronic comment. How is a kite-surfer any different than a boater who’s engine fails and they drift off to sea or fall overboard? Are they worth less to rescue than a boater?

        • Anonymous says:

          Quick to rescue moronic kite surfers but leave the fishermen to the mercy of the sea when their engine fails and they drifts slowly to their death.

          • Anonymous says:

            There was a person there and they called rescue as they were watching…. that’s not usually how it goes when rescuing fisherman. there’s not really a spotter anywhere around.

    • Anonymous says:

      The small ribs, jetskis etc and having volunteers available along shore is a good idea, not just for kiteboarders, but others (eg paddleboarders, swimmers, etc)

  7. Anonymous says:

    How terribly irresponsible the kite surfers are. They need to have their own rescue boats available not drain the pubic pursue in their pursuit of self gratification!

    • Anonymous says:

      So that rules out rescuing anyone at sea who isn’t working ie. everyone, to use your pompous phrase, in pursuit of self gratification, otherwise called having fun. If we could tax stupid we could pay for it 100 times over!

      • Anonymous says:

        If they had been swept out to sea and died their death would be ruled as by misadventure, so next time when you all wants to be more adventurous try and be alot more careful plzz.

    • Anonymous says:

      I hope you never get into trouble at sea!

    • Jotnar says:

      I often drain my pubic pursue in my pursuit of self gratification

    • Anonymous says:

      Yet another moronic comment. So should fisherman and diveboats also have their own rescue boats?

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually, most of the fishermen I know will indeed lookout for each other and often rescue each other without the police ever knowing they were stranded. This is because we have lost friends at sea relying on the police for help. I would strongly suggest the kiteboarder community build the same kind network/rescue procedures amoungst themselves for when something goes wrong. It isn’t a nice feeling begging the police to help when a loved on is in distress at sea.

        • Anonymous says:

          Or are they looking out for each other because they have illegal fish on their boat? You can’t tell me that these fishermen aren’t over catching, catching endangered, and killing sharks.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Send them the bill too.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why so many down votes? I assumed he had to pay before I saw this comment.
      If your call an ambulance or fire department you get billed. (not sure if its true for Cayman).

      Do we know he wasn’t billed?

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