Visitor dies after snorkel trip in George Town

| 15/05/2018 | 8 Comments

(CNS) UPDATED: The 64-year-old woman who died Thursday following a snorkelling trip off the coast of George Town has been identified by the police as Doris Ann Sarauer, who was visiting the Cayman Islands from Minnesota in the United States. Emergency services responded to a report made about 11:30am that she was in distress in the water at a location off South Church Street. The woman had been snorkelling when she encountered difficulties in the sea and was brought to shore by the leader of the snorkel tour.

Despite his efforts and those of the medical emergency personnel to administer CPR, she was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. She is the fifth person to die in Cayman waters so far this year.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am surprised there are not more instances of this.
    Many of these poor people have come from horrendous winters, spent months indoors and then they get out on a cruise or a vacation in Paradise.
    They are not fit and then they get into difficulties, especially at 60+.
    I mean, just to get into the water that we take for granted every day is a huge stress factor for some of these folk.
    Our advertising does not help.
    Water is bloody well dangerous to the inexperienced and sometimes people are afraid to admit that they are uncomfortable.
    We need to be a little less money-driven and a lot more people-driven.

    I feel so sorry for the people that visit here and all they feel like is a walking wallet to be gouged at will.

    This was not the Caymanian experience that I grew up with.

    I helped out on the boats, got to meet people and got some great tips just by being considerate and conscientious. Each tourist was treated as special.

    Now, it is all about the money. Kinda sad really.


    • Anonymous says:

      The CNS story is about an unfortunate water related accident suffered by one of our visitors. Somewhat odd that would illicit a comment that tourists are price gouging fodder that were lured here by false advertising & that tourism is only money centric, very strange.


      • West Bay Premier says:

        Your whole comment is very strage and disjointed .


      • Anonymous says:

        @7:51 pm is smack on. Have signs been installed warning visitors after Snorkeling tragedy for newlyweds in May 2016?
        Money first, than people?


    • West Bay Premier says:

      I completely agree with 7:51 pm , and 7:45 pm is ever so right “so very sad”.
      I can relate to everything 7:51 said to be true .
      That god almighty dollar is the cause for alot of what is happening today not only in Cayman but the whole world .

      From my early days of my over 25 years of working in CI Tourism , was treat the tourist and give them a special experience and make them a friend. It really paid off later in much bigger ways than overcharging at present . I did many good and fun vacations to visit some of those said people who I treated so good in Cayman, and they returned that same Royal treatment back to me in their County .


  2. Anonymous says:

    So very sad


  3. West Bay Premier says:

    My regards to the family and friends of the victim . The article didn’t say if she was on a boat , or if the leader of the snorkeling tour was leading them from the shore .

    I feel sad for writing a comment sometime ago , saying that one could make good money from being snorkel tour guide from shore . But this person that did this snorkeling tour didn’t call me or consult with me on how to do it safely and successfully , so I am taking no responsibility or involvement in the tragedy . I had given my phone # , but didn’t give my consultant fee amount .


  4. Anonymous says:

    Condolences to her family and friends.



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